Archideaconal Will 1637 #53 Malew of William Callister:

, dated 1 July 1637: "Vicesmo quarto die July 1 1637:
The last will & testament of WILLM CALISTER who committed his soule into the hands of the almighty God & his body to be interred in the Church yard of KK Malew.
It, he left to the poor a ferlet of mault, half fer of wheet, & half ferlet of oat meale & a mutton.
It, to his SISTER MARGREAT 4 sheep.
It, to his UNCLE HENRY CALISTER a quarter of a steer.
It, he left to him the afforsaid HENRY CALISTER his houses and ground dureinge the form & tyme of 3 yeeres, leavinge the houses & grounds in good reparation & the said Henry to have the crop one the ground if he will for the price.
It, he constituted & ordained his SISTER JONY executor of all the rest of his goods moveable & unmoveable & to relieve the poor SISTER KATHREN.
It, he left his houses & ground to her the said JONY after the expiration of the 3 years wch HENRY CALISTER hath of yt.
It, he left his UNCLE HENRY CALISTER superviser of his SISTER.
This is his last will & testament.
It, debt wch he ought: 15s to Tho: Cubon; 5s to Nich: Harison; 3s to Tho: Bridson.
It, to his SISTER KATH: half a heffer of 3 yeeres old. Testes: Richard Bridson, Issable Shimmin, Henry Calister.

INVENTORY TAKEN BY SWORNE MEN vidz: Rich Bridson, Nich Harrison, Thomas Bridson, & John Bell, as followeth: Imprimis one mayre price unto 27s;
It, one old tann[?cann] 1 old paire of harrowes one old barrel and certayne old boords & one old dish 2s;
It, a new hatt priced to 3s;
It, a shurt priced to 20d;
It, half a plugh steame[?steare] priced to 14d;
It, pecke of salt priced to 12d;
It, an old blanket priced to 16d,
It, a quarter of a cow priced to 8d;
It, 1 mutton & 3 lambes priced to 5s; The crop of corne on the ground 30s;
It, a quartt of woole & eight of woolen yarne 2s 10d;
It, half a paire of nets priced unto 3s.
It, there is 15s debt to be deducted out of his Inventory.

Prob et Solvit. Pledges Jo: Bell cum Umphry Taggart have bound ymselves their heires & execrs for the forth coming the --------- to secure the office."

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