Archdeacon Will 1645

page 14, KK Lonan, Presentment of Paul Bridson, dated 3 August 1646, re John Christian's father Deemster[?] Christian deceased:

"14: KK Lonan ye 3d of August 1646: Charles Quaile examined hath deposed that Paul Brydgson sd to him I happened to say to Hugh Kisage somethinge concerning Jo: Christin; whereupon the forsd Charles demanded wt yt was the sd Brydgson replyed[?] yt xx he sd or thould Hugh Kissage that ye sd Xtin father raigner-[?saigner-] at ye barr; And more over sd Bridgson sd then, I thought Hugh Kisage wold not reveale it for I have lost ye best friend I had in ye Island yt is Deemster[?] Cristin, but I have my antsour for it. Charles Quaile. Witnesses: James Moore, Patrick Thompson.

The 23th of 8ber 1646: Hugh Kissage aged 60tie years or thereabouts deposed saith yt he heart Paul Brydgson say to John Christin in Hary[?] xxxxxxx house my father never stood at ye barr: And within 2 xxxx dayes after ye foresd Hugh xx to Paul Bridgson xxx Jo: Xtin had foule words[?] xxxx last day, then sd to Xtin yt yr father never stood at ye bar whereupon ye sd Paul replyed Jo: Xtin may looke for his fathers name in Castle Rushen booke & further he cannot depose. The foresd Paul Brydgson is enjoyned to doe 1 Sunday penance in penitential habit ye parish Church of KK Braddan church & to ask ye sd John Xtin forgiveness submissively.

The 21st of June 1647: Wheras Paule Bridgson hath been censured in Court of 1 Sundayes penance for traucing ye father of Jo: Christin who is deceased, the sd Jo: of his mutual consent is willing to remitte him ye sd Paul ye sheet condicionally he submissively ask him forgiveness xxxx forgiveness in ye parish Church of KK Braddan ye next Sabbeth day before ye congrecacion. Therefore in Dei noime amen the Church hath decreed that noe manner of person or persons wtsoever liable to spirituall m-irdicome[?] shall se-----e or upbraide the sd Jo: Christin or any of his with ye like aspersion as is within -----ed tending to ye defamacion of the dead subpoena 3 pounds ad xxx day & 40tie dayes imprisonment as ye Court shall in discretion thinke fitt & lett ye minister certify ye publicaeion hereof."




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