Archideaconal Will 1649 #14 German of Jane Taubman

died intestate in Ireland in 1639: "German: Jayne Tubman departed this life intestate within the kingdome of Ireland in anno 1639 or thereabouts wherof the church havinge intelligence hath decreed her BROTHER THOMAS & MARGERY TUBMAN jointly administrators that they survived ye sd JAYNE according to the tenor of a Covenant presented in Court xxxxx the hands of SILVESTER TUBMAN & HIS WIFFE ANNE FLETCHER ALIAS TUBMAN deceased as further there appears. Alvo tamen vincing reth, suo jure.

Decret et solvit. 6d.

Invent is included in the aforsd covenant within xxxx recorded whereof a copy of ye originall is to be brought into the bookes by THOMAS for this forth cominge of the Inventory in whose hands the goods are xxxx & to secure the office according to lawe. Thomas Clark & Wm Crayne fisher of KK Germ: parish ye pledges in full forme of lawe.

ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT MADE THE 11TH DAY OF FEBRUARY ANNO DOMI 1634 in the truth xxxxx[corner of page missing] raigne of sovraigne xxxx Charles of England, France and Irelande kind defender of the faith, & William Tomerson of Branstie[?] in the county lande woman on the one parte and Sylvester Tunman Isle of Man and parish of Kirk Garman. Imprimis, it is concluded and agreede of betwixt ye parties above named that THOMAS TUNMAN ELDEST SON AND HEIRE OF SILVESTER TUNMAN abovesaid shall marry and take to wife by Gods sufferance, and the Lawes of this Realme xxxx JANE TOMERSON THE DAUGHTER OF WILLIAM TOMERSON of Branstie abovesaid, betwixt this and Whitsunday next coming.
Secondly, the said SYLVESTER TUNMAN doth xxxxx grant for himselfe with the consent of his WIFE the xxxx THOMAS HIS SONNE upon the marriage abovesaid the one half of all his lands situate lyinge and being in the sd parish of Kirk Garman, and the one halfe of all his goods both moveable & immoveable; and at the death of the said SILVESTER and ANNA HIS MOTHER shall enter upon the whole lands that they shall dye possessed of, paying unto his YOUNGEST xxxx[edge of page missing] TUNMAN 20 pounds if it please God shee be then living wch xxx moneth after the death of her father and mother, if in xxxx it shall please God to call the said JANE TUNMAN then xxx 20 pounds shall be divicded between THOMAS HIS SON and hir xxxxxx DORATHIE AND MARGERI if they be then livinge.
Thirdly and lastly it is agreed and covenanted xxxx THOMAS TUNMAN xxxxxxxx[this line if the article is torn through, and the next line is also displaced] xxx to the suctome of the xxxx next court holden. Silvestore Tannan[?], Witnesses hereof: Francis Radcliffe, John Barry his mark, Henry Txxxxx[?Tunman], Thomas xxxx. [the lower right corner where signatures of the parties would be has been torn away]."




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