Archideaconal Will 1637 #5 Michael of Joney Cannell als Ylrea/McYlrea/Mylrea:

"Michaell June 25, 1637: This is affirmed to be the last will & testament of Jony Ylrea who departed ys life the above written day & yeare.
Imprimis, she committed her soule to god & her body to Xtian burial.
Itm, to the poore at the executr discretion.
Itm, she constituted & ordained her 3 children vid: John, Ellin, & Match Cannell her true & lawful executors jointly & indifferently of all her goods moveable & unmoveable.

Testes: Jony Gouldsmith, Match Cannell, jurati.

Probat et solvit 12 d.

Invent, Imprimis 1 cow & heifer;
It, her part of 2 horses;
It, in sheepe halfe a dosen & her part of 10 sheep.
It, in lambes her part of 8 lambes or more if they be found,
Itm, her part of the ----- of corve[?], vid: ye 3 part of a quarter.

The executors are at lawfull yeares & have bound themselves to keep the office p----lesse subpoena double the value as usu domi: The Inventorie of all the goods of Joney Lyrea:
Idem one cow ten yeares old praysed to tenn shillings;
Idem a haifer of foure yeares old praysed to fourteene shillings;
Idem her part of one old horse three shillings & foure penne;
Idem seaventy sheepe two muttons and three hogs praysed to seaventeene shillings and ten penne;
Idem her part of the household stoofe praysed to eight groats."



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