Archdeacon Wills 1645 (between pages 3 & 5),

Presentments regarding Inventory of Mr. Henry Fletcher:

"To my very loving friend Sir James Moore these: Sir James: Let[?] wee desire you to take an oathe of Mr. Richard Fletcher concerninge the goodes of Mr Henry Fletcher deceased, wch hee the said Richard hath in his keepinge and to do such other acts, as may be best for the securinge of ye Court in this particular, let this be done with wh speede you can, that the xxxxxxxx may be stayd no longer than hee must needes so with xxx xxxx love remembered, I rest our very xxx friend, SA Rutter, Mar 11: 1645. I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [too light to read in microfilm copy] obit[?] for xxx claime tha nxxxx be demanded ssss of ye administrator or executor of Mr Harry Fletcher xxxx deceased & to witness the same I subscribe my name the 11th of March 1645: Rich: Fletcher."




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