Archideaconal Will 1637 #79 Patrick of John Caine:

, made 1 March 1636/7: "Patrick: In the name of God amen. Ye 1th of March 1636, I JOHN CAINE sicke of body but whole of mind & perfect memory make my will as followeth.
Inprimis I commend my Soule to God & my body to Xtian burial.
It, I leave to the poor one boule of corne & 1 sheep.
It, I leave to my DAUGHTERS JONY & ANNE CAINE 1 yearling apiece.
It, to my GRANDCHILD THOMAS CAINE 1 yearling.
It, I constitute & ordaine my 3 CHILDREN JOHN, PATRICK & JONY CAINE my true & lawfull executr of all my goods moveable & unmoveable, except my part of the crope of corne I leave to JOHN & PATRICK CAINE they giving what they shall think fitting but of the said crope of corne unto there SISTER JONY CAINE.

Witnesses: Ffinloe Kelly, Thomas Carran.

Probat et Solvit.

Note yt PATRICK CAINE hath de----[hidden in fold] his part up by a straw in ye favor ------[hidden in fold].

Invent: Inprimus half cowe 5 yeare ould;
It, 1 qter of an oxe 6 yeare ould;
It, half an ould horse;
It, in sheep young & ould 9;
It, the corne is yet to come in.

Note: yt JO: CAINES bargaine of handfasting proc----[hidden in fold] & allowed of --- & hath in face of ye Court refused ----[fold] executorship & stood to his bargaine of Contract ----- PATR: CAINE & JONY CAINE execrs & to pay all debts so far ye goods will extend.

Execrs of lawfull yeares who have bound themselves there heires execrs & assignes in ye penalty double ye value to ye secure ye office."



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