Archdeacon Wills 1637 German

Presentment of Mrs. Katherine Robinson, wife of Edward Robinson of Castle Rushen

[contained on 6 pages]: "Apud Chapella San Petri 7th 1637 September: Examinations taken the day & year above written before the Reverend father in God Lord Bishop of this Isle & the rest of the Spirituall officers; concerning words of execration & obloquy uttered by Mrs Katherin Robinson against the Reverend father in God Lord Bishop of this --- &all the Clergy of the same.

Mr Robt Parre sworne & examined, saith, that in Arthur Caesars house Mrs Katherin Robinson speaking of the Clergy, said if he were a blacke coate he could hardly be an honest man. Anthony Patten Constable of the Castle Rushen sworne & examined saith that Mrs Katherin Robinson in the aforesaid Arthur Caesars house said the Devill goe with the bishop & all black coates for his sake, for if he were a blacke coate he could not be an honest man, he the said Deponent further saith that Diude[?] other can & will despose ye --- [the next part to ‘his wife’ is crossed out] pd ----- further witness to testify the ---- vid: his mother in law & his wife. In nominee dei amen. Mrs: Katherin Robinson for her wicked execretion & Infamous Detraction uttered against the Reverend father in God Lord bishop[p of this See[?] & the whole Clergy as is bfore expressed---- Christ[this word is crossed out] in the present least shee should convay herself out of the country before the other witnesses be examined) censured to be committed into St Germaines prison & there to remaine until further course be taken with her for her said transgression & abuse.

Examinacons taken by us this 7th of 7ber 1637 as followeth: Margret Caesar sworne & examined to testifie a truth touching what words she heard wch Kathrin Robinson say concerning Lo: B.op and the Clergie, saith by virtue of her said oath that the Captane tellinge Mrs Kathrin Robinson that the cup wch she had in her hand was th Lo: Bops health the said Mrs Robinson then said she would not pledge the Bishops health, or any black coate for ys he were a black coat he could hardly be an honest man and further said the devil goe wth them all, but whom she ment she knows not. Margret Caeser her marke X. Ro:Parr, John Thompson Ludimagister [Schoolmaster]. Further she saith that at the said wordes Sr Robt gott up & said he would not be in her coate for fortie shillings. Margret Caesar her marke X. Teste me Johanne Thompson. Whereas Katherin Robinson wife of Edward Robinson of Castle Rushen, hath as by oath of 3 witnesses may & doth appear laid or cast a grevious obloquy & matchlesse slander & aspersion upon all the Clergy saying that a clacke coate or clergyman could not at all or very hardly be an honest man & not only so; but by way of a fearfull imprecation or curse wished that the Devill would take the bishop & all the rest of the blacke coates for his sake, or as an other witnesses saith the Devil goe wth them all, this most uncharitable, blacke & hellish impration & aspersion deserving the most severe censure that the law alloweth; Wee therefore in nomie dei decree according to the law & the practice of this church (though the offence be matchlesse) that the said Katherin wife of the said Edward Robinson of Castle Rushen, shall submissively make her acknowledgment in penitential habitt, in all the parish churches of this Isle standing upon a forme immediately after the reading of the feco---[?] lesson until the epistle & gospel be fully read & there & then shall aske, every particular minister forgiven in there severall cures for her said high offence, & this acknowledgment to be maid in the Churches one the Sabboath Dayes without intermission, according to the Sheccdule[?] here unto annexed; further more in nommie dei we decree, that after this acknowledgement made as before said that the said Katherin Robinson shal be bridled at the cross in the Church yard of KK Malew immediately after dium service & sermon & there to stand wth the bridle in her mouth in the face of the people for the space of ---- & houre, And lastly we charge & require every minister in his place, to certify unto us the due execution hereof. Subpoena suspend Dated the 12th 7ber 1637. Ri: Sodor & Man. Nich: Thompson, Hugh Cannell, John Harrison.

The Shedule of penance innjoyne by the church to be submissively performed by Katherin Robinson of Castle Rushin: Wheras Katherin Robinson contrary to all humanity & religion have cast agrevous obloquy & matchlesse aspersion upon the most sacred minister all function[?] in saying that a blacke coate could not be an honest man, & further, have most impiously & uncharitably damned them all to the Devill, I doe here in the face of this Congregation, hartily & unfaignedly acknowledge my gross offence & grievous sin, wth sorrow & con---tion of heart, wishing all others to take warning & --- example by me, not in like maner to shame ym selves by wronging in soe high a degree the most holy & most reverend Ministeriall fiunction, for wch sin & offence to god & man I humbly begge ye joint prayers w--- mee upon yr knees for forgiveness to god almighty & our father ec.

Whereas Katherin Robinson hath presented unto us an appeale to our Honorable Lo: Strange, wherein shee doth peremptorily renounce the censure of the Court in defiance thereof; that notwthstandinge wth all readiness wee accept of the appeale, upon these condicions followinge, viz., first that the sd Katherin shall put in sufficient securieto our Epcll Register, that shee shall not departe out of this Island without spetiall lycence, and secondly that shee shall prove by wt meanes shee may an answere by this appeale wthin the space of two monthes next ensuinge the date hereof; upon these con---cions you may release her. Dated the 6th of 8ber 1637. Ri: Sodor & Man.

Register, let her securitie bee sufficient men bound wth her bond of 20 pound -- ---- & in forme the condicions before mentioned. This into your records.

To the Right Reverend father in God: Richard by the Devine providence, Lord Bushoppe of this Isle ec. Humble petticon Katherine Robinson: Most humblie, Sheweth that your peticioner is most hartilie sorrie, that rashlie and unadvisablie shee was so unhappie, as to ffalle such words as sence hathe been her greet greeffe truble and charges, beside her three years excommunicasie[?], from church and societie off good people, to her greate torment night and daye, fearinge least god in this estate might call for her, to the great hassard of her soule; Shee herefore now humblie praieth your good Lord Bishop wil bee pleased to restore her, in to hollye church againe, due by your owne power, to take off the sharpies off the law, due in your Lordships good ---- and mercye, have pittie and compassion on a distressed woman, that hath not many dai--- ----- oust more she humblie praieth, for Christ --- sake, your good Lordshipp will be soe gracious ----- minded to accept of her hymble submission, and due acknowledgment of her fault, on her knees beofe your Lordshipp, and the whole chargin[?clargin or charg in] one the next excersisse Dai--, at Peelle, or when your Lordshipp shall designe, there craving pardon and forgiveness form you all. And your petticioner shall pray etc. This petition beeinge presented by ---- new Captaine & ye first ---quest hee made to us, we ---- ye rather moved to graunt --- desires in ye behalf of l---- petitioner. Ri: Sod: & Man. ----

This petition bee put on record."



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