Lezayre Marriages 1757-1787

The following is my reading of the 1911 official transcription -

The additional information is in the notes section. Certain entries are also found in other parish registers - shown as =Ger etc.
all marriages were by licence; A common witness was Thos Corlet Parish Clerk (shown as tc)
btp = both of this parish, otp = of this parish, wdw = widow, wdwr = widower (though previous marital status not always given) any entry in [..] is my own interpolation (eg [?no ch] = no children to this marriage located

Date        Male                             Female                       Witnesses                                        Notes
 1 Oct 1757  COWN          William       CORLET        Mary            wm young schoolmaster;thos corlet farmer both lez       wc mason maughold
 8 Nov 1757  KINREAD       Gilbert       CANNELL       Jane            capt thos corlet glentraman;john cowle kella            gk labourer;btp
15 Nov 1757  DURIE         John          LEWHELLIN     Jane            thos corlet clerk;edwd curphy mercht                    jd merchant maughold;jl with consent parents
26 Nov 1757  COTTIER       William       KEWISH        Jane            tc;dan cowll late schoolmaster                          wc glover;btp
26 Nov 1757  LEWN          Thomas        TEAR          Margt.          tc;dan cowll late schoolmaster                          tl weaver ballaugh;
18 Dec 1757  ELLISON       William       KINREAD       Ann             wm cotter;richd cowlle both farmers                     we weaver btp
31 Dec 1757  SKILLICORN    Ewan          CALLOW        Mary            nicho corlet kella;will young schoolmaster              es weaver;btp
14 Jan 1758  CORLETT       John          KNEALE        Isabel          tc;chas casement clothier                               jc weaver;btp
 7 Feb 1758  CASEMENT      Robert        CURGHEY       Ann             john gill wright;john kneale farmer                     rc cooper maughold;
15 Apr 1758  CHRISTIAN     William       CORKIL        Margt.          tc;john kneen cooper;                                   wc smith maughold
 7 May 1758  MARTIN        John          KNEAL         Margret         pat kneale farmer;john kneale son                       jm miller
16 May 1758  CORLET        John          CORLET        Hannah          john gill churchtown;thos corlet weaver                 jc weaver;hc als kneale;btp
17 May 1758  JOYNER        John Garret   WILSON        Mary            john gill churchtown;philip garret ballabrooj           jg joyner lezayre;mw cumberland
11 Jul 1758  CASTYL        Daniel        KNEAL         Cathrine        tc;john gill churchtown                                 dc wdwr lez;ck bride
25 Jul 1758  QUAYLE        William       NEDDERAUGH    Ann             tc;will young schoolmaster                              wq weaver;btp
 3 Aug 1758  CHRISTIAN     Edmond        CURGHEY       Jane            tc;john curphy ballakillingan                           capt ec maughold
10 Aug 1758  JOUGHIN       William       QUINE         Margret         tc;edmund christian ramsey                              wj farmer bride;
19 Aug 1758  CLAGUE        Robert        STEPHEN       Catharine       thos tear farmer;wm callow cooper                       =Mau;rc weaver maughold
16 Sep 1758  CROW          William       FLETCHER      Jane            tc;will young schoolmaster                              wc wdwr weaver;btp
12 Nov 1758  CAIN          John          KNEAL         Cathrine        thos kneale weaver;john kneale farmer both lez          jc weaver;ck widow
 2 Dec 1758  CROW          Patrick       MCHOOD        Cathrine        john gill wheelwright;will young schoolmaster           pc cooper;btp
18 Jan 1759  CRENYLT       Danl.         COTTIER       Isabel          john gill wheelwright;john kneen farmer                 dc wdwr kk andrews;
24 Feb 1759  KEIG          William       COTTIER       Cathrine        tc;thos cottier miller                                  wk wdwr;btp
19 Apr 1759  GARRET        Thos.         KNEEN         Mary            tc;john gill wheelwright                                btp
 5 May 1759  COTTIER       Robert        CALEY         Ellinor         tc;will young schoolmaster                              rc wdwr;ec als quayle btp
10 Jun 1759  CURGHEY       William       KINRY         Joney           john gill wright;wm cottier farmer                      jk maughold
17 Jun 1759  CANNELL       William       KEWISH        Alice           john gill wheelwright;thos corlet weaver                wc joyner douglas;
21 Jun 1759  KNEEN         Edmund        GARRET        Margt.          john gill wheelwright;jon willson ? shopkeeper          ek wdwr;mg als mcylvorrey
24 Jul 1759  KNEALE        Robert        NIDDERAGH     Cathrine        john gill wheelwright;wm kneale farmer                  btp
24 Jul 1759  INCH          Henry         GARRETT       Isabel          john gill wheelwright;wm kneale farmer                  hi maughold;[ig d/o isabel garret als kneal see 1761 will] [hc was age 40 in 1770 cooper ramsey]
25 Aug 1759  GARRET        William       CORMODE       Bahee           wm cotter farmer;dick cowlle farmer both lez            wg kk andrews (cooper)
 4 Oct 1759  GARRET        William       CROW          Mary            tc;thos corlet farmer                                   wg taylor
20 Oct 1759  FISHER        Alexander     ELLISON       Catherine       thos corlett loghen-egey;wm tear tucker                 af a north brittainer;ce als curghy
 6 Nov 1759  KELLY         Robert        KINREAD       Esther          john cowll kella;chas casement tucker                   rk farmer jurby
11 Nov 1759  CROW          John          GILL          Isabel          john gill wright;thos kneale weaver                     jc farmer
22 Nov 1759  TEAR          Thomas        CURGHEY       Catherine       john gill wright;adam wallace mason                     btp
 5 Feb 1760  MCWHANNEL     Samuel        LEWHELLIN     Mary            edward allen;john kirkpatrick                           sm maughold;ml consent parents
 7 Feb 1760  MYLVORREY     John          CORLETT       Christian       john stevenson largydoo;john gill wright                jm german
12 Apr 1760  CURGHEY       John          CURGHEY       Elizabeth       tc;james wilson schoolmaster of sulby                   jc tuckster;btp
 4 May 1760  CALEY         John          SMITH         Isabel          john gill wright;standish christian                     jc carpenter wdwr;is als whiteside btp
20 May 1760  KINREAD       Thomas        GARRET        Mary            robt cottier farmer ayrydale;john cottier jnr kerroomoar     tk labourer;btp
20 May 1760  CORLETT       William       SKILLICORN    Catherine       john gill wright;pat cottier taylor both lez            wc patrick
22 Jul 1760  CURGHEY       Robert        TEAR          Ester           tc;thos arthur corlett farmer                           btp
20 Dec 1760  CAVEEN        Nathanael     CORTEEN       Ann             tc;robt quayle c'town mason                             nc malew;ac als kinread
13 Jan 1761  COWLEY        John          QUAYLE        Alice           john cowll kella;philip garrett ballabrooie             jc michael;
25 Jan 1761  KNEEN         Thomas        CRY           Mary            tc;john cowll kella                                     tk taylor;btp
31 Jan 1761  GARRETT       William       COTTIER       Ann             tc;john cottier jnr kerroomoar                          btp
31 Jan 1761  GARRETT       William       CORLET        Ann             tc;thos arthu corlett                                   btp
26 Apr 1761  CROW          John          KEWN          Ellinor         john kneale jnr of [];john radcliffe labourer kk andreas      jc weaver;btp
26 May 1761  CLAGUE        Arthur        KNEAL         Joney           thos casement grange;john gill wright                   ac wdwr;jk als cain;btp
30 May 1761  COWLEY        John          CURGHEY       Mary            tc;thos stevenson junr kerroomoar                       jc wdwr;btp
 8 Jul 1761  CURGHEY       John          CHRISTIAN     Mary            tc;john kneale jnr farmer                               btp
17 Aug 1761  COWLE         William       COWLE         Mary            patr davidson;pat cowle;john cowle                      wc bride;
18 Aug 1761  GARRET        Paul          KNEAL         Mary            tc;ewan curphey farmer                                  mk maughold
15 Oct 1761  DAVIDSON      Patrick       CASEMENT      Mary            john cowll kella;thos casement                          btp
28 Nov 1761  KNEEN         John          CORLET        Catharine       patrick  davidson;thos corlet weaver                    cc als skillicorn;btp
 9 Jan 1762  KILLIP        John          CANNELL       Margaret        tc;john kneen farmer                                    mc kk michael;
30 Jan 1762  CROW          Ewan          VONDY         Isabel          tc;patrick davidson schoolmaster                        btp
 2 Feb 1762  VONDY         Patrick       CROW          Anne            thos tear;thos kneale                                   btp
 8 May 1762  KNEALE        Robert        KEANAH        Jane            tc;wm kinney                                            btp
 9 May 1762  RADCLIFFE     Thomas        CURGHEY       Isabel          john caley;john gill                                    tr kk andrews
11 May 1762  TAYLOR        Richard       KNEALE        Margaret        tc;patr davidson                                        rt rushen;
18 May 1762  KISSAG        William       KEANAH        Mary            tc;wm lace weaver                                       wk wdwr maughold;mk als nidderagh
22 May 1762  CLAGUE        Arthur        KNEEN         Anne            tc;philip garrett                                       ac younger;btp
20 Jun 1762  KNEALE        John          CORLET        Jane            wm christian kk bride;thos corlett douglas joiner       btp
12 Jul 1762  KERRUISH      Robt.         QUAYLE        Joney           tc;john caley jnr wright                                rk ramsey;
18 Jul 1762  KNEALE        Robert        CRY           Joney           john gill wright;thos arthur corlett                    rk wdwr ;jc als kneale
24 Jul 1762  RADCLIFFE     Richard       STEVENSON     Elizabeth       tc;patr davidson                                        rr kk andrews
20 Nov 1762  GARRET        John          CURGHEY       Joney           john caley jnr joiner;john corlet                      jg kk maughold
30 Nov 1762  CORLET        William       CROW          Isabel          tc;thos arthur corlet                                   btp
 4 Dec 1762  MCNAMEER      John          KNEALE        Elizabeth       patrick davidson schoolmaster;john kneale ball cow      btp
15 Jan 1763  GAWN          William       KEWISH        Mary            john cowll kella;patrick davidson schoolmaster;         wg ballaugh;
22 Jan 1763  GARRETT       Philip        TEAR          Margaret        john quilliam sulby;john gill jnr                       btp
 1 Feb 1763  KNEALE        Ewan          KILLIP        Margaret        thos arthur corlett;standish christian;daniel gill      btp
30 Jan 1763  STEPHEN       Thomas        CORLET        Margaret        tc;ewan curphy farmer                                   btp
 8 Feb 1763  QUAYLE        Thos          KNICKLE       Mary            patrick davidson schoolmaster;john gill ballagarro      btp
12 Apr 1763  McCANLISH     Alex.         CLARK         Anne            tc;patr davidson                                        am kk maughold
26 May 1763  CHRISTIAN     Thomas        TREWEEKE      Charlotte       tho taplin;robt watson;john gill jnr                    ?freweeke?;tc kk andrews;mrs cf als watson
13 Sep 1763  CLAGUE        William       CURGHEY       Isabel          john cowll;john corlet                                  btp
22 Oct 1763  LACE          William       CHRISTIAN     Margaret        tc;nicholas corlett                                     wl wdwr kk andrews
 3 Nov 1763  CURGHEY       William       CURGHEY       Catherine       tc;patr davidson                                        btp
 3 Dec 1763  KEWLEY        Philip        CORTEEN       Margaret        tc;patr davidson                                        pk braddan
28 Jan 1764  CALEY         John          GOLDSMITH     Mary            tac loughen eyry;patr davidson                          jc maughold
 4 Feb 1764  KINREAD       Thomas        KILLIP        Mary            tc;patr davidson                                        btp
28 Feb 1764  CAISTIL       William       CROW          Margaret        john gill jnr;patr davidson schoolmaster                btp
 3 May 1764  CORLET        Robert        CORLET        Elizabeth       thos corlet;john corlet                                 btp
 9 Jun 1764  GILL          John          CAINE         Margaret        patr davidson schoolmaster;robt corlet shoemaker        mc late onchan but sometime lez
21 Jun 1764  GARRET        Robert        CALEY         Catharine       john gill jnr;patr davidson schoolmaster                btp
25 Aug 1764  CORLET        Thomas        KILLIP        Anne            tc;phil garret                                          btp
17 Nov 1764  KNEALE        William       KNEEN         Catharine       robt corlet shoemaker;james clark                       wk maughold
28 Jan 1764  CALEY         John          GOLDSMITH     Mary            tac loughen eyry;patr davidson                          jc maughold
 4 Feb 1764  KINREAD       Thomas        KILLIP        Mary            tc;patr davidson                                        btp
28 Feb 1764  CAISTIL       William       CROW          Margaret        john gill jnr;patr davidson schoolmaster                btp
 3 May 1764  CORLET        Robert        CORLET        Elizabeth       thos corlet;john corlet                                 btp
 9 Jun 1764  GILL          John          CAINE         Margaret        patr davidson schoolmaster;robt corlet shoemaker        mc late onchan but sometime lez
21 Jun 1764  GARRET        Robert        CALEY         Catharine       john gill jnr;patr davidson schoolmaster                btp
25 Aug 1764  CORLET        Thomas        KILLIP        Anne            tc;phil garret                                          btp
17 Nov 1764  KNEALE        William       KNEEN         Catharine       robt corlet shoemaker;james clark                       wk maughold
17 Nov 1764  KILLEY        Thomas        CALEY         Margaret        john cowll kella;robt corlet shoemaker                  tk maughold
16 Apr 1765  SHIMMIN       William       KNEEN         Catharine       tc; phil garret                                         btp
16 Apr 1765  KNEALE        John          CURGHEY       Esther          tc; phil garret                                         btp
 8 Jun 1765  KNEEN         John          CALEY         Joney           john caley; robert corlet                               btp
22 Aug 1765  VONDY         Wm.           CHRISTIAN     Margery         thos corlet curate lezayre;nicho corlett kella          btp
12 Jul 1762  CHRISTIAN     James         CORLET        Catharine       tc;patrick davidson schoolmaster                        btp
29 Aug 1765  CORLETT       Thos          CLEATER       Margret         tc curate; thos arthur corlett                          btp
24 Sep 1765  QUAYLE        John          KILLIP        Margaret        tc; phil garret ballabrooie                             btp mk  widow [?als cannell]
 3 Oct 1765  KEWNEY        William       CASEMENT      Margaret        tc;john cowll kella                                     btp
 8 Oct 1765  GARRETT       Thomas        CALEY         Jane            tc; nicho corlett kella                                 btp
 2 Nov 1765  KNEALE        William       CHRISTIAN     Margaret        tc; patrick davidson schoolmaster                       btp
11 Jan 1766  KISSACK       James         CROW          Elizabeth       thos arthur corlett; patrick davidson schoolmaster      jk kk conchan; eb lezayre
 8 Feb 1766  CALEY         John          GARRET        Alice           tc;thos arthur corlett;                                 btp
 3 Apr 1766  BARON         David         COTTIER       Catharine       tc;patrick davidson schoolmaster;                      David Barron from Dundee in North Britain, Batchelor (sic) and Mariner belonging to his Majesty's Sloop of War the Ranger 
                                                       or Elizabeth      william carey;john corlet                              and Catherine Cottier of this parish of Lezayre who, tho' she is named as Catherine 
                                                                                                                               in the license alledges (sic) it was a mistake and her true and real christian name being Elizabeth,
                                                                                                                                were married in this church by license this third day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand
                                                                                                                               seven hundred and sixty six. By me John Gills, Vicar of Lezayre." 
                                                                                                                               Their Son David Barron Married Jane Lace At Braddan On 8th December 1804
10 Apr 1766  DAVIDSON      Patrick       CURGHEY       Catharine       tc; david johnson                                       pd wdwr schoolmaster ;btp
13 May 1766  QUAYLE        Patrick       CORLET        Jane            ptr davidson schoolmaster;robt corlett shoemaker        btp
21 May 1766  BUZZARD       William       BRANTHWITE    Elizabeth       tc;ptr davidson schoolmaster                            wb Oundle northamptonshire soldier genl montagues regt;eb cumberland but some time resident in parish                                                                                                                                
 9 Aug 1766  KNEALE        John          QUARK         Catharine       wm kneale;ptr davidson schoolmaster                     btp
20 Nov 1766  CORLET        Matthias      HARRISON      Alice           tc; nicho corlet kella                                  btp
11 Jan 1767  COTTIER       John          SKILLICORN    Anne            robt cottier; wm cottier                                btp
24 Jan 1767  KELLEY        James         STEPHEN       Esther          robt kissag wheelwright;william kewney                  jk lonan;mk lezayre
19 May 1767  KISSAGE       John          CROW          Margaret        robt corlett shoemaker;daniel gell gent                 btp
23 Jun 1767  CORLETT       Patrick       CLAGUE        Esther          james wilson schoolmaster; patrick caley                pc ballaugh;ec lezayre
25 Jun 1767  CORLET        Thos          CHRISTIAN     Jane            tc;daniel gill;james wilson schoolmaster;               rev tc curate kk bride but resident lez;jc bride
27 Jun 1767  QUAYLE        Philip        KNICKAL       Christian       tc; wm quayle ballnaskella x                            btp
29 Sep 1767  KISSAG        Philip        CORTEEN       Catharine       tc;daniel gill;                                         btp
22 Dec 1767  CAINE         James         CORLET        Margaret        tc;daniel gill;                                         btp
 9 Jan 1768  GARRET        John          COTTIER       Mary            tc; john kneen                                          jg kk onchan;mc otp
 9 Apr 1768  CORLET        Patrick       FAYLE         Anne            john curghey;thos fayle x                               btp
30 Apr 1768  FAYLE         Thomas        CALEY         Mary            tc;william gell gent                                    btp
 3 May 1768  CHRISTIAN     Mathias       COTTIER       Mary            tc;daniel gell gent;charles casement                    btp
26 Jul 1768  KEWN          Ewan          CURGHEY       Bahee           tc; john curghey                                        btp
21 Dec 1768  QUAYLE        Philip        QUAYLE        Catharine       tc; john kewley                                         btp
24 Jan 1769  KILLEY        James         STEPHEN       Esther          thos christian;tc                                       btp
31 Jan 1769  CALEY         Thomas        COWIN         Mary            robert kneale;john cain                                 tc ballaugh;mc otp
15 Apr 1769  QUAYLE        James         SAYLE         Jane            willm gill;nicholas llewellin                           btp
 2 May 1769  KNEALE        William       BRIDSON       Jane            tc; patr kneale                                         wk otp;jb ballaugh
17 Jun 1769  CORKILL       William       MCNAMEER      Joney           chareles casement smith; robt corkill labourer kk andre wc otp;jm late otp but for some short time removed to kk andrews
 3 Oct 1769  CALEY         Edmund        GARRET        Jane            phil garret;john caley                                  btp;
26 Nov 1769  KEWN          William       TEARE         Isabel          tc;james clarke                                         btp;
12 Dec 1769  CORLET        John          KEWN          Isabel          john kewley;john curghey                                btp;
19 Dec 1769  QUAYLE        Robert        CASEMENT      Esther          robt corlett shoemaker;james clarke                     btp;
25 Jan 1770  CLARK         James         CORLET        Jane            willm gill gent;john corlet                             jc the younger;btp jc by consent mother and guardian (being under 21)
22 Feb 1770  CHRISTIAN     Ewan          GILL          Margaret        thomas tear;matthias cwll                               btp;
15 May 1770  CHRISTIAN     Edmund        COTTIER       Catharine       edmond christian;willm gill gent                        ec kk conchan;cc otp
12 Jun 1770  CORLET        Ewan          CASEMENT      Mary            tc; james clark                                         btp;
21 Jul 1770  CALEY         Matthias      COTTIER       Jane            tc; nicho corlet                                        btp;
 3 Nov 1770  KNEALE        John          CROW          Anne            wm kneale; john curghey                                 btp;
 8 Nov 1770  TEARE         Stephen       KNEEN         Catharine       tc;charles casement                                     btp;?no ch
26 Nov 1770  CRAINE        William       TEARE         Catharine       daniel gell;daniel crye                                 wc wdwr;ct als joughin wdw;btp
29 Nov 1770  CASEMENT      Charles       GELL          Esther          quayle curphey;tc                                       btp;
11 Dec 1770  KISSAG        Robert        KEWN          Jane            robt kissage;jane allen                                 rk with consent fa ewan;jk over 21
 8 Jan 1771  COTTIER       William       SKILLICORN    Catharine       tc;john camaish                                         btp;
22 Jan 1771  COTTIER       Evan          QUILL         Margaret        james clarke glantramman;philip caley joyner            btp;?no ch
 5 Feb 1771  CAISTILL      John          GARRET        Jane            tc; wm kneale                                           btp;jg with consent fa wm
 9 Feb 1771  JOUGHIN       Daniel        CROW          Mary            tc; wm christian                                        dj kk bride;mc otp
12 Feb 1771  ELLISON       John          CLAGUE        Margaret        wm corlet;robt kissag                                   je maughold;mc otp
21 Apr 1771  SAYLE         John          CAISTILL      Catharine       tc;james clarke                                         js wdwr kk andrews;cc wdw otp;?no ch
21 May 1771  CALEY         Thomas        KNEEN         Mary            tc; robt kissag                                         btp;
 9 Jun 1771  KEWLEY        John          KILLIP        Margaret        thos arthur corlett;james clarke                        btp;
17 Aug 1771  SKILLICORN    John          CORLETT       Mary            tc; john cottier                                        btp;
10 Sep 1771  COWLE         Matthias      CROWE         Margaret        thos tear;wm kneale                                     mthsc maughold;mcrowe otp
 4 Feb 1772  KILLIP        William       KISSAG        Margaret        tc; robt kissag                                         btp banns
15 Feb 1772  KILLIP        William       CHRISTIAN     Catharine       tc;philip garret                                        btp;
22 Feb 1772  TEARE         Patrick       KEWN          Mary            john corlet;robt kissag                                 pt jurby;mk otp
29 Feb 1772  KEWN          John          KEWNEY        Catharine       james clarke;john crow                                  btp;
29 Feb 1772  KNEALE        Robert        KNEALE        Joney           tc;wm kneale                                            rk maughold;jk otp
 5 May 1772  SPRAINGER     William       CHRISTIAN     Jane            tc; hugh black                                          ws maughold;jc otp;?no ch
31 May 1772  CRENILT       John          JOHNSON       Isabel          john callow;john gill                                   jc kk bride ua consent of fa ('as appears by said licence having first consented thereto');ij otp
 2 Jun 1772  CHRISTIAN     Philip        CALEY         Margaret        arthur brew;charles brew                                pc ballaugh;mc otp;?no ch
 5 Jul 1772  GILL          John          KNEALE        Catharine       matthias christian;john gill                            jg maughold;ck otp
 1 Aug 1772  QUAYLE        John          KILLEY        Margaret        tc; robt kissage                                        btp;
25 Aug 1772  CALLOW        Ewan          QUAYLE        Anne            tc;thomas tear                                          btp;
24 Oct 1772  CORLETT       William       KNEEN         Catharine       tc;william tear                                         btp;
14 Nov 1772  COWLEY        Thomas        CORLETT       Margaret        tc;william tear                                         btp
14 Nov 1772  KNEEN         Edmond        CORLETT       Dorothy         tc;wm tear                                              btp;?no ch
19 Dec 1772  KISSAGE       John          KISSAGE       Christian       thos corlet;john kissack                                btp
22 Dec 1772  KEWISH        William       QUAYLE        Joney           tc; john kewley                                         wk kk andreas;jq otp?no ch
22 Dec 1772  CORLETT       John          CORLETT       Margaret        edw allen; thos corlet                                  jc ballaugh;mc otp
16 Jan 1773  GILL          Edmond        SAYLE         Isabel          tc; thos tear                                           btp
30 Jan 1773  QUAYLE        William       CHRISTIAN     Isabel          tc; phil garret                                         btp
 6 Feb 1773  CANNELL       William       CHRISTIAN     Elizabeth       tc; thos arthur corlett                                 wc kk michael;ec otp
23 Feb 1773  KILLIP        John          CLARK         Mary            tc; james clarke                                        btp
23 Feb 1773  CORJEAGE      Richard       DARCY         Jane            tc; john corjeage kk michael                            rj kk michael;jd with the permission of her parents'
27 Apr 1773  CALEY         Patrick       ELLISON       Esther          tc; phil garret                                         btp
 8 Jun 1773  CLARK         William       CALEY         Catharine       john corlett;james clark                                wc ballaugh;cc otp
 8 Feb 1774  CASEMENT      Thomas        CLARK         Margaret        tc;charles casement;thos corlett                        btp
 8 Feb 1774  LACE          Charles       GILL          Jane            wm cubbon;tc;thos kneale reggaby                        cl ballacrebbin andreas;jg otp
17 May 1774  GARRETT       William       QUAYLE        Mary            tc;henry allen                                          btp
28 May 1774  CALEY         John          BREW          Margaret        john harrison;philip garret                             btp
12 Jun 1774  KINREAD       Gilbert       GILL          Isabel          john skillicorn;wm tear                                 gk wdwr ;btp
19 Jul 1774  CRYE          Daniel        KISSAGE       Margaret        tc;wm crow                                              btp
17 Sep 1774  KNEALE        John          CALEY         Catharine       tc;william kewney                                       btp
24 Sep 1774  CURPHEY       John          TEAR          Dorothy         robert watson;ro radcliffe christian                    btp
29 Oct 1774  KINRY         Thomas        KEIG          Mary            tc;andrew crebbin                                       tk kk andreas;mk otp
19 Nov 1774  QUAYLE        John          CORLETT       Isabel          tc; daniel kneale                                       btp
26 Nov 1774  CORLETT       Thomas        QUILLIAM      Isabel          tc; james wilson                                        tc wdwr;btp
13 Dec 1774  CAINE         Patrick       KISSAGE       Joney           tc; john crowe                                          pc ballaugh;jk otp
17 Dec 1774  READHEAD      Robert        TYSON         Elizabeth       tc; john corlet                                         mr rr;btp
21 Jan 1775  KNEALE        Robert        KNICKAL       Anne            john kneale; john crowe                                 btp
18 Feb 1775  KELLY         John          KELLY         Anne            tc;nicho corlet;robt corlett                            jk liargey-rheinny;btp
21 Feb 1775  KEWN          Thomas        QUAYLE        Mary            tc;robt corlet                                          btp
20 Apr 1775  CORLETT       Gilbert       CRY           Isabel          edward christian;thomas rye                             gc wdwr maughold;ic als carin wdw otp
20 May 1775  CAINE         John          KEWLEY        Elinor          tc;james wilson                                         jc wdwr;btp
21 Aug 1775  WATSON        Robert        CHRISTIAN     Isabella        robert christian;jane corlett                           rw late ponders end enfield mddx but now of the gary lez, gentleman miss ic otp
24 Dec 1775  GARRETT       Mathias       CROW          Anne            tc;ths corlett                                          mg malew;ac otp
30 Dec 1775  CORLETT       Thomas        QUINE         Anne            tc;john hampton                                         tc malew;aq otp
 2 Mar 1776  GILL          Daniel        CHRISTIAN     Jane            thos christian;mathw little                             dg esq collector customs of port of ramsey;jc als curphy otp
20 Apr 1776  CALLISTER     Thomas        SHIMIN        Isabel          tc;john killip                                          btp;?no ch
15 Jun 1776  COTTIER       John          ELLISON       Christian       tc;robt christian                                       jc kk german;ec otp
21 Jul 1776  TAGGART       Daniel        CROW          Catharine       tc;henry allen                                          dt maughold;cc otp
 4 Jan 1777  GILL          Ewan          QUARK         Jane            tc;john kneale                                          btp
 7 Jan 1777  KNEALE        Ewan          CALEY         Margaret        tc;john kneen                                           btp
11 Feb 1777  STEVENSON     Nicholas      TEARE         Jane            tc;thos christian                                       btp
12 Apr 1777  KNEALE        John          GOLDSMITH     Anne            tc;robt corlett                                         jk andreas;ag otp
12 Jul 1777  HOWLAND       Thomas        CHRISTIAN     Margaret        tc;john gill                                            th kk bride;mc otp
15 Jul 1777  KERRUISH      Robert        KNEALE        Elizabeth       tc;john cleater                                         rk maughold;ek otp
20 Dec 1777  KNEALE        John          CALEY         Mary            tc;john kneale                                          btp
10 Jan 1778  COWLE         Charles       KNEALE        Margaret        john crow;james clarke                                  cc kk bride;mk otp
25 Jan 1778  BANCKS        James         CANNEL        Christian       tc;wm banckes                                           mr jb onchan;cc otp
24 Feb 1778  KISSAGE       John          QUAYLE        Elizabeth       tc;robert kissage                                       btp
 3 Mar 1778  QUAYLE        John          COTTIER       Mary            tc;patrick clark                                        btp
27 Jun 1778  CORRISS       Patrick       CROW          Catharine       tc;thos corlet                                          btp
21 Jul 1778  RADCLIFFE     Charles       SPRANGER      Jane            tc john goldsmith                                       cr andreas;js als christian otp
 4 Aug 1778  KNEEN         Edmund        STEVENSON     Grace           tc;john curghey                                         btp (note date officially corrected)
 8 Aug 1778  ELLISON       Philip        CROW          Anne            tc;william keyney                                       btp
17 Oct 1778  WILSON        James         QUALTROUGH    Isabel          tc;daniel qualtrough                                    jw wdwr;btp
 8 Nov 1778  COTTIER       William       GARRET        Anne            tc;jas wilson                                           wc wdwr;btp
21 Nov 1778  WATTLEWORTH   Charles       TEAR          Margaret        tc;thos casement                                        btp
12 Jan 1779  QUAYLE        Patrick       KINREAD       Ann             tc;john calley                                          btp
13 Feb 1779  KILLIP        John          CALEY         Jane            tc;john caley                                           btp
16 Feb 1779  DOUGLASS      Maxwell       KNEALE        Jane            tc;john callow                                          md maughold;jk otp
16 Feb 1779  COWLE         Richard       QUARK         Elinor          tc;john kneale                                          btp
22 May 1779  CALEY         John          CORLETT       Anne            tc;william crow                                         btp
22 May 1779  CORLETT       Nicholas      KNEALE        Elizabeth       tc;john caley                                           btp
 5 Jun 1779  CALEY         Philip        CALLOW        Catharine       thomas teare;edward christian                           btp
 8 Jun 1779  WOODS         John          KELLY         Alice           tc;james clarke                                         jw kk michael;ak otp
 6 Jul 1779  HOWLAND       Patrick       CRINILT       Joney           tc;thomas teare                                         btp
23 Nov 1779  CROW          William       CAMAISH       Margaret        tc;thos corlett                                         wc wdwr garey;btp
15 Jan 1780  KNEALE        James         CURPHEY       Mary            tc;john kneale                                          btp;?no ch
 5 Feb 1780  SKINNER       William       CALEY         Margaret        tc;john corlett                                         btp;MI Andreas has d 28 Nov 1780  age 31(not in BR) 
 3 Jun 1780  KELLY         John          KEIGG         Anne            tc;wm cowley                                            jk lonan;ak otp
 6 Jun 1780  MARTIN        Ewan          CALEY         Margaret        tc;james cain                                           btp
11 Jun 1780  CURPHEY       William       CALLOW        Catharine       tc;robt corlett;wm tear                                 wc jnr heir balldroma otp;cc maughold
23 Sep 1780  KNEAL         Robert        TEARE         Ann             rowland morgan;robt wilson;robt corlett                 btp
24 Sep 1780  CORLETT       Thomas        KNEEN         Christian       tc;john christian                                       tc otp;ck late otp but now ramsey
25 Nov 1780  CORLETT       James         CALEY         Anne            tc;wm tear                                              btp
 5 Dec 1780  KEWLEY        Patrick       KNEALE        Margaret        tc;john cowane                                          pk braddan;mk otp
 9 Dec 1780  KINREAD       John          CORLETT       Jane            tc;john corlet                                          btp
12 Dec 1780  CORLETT       Philip        CALEY         Mary            tc;dan gill riding officer;john corlett                 btp
19 Dec 1780  KILLIP        Thomas        CALEY         Joney           tc;thos corlett;james cowle                             btp
23 Dec 1780  HOWLAND       William       CURPHEY       Bridget         tc;john kneen                                           btp
29 May 1781  KILLIP        William       QUAYLE        Mary            tc;john calley                                          btp
19 Jun 1781  CORKILL       William       KISSAGE       Elizabeth       tc;danl gill                                            btp
21 Jul 1781  KNEAL         William       CROW          Joney           tc;dan gill riding officer                              btp;?no ch
24 Jul 1781  GARRETT       William       KNEALE        Ann             henry allen;james clarke                                btp
17 Nov 1781  CANNELL       William       CORLETT       Catherine       chas crow;john corlett                                  btp
 8 Dec 1781  BREW          Philip        KINRADE       Margt.          tc;wm cry                                               mk otp;?no ch
22 Dec 1781  QUAYLE        Thomas        CALEY         Margt           tc;john killip                                          mc otp
 9 Feb 1782  CORKILL       Patrick       QUAY          Ellenor         tc;john kneale                                          eq otp
23 Apr 1782  MYLCHARANE    John          TEAR          Margt           geo oates;chas crow                                     mt otp
25 May 1782  KISSAGE       Robt          CALEY         Mary            tc;robt kissage                                         rk wdwr;mc wdw otp
15 Jun 1782  KNEALE        John          CALEY         Jane            tc;john caley                                           btp
20 Jul 1782  CORRISS       William       KISSAGE       Esther          tc;robt kissage                                         btp
 3 Nov 1782  GILL          Patrick       RATCLIFFE     Elizabeth       edward christian;john kneale                            pg maughold;er otp
23 Nov 1782  CLEATOR       Thomas        CORLETT       Jane            tc;john killip                                          btp
 3 Dec 1782  KELLY         William       KELLY         Christian       tc;philip garrett;james cowill                          wk kk michael;ck with consent fa john kelly
25 Jan 1783  KERMEEN       John          COTTIER       Anne            tc;edwd quayle;edward christian                         btp
20 May 1783  CROW          Philip        COTTIER       Anne            tc;dan gill riding officer;edward christian             btp
 3 Jun 1783  WATERSON      John          KNEALE        Anne            tc;john cubbin                                          jw rushen;ak otp;?no ch
15 Jul 1783  KNEALE        Stephen       CORLETT       Catharine       tc;thos casement;john cottier                           sk ballaugh;cc otp
 5 Jan 1784  COTTIER       Philip        RUSHTON       Elizabeth       tc;robt redhead;nicho: corlett                          btp
31 Jan 1784  CORLETT       William       GARRETT       Dorothy         tc;wm joughin                                           btp
 9 May 1784  QUAYLE        Patrick       COWLEY        Elizabeth       tc;george cowlley;wm crowe                              banns;btp
17 Jun 1784  KELLY         James         KNEAL         Jane            tc;danl kelly                                           jk wdwr lonan;janek otp;[see will James 1788]
29 Jun 1784  LORD          Henry         KNEALE        Catharine       nicholas llewellin;quayle christian                     btp
29 Jun 1784  KNEALE        John          CORLETT       Esther          tc;john corlet                                          jk wdwr;btp
10 Jul 1784  CORLETT       John          CORLETT       Catherine       tc;robert quay                                          btp
31 Jul 1784  CORLETT       Thomas        SAYLE         Ellinor         robert corlett;william corlett                          tc jnr drooin otp;es craig andreas[after this are two 1802 marriages]
28 Nov 1784  LLEWELLIN     William       CRELLIN       Margaret        tc;john sayle;quayle christian;edwd allen;nicholas llew wl esq;btp;mc with consent fa rev john crellin
30 Nov 1784  BREW          John          GARRETT       Anne            tc;wm christian                                         btp
30 Nov 1784  COWLEY        John          KEIG          Jane            tc;wm christian                                         jc braddan;jk otp
 4 Dec 1784  CHRISTIAN     Daniel        COWLEY        Christian       tc;george cowley                                        dc lonan wdwr;cc otp
 2 Jan 1785  CORLETT       William       CORLETT       Margaret        tc;robt corlett                                         btp [chk]
25 Jan 1785  TEARE         John          QUAYLE        Margaret        tc;robt readhead                                        jt jurby;mq als killip als cannell
 8 Mar 1785  COWLEY        Philip        KNEEN         Anne            tc;wm christian                                         pc braddan;ak otp
31 Mar 1785  CORLETT       William       CROW          Jane            tc;john howland x                                       wc wdwr maughold;jc als fletcher
 3 Apr 1785  WILLIAMSON    William       KISSAGE       Catharine       tc;robt corlett                                         btp
24 May 1785  CURPHEY       Robert        KNICKLE       Ann             tc;joseph garrett                                       btp
 7 Jun 1785  MYLCHARANE    John          KELLY         Ann             tc;edward christian                                     jm wdwr btp
14 Aug 1785  CLAGUE        John          KELLY         Margaret        tc;robt corlett                                         btp
27 Sep 1785  KEWLEY        William       COWLL         Margaret        danl gill riding officer;robt corlett                   wk braddan wdwr;mc otp
 8 Oct 1785  CURPHY        John          KILLIP        Margaret        robt readhead;thomas cottier;john corlett               btp
25 Oct 1785  COTTIER       William       KNICKLE       Leonora         tc;john kneale                                          btp
 5 Nov 1785  GAWN          Edward        CURPHEY       Margaret        tc;daniel gill;robt corlett                             eg maughold;mc otp
 8 Nov 1785  CORLETT       Matthias      GARRETT       Mary            tc;andrew crebbin                                       btp
15 Nov 1785  CALEY         William       COWLL         Anne            patt caley;ewan gill                                    btp
 3 Dec 1785  COWLE         William       CHRISTIAN     Mary            wm christian;tc;edward christian                        wc wdwr kk bride;mc otp
10 Dec 1785  CORLETT       Patrick       KNEALE        Isabel          tc;john kneale                                          btp
17 Jan 1786  COWLEY        Patrick       CORLETT       Eleanor         tc;daniel gill;thomas cowley                            pc ballaugh;ec otp
21 Jan 1786  LACE          William       KNEEN         Dorothy         tc;john christian                                       wl andreas;dk otp
25 Feb 1786  GAWN          John          KNEEN         Margaret        tc;william vondy                                        jg kk bride;mk otp
25 Feb 1786  CROW          Edmund        CORLETT       Joney           tc;james kewin                                          btp
29 Apr 1786  CORLETT       John          CLAGUE        Alice           tc;chas crow                                            btp
20 Jun 1786  DOUGHERTY     Edmund        CALEY         Catharine       tc;john kewley                                          ed andreas;cc otp
21 Oct 1786  QUAYLE        William       CALEY         Mary            tc;john crowe;john caley                                btp
13 Nov 1786  KEWIN         Philip        BRADFORD      Esther          tc;john harrison                                        pk andreas wdwr;eb otp
 2 Dec 1786  KINLEY        John          CAMAISH       Margaret        tc;john goldsmith                                       jk andreas;mc otp
30 Dec 1786  KINREAD       Thomas        WADE          Catharine       william kneale;ewan corlett x                           tk kk german;cw otp
27 Jan 1787  KELLY         William       GILL          Anne            tc;thomas christian                                     btp
17 Feb 1787  QUARK         John          MOORE         Mary            tc;john kennedy                                         jq andreas;mm otp
31 Mar 1787  CROW          John          CHRISTIAN     Elizabeth       robt corlett;robert cottier,robert corlett              btp
 8 May 1787  COWLE         William       COTTIER       Dorothy         tc;daniel gill                                          wc kk bride;dc otp
16 Jun 1787  BREW          John          KEWN          Alice           tc;john caley                                           jb wdwr andreas;ak otp
 7 Jul 1787  CORLETT       John          CASEMENT      Anne            tc;chas crow;corns castleton                            mr jc loghten-e-yeih otp;mrs ac kk patrick
31 Jul 1787  CRINILT       William       KINREAD       Catharine       john hughes;william kewney;andrew joughin               wc andreas;ck otp
29 Sep 1787  CORLETT       Thomas        KNEALE        Esther          tc;thomas cowley                                        btp
13 Oct 1787  KNEALE        John          KINREAD       Catharine       tc;edward callow                                        jk maughold;ck otp
 8 Dec 1787  KNEALE        James         KNEALE        Jane            tc;john callow                                          james maughold;jane otp
12 Jan 1788  COWLE         Arthur        GARRETT       Elizabeth       tc;danl gill;edward christian;john corlet               ac kk bride;eg otp with consent fa philip garrett esq

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