Petition re Margery Quayle (als Craine), re accusation of witchcraft

Archdeacon Wills 1637, Petition of Thomas, John and Margaret Quayle, the children of Margery Quayle als Craine who was dead (contained on 5 pages): "To the right Honorable James Lord Strange, The humble peticion of Tho: Joh, and Margarett Quaile, children of Margery Quaile deceased: Shewing that your Peticioners mother in her life time received many grosse & grievous abuses from Sr Wm Cosnahan clarke & his wife, for wch noe redresse beinge obtained, it shortened her daies, as is probably concaimed[?]; for complainynge to bushop Phillips the livinge, some examinacions were taken, but before the cause came to a censure, it pleased god to take him to his mercy; After him came bushop ffoster who before he could be freely informed, departed ye Land & died; since ye now Reverend bushops comeinge ye Peticioners sued for redresse (their mother being dead) for that it nearly concerned their lives & reputacion, who answeared he would no meddle therein without your honors reverence, for that it was before his tyme. Wherefore they humbly crave your honor will be pleased to grant your Reference to the reverend father in God ye Lord bushop for a rehearinge of the said cause, that they beinge releemed[? redeemed] as instice[?] & conscience requireth as bound may pray for your honor etc. And this for Christ sake. Knowsley, 22th of August 1638: I desire the Lord Bishopp to take this into his consideracion and doe therein as he shall thinke fitt."

--- the Bops co---- in St Nichales chappell the 12th of March 1637: Before the right reverend ordinarie, the vicr general and --- vicr came-- officiall: It is confured by us that the ----- named wife of Sr Wm Cosnahan for her ------ accusations within written of Margerye Quaile aliase Craine: first --spended; sent to St Germanes prison: and before she came from the--- to put in security to undergoe the censure of the church: & beg to come before the congregation and confess her error and readinge a -hedall after the minister askinge the partye forgiveness. And a proclamation to be given[?] before the congregation that of ever[?]: the sayd wife of Sr Wm Cosnahan or any in her bech--- or any other manner of person or persons: what degree s-ebar he or she be of liable to Spirituall ----sdictions: shall receive or -p---aid the sayd Margerie Quaile alias Craine agayne wth the licke speeches: shall forfeite 3 pounds, to our honorable Lord ----: and further to be promised at the ordinaries discretions. Per me written Willm Norres vicr general.

The censure wthin written: given by the vice ----all[?general] I hould site[?]: yt be put in execution, and see ---- parties to be satisfied: dated at the Bops Court this 22th of March, ---: Sodor & de Mans.

Is a true copie ---- wth the origionall & examined by me, Jon Moore Registr.

At Douglas the 23 of Februarie 1632: Marye Doncane sworne and examined, in the presence of Wm Norres vicr general: and Sr Jo: Thompson vicr ys KK ---- sayth, that Margerye Quaile als Crayne -- ----- came - for witchcraft, nor sorcerye, or any -o-her senister meyne ---- good to herself or herme to any other: and craveth for your cause: that she may be tried by the lawes of the countrye and as she is found giltye or giltless: soe to be censured accordinge to her -----. Noate the sayd Marye, hath further sworne, that the above sayd Margerye Quaile never gave her peny nor peny worth: in consideration or ------ to do hurte to any man or woman, or child; ---- or to the good of any manner of person: neither ---- she professe the devilry[?] ask[?], wch nowe is layd to her chardge. This is a true copie agreeing wth the originall and examined, Jo: Moore Registr by me Willm Norres vicr general.

The names of the jurie: Tho: Calline, Wm Quirke, finlow Kelly, Gilbt Callow, John Leone, & Nicholas Killy.

Haveinge deliberally considered the whtin written examinacion and accusations: & the partes whom did accuse: being chardged to brynge there prowffes[proofs] yf they had any before the 10th of Januarie: and have brought none: and further we have examined Marie Vey the supposed witch: whom uttereth & denyeth any such words: as --- is suspected wthall: nor yet any wittnes that will ----- to any such suspitious words as was spoken by her.

Whereupon: we whose names are above written: doe fynd by virtue of our oaths: that the wthin accused Margerie Quaile als Craine is wrongfully accused.

Whom we the sayd jurie: doe free from the evill accusations layd upon her: bye her sayd adverse parties whome we doe leave to be punished at the discrection of the right reverend ordinarie.

This done at KK Lonan the 10th of Januarie 1632 --- -------- ------ -- ----------- our names to be written & sett to our markes the sayme daye & yeare: Tho: Calline his mark X, Wm Quirke his mark X, Finlow Kelly his mark X, Gilbt Callow his mark X, Jo Leene his mark X, Nicholas Killy his mark X.

The Sumpner of KK Germayne hath sworne that he did chardge Sr Wm Cosnahans wife to brynge her best evidence to the jurie: who answered him that her husband was from home: what was the jurie to speeck of her: lett them speecke of Marie Voy: but further sayd to him: you tell Margerie Craine that I sayd that she is a witch.

---- Calline the Sumpner of KK Petri Peele, hath sworne ---- did chardge her to the jurie: & she answered she would not come afore Marie Voy would come the great ----.

Copia Vera concord ens originals et examinatia, Jo: Moore Registr. Per me Willm Norres Vicr Generll

Examinacions taken before the right reverend father in god John by the devine providence Lo: bishope of this Isle: at KK Michell the 13th of November Anno dei 1632 as followeth:

Tho: Quirke of KK Patr: sworne and examined: truly to deliver and declare what words he herd Sr Wm Cosnahan and his wife utter against Margerie Quaile alias Craine sayth bye virtue of his sayd oath: wch he hath taken: that he herd Sr Wms wife call the sayd Margerie a witchand the sayd Margerie ---- the sayd Sr Wm Cosnahan what doth[?] the dragcaylie[?] your wife call me a witch Sir Wm answeared: yt is more than I knowe, I doe nott thinke that she would call you soe: then the sayd Sr Wm called the sayd Margery a druncken beast: a durtie arssle[?] a stinckeinge ar---e: she replyed, noe good man would call me soe: but thou Raskall: he then sayd: yf thou call me a Raskall: I will call thee a whore.

Jo: Kelly sworne and examined confesseth to all the form--- depositions: but utterly denyeth that he hard Sr Wm his wife & all the sayd Margerie a witch.

Margrett Tubman sworne and exayned sayd that p------ ------ sayd Wm Cosnahan and Margerie Quaile als Craine beinge then sent in a message by the sayd Sr Wm unto Tho: Quaile: intreateid & prove[?]: hard Sr Wm call the sayd Margerie a droncken beast & the sayd Margerie sayd: there is no good man either in England or in this Island that would call me soe: but thou Raskall: he sayd yf thou call me a raskall I will call thee a whore.

Henrie Crelline sworne and examined: sayth that Sr Willms wife one a tyme standinge in her owne doore and Jo: Quaile Wm Crosse Enghie Colbine & himself --- as going into Katherine Crosse's house: hard Sr William's wife sayd thou witches sonne: but named no bodie.

Wm Crosse sworne and examined sayth to all that Henrie Crelline hath formerly deposed.

The sayd Sr Wm Cosnahan complayneth to this Court & alledgeth that the sayd Margerie called him a Devill wch she uttered after this maner: seeing Sr Wm putting one the surplisse ---- yonder the devil doth put one surplisse.

The Court hath referred the -----xacion of witch crafte to a triall of a jurie: w---- are impaneled & sworne whose names ensue.

Mentioned in the above: Mary Voy / Mary Duncan; Margerie Quayle als Craine, wife of Sir William Cosnahan, others



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