Archideaconal Will 1637 #68 Rushen of Patrick Carown

, died 15 June 1637: "Rushen: The last will and testament of Patricke Carowne wch departed this life the 15th of June 1637.
In nominee Dei Amen: I Patricke Carowne sicke in body but whole in minde and of a perficte memories thankes be to God, doe make my last will and testament in manner following.
Imprs, I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almightie God my Creator and Redeemer and my bodie to Christian burial. Item, to the poore three halfe ferleds corne, and one sheepe.
Item, to PATRICKE and ISSABELL CAROWNE halfe a ferled of wheate or of barley.
Item, to my GRANDCHILD JO: CAROWNE half a heffer.
Item, to WM SHURLOGUE and to his sone JOHN SHURLOGUE half a maire.
Item, to JONIE CAROWNE 6d legasie.
Item, to my GRANDCHILD HENREY WATERSONE the quarter of a mair. I leave to my GRANDCHILD ANN CAROWNE the quarter of a maire, and one lambe.
Item, I constitute and or daine my SONE JOHN CAROWNE my true and lawfull executor of all my goods moveable and unmoveable. This is my last will and testament as wittnes these presence. Testes: Jo: Kegge, Ann Gall.

Probatum est et Solvit 9d.

INVENT: IMPRS: one oxe 26s, one cowe 23s, the quarter of a steere 2s, certaine treene vessels 1s, th----- old bands 3d, one carchiefe 8d, the corfe present[?] is to be deducted. Totalis summa 5 pounds ----. Henry Tailor cum Henry Tailor hath bound ymselves heires & execr for ye forthcoming of the goods & to keep the office harmless , su----."



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