Archideaconal Will 1637 #70 Rushen of Alice Caine als Cowley:

"------- 1637 ----- -----: The last & true will of ALES COWLEY who committed her soule t God & to the poore a boule of Corne at the usual time.
It, to her daughter Anne Caine a sheep.
It, to her SON JOHN CAINE 1 sheep.
It, to her NEECE JONY CAULEY 1 yearling.
It to her SON JOHN CAINE a quarter of a calfe.
It, there constituted & ordained her 2 CHILDRED PATRICK & JONY CAINE her true & lawfull execr: of all her goods moveable & unmoveable & to see her will fulfilled.
Testes: Thomas Carran, Jony Cawley.

Probat est Solvit 6d.

Invent: half oxe, 1 quarter of a cafe, 4 sheep & 2 yearlings.

The execr att lawfull yeares & have bound themselves to dischardge all things ----- --- to ----."



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