Archideaconal Will 1637 45 Braddan of Joney Cannon als Gelling:

, died 1 August 1637: "JONY GELLIN Departed ys life ye 1 of Aug: intestate the Church having intelligence hath decreed her 6 CHILDREN Administrs & the next of kinred on ye mothers side supervisors, a legasy to the HUSBAND upon sight of ye Invent.
Salvo temen vincing, Suo iure.
Decret ye 6d.
Invent wthin 14 dayes. Subpoena 10s
performed Inventory page before. A true and perfect inventorie of ye goods of JONY GELLINGE ALIAS CANNAN who died sine testamento praysed by Gylbert Creere, Willi: Cannon, Willi: Cannell, & Willi: Creere:
Imprimis one oxe of 7 yeares old praised to 27s & another of 8 yeares praysed to 20s another of 7 yeares praysed to 25s. Item, another cowe of 6 yeares praysed to 20s.
Item an incalfe cowe praysed to 24s.
Item a younge heffer of 3 yeares old praysed to 16s.
Item a younge steare of a yeare old praised 6s.
Item, halfe a yonge calfe praysed 12s.
Item, a mare praysed to 20s.
Item, a younge horse of 2 yeares old praysed 12s;
Item half an old horse praysed to 8s;
Item 6 muttons praysed to 8s.
Item, 9 sheep praysed 16s; Item, half a sheepe 12d.
Item, 2 geese praysed;
Item, half the house hold stufe praysed to 13s 4d;
Item, half ye crop of half a quarter of land;
Item, 4 lambs praysed to 3s 4d.

Pledge Wm Cannell et Wm Cannan have bound ymselves there heires & execr not only for the forthcoming of the goods but also to secure the office subpoena double ys Invent."

Braddan burial register: Jony Canon als Gelling buried 4 Aug 1637



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