Archideaconal Will 1637 #9 Maughold, of John Brown,

died 26 March 1637: "The last will and testament of John Brown who departed this life the 26 March 1637.
First he committed his soule to God and his bodie to Christian burial.
He left to the poore at the discretion of his executors.
He left to his eldest daughter Ellin half a haifer and the other halfe to his daughter Annie.
Idem he left to his daughters Ellin and Ann four sheepe betwixt them and he left his loom -0---- Ellin and Ann his true and lawfull executors of all his goods moveable and unmoveable.
Court hath o---- the next of kyne upon the father syd Supervisors. Donold Keroon, James Cry, jurati.

Probatu est et Solvit 6d.

The Inventorie of all the goods of John Broune:
Idem, the two parts of one old cow praysed to 10s;
Idem two sheepe and two parts of a hoge 4s;
Idem, his part of the vessall two shillings;
Idem, halfe a sheete one old -ha-cher two shillings;
Idem two old blankets and one old sheete and a boule of corne 4s;
Idem his part of one ould pott 18d;
Idem his part of one old chist 4d. the goods in the hands of the mother who hath put Donold Kerron & James Cry suretyes for her -- --- --- ----- of her goods according to Law & to keep the office harmless subpoena double value."



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