Presentments 1637

these are found between the wills - generally the parish is named or is obvious from the context - as the book contains two circuits of the parishes then presentments can be found associated with one or both circuits


Jo: Conill for not ---eaming ye communion.
Presentments: Tho: Brew for taking up corne one the Sabboath Day.


1637, Arbory Parish (Robert Norris, Vicar):
Presented: Balladoole fishermen for fishing on St Michael's Day
Other presentments listed
Jo: Bridson ye 16th of Aprill departed ys life intestate
Jo: Blackmore eode predicto departed ys life
Donald Lowney 4th of Febuary departed ye life

1637, ?? parish, Joh: Kegg Curate, Apparitor Henry Tailor, Jurati Henry Waterson, Nicholas Corrin, Jo: Tailor, Jo: Duke
Present, Isabell Carrowin for carring corne to the milne one the Sabboath.
Other presentments


1637, St Santanc--, Jo: Cosnahan Vicr; Apartar McLowney Knackle; Juratis: Robt Hanton, John More, Jo: Mallevartin, Jo: Quiny
Phillip Farcher for drawing bloud on the Sabboath upon Wm Cribon[?, or Cubon] is censured to acknowledge p------- before the face of the Congregation in pentntiall habite two Sundayes in his owne parish Church.
Presented: Ellin Bridson for cursing Robt Hanton
Presented: Jo: Mallevartin et Jo: Quyne for disobedience
Phillip Farcher saith in the face of ye Court that ye Chapter Quest presenteth small faults & o---- great offences wch are the following, ye one---- prayor is not duly but seldom
Jo: Moore Knockloughan in ye ----- one ye Sabboath
Jo: Mallevartin for tacthing one St Ane ---- Day.
Robt Hanton falling hedges on the Sab----
--:[?Jo:] Quay Patricke Quay & Tho: Quay being sworne whether evening prayer was duly read every Sabboath ---th
Deposed in all points as Phillip Farcher hath done


Presentment of Deemster Robert Quayle & Mary Corkill als Vinch:

Jo: Kewley, Jo Gellinge, Jo: Oates & Nicho: Quirke beinge sworne to enquire & finde out; whether Bessy Taite is or hath been any way given to witchcraft say, We can fine no proofe agt. her nor any accusation layd to her charge touching the like & therefore give for answear that she is cleere touchinge any such cryme so far as to us appeareth. Augt 20th 1637. It is ordered by the Court, that if any hereafter charge her with ye like --- they forfeite 3 [pounds] to ye Lord, & be liable to ye Church censure & this to be published in ye severall parish Churches.

Note yt Nicholas Walter souldier the Captaine hath returned him unto my Lords bishops censure.
The Chapter quest of KK Bradan for presenting upon private information being Contrary to law & the chardge given them by the Court suspended.

2 June 1637, Douglas Chapel: Patricius Thompson vicar, Apparitor Wm Cotter; Jurati: Jo: Clucas, Wm Ottes, Jo: Lewne, John Cannell, Ed: More, Adam Cannel
Presents: Tho: Stole et Nicholas Walter for rayling one ye Sabboath. 10d ----ing., Tho: Stoale alledgeth Nicho: Walter -------[?: striakt] in a bo-- because it was done wthin night, yes are to acknowledge there offence before --- congregatione & to doe soe noe moore all these same undergoneth eresuspentia[?].
All Duglas fishermen at ye sea on St Markes day.
Michaell Wilson et Robt Dobson for fighting one ye Sabboath. --- dies in ecclea: This must be done in penitential habit. This performed.
Jo: Saile per execration Margrett Otts, Katherin Kelly another. Refered for tryall to ye vicar, to also forgive one & another.
Patrick Vinch per battery one ye Sabbaoth. To acknowledge ---- before ye congregation --- penitiall habit.

Margrett Lowny pregnans cum Donald Lewney. Donald Cannell surety for him.
Robt Quaile et Mary Vinch fornic. See previous pages regarding this
Presentments: Margret Steane for shearing upon St Bartholomewes day
Wm Faile et Isabell Garrett
Margret Steane for cursing Paule Bridson & his children
Patrick Kegg et Isabell Kewley
Nicho: Cunnery for ---ing of S Michaels day.
Wm Creere for calling Donald Cunnery son of a bitch, this cause is to be tryed by petition
Gilbert Quaile for drying of corne one the Sabboath Day in the after noone.
Note all abovesd performed. All of these have performed there censure
Nichol: Walker disobeyed his su--ion saying he ---ould first ---- wth the Captain Dis----

Gilbert Clucas departed this life the 13th of July 1637


2 June 1637, Marown Parrish: Guliemus Otts vicar; Apparitor Jo: Kneene; Jurati: Wm Kelly, Nicholas Kewley, Robt Clucas, Jo: Kermott junior.

Church wardens presented & suspended for not causing the children of ye parish to come to be catechized also for not making there ----- seates conformable, James Kelly, Wm: Cotter, Nicholas Killy, Gilbt Clucas. The aforesaid wardens have bound themselves in the penalty of 10 [pounds] ----- to make there seates conformable before Xtmas next & also to bring or cause the children of the parish to come to the church to be catechized.
Presented: Ellin Pyoke[?] for neglecting ye Sabboath. Shee is in England therefore dismist.
Presented: Katherin Teare for calling Margret Cannell a rousty ould a woman & tusst[or cusst] ould woman & yn astenill & naught ys yeare ---- wil be worse ye next yeare. Censured to make her acknowledgement before the minister & church wardens & vicar & promise to doe noe more. So performed by the Vicars Certificate.


2 June 1637, St Conchan Parish, Johannes Otts vicar, Apparitor Patricius Fletcher; Jurati: Donald Cannell, John Cotter, John Crowe[?], Wm Cowin.


2 June 1637, Lonan Parish: Johannes More curate, Apparitor Phillip Quill, Jurati: Wm Christin, Wm Corwe, Donald Brew, Tho: Knackle.
McQuyne[or, Mr Quyne] & Jony Cowin fornic.
McLowney Cowin[or Mr Lowney Cowin] et Margery Voy for adultery
Ellin Lowny cum James Skillicorne.
Other names presented, some with no indication as to why.


1637, St P----[?Polri] de Holme Chapel, German: Gulielumus Cosnahan vicar, Apparitor Phillip Xtosonn[?]; Jurator: Hugh Shimine, Dollin Vozen[?], Henry Lace, Hugh Caine, Thomas Crellin gneb[?], Jo: Quillam.

Wm Cannell et Anne Clarke fornic.
Patrick Carrett et Jony Quirk fornic.
Tho: Freere et Jony Shimine fornic
Jony Quay pregnans
Tho: Quaile for going out of ye church w---
Sr Wm Cosnahan p---- reformation promised -- --stin
Rich: Geil for sorcery, et Tho: Freere for se----
To Rich: Geil for sorcery et Hugh Clucas
Ed: Christin et Salsbury Costen fornic.

presentment of Mrs. Katherine Robinson, wife of Edward Robinson of Castle Rushen

Curia plena tenta in eccla St Petri the Holmstowne -------: Tho Quail aged 60 yeares or yer abouts sworne & examined saith yt he ever knew knockaloe Cotters pay there small tythes in kinde & yer tyth fish & further saith yt Thomas Craine tould him yt ye Vicr his father had every year from ye wife of Knockaloe a new coate & ye -------- of his goods without molestation upon yer land continually wch he conceaids[?] was given for not questioning them for there tyth corne & further cannot depose. Also sayth that Gourdan tyth was pd in kind before Gilbt Calow death & since set to Henry Ratliffe for severall rases[?]. Thomas Quaile.

??? Harrison, Acct of the Diocese of Sodor and Man: Donald Crahan appointed vicar of Michael 1571
??? Harrison, Acct of the Diocese of Sodor and Man: Sir William Craine, vicar of Patrick, died as vicar in 1575

Petition of Thomas, John and Margaret Quayle, the children of Margery Quayle als Craine who was dead


1637 Patrick Parish: Joh: Harrison vicar, Apparitor Thomas Ratliffe; Jurati: Wm Quirke, Finloe Kelly, Jo: Clucas, Wm Cottere


9th July 1637, Michael Parish: Hugh Cannell vicar; Jurati: Donold Caine, Gilbt Quayle, John Carrett [crossed out]; Tho: Corlett, John Cannell, John Cordeige.
Presentments: Jony YniVoy for slandering wth sorcery Mally Caine
Donald Corlett for cursing ye goods of Finloe Mallevartin
Other presentments


9 July 1637, Ballaugh Parish: Nicholas Thompson rector; Apparitor: Phillip Gall; Jurati: John Teare, Wm Clarke, Hugh Cannell, Nich: Casemett.
Presentments: Katherin Corlett, Margrett Ylrea for phanatio
Gilpatrick Calister, Wm Kewish, Tho Gry----, Jo: Gawne, Tho: Carrett neglecting evening -----. Injoyned to confesse there error before y congregation & to reforme.
Christopher Kinley cum Mally Ylrea fornication. They have bound ymselves in ye penalty of 20s to mary before -----[hidden in fold]
Margery Xtin alias Corlett cum Robt Corlett; prenans[pregnant]; The censur one ye other pa----, performed, 10s ----, there penance performed.
Other presentments

Robt Corlett and Margery Xtin alias Corlett[?sic, Crellin] for there offence are censured to make - several Sundays penance to several Churches & in penitential habit in the time of morning prayer immediately after the secoeme[?] lesson; & the sd Robt is to be banished the Sheading until he put in sufficient during her life. Margery Corlett hath maid her 3 Sundayes penance & paid 10s commution. 8 July 1637: February ye 16th Robt Corlett hath put in sureties Henry Thomason & John Knackle that he shall not at any time hereafter come in company by day or night at home or abroad wth Margery Xtin alas Crellin except in Church or market & for ye true performance this to be truly -------- & performed subpoena 3 pounds ad usu domi. Margery Xtin alias Corlett hath but in suretie Wm Sumpter & Henry Thomason in ye -------.


9th July 1637, Jurby Parish, John Clark, vicar; Appar: Jo: Killip. Jurati: Tho Calow, Edmond Corkill[crossed out], John Saile, John Calow[crossed out], Wm McTeare, Donold Causten[crossed out], Wm Clarke.
Church wardens presented & suspended for not making seate in the Church & not causing the Children of the parish to come to be catechized: Patrick Kewin[?], Wm Clarke, John Skaly, Robt Crellin. The aforesaid wardens have bound themselves to the forfeit care[?] of 20 pounds that they shall make there seate comfomable according to my lords injunction[?] before Xtmas next & to buy a booke of homilies the seates not made sufficiently within the limited time.
Presented: Wm: Mallyvorrey, Jo: Faile, Wm Caine.
Jo: McTeare presented for saying unto ye prishcondes[? parishioners] yt y-- drew straws unto there eyes if yei would buy a homily booke therby incouradging ye people to resist your lord bishops minister; ye presentment was not light for ye minister affirmeth how as the first that paid for the homily.
Other presentments


9th July[?] 1637, Andreas Parish: Jacob Moore, vicar; Jurati: Patrick Cowle, Wm Christin, John Quarke, Wm Kneall.
Presented: Jo Brew cum Jonie Cowle adultery
Jo: Gawne for separating himselfe from his wife Anne Cannell, enjoyned to prison
Tho: McTeare et Jony Wyling[?]
Jony Brew pregnant, certifyd by ye minister. In Sr: James bookes.
John Crenilt Jo:McSaile for not sending there children to be catechized acknowledged.
Other presentments: of people calling other people various bad names


1637: St Bride: Charles Coile curate, Apparitor: Michaell Kneale; Jurati: Jo: Christin, John Joughen, Doneld Cowle, Patricke Martin.
Presentment: fornication: the said Donald Xtion cum Mariott Cowin mortua est, censured to 3 Sundayes penance in ye Sheading ----
Other presentments


1637, Maughold Parish: Tho: Allin vicar; Jurati: Edmond Cork---, John Calow, Donald costen, Wm Quarke.
Presentments: Margret Costen pregnant.
Relapse: Tho: Cowley et Jony Gee, fornic.
Jo: Cannell[?] execr Jo: Corkill, for prazing orphants goods by unsworne men
Executr of Jo: Vichalson, viz, Mally Xtine
Issabell Stoale et Tho: Stoale
Wm Sumpter unto curate for fornic, & at ------- [2 lines more]
Other presentments

Brother Sr John my best respectes ever remembered, unto you and all yours -- ---- Brown Donald Carrett, and Christian Kinread hath performed there penance layd upon them in your bookes, thus wth my --- I commit you to the --------- of God, and rest, yours ever -- ---- Ed: Crow ministr, this 13th of Martes 1639.

Brother Sr John, my love ever tendered unto you, and all your etc. These are to certifie, that Edmond Kneall and Jonie Corlett hath performed the penance layd upon them in your bookes, and so hath --- divers others wch weare injoyned to penance, fulfilled the law, I sent you a certificate hearof longe since, but I understand it was not delivered you, thus we -- --- I commit you to god and rest this 10th of May 1640. Your ever lovinge Brother Ed: Crow, ministr.


1637, Christ Le are: Edward Crowe vicar; Jurati: Wm Knaell [or Knacll], Wm Craine, Ffinloe Kenish, Wm Quaile.
Presented: Donald Gariett cum Yne Kinred fornic.
Tho: Garrett cum Margrett Kneale
Tho Calister cum Alice Conchore, married
Edward Corlett and Katherine McSaile
Edmond Crow Conchan cum Margrett Harison KK Patrick de Peele
Wm Crow Clarke presented for neglecting his duty
Other presentments, e.g., for not coming to church, etc.

Wm Sumpter: Wheras Wm: Sumpter of Ramsay hath confessed unto the ordinary & spirituall officers, the sin of fornication wth Anne Xtin his servant & in stead of doeing penance hath beene an earnest suitor to commute for the same the ordinary hath given way unto his suite & censured him to pay 20s towards the repareing of Ramsey Chappell, wch lyeth miserably w---- the towne being altogether unable to repair it of themselves.

Ed: Crow: --o: Cowley, Willm McNameer, XFinlo Kermot, XChristian Corlet, --- Kinread & Willm Callow, X Malie Caskill, X Tho: ----ley acknowledge ther ------- in penitentiall habit ----- coming to the church ---- -- Sundays to ---- Divine Service, and this to be done publikely ---- one Sunday, before the Congregation --- this our Lo: Bishops pleasure. Januarie the 22th 1637. Nicho: Thompson, Hugh Cannell. ---- Willm Cowley, ---- ---- health. To me certifie without faile. [Different handwriting] Salut etc, These are to certifie that all that ------ a crosse before there names haive maid ---- penance before the Congregation, according to this p--------, This 14th of Jany 1637, Vicr Ed: Crow.

Archdeacon Will 1637 Lezayre, agreement regarding William Bridson (now dead), his wife Margery (?now dead), William Stevenson (Margery's 'late' husband): 9th November[?] 1637: Memorandum that it is agreed upon & concluded betwixt the overseers of ye Administrators of Wm Bridesonne & his wife Margery and Wm: Stevenson late husband to the sd Margerye as followeth, viz: The sd Wm: Stevensonne hath undertaken & discharge all debts & arr----ages that --- be lawfully pr----- against ye sd Margerie except that debt wch is due or may be proved due to Mr: Molynex Ratcliffe since ye death of Wm: Bridson provided yt ye sd Wm: Stevenson shall discharge & satisfie all arr---- ages & payrmts due yt ----- his -i-hes since ye oath & decease of ye sd Wm: Bridson, in leuw whereof ye foresd overseers have surly accepted of --- goods of ye sd Wm: Brideson & Margerie his wife ---s ----- are to bee had at this instant and -------- are ------- ---------- ----------- by surveyinge of --------[at least a couple of lines at the bottom are missing due page to being folded or missing at bottom]

NOTE: William Bridson is dead, his wife Margery married William Stevenson: the words 'late husband' appear to mean the later husband of Margery. ??Is Margery now also dead??
???see also:: A 1661/2 w Lez STEVENSON, William LDS film 0106200

At a Court held at Bps Court Jan: 8.1638/, it is thus ordered & decreed: Impris: yt ye debts temporall upon legall proof of yem, shal bee paid wth ye money taken for ye oxe appointed to be sould for yt purpose, & ye overplus to bee divided betwixt ye wife & ye admninstrators. 2ly: The Spiritual debts are to be paid out of ye deads part of goods. 3ly: The yong child is to be kept by ye mother whilst shee is able, and in consideration thereof to have 6s 8d a quarter for ye fathers tyme. This order is to be observed by all parties. Subpoena suspensions. Ri: Sod: & Man. Nich: Thompson, Hugh Cannell. 4ly: the mother is to have the blanket to wrap ye yong child in whilst shee keeps ye child. Ri: Sod: & Man. Nicho Thompson, Hugh Cannell. Let this bee performed subpoena suspend.

Raneld Caine, Patricke Quirke, Jo: -----, Wm Quaile, Tho: Caisman, Jo: Tubman, Jo: Dowson, Jo: Knealle, Wm: Brasf---, Tho: Quaine, Henry More, Wm Colts[?], Gilbt Clark, Wm Clark, Juan ------, Tho: Leese, Jo: Woods, Henry Caine, Phillip C----, Rich: Geals, Wm Cooper for taking up his seats on Sunday morning & selling his fish after service Jo: Teares Jo: Scarf all of these for ---- offenders; Hugh C----.

Augt ye 9th 1638: Ed: Crow agt ye execrs of Wm Sumpter for ye summe of 34s.

I called for Invent of Jony Crow lease[or, lcarc] 3 tymes before.

Face sheet for Lonan Parish, 1637: Anno Domini 1637, HR Epis:

I find in ye last will & testament of Wm St. in his -er--- he willed &c.


Archdeacon Wills 1637, suspension & re-instatement of Revd John Oates, Vicar of Onchan: "Wheareas Sr John Oates vicar of KK Conchan being convented before us at Bishops Courte & there hath freely confessed himselfe to be guiltie of incontinencie & to be the unhappie father of 3 bastards by several woeman whereby he hath dangerouslie wounded his owne soule much grivied the Church of God, most shamefullie scandalized by the Christian faith & his most holly function instead of being an example to the flocke in all hollinese conversacion; We therefore in dei nominee, decree & censure the said Sr John Oates to be suspended as officio et beneficio & soe to continue suspended for the space of 3 yeares hopeing that God will give him a sight of his sinnes & that by his repentance & hollines hereafter such satisfaction may be given to the Church that he may have just cause to reseive him into her bosome againe dated Feb: 5. 1637. Ri: Sodor & Man. Nicho: Thompson, Hu: Cannell.[note suspended for a mere 2 months !]

To ye General Sumner to be brought to Sr Patrick Tompson to be denounced ye next Sunday:

According to our Ordinarie Directions, the wthin suspention hath beene published & denounced accordingly & alsoe submissively obeyed, Feb: the 22th 1637. Patr: Thompson, John Christin, xxxxxx xxxx.

Whereas wee have formerly suspended Sr John Oatts vicar of KK Conchan for irregularitie as officio et beneficio, And now upon his humble submission and other satisfacion given to the Law; And most especially consideringe that the parishioners doe much complaine that they are not duly served (noe one Minister beinge able to officiate in two Churches to the peoples contentment), Uppon thees consideracions wee have thought good, by vertue hereof to restore the sd Sr John Oatts to his former office, place, and profits: And with his parishioners to take due notice hereof and to yeelde him all manner of dues, anie way of right belonginge to his vicaradge concerninge wch dues hee is now restored to full right & power to take, sette, & lette at his pleasure, Dated the 23th of April 1638. Ri: Sodor & Man. Nicho: Thompson, Hugh Cannell. To Patricke Thompson vicr, to bee published & returned, to bee upon recorde. The release & restoration was published xxxxxxx in KK Conkan Church upon Sunday the 29th of this Instant April 1638: Patrick Thompson."


Jny Caloe for gathering fearne one ye Sabboath the general sumpner is enjoyned to find her out. All these enjoyned to confesse there errors in theface of ye congregadion & to reforme. Performed.
Henry More absent from ye church two Sundayes together. Performed.
Jo: Patricke & Tho: Quay for coming to ye church but every other Sabbaoth Day. Performed.
Christin Kinnish for ---- calling of ellin Kinley. Performed.
The Sumpner for not keeping dogges of the church upon the Sunday. Performed.

Archdeacon Wills 1637, censure of Sir John Cosnahan, Vicar of Santan, dated January 29 1637/8, and his petition 22 February 1637/8
January 29, 1637/ [3 pages]:
Wheras John Cosnahan Vicr of K Santan being convented before us at Bps Court & there upon sufficient profe found guilty of disobeydience to his ordinary, admonishing him at several times forbidding him to keepe Ale house & further is found negligent in his duty one the Lords Day omitting the reading of evening prayer or divine service many times as is proved upon record, Wee therefore (the promises considered) doe by virtue herof decree & censure the sd Sr John Cosnahan Vicr to bee suspended ab officio, or the exercising of any Eccleall: function & to continue suspended for the space of 3 months, from the Date hereof; hoping that this his censure wil bee a meanes to reforme him, & herafter admonish him for falling into a greater offence & danger of the law. Ri: Sodor & Man. Nicho: Thompson, Hugh Cannell. To the General Sumner to bee brought to Sr Patricke Thompson to bee published on Sunday next.

The wthin directions hath beene accordingely executed, and submissively obeyed; Feb: the 22th 1637. Patr Thompson, John Christian General -------.

Sr: John Cosnahan his petition to take off his censure:
To ye right reverence fathers in God and his most religious good Lo: & ordinary Richard by divine providence Lo: bishop of this Isle. In all obedient & Submissive manner shewing to your Lo:shipps yt it hath beene ever the cheefest thinge yt I amide at in this troublesome life to beare afflictions & crosses soe as they would or cold arise patiently as the true service of Christ doe & must suffer & for this your Lo:ships minister proceedinge from so learned & inditious a censure, tendinge I joye for my reformacion & good I cannot nor may not but take it patiently & lovingly beinge as I know a father ----asticement to warme me & others for neglectinge my duty in divers respects: my very good Lor: since I was wth your Lor:--- there was neither stronge beer or smale brewed in my poore house, nor shalle until God better inable me. I have but the graine to make mault of, but wt I must sell to pay yor Lor:ship your rent & to helpe me towards the payment of Mr Dick--- his rent for another third and before I sayle wth either I will as I doe drinke water: the Lor: wth holds his dayly blessing from us by sea so yt fish, I have but smale store & ---- I doe eate none in his tyme of lent & how my poore house stored otherwise it is onely known to God yet never thelesse Lor:ships pleasure & imposition for brewinge shalbe faithful--- accomplished: let not my Lor be angrie I humblie & ---- intreate & begge his favor from your Lor:shippe yt it would please your to pardon my trespasses & receive me unto your favour & place me in my Church as formerly a--sto--e so shall I and my poore household pray for your Lor:shipe I am crediblely persuaded yt your Lor:shipe doth knowe yt - doth vexe & grieve my poore wife & accumulate noe little sorrow myself. Yet I joye it is all for my good, wch God grant it be, & therefore I joye my Lor: I shall say wth David hea----- indure for a night but --- cometh in the morninge peccani fateor pro penato mango paululum supplicy sati rest patri: I have it thoroughly to hart--- am hartily sory ---: The tyme my requires dayly & duly attendance in ye Church: the weather is ceratine ye waters dangerous yt both myselfe & my good friends are troubled yt if they would they cannot pleasure me without great ---yance, I am not able to travel & my horse is soe weake yt I ---- I cannot keepe him alive otherwise I would have tendered my ------ your Lor:ship but presently after easter I will God willinge visit your ---- once more I do earnestly U submissively begge pardon I ----- & dutifully rest already & every am ready your Lor:ship ----- denoted servant & poore friend. John Cosnahan, Vicar

Curia 2nd: peculiar St Santan:

Presents Phillip Farcher, violently drew bloud upon Wm: Cubon at the Crosse without the church yard one the Sabboath day, & the said Cubon did likewise fight & stricke againe the said Farcher.
Pharcher is enioyned by the Court for his sd offence to two Sundayes penance in his parish church & that in penitential habite & to acknowledge his error before the Congregation. Performed.

Ellin Bridson for cursing Robt Hanton was summoned & hath not appeared, ergo suspended.

Phillip Pharcher in the Face of the Court saith yt the Chapter quest presenteth smale faults & omits greate offence, the said Phillip being sworne to declare what those great offences were, saith that the evening prayer in there Church is not duly read one the Sabboath but sometimes, & that the Viccar sells ale one the Sabboath Day.

Jo: Quay Patricke Quay & Tho: Quay hath in all points sworne as the former Deponete.

Jo: Moore knocklochan, & Jo: Mallevartin -----hing one St Andrewes Day. Inioyned to acknowled there error in ye face of ye Congregation & to doe soe noe more. Performed.

Robt Hanton falling hedges --- --- -----. Performed.


letter regarding seat in church & the Ballalaugh house of Mr. William Lucas, & Mr. Henry Calcott: "To the Right Reverend fagther in God Richard --- Divine ------- Lo: Bop of this Land myVerie good Lo: --- these humbly report: Deere Good Lord, Accordinge unto your Lor:shp direction I have called Mr. Henry Calcott witnesses viz: William Brew clerke of KK Malew aged 70 years or there aboute & Tho: Quirke souldier, and ancient servant belonginge unto the house of Ballalaugh, & have solemly taken their corporall oath that they saw Mr. William Lucas Revend[?], & goodman of Ballalaugh usually sitt on the chieft betwixt the now readinge place and the window, & that it was ---encelled[?] our his head that is the usuall & accustome place belonging unto the house of Ballalaugh & that ther abouts & under the now reading pew was their buryinge place anciently belonging unto that house that in all humble & respective manner ys Certifie this 18th of February 1637 as witnesseth my subscription, Ro: Parre. Mr. Norris is to produce his ---- tomorrow touchinge ---lace wch he of himself ---quished[?] --- guide was derected by Demster Norris he hath n------ of h----and nor is of ---------------.

According to the wthin certificate; wee doe by virtue hereof ratify & confirme Mr. Henrie Callcotts his right unto the peue or seate anciently belonging to Lucas his farme of Ballalogh, Dated the 19th of Febr 1637. Ri: Sodor & Man. Let this bee put upon Recorde in our Epall Registrie."

At a Court holden at KK Malue ye ---[hidden in the fold] of Ffebruary 1637 before Sir ----[hidden in fold] Norris & Sir Robt Parre.

Kathren Robbinsone suspended for ------ a parens upon yue Sumner his affidavit. Released upon submission.

Margrett Komish hath noe goods but halfe a house out of ---- there is 10s debts due.

Presentments by KK Malues Chapter Quest: Willm Chrestin presented for ploweing on St Andrews.
Randell Ralph & his Companie presented for goeing to ye sea on Inosents Day.

Presentments of the Chapter Quest of KK ------ --- -----: Wm Taylor & Ann Norris pro-----[hidden in fold] His Comutacion a noble beside one Sundaye pen----
Jo: Norris & Jone Kermott pr-----[hidden in fold]

Brother Sir John Harison all three wthin named are ascited[?] excepting Wm Tayler & Ann Norris who live in KK Christ Rushen whether I have sent direccion to Charge them, or Sumner hath charged Pickards wife to bring in a true Inventorie forthwith & have gtaken the oath of the executors & wives of Nicho: Clerke & John Bridson who have sworne that there is noe debtless goods but that the debts for farre exceed the goods, they are sick, els they should travel themselves, record what is here certified & it will suffice: my father in law & myself (in my Lo: & ---- his absence who then was in England) did censure John Norris who hath done one Sondayes penance & given 6s 8d to pious usus wch 6s 8d the Captane begged to repaire the chappell of Castletowne his further punishmt we referred to my Lo:'s pleasure as formerly promised Thus wth my love remembered --- rest this 27th of 9ber 1637. Yor Loving brother, Ro: Parre.

Malew: Margret Banbery, Mary Byron, (these both begg, & are verie poore [this is written above the names of Margaret & Mary]), Nicholas Farcher, Peter Robinson, Wm Xtin, Raneld Ralph & his company that goes wth him to the fishing, Wm Tailor, Annie Norres, Jo: Norres, Jony Kermott. These are to requyre you to asicte[?] or Summon t oappear befor us these whose naemes are prescribed upon the --- Day of December 1637 at KK Michell Church betwixt -----[?huanes] of & or[?] 11th in the afternone of the same Day upon payne of susp:, datted this 22th of 9ber anno predicto. Ri: Sodor & Man.
Curia 2d a per Ecclea Rushin

Whereas Sr John Kegg late curat of KK Christ of Rushin gave Sr John Corkill incumbent of that Church a quarter of a yeares warninge before wittnesto provide another Curate for Godes service there, by reason of the smale ---- of his wayes ---- was but twentie shillings per anno; And forasmuch as he said Incumbent hath not provided a Curate to officiate here, whereby the people have beene deprived of the comfort of Gods ordinarres in his Church; --- heirupon have made their complaint unto us, as by a peticion under the most of the parishioners hands may & doth appeere; Wee therefore in discharge of our dutie touchinge the care of all the Churches, and havinge just cause to bee displeased for the want of the publique means in this particular Church, wch comes to passť by the carelessness of the incumbent, who is & hath been a Leprous man for manie yeeres; and theirfore not capable of anie spirituall dignitie, & unfitted to continue or exercise in anie ministeriall ------ amongst Gods people; The promisses considered; we out of our care for Gods glorie, and the peoples good, & edificacion in & by the constante use of the publique ministerie in the Church, & to satisfy the parishioners humble suite, in the behalf of Dr Joh Kegge whom they have nominated in their petition, earnestly desyringe us to make choice of him for their Curate (not being in the power of the Ordinarie to place & displace Curats at his discretion, accordinge to the 46 statue) we therefore decree, nominate, and admitte by virtue of these presents they forenamed Sr John Kegge to be the incumbents coautor[?], & Curate for the ministerie of the Church in that parish; Intendinge further more upon due consideracion to proporcion his wages accordinge to the Churches meanes & this paines[?] in readinge -------- of Gods holy word, and performinge all other services & duties belonginge to that care, dated the 6th of November 1637. Ri: Sodor & man. The Church wardens of Christ of Rushin is give.


Presentmts: for Katherin Hutchin cum Tho: Clerin et Jaunes McSaile; is to purge.
Silvester Ratliffe shearing on St Bartholemew Day & plowing on St Tho: Day.
Wm Crosse per conf: dismist
Tho: Oatts & Ffinlo Wuirk for making walles on St Mathew Day
Jony Quay for saying yt some had sowme[?] are knocke y Shanan betwixt her & Willim Geile or they had been married long since. 3 in Eclat: Wm Geile there penance performed. Wm Geile is to being in answere whether he will mary or not before Candlemas Day next or to suffer further danger prill of law.

Thomas Ratliffe senior hath maide his affidavit yt William Crosse of Knock-aloe utterly denyed to pay his tyth --- -- sta-id -- the order; and further the sd Wm: sd, he would depose yt he never gave consent yt the Bsp: & Comptrouler should order any thing belonging unto the tyth ---- farm, but only yt land of Craynes wch he had bought from M: Stanley, & yt he would robb in prise before he would any way break the costume of his farm. Tho: Ratliffe his mrk X. At Bps: Court ye 6th of Augt: 1637."


Archdeacon Wills 1637, regarding censor of Sir William Cosnahan: Oathes taken Jan: 30 1637/: Charles Radcliffe sworne saith yt Sr Wm Cosnahan is a usuall swearer & his oaths are ye fearfull oaths - Gods blood,God damne me & ye lyke.
Sylvester Tunman Swearne saith yt Sr Wm Cosnahan swore Gods blood hee would stabbe him havinge a naked knife in his hand.
Ri: Sodor & Man.

A restoringe of Sir Wm Cosnehan to his office
To Sr Joh: Harison to be published in he Church: Whereas Sir Wm Casnehan Vicar of KK Girman for his irregularitie was suspended ab officio for ye space of six moneths and now upon his humble petition to be restored to his former dignitie and office, desyringe to give satisfaction to ye law aine[?] other way rather then by continuinge under suspencion; Wee have condescended to his desires & humble suite; and do by virtue hereof, restore ye said Sr Wm: Cosnehan to his place, to execute in his charge, his priestly office or function, in as full & ample manner as formerly hee hath done; in hope of his reformacion & more regular lyfe hereafter, & that he wilbee serviceable in ye church to gods glorie & edification of soules dated May 14, 1638. Ri: Sodor & Man, Nicho: Thompson, Hugh Cannell.

Curia 2d: Per Ecclea St German 24 8ber

Wm Geile for taking upon broad[?] daus[?, dans?] one ye Sunday
Robt Crellin Tho: Killip for cens: it was done after sunset ergo dismist.
Adul: Elinr Caine et Jo: Quarke mortuus est, performed her penance
Wm: Craine: for goeing to ye Sea one Sunday morning.
Wm: Cooper et Wm Eletson for fishing Sa---es before service, dismist for ye time
Henry Corras for making daue to take fish one Sunday morning in Ireland[?]
All ye fishers of peele towne ---
Wm: Gremsey Sup for not coming to the Church one Sunday
Hugh Boudagh & Donale Boudah Henry Young Tho: Crellin taking Samons one Sunday morning
Ed: McYlvorrey Tho: Cannell John Anglish Tho: Shurlocke Tho: Steane Jo: Kinred Jo: Xtin all of these suspended for being at the Sea & -e St Andrews Day & going to ye Sea.

Prull[?]: John Vinch 2 dies in cella cum Margery Corras 2 dies in eccla: wch is two Sundayes penance ie perfor--- secunda -egen, more for there ----[hidden in dark fold] offence 2s 3d commutacion.
Wm: Gell et Henry Thomason have ymselves for ye above parties ye yer shall not srequeu---[?] company one wth another, but in church & market, or Sun----[hidden in dark fold] places as may be without suspicion, of there lewd carriage ---- hethert hath been betwixt ym: And this upon he----- of 10 pounds ad usum domi; ye former censure performed.
Margrett Crosse alias Clarke complaineth agt Margrett Dawson -----[hidden in dark fold] fell upon her bare knees wth her haire lose & uttered these words of ----- cursing, vid: yt ye sd Margrett Clarke might have an onely wa----- --- ------ & yt she might have nether son or daughter, ----- ----- ---- and of old & yt she might have noe issue neet---- ----- & yt she might have nether man nor woman ----- -----.
John Corlett hath sworne yt Margret Clarke & her ------ called his wife Margret Corlett a Bitch ------------[bottom edge of page is dark and partially missing].



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