Douglas Chapel Confirmations 1737-1748

The following lists are taken from transcript of Douglas Chapel Register and covers various Confirmations between 1737 and 1742 (more tba)
any item in [] is my interpolated/additional information


May 22 1737 Douglas chappel

John Kisack
Robert Moore
William Oates
Matthew Corrin
Patrick Garrett
John Cannon
Gilbert Crain
David Coal
William Callister
Robert Christian
William Mollechreest
William Calow
Thomas Cain
David Clark
Robert Harrison
John Christian
Edward Moore
Robert Cain
William Tear
Philip Cannel
Thomas Mylrea
David Christian
John Cannel
John Joyner
Edward Curphy
John Kermett
Daniel Kewley
Patrick Clark
William Christian
James Brustie
Hugh Cannel
John Bridson
Thomas Kelly
Patrick Lace
Thomas Welsh

Susanna Moore
Catherine Reed
Isabel Moore
Mary Heywood
Alice Kewley
Ellinor Curphey
Ann Nash
Ann kelly
Elizabeth Moore
Margaret Quay
Leonora Curphy
Ellinor Kelly
Barbara Looney
Isabel Kermett
Jane Corlett
Ann Martin
Mary Cowley
Elinor Cowley
Barbara Clark
Catharine Moore
Jane Kelly
Elizabeth Calow
Susanna Kissack
Isabel Kissack
Margaret Stephen
Margarett Murry
Jony Quill
Elizabeth Cowley
Jane Fines
Christian Moore
Isabel Corlett
Alice Cannel

Braddan 22 may 1737

John Tafe
Thomas Waterson
John Quine
Philip Clague
John Clague
Edward Clague
Edward Wainwright
Paul Hutchin
Alice Quine
Elizabeth Clague
Esther Kneen
Ann Comish
Ann Oates
Elizabeth Corrin
Ann Stole
Ellinor Cottier

Catechumens 1740

Joseph Cosnahan
Charles Cosnahan
Hugh Cosnahan
John Cottiman
John Cottier
Philip Killey
Robert Joyner
Robert Oates
Michael Vinch
Charles Maderal
Paul Christian
Christopher Goodwin
John Cowley
Charles Garret

Joney Cubon
Rachel Kisack
Margt Bridson
Catharine Corlet
Sarah Fienes
Katherine Brunett
Jane Cottiman
Margaret Moore
Mary Cowley
Elinor Gelling
Catherine Smith
Margt Moore
Elizt Christian
Katharine Vinch
Catharine Corlett
Margt Christian
Elizth Kharaalagh
Christian Kermot
Rebecca Mcylraith
Margt Mcylraith
Jane Hales
Anne Cowin
Christian Fienes
Jane Lace
Jane Quiggin

1742 St Bartholomews day

Charles Spearman
Robt Constantine
William Reeves
Edw Welch
Osborne Sydney Wandesford
Christopher Callow
Thomas Callow
William Garrett
Patt Cooil
William Porter
Charles Garrett

Mary Birkett
Rebecca Reeves
Margt Spearman
Margt Kewley
Margt Mylrea
Mary Hale
Mart Cowley
Mary Christian
Isabel Corlet
Elinor Callow
Mary Duffield
Dorothy Curphey
Christian Cubon
Elinor Joyner

1746 St James's day at St John's Chapel

James Alexander
Thomas Cannel
Charles Joyner
Richard Cottiman
Robt Moore
George Corrin
Charles Cottier
John Quillin
Thomas Bridson
Thomas Cain
John Callow
Will Corlet
Robt Quirk
Wll Kissack
Thomas Moore
Pat Cowley
Arthur Lewn
Edward Cannel

Anne Allen
Deborah Reeves
Elinor Kisack
Christian Cowil
Jane Lewn
cath Christian
Mary Quay
Mary Toben
Christian Cannon
Margaret Corkil
Hester Cort
Cath Kewley
Mary Callow
Anne Cain
Cath Whiteside
Alice Christian
Jane Corlet
Margt Corlet
Amelia Kemp
Anne Ingoldsby
Barabara Cain

1749 at St Michael's


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