Archdeacon's permission to baptize, 1751

Found within Bishop's Transcripts - could possibly explain some missing baptisms ! - my italics

I John Kippax archdeacon & chaplain to his grace
James Duke of Atholl lord of this isle, of Castle
Rushen & Castletown chappels, do hereby certify that having
agreed with Mr Thos Quayle to be my assistant. He sometime
afterwards acquainted me that Mr Peter Bickerstaffe of Castle=
town aforesd had applyed to him to baptise his child, which
office he my sd assistant told me he wou'd not undertake
to do without my privity & assent thereto - whereupon
I told him that as often as any person in Castletown
applyed to me in that behalf, I always performed that office
without any hesitation or complaint & never kept a register
and moreover, being apprised, that the revnd John Quayle
vicar of kk Malew several times refused & denied to baptize
children on a weekday, I did therefore give directions to the
sd Thos Quayle the bearer hereof to baptize any child as
often as he was applyed to, by any of Castleown' inhabitants
as witness my hand this 25th may 1751
John Kippax

[Peter Bickerstaffe + Cath Parker had 4 ch baptised in Malew 1741-1749]

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