Archdeacon Wills 1645 page 17, dated 9 July 1646 at top,

Presentment of William Cottier & Catharine Kewley als Scarff [or Scarff als Kewley]:

"(17) The 9th of July 1646: Wm Cotter aged 36 yeares or there about sworne & examed saith yt he heard Oats Kelly say to Kath: Kewley als Scarfe yt punagate[?] yt dost xx here it were better for her goe home & make ye dreese[?] where upon ye sd Kath: replyed you art ye punagate[?] you was xxx dayes in ye Castle. Jo: Kewley 40tie yeares or there abouts sworne & examined sayth as ye former deponent in all respects. Jo: Moore 22 yeares or thereabouts sworne & examined sayth as ye former deponents & forther yt she sd yt he knew ye Castle well. The above named Oats Kelly & Kath Kewley als Scarffe have with mutual consents asked ye one & another forgiveness & soe are become for the type good friends as becomes Christians. Therefore in regard nether of them shall upbraided with ye like aspersion, you are to give a publick proclamacion in ye parish Church ye next Sabboth, yt noe person, nor persons able to spirituall juris------e remind[?] ye foresd defamacion be traductio subpoena 40s ad xxxx xxx & further Church censur at ye Courts discrecion date ano et die predicto. James Moore. To his brother Sr Wm Oats Vicar of KK Marowne, there to be divulged[?] I have (according to direction) published this order in KK Marowne 12th of July 1646. William Oates.




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