Ballaugh Marriages 1695-1757

These are transcribed from the official copy, Marriages between 1695 and 1757. A new Register was opened in 1695, and replaced in 1751 though it would appear the last few leaves of the 1695 register were lost - some of the missing entries may be recovered from the contemporary Bishop's Transcripts. The Marriage act of 1757 required a change in the format and a new Marriage Register was opened.

The following is in the same sequence as the original. Several entries include notes as to extraparochial origins. Any entry [] is my own extrapolation, [eop] = end of page, KK Xt = adjacent parish of Kirk Christ Lezayre. Bp D = Bishop's Demense - an area on the border of Kk Michael and Ballaugh praishes - it was decided in 1706 that the then 16 families of this area were to worship etc. at Ballaugh instead of Kk Michael (which would probably have been the nearer church).

Note especially the early entries as a widow was usually entered under her maiden name.

Date        Male                             Female                       Notes
25 May 1695  KILLIP        John          STEPHEN       Isabel 
 7 Sep 1695  CLARKE        Nich          CORKHILL      Ellin 
 7 Aug 1696  STEPHAN       Jon           CORLETT       Issabell        ballacaine
11 Apr 1697  CANNELL       Robert        CRAINE        Ellen           rc knocksharry;ec wdw tho cowley kiardagh
 3 Aug 1697  COTTIAM       Tho           CLEARK        Ann             tc for'sters lodge;ac wdw jon freer curragh
 1 Dec 1698  KILLIP        William       KARRETT       Isabel          wk curragh,weaver;ik wdw danl craine carmidle
 1 Dec 1698  CRAINE        Finlo         KILLIP        Margaret        fc s/o sd danl heir  of carnidle;mk sis to sd wm killip
10 Dec 1698  CORLETT       Doncan        STEPHEN       Jony            dc s/o danl curragh;js wdw will killip curragh
15 Dec 1698  CANNELL       Jon.          MAHOOD        Margt.          jc peeltown
12 Nov 1699  CORRAIG       Jon           NORRIS        Cathrine        [eop 78]
12 Feb 1700  CORLETT       Tho.          CORLETT       Mary            tc ballacaine
13 Feb 1700  MCFAILLE      Tho           STEPHEN       Margt           tmcf arikeelloo;ms ballaugh
 6 May 1700  CURGHY        Edw           CHRISTIAN     Ann             ac wdw hen watterson Peel
 5 Aug 1701  MCYLKARAINE   Michall       STEONE        Cathrine        cs d/o finlo knockhold
12 Aug 1701  KILLIP        William       CRAINE        Jaine           wk scrondall
15 Jan 1701  CLAIGUE       William       MACYLEREA     Margrett        wc kk braddan,mm d/o thos ballacooley
29 Jan 1702  QUAILE        Jon           KEWISH        Anne 
11 Apr 1702  KAIGHEN       Wm            CORLETT       Joney 
 5 May 1702  COMISH        Henry         CLARK         Margt           hc jurby
17 Aug 1702  COWLE         Dan           KISSAGGE      Issable 
17 Aug 1702  TEAR          Thomas        COWN          Issable 
24 Nov 1702  QUAYLE        Phillip       CURLETT       Alice           [eop 79]
24 Nov 1702  CRELLIN       Thomas        CARRETT       Cooney 
16 Jan 1702  CRAIN         Jon           HARRISON      Ellinr 
 6 Feb 1702  GAWN          Wm            CURLETT       Anne 
 7 Feb 1702  CARRETT       Phillip       CRY           Catherine 
20 Apr 1703  CANNELL       Jon.          CORLETT       Alice 
27 Apr 1703  CRAIN         Finlo         CANNELL       Bahee 
29 Apr 1703  KELLEY        Patt          OATES         Anne 
 3 Aug 1703  KERMOTT       Jon           FREER         Jony            jk kk lezayre;
** Feb 1703  KELLY         Wm            [?]HNSON         Jo           [incomplete entry]
 5 Aug 1704  CLATOR        William       CALLIE        Cath 
10 Feb 1704  QUAYLE        David         KNEEN         Janey           dq kk xt [lez]
 6 Oct 1705  CAIN          John          KILLIP        Jane            jc kk michael
20 Apr 1706  MOOR          Jon           MCYLREA       Kath 
12 May 1706  MCYLVORREY    John          COWLEY        Marriod 
10 Aug 1706  FARGHER       John          STEONE        Anne            jf kk marown;as knockold [eop80]
 1 Oct 1706  KILLIP        John          STEPHEN       Margaret 
18 Oct 1706  MOOR          Thomas        GREY          Margt           both douglas 
 9 Nov 1706  CROUGHEN      Thomas        QUAYLE        Esther          tc kk michael;eq kk xt lezayre
 9 Nov 1706  OATES         John          KELLY         Katherine       jo santan
19 Feb 1706  CHRISTIAN     Wm            MCYLREA       Anne            wc ballamoar jurby;am d/o mr deemster mcylrea dollaugh;m'd by ld bishop
 6 May 1707  CALEY         Wm            CURLOT        Bahee           bc wdw of ye bishops demense
17 Jul 1707  KILLIP        Philip        KILLIP        Ellinr 
30 Jul 1707  MCYLREA       Wm            COWLE         Katharine 
21 Sep 1707  KELLEY        Patrick       CORLETT       Margt           pk kk michael;
 8 Feb 1707  FARGHER       Jon           KELLEY        Bahee           jf kk marown;bk wdw wm quail of ye gill
 8 May 1708  CALLISTER     Wm            QUARK         Mary 
29 May 1708  STEAN         Wm            CLAGUE        Anne            ws knockold
20 Sep 1708  CALEY         John          KILLEY        Ellinor         [eop]
12 Feb 1708  QUAYLE        Wm            BITTAL        Isabel          wq s/o thos knockan;
19 Feb 1708  CRAIN         John          KILLIP        Isabel          jc dollagh beg;ik d/o thos gob y volley
25 Feb 1708  STEPHEN       Thomas        CHRISTIAN     Isable          tc knockold;ic ramsey;married in ramsey chapel
 5 Mar 1708  GARRETT       Philip        TEAR          Margaret        pg kk xt
 7 Mar 1708  BITTAL        Thomas        QUAIL         Margt           tb jurby
21 May 1709  CALLISTER     Thomas        CRAINE        Ellen           tc s/o adam ballacurn;ec d/o thos ballaugh
 8 Aug 1709  CORKILL       Wm            KELLY         Ellin           married by archdeacon in kk andrews
15 Aug 1709  COTTIMAN      John          CANNELL       Kath 
19 Dec 1709  KNEAL         John          CURLET        Mary            jk of nease kk xt an orphan of abt 15 yrs of age;mc d/o wm curlet of this p/
29 Dec 1709  QUAILE        Thomas        CRY           Mary            st thomas day [29 dec ? conf 19]
23 Dec 1709  TEAR          Thomas        CAILEY        Margt           tt squeen;mc wdw wm kneen,joyner
23 Dec 1709  TEARE         Thomas        KNEEN         Margt           to her dau  and her son
23 Dec 1709  KNEEN         Michael       TEAR          Ellinr          to his dau 
19 Sep 1710  STEVENSON     Wm            TEAR          Anne            ps kk braddan;at  als curlet relict thomas tear ballavolley also his son
19 Sep 1710  STEVENSON     Paul          TEAR          Ellinr          to her dau; both marr same day
29 May 1711  CANNEL        Adam          GAWN          Ellin           ac  bps demense
 1 Sep 1711  COWLE         John          BODAUGH       Jane 
10 Nov 1711  QUAYLE        Wm            COWLEY        Anne            wq creg moar;ac ye taylor's dau
29 Jan 1711  KELLY         Patrick       QUAYLE        Ellinr          pk juby
12 Feb 1711  COWLEY        John          STEPHEN       Katherin        lagrane;ks d/o tho stephen carniddle
19 Jul 1712  CURLET        Robt          CURLET        Ann             rc ballakinney;ac d/o thomas ballacain
21 Jul 1712  CANNEL        John          CURLET        Cath.           jc ballacharane kk michael;cc ye clerk;s daughter
26 Jul 1712  CALLISTER     Wm            CLERK         Kath            cc ye bps demense by ld bps licence
 4 Nov 1712  CRAIN         Wm            KILLIP        Cath            bishops lic
22 Nov 1712  QUAYLE        Wm            STEPHAN       Joney           bishops lic
 4 Dec 1712  CURLET        Robt          CORRIS        Mary            bishops lic
13 Dec 1712  CURLET        John          MCYLREA       Joney           jc snr broochyarg;jm als crain balnecoley
16 Dec 1712  CANNEL        Wm.           CANNON        Mally           wc kk andreaws;mc als cain
16 Dec 1712  BREW          Philip        CURLET        Margt           mc als mcylroy
20 Jan 1712  KILLIP        Thomas        KILLIP        Jane            tk jurby;jk ballaugh
10 Feb 1712  COWLEY        Gilbert       CROW          Anne 
10 Feb 1712  QUAIL         Jon           CROW          Margret         mc kk xt [lezayre] married by me in kk xt same day;=lez
16 Feb 1712  COWLEY        Henry         KELLEY        Catherin        hc kk michael;ck kk lonan [eop]
27 Oct 1713  VOASE         Richd         COTTIMAN      Joney           [date 8br] rv shoemaker ramsey
12 Dec 1713  QUAILE        Pat           CAWLEY        Isabel          pq of the gill;ic lag bane
24 Apr 1714  KNEAL         Ewan          KILLIP        Isabel          ek kk xt + ik this parish married here;=lez
15 May 1714  KNEEN         Thomas        COWLE         Bahy            tk this parish + bc kk andrews married here
15 Jun 1714  CURGHEY       John          MCYLVORREY    Margaret 
30 Jun 1714  COTTIMAN      Daniel        QUAYLE        Bridget         bq kk xt
16 Aug 1714  CROW          Ewan          FAILL         Anne            af kk xt married here;=lez
 3 Oct 1714  CANNELL       Patt          COWLEY        Margt           pc kk michael;mc ny kiardagh widow
 6 Nov 1714  COWLEY        Tho           KINRED        Averick 
27 Nov 1714  QUAYLE        Tho           KILLIP        -               widow killip both of lezayre
 4 Dec 1714  QUAYLE        Tho           KILLIP        -               tq of lezayre;widow killip of the miln in ballaugh
12 Feb 1714  CROSS         John          CANNEL        Jane            eop
 7 May 1715  STEPHAN       Tho           CALEY         Isabel 
 4 Jun 1715  CROSS         Wm            CAIN          Mary 
10 Sep 1715  KNEEN         Michael       KILLIP        Joney 
31 Jan 1715  CURLET        Wm            CURLET        Margt           wc jnr ballatersin moar;mc ballakaige
 4 Feb 1715  COWLEY        John          BODAUGH       Elizabeth       jc glan shogyl;eb als callow widow;also her son
 4 Feb 1715  BODAUGH       Thomas        COWLEY        Averick         and his [john cowley] daughter; likewise his son
 4 Feb 1715  COWLEY        Wm            BODAUGH       Ellinr          and her [eb] dau all married;note these 3 marriages were solemzed together in ballaugh church
 4 Feb 1715  CANNEL        Thomas        NORRIS        Frances         tc narrisdale  were married by me in kk michael church eodem die;=Mic
17 Apr 1716  CAIN          John          GAWN          Katherine       both ld bps demesn
21 Apr 1716  SAYLE         John          CALLISTER     Katherine       js kk michael;kc ballaugh
17 Nov 1716  CRAIN         Nicholas      CURLET        Margt           nc kk german;mc widow of robt stephan [eop]
25 Nov 1716  CURLET        John          CHRISTIAN     Mary            jc lough
26 Jan 1716  CALLISTER     Adam          COWLEY        Jane 
 2 Mar 1716  CAIN          John          CROSS         Margt 
 2 Mar 1716  MCYLVORREY    Thomas        CRAIN         Margt           eodem die
14 Mar 1716  COWLEY        Patrick       KILLIP        Katherine 
 9 May 1717  CRAIN         Patrick       HARRISON      Jane 
19 May 1717  COWLE         Jon           QUAYLE        Ann             jc ramsey;aq kk maughold married by me in lezayre
20 Jun 1717  KELLY         Wm            KELLY         Alice           wk largy renny lezayre;ak widow ballachrunck kk michael
29 Jun 1717  QUAYLE        Wm            CAIN          Ann             st peter's day
 3 Aug 1717  CLAGUE        Wm            MCYLREA       Ellinr          wc kk braddan
14 Sep 1717  COWLEY        Nicho         CRENILT       Katherin 
16 Nov 1717  CANNON        Jon           CORLET        Mary            jc kk michael;mc ballakaig
 5 Dec 1717  QUIRK         Jon           NYMEER        Joney           jq peel
21 Dec 1717  QUAYLE        Philip        STEPHAN       Margt           st thomas' day
 2 Feb 1717  TEAR          Jon           CAIN          Joney           jt ballaneddin;jc widow of jon tear [eop]
19 May 1718  CALLOW        Wm            STEPHAN       Katherine       wc balneskeg kk maughold
17 Jul 1718  KELLY         Patrick       CALEY         Ellin           pk douglas
19 Oct 1718  KELLY         Jon.          QUILLIAM      Jane            jk largy-renny lezayre; jq hieress quillinyil in marown married by me in kk michael'[=mic]
25 Nov 1718  BODAUGH       Daniel        KILLIP        Margaret        db curragh;mk bps demesne
20 Jan 1718  CHRISTIAN     Thomas        COWLEY        Ellnr           tc kk conchan
 7 Feb 1718  STEPHEN       Thomas        CRAIN         Ellinr 
10 Feb 1718  CANNEL        Jon           CANNELL       Margt           jc kk michael;mc patrick's dau bps demense
10 Feb 1718  SKEALY        Wm            KELLY         Margt           eodem die
13 May 1719  COWLEY        Thomas        QUAYLE        Anne            tc ballacurn;aq kk christ;=lez
28 Jul 1719  COWEN         John          CATTIER       Margt           [eop]
 8 Aug 1719  FAIL          Wm            CREEN[KNEEN]  Margt 
27 Sep 1719  CAWLEY        Edmond        COLLISTER     Ellinor 
 7 Nov 1719  KEWISH        Wm            GARRET        Margt           wk lezayre;mg widow of wm curlet of this parish
 6 Feb 1719  MCYLVORREY    Henry         CAIN          Alice           hm peel;ac largydoo kk german
20 Feb 1719  GAWN          Thomas        COWLEY        Joney           tg jurby
10 May 1720  CROSS         Nich          CHRISTIAN     Anne 
14 May 1720  KINRED        Ewan          JOUGHIN       Margt 
22 May 1720  GAWN          Dollin        CURLET        Mary            mc corvalley
12 Jun 1720  SKILLICORN    Jon           CRY           Elizabeth       js kk concan;ec this p. maried trinity sunday
21 Aug 1720  CAIN          Thomas        CALLISTER     Margt 
29 Oct 1720  STEPHEN       John          CALLISTER     Mary            js jurby
19 Nov 1720  CAIN          Gilbert       WOODS         Jane 
19 Nov 1720  QUAYLE        Silvester     CURLET        Elizabeth 
 4 Feb 1720  LOWEY         Robt          STEPHAN       Bahy            bs als christian widow [eop]
11 Feb 1720  CHRISTIAN     Daniel        CURLOT        Mary            both ballamin kk bride married here
 5 Jun 1721  COTTIMAN      Tho           MACNAMEER     Kath 
12 Aug 1721  CANNEL        Wm.           CLARK         Margt.          wc kk braddan
13 Jan 1721  KAIGHEN       Wm            CORLETT       Anne 
23 Jan 1721  KILLEY        John          MASON         Mary            jk kk lezayre;mm widow of kk bride
10 Apr 1722  QUAYLE        Thomas        COWLEY        Jane            tq bps demesne;jc widow
14 Apr 1722  CANNON        John          SMITH         Anne            jc coolshellagh kk michael;as this p.
29 May 1722  CURLET        John          KEANEY        Kath            both of lezayre
16 Oct 1722  CURLET        Adam          COTTIMAN      Ann             ac kk michael;anne wdw tho cottiman
13 Nov 1722  GARRET        Jon           QUANE         Mary            jg lezayre
 2 Feb 1722  KILLIP        Wm            CLAGUE        Joney           both lezayre [eop]
19 Feb 1722  CURGHY        Wm            THOMPSON      Joney           wc ramsey;jt als sayle of kk andrews m. here by mr charles wattleworth[=And(12)
29 Jun 1723  CLARK         John          CORLETT       Mary            mc ballnemoney
26 Nov 1723  CORLETT       John          SHIMMIN       Catherin        jc broughjarg;cs wdw of gilbt moore
11 Feb 1723  CANNON        Tho           KELLY         Ellinr          tc jurby
 2 May 1724  CAIN          Gilbt         TEAR          Cath            m by mr charles wattleworth;=and
26 May 1724  CALISTER      Tho           COWLEY        Isab            both ld bps demesne
27 Jun 1724  GOLDSMITH     John          KELLY         Eliz            ek marown
16 Aug 1724  KELLY         Wm            QUAYLE        Anne            aq wdw ewan garret ballaneddin
25 Oct 1724  CALLISTER     Robt          COWLEY        Mary 
27 Oct 1724  COWLEY        John          CRAIN         Mary 
 2 Feb 1724  CORLETT       Thomas        CHRISTIAN     Jane            tc ballakaig,jc kk christ [lezayre];?=lez
 9 Feb 1724  CORLETT       Thomas        CALEY         Ann             both kk christ m. here
 9 Feb 1724  CANNON        Thomas        CARTER        Mary            tc kk michael;mc peel [eop]
15 May 1725  COTTIMAN      Wm            BREW          Jane 
22 Jun 1725  CORLET        Nicholas      STEPHAN       Isabel          is als corlet ballacain wdw
24 Jul 1725  CHRISTIAN     Wm            COWLEY        Jony            wc kk concan;jc bps demesne
11 Aug 1725  GAWN          William       KELLY         Anne 
23 Oct 1725  CRAIN         Thomas        CORLET        Esther          tc glack;ec balnemoney
 7 Nov 1725  KILLIP        John          CORRIS        Ann             jk bps turbary
30 Nov 1725  COWN          Tho           CAIN          Jane            tc patrick;jc ballaugh
15 Dec 1725  WAINWRIGHT    John          KEWISH        Anne            mr jw malew;ak this p.
29 Jan 1725  COWLEY        Wm            CRAINE        Ellinr          wc bps demesne
12 Feb 1725  COWLEY        Wm            TAGGART       Ellinor         wc glanshoggil
19 Feb 1725  STEVENSON     Wm            CURGHY        Issabel         capt ws leargydoo kk german;mrs ic ballakillingham relict mr john christian of cranstal [eop] 
20 Feb 1725  COWLE         John          KEGG          Mary 
16 Apr 1726  KELLY         John          CROSS         Kath            jk kk braddan; kc this p
16 Apr 1726  KNEAL         Ewan          QUANE         Isabel          iq lezayre
19 Apr 1726  MCNAMEER      Wm            KINRED        Margt 
 4 Jun 1726  COWN          Wm            COWLE         Isabel 
 7 Aug 1726  CLERK         Daniel        CAIN          Ellinr          dc ballagay jurby;ec this p
27 Sep 1726  CORKIL        Robt          KNEEN         Mary            mk kk maughold
11 Oct 1726  HARPER        John          CHRISTIAN     Esther          =jur(parker);mr jh + mrs ec
15 Oct 1726  MCYLCARANE    Wm            KEWISH        Ellinr          ek lezayre
 5 Nov 1726  GOLDSMITH     Jon           PATTEN        Leesy 
19 Nov 1726  QUILLIAM      Henry         CLERK         Alice           hq kk patrick;ac this p
17 Jan 1726  MCHUD         John          KNEEN         Anne            ak lezayre
11 Feb 1726  CRAIN         Jon           STEPHAN       Ellinr          [eop]
23 Apr 1727  CANNEL        John          COWLEY        Ellen           jc kk michael;ec this p. ?=mic
 4 Jul 1727  KINRED        John          KEGG          Ellinr          [these following were m while dr walker the rector was in london whither he 
                                                                       went to be cut for the stone]
 6 Jul 1727  MCYLREA       William       TEAR          Jane            jt als kneal widow m at kk michael;=mic
 6 Jan 1727  CRAIN         Pat           BODAGH        Joney 
 9 Jan 1727  KNEAL         Philip        CRAIN         Margaret 
 4 Feb 1727  CHRISTIAN     Ewan          MCYLREA       Margt 
11 Feb 1727  KILLEY        Oates         MCYLREA       Jane            ok kk german;jm ballaugh m at kk michael;=mic
25 Feb 1727  CURGHY        John          CRY           Catherine       jc jurby;cc this p.;=Mic
27 Feb 1727  COWLE         John          CLAGUE        Elinr 
 4 May 1728  CANON         Pat           CAIN          Mary            pc jurby;nb rectr retrn from england june 12th
 6 Jul 1728  OATES         John          COWLEY        Margt.          jo kk braddan;
13 Jul 1728  COWEL         Wm            SMITH         Hannah          wc ballavair bride [eop]
18 Aug 1728  KEWLEY        John          TAGGART       Alice           jk ballatear
19 Oct 1728  KELLY         Wm            SHIMIN        Isabel          wm arey kelly kk michael;is kk german
 2 Nov 1728  KERRISH       Thomas        CASEMENT      Jane            both ramsey
26 Nov 1728  CURLET        Thomas        WEBSTER       Bahy            both lezayre
26 Nov 1728  SHIMIN        Jon           KILLIP        Esther          js kk german;ek gob-y-volley
 7 Jan 1728  CRAIN         Patrick       CORLET        Margt           pc carbiddle;mc ballaterson
28 Jan 1728  QUAYLE        Philip        GARRET        Catherine       pq this p';cg als cashin lezayre
 4 Feb 1728  GARRETT       John          CORLET        Ann             jg glanshoggil
16 Feb 1728  RADCLIFFE     Philip        HARRISON      Joney           jh andrews
16 Feb 1728  CURGHEY       Daniel        QUARK         Anne            aq lezayre m. by me w.w. in jurby
18 Feb 1728  CRAIN         Robt          KELLY         Anne            both kk german
18 May 1728  CRAIN         Danl          STEPHAN       Isabel 
24 May 1729  COWLEY        Wm            COWLEY        Averick 
24 Jun 1729  LEWN          Thos          CRAIN         Isabel          tl jurby
31 Aug 1729  TEAR          John          CORLET        Cath            jt ballavolley;cc brooghjarg m in jurby by wm xn [eop]
14 Oct 1729  CAIN          Thomas        COWLEY        Margaret        mc bps demense
21 Oct 1729  CAIN          Wm            COWEN         Ann             wc kk braddan
 7 Feb 1729  CANNEL        Patr          SKEALLY       Ellinr 
10 Feb 1729  TEAR          John          TEAR          Margt           mt lezayre
 4 Apr 1730  MACNEMEER     Wm            MCYLCREIST    Janey 
24 Apr 1730  COWLEY        Thomas        CRY           Hester 
11 Jul 1730  CANNEL        Patrick       WOODS         Ann 
29 Sep 1730  CORLETT       Thomas        GAWNE         Jane 
18 Oct 1730  CRAIN         Wm            CLERK         Cath 
15 Nov 1730  COWLE         Thomas        CAIN          Catherine       [2 pages in reg book blank]
27 Apr 1734  MCYLREA       Thomas        KILLIP        Isabel          both ballaugh
 8 Jun 1734  QUAYLE        Finlo         BODDAUGH      Margaret        mb of ballaugh
11 Jun 1734  QUAYLE        Thomas        CRY           Mary            both ballaugh
20 Jul 1734  CORLETT       Nich          STEPHEN       Margt           both ballaugh [eop]
 9 Nov 1734  CORLET        John          MCYLVORREY    Ellin           both ballaugh 
28 Jan 1734  STEPHAN       Gilbert       KELLY         Mary            both ballaugh 
28 May 1738  CORLET        Thos          CLARK         Mary            tc lezayre;mc ballaugh
18 Feb 1734  FAIL          James         CRY           Mary            jf lezayre;mc ballaugh
25 Jun 1735  CAIN          John          CORLET        Catherine       jc lezayre;cc ballaugh
 6 Dec 1735  STEPHAN       Finlo         CLAGUE        Catherine       both ballaugh
17 Jan 1735  CRAIN         Thomas        STEPHAN       Joney           both ballaugh;=mic
 6 Mar 1735  KISSAG        Edward        COWEL         Isabel          both lezayre m ballaugh
 6 Nov 1736  QUAYLE        Wm            KINREAD       Margaret        both ballaugh
 4 Jan 1736  TEAR          Wm            CORLET        Eliz            wt peel;ec ballaugh
29 Jan 1736  GARRET        Wm            KILLEY        Margaret        both ballaugh
19 Feb 1736  KILLIP        Thomas        SKEALLY       Margaret        tk lezayre;ms ballaugh
30 Apr 1737  QUAYLE        John          KELLY         Mary            jq kk mich;mk ballaugh [eop]
 4 Jun 1737  VANDY         John          CHRISTIAN     Ann             jv jurby;ac bride
22 Oct 1737  STEPHAN       Wm            COWLE         Catharine 
 5 Nov 1737  KILLIP        William       CRAIN         Isabel 
24 Jan 1737  KERMOD        John          QUARK         Margt           both lezayre
 4 Feb 1737  GARRET        Daniel        KEWISH        Dorothy         dg kk lonan;cg ballaugh
11 Feb 1737  GAWN          Thomas        GAWN          Catherine       tg jurby;cg ballaugh
27 May 1738  KELLY         Thomas        COWLEY        Esther          tk kk michael;ec ballaugh
15 Jul 1738  CLARK         John          TEAR          Esther          both ballaugh
18 Jul 1738  CORLET        John          CORLET        Mary 
 7 Oct 1738  COWN          John          COTTIMAN      Jane            jc kk braddan;jc als brew ballaugh
 7 Oct 1738  KINREAD       Ewan          COWLEY        Alice           both ballaugh
10 Oct 1738  CORKIL        Robert        QUAYLE        Catherine       both ballaugh
28 Oct 1738  COWLEY        John          BREW          Jane 
21 Nov 1738  CRAIN         John          CAIN          Mary            [eop]
10 Dec 1738  STEPHAN       Wm            VONDY         Elenr 
 9 Jan 1738  CANNEL        John          CAIN          Catherine       kk michael;cc ballaugh
10 Feb 1738  KNEAL         Stephen       BODDAGH       Elinr           sk jurby;eb als quayle
14 Feb 1738  CAIN          James         CALLISTER     Jane            jc kk michael;jc als kelly jurby
 6 Mar 1738  CHRISTIAN     John          CLAGUE        Elenr           jc lezayre;ec ballaugh
 8 May 1739  MCYLVORREY    John          KNEAL         Catherine 
 7 Jul 1739  KILLIP        Robert        QUAYLE        Mary            both ballaugh
 7 Aug 1739  CANNEL        Charles       COWN          Mary 
15 Sep 1739  BODDAGH       Thomas        CORLET        Elenor          both ballagh
18 Dec 1739  STEPAN        Edwd          BRIDSON       Margt           both ballagh
16 Feb 1739  CALEY         John          CROSS         Jane            both ballagh
27 May 1740  CANNEL        John          KILLIP        Ellinor         jc kk michael;ek ballaugh
 7 Jun 1740  MOLLEVOREY    Wm            QUAYLE        Bahee           both ballagh [eop]
 7 Jun 1740  MOGHTYN       John          STEPHAN       Ann             both ballagh
23 Jun 1740  QUINNEY       John          STEPHAN       Margaret        jq kk german;ms ballaugh
 1 Jul 1740  CAIN          John          CRAIN         Elinr           both ballagh
19 Jul 1740  CORLET        Nich.         CORLET        Mary 
21 Oct 1740  MCAWEE        Patrick       GARRETT       Katherine       pm kk michael;eg ballaugh
25 Oct 1740  CAIN          Michael       MOLLEVORRY    Mary 
22 Nov 1740  SAYLE         David         CRAINE        Catherine       ds jurby;cc ballaugh
22 Nov 1740  CAIN          John          CAIN          Mary            jc kk braddan;mc ballaugh
23 Dec 1740  KELLY         Philip        CAIN          Cath            pk marown;cc ballaugh
16 Feb 1740  CREBBIN       John          CORLET        Margt           jc kk christ rushen;mc ballaugh
12 May 1741  CORLETT       John          BAILY         Elizabeth 
14 Nov 1741  STEPHAN       John          KILLEY        Margt 
12 Dec 1741  CLAGUE        Arthur        STEPHAN       Joney           [eop]
15 Dec 1741  TEAR          Thomas        CORLETT       Ann 
 9 Jan 1741  CAIN          Wm            MCYLCARRANE   Margaret        wc jurby
 9 Feb 1741  CAIN          Patrick       GARRET        Alice           pc lezayre;ac ballaugh
13 Feb 1741  KINREAD       Edward        QUAYLE        Margaret 
20 Feb 1741  CORLET        John          KAIGHIN       Catherine       both ballaugh
 8 May 1742  GAWN          Thomas        KELLEY        Mary            tg jurby;mk ballaugh
15 May 1742  CORLET        Wm.           CAIN          Mary            both ballaugh
 4 Jul 1742  CORLET        Thomas        BREW          Mary 
11 Jul 1742  CRAIN         Wm            CORLET        Averick 
18 Jul 1742  CORKIL        Daniel        KEG           Jane 
 7 Aug 1742  GOLDSMITH     Daniel        CORLET        Catherine       both ballaugh
27 Nov 1742  KEWLEY        Charles       KILLEY        Margaret        mk or gill;both lezayre
22 Jan 1742  STEPHAN       Patrick       QUAYLE        Alice           js jurby;aq ballaugh [eop]
23 Jul 1743  CANNON        Daniel        CRAINE        Joney           dc jurby;jc in ballaugh
15 Oct 1743  KNEEN         John          STEPHAN       Elinr           jk lezayre;es ballaugh
19 Nov 1743  BRIDSON       John          STEPHAN       Cath            jb kk arbory;cs ballaugh
 5 Feb 1743  STEPHAN       Thomas        KELLY         Margt.          both ballaugh
14 Apr 1744  KEWN          Wm            KILLIP        Ann             wk jurby;ak ballaugh
14 Apr 1744  KEWN          Wm            KILLIP        Isabel          wk jnr s/o above & ik d/o of the aforesd ann
29 May 1744  CANNEL        Charles       CANNEL        Jane            cc douglas;jc kk michael
28 Jul 1744  CANNEL        David         WOODS         Alice           dc kk michael;aw ballaugh
 1 Sep 1744  CRAINE        Patrick       CANNEL        Margaret 
20 Nov 1744  STEPHAN       Wm            MYLCHARANE    Jane            jm als callow
13 Dec 1744  QUAYLE        Patrick       MCYNEMEER     Catherine 
27 Jan 1744  COWLE         Robert        CRAIN         Mary 
 2 Nov 1744  CRAIN         John          CAIN          Alice           [under headings marr 1745] [eop]
30 Nov 1745  CROW          Edmd.         CANNEL        Alice 
18 Jan 1745  KNEEN         Edward        QUAYLE        Margaret 
 4 Feb 1745  CORLET        Henry         CORLET        Ann 
18 May 1745  GARRET        Ewan          CORKIL        Margt           both ballaugh
25 May 1746  MCYLREA       Nich          COWN          Joney 
10 Jun 1746  MOUGHTYN      John          CALLEY        Catherine 
19 Jul 1746  MCYLEARRANE   Wm            KNAIL         Ann             ak of ballaugh
 7 Sep 1746  BODDAGH       Wm            STEPHAN       Leonora 
21 Oct 1746  QUAYLE        Thomas        KELLY         Alice 
30 Jun 1747  QUAYLE        David         COWN          Jane            dq lezayre;jc als brew of ballaugh
 5 Jul 1747  QUAYLE        Finlo         CORRIS        Elizabeth       ec als christian;both ballaugh
14 Jul 1747  COWLEY        John          QUAYLE        Mary            jc lezayre;mq ballaugh
24 Oct 1747  COWLEY        Patrick       QUAYLE        Mary            both ballaugh
 8 Dec 1747  CAIN          William       MCYLREA       Isabel          wc in ballakeig;im als killip of ballacooilley [eop]
 7 May 1748  MCYLVORREY    Thomas        STEPHAN       Margaret        both ballaugh
28 May 1748  STEPHAN       Thomas        CORLET        Esther          both ballaugh [chk ?ellinor]
29 May 1748  CRAIN         John          CORLET        Esther          both ballaugh
19 Jun 1748  TEAR          Gilbert       CRAIN         Jane 
30 Jul 1748  CORLET        Thomas        STEPHAN       Ann 
25 Apr 1749  LAWSON        James         MOOR          Dorothy         both ramsey
14 May 1749  SKELLY        Thomas        CALLIN        Margaret        [no account of marrriages 1749-1751 in register - these following extracted 
                                                                       from Bishop's Transcripts]
15 Jul 1749  CORLET        John          CORLET        Jane            both ballaugh
18 Nov 1749  CALLEY        Thomas        CORKILL       Isable          both ballaugh
13 Jan 1749  QUAYLE        Wm            COWLEY        Margaret        both ballaugh
 9 Jun 1750  CLARKE        Robert        KNEEN         Jane            both ramsey [only 1 in 1750]
 5 May 1751  CRAINE        Philip        CRAINE        Isabel          both
11 May 1751  CAINE         John          COWLE         Isabel          both
27 Oct 1751  GARRET        John          KILLEY        Elizabeth       both mr deemster's servants
14 Dec 1751  GILL          John          CHRISTIAN     Christian Mr    jg (smith)cc widow pellan vane both of lezayre
31 Mar 1752  CORKEL        Daniel        CHRISTIAN     Anne 
 5 Apr 1752  QUAYLE        John          QUAYLE        Cath            jq lez;
 6 May 1752  CROW          William       KEG           Elizabeth 
25 Nov 1752  HANLON        William       BRIDSON       Alice           wh kk braddan
20 Jan 1753  CORKILL       Daniel        CAIN          Margaret        mc als camaish
 6 Feb 1752  COWLEY        Gilbert       INCH          Cathrine        note new style;gc bal,ci lezayre
17 Feb 1753  CANNELL       John          CRAINE        Joney           ?=cath;jc jnr bps d.
15 May 1753  CORLETT       James         CORLET        Catherine       jc corvalla
19 Feb 1754  CRAINE        John          CRAINE        Margaret        jc jnr dollagh beg
22 Jun 1754  CORLET        John          CROW          Elizabeth       ec als casement
29 Oct 1754  CALEY         William       KNEAL         Mary            both of lez
26 Jan 1755  COWLEY        Thomas        MCNAMEER      Eleanor         tc ramsey;em lez
20 May 1755  COWLE         Pat           QUAYLE        Anne 
20 May 1755  QUAYLE        William       CRAINE        Cath            [?=cain]
23 Aug 1755  COWLEY        Thomas        CRAINE        Catharine 
24 Jan 1756  COWLEY        Andrew        CROSS         Mary 
 3 Feb 1756  CORKELL       William       QUAYLE        Katharine 
16 Jul 1756  KELLEY        Patrick       CORLET        Elizth.         ec als baily both
31 Oct 1756  QUANE         John          TEAR          Katharine       j quane of douglas (?not crane)
 4 Dec 1756  COWLEY        Patrick       FAIL          Alice           pc miller of scrondle
 7 May 1757  KELLY         Matthew       TEAR          Margaret        mk kk michael [last in old register]
12 Nov 1757  GAWN          John          COWLEY        Margaret 
19 Nov 1757  BADDAUGH      William       QUAYLE        Margaret 
21 Nov 1757  CAIN          William       MCBOY         Anne 

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