Archdeaconal Will 1645 #22 Michael of John Cannon,

died 13 January 1645/6: "Michael ([page] 42): The last will & testament of John Cannon who departed this life the 13th of Januarie 1645. Imprimis, he committed his soule to God & his bodie to Christian burial. It, he left the poor 3 half ferlets malt, half fer: wheat, a fer oate[?], & 2 muttons. It, he bequeathed to his brother[sic] John junr his choice either 40s or 2 ox, and xx moar in money. Itm, he left to his sister[sic] Mariad 10s. Itm, he left to his sister[sic] Margrett 10s. Itm, he left to his brother[sic] Ffinlo 3 muttons. Itm, he left to his sister[sic] Jony 3 muttons. Itm, he left to Wm Carrett a hog. Itm, he left to Donold Keig a hog & sheep. Itm, to Jo: Carrett a yearling sheep and a lamb which he owed him. Itm, he left to Jony Carrett a Lamb. Itm, he constituted and ordained his brother[sic] Wm executor of all the rest of the goods moveable & unmoveable. Testes: Wm Carrett, Do: Keig, jurati. Probatum est et solvit 12d. Invent. 35s. The Executor at lawfull yeare who with Wm Corlett is bound secundum forman legis. Note yt with consent of ye Supervisor xxxxxxxxxxx is one of yem) hath undertaken xxxxxxxx and three pounde of lawfull English xxxxxxxxxx oxen demised to ye sd Jo: in ye xxxxxxxxxx xxxx the 12s above bequeathed; And xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx to his sister Margrett xxxxxxxxxxxx to xxx xxx her brother xxxxxx xxxxx by himselfe his executors administrators xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx double value xxxxxxxxxx performances. [lower right corner is torn, crumpled and dark in the microfilm copy]. The Inventory: oxe 10[?] yeares old priced 20s; Itm, one oxe 9 years old priced 22s; Itm, one cow 10 years old priced 2s; Itm, one cow 6 years old and a calf priced 20s; Itm, one heifer 2 years old priced 8s; Itm, another heifer 2 years old priced 8s; Itm, one xxxx priced 12s; Itm, in mutton & sheep 16 priced 32s; Itm, in yearlings 2s; Itm, 2 pewter dishes priced 3s; Itm, 2 forkes priced 3s; Itm, 2 barrells & xxx[?potts] priced 2s; Itm, one hog shead priced 12d; 2 toobs 13d, other of household stuff priced to 7s; Itm, one yeard of xxx xxxxxx and a part of a yeard priced 2s; Itm, coat and a waistcoat price 2s6d; Itm, 2 charcheiffs priced 2d; 2 harrowes[?] 5d; Itm, half a daymouth of hay morgay for 2 xxx due to xxxx; Itm, in money xxxxx house at her death 20s; old blankets and xxxxx prices 3s; Itm, due to xx xx Margrett (who are xxxxx in oate twentie foure stoucke. Jo: Ca---- and Wm Corlett[?] pledges for the xxxxxxx of the goods of Jo: Cannon and Margret Cannon xxx xx of the children are of lawful yeares have xxxxx their goods and bound themselves to keep the xxxxx the administrators of Margt Carrett and executors of her husband Jo: Cannon xxxx Finlo, Jony, & Mariott Cannon have acknowledged at Court held at KK Michael ye 19 of Jully 1647 that they are fully satisfied of xxxxx for all such portions of goods as was due to xxxx xxx by ye death of father & mother. Jo: Cannon is satisfyed for manner of goods due to him for--- either father or mother, by his brother William Cannon. Know all men by these presents that we William Quayle and his wife Jony Cannon, Phinlo Cannon, & Marriad Cannon of ye parish of Kirke Michael do acknowledge and confess ourselves to be fullie satisfied and payed for all such goods as of right doe belonge unto us by ye death of Margarett Cannon from and at ye hands of William Cannon of Kirke Michael son of said and acknowledge this to be our act & deeds we have subscribed our names and put to our sd markes this first of January 1651: William Quayle mis mark X, Phinlo Cannon his mark X, Jony Cannon her mark X; Margaret CAnnon her mark X. Witnesses hereof: Robert Cannell, Patrick Cannell. I John Cannon of the parish of KK Michael doth acknowledge for to have received of and from the hands of my brother William Cannon all the goods that was due unto mee from my father & mother and I the said John Cannan both acquit & discharge my said brother for any more claiming the said goods or any other dues that might belong unto xx witness my hand this 2d of November 1652, Jo: Cannan his mark. Witnesses hereunto: Finlo Cannon his marke X, Will: Quaile his marke X, These men stand for overseers to the said Jo: Cannon. The above John Cannon doth acknowledge himselfe to be satisfied for his part of ye same goods, Jo: Cannon his mark X. Witnesses: Robt Cannell, Patrick Cannell."


Archdeacon Will 1645 #21 Michael of Margaret Cannon als Garrett, wife of John Cannon, died intestate 12 December 1645: "Maughold ([page] 14): Margrett Garrett departed his life the 12th [December] 1645 intestate whereof the Church having xxxxx hath decreed her children viz, William Phinlo, xxxx, Jony, Mariott, and Margrett Cannon administrators, the children of lawful years supervisors of the children underage age. Decretum est et solvit 3s. Salvo tamon vincuig[?] suo jura[?]."




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