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Kirk Christ Rushen

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In memory of John Clucas born 8 May 1795, died 3 June 1853. His time and energies were always readily devoted to the interests of this parish. He was mainly instrumental in 1836 in procuring the release of the Crown impropriate tithes to the individual landlords and his increasing labours during the visitations of Cholera in 1832 and 1849 will be long remembered.


Sacred to the memory of Isabella Gawne, daughter of the late Edward Gawne of Kentraugh, Esquire, who departed this life May 13, 1852.

In memory of Thomas Gawne of Ballgawne and Ballachurry, born April 30, 1836, died February 11, 1870. Also Margaret Alice, his daughter, born March 8, 1864, died May 20, 1871. Also of Eliza Charlotte Brooks (Crosby) his wife, born February 8, 1843, died May 11, 1878.

In memory of Catherine Revella Crosby, sister of the above, died December 9, 1887, aged 47 years.

To the memory of Edward, eldest son of Edward Moore Gawne of Kentraugh, Esq, and some time Lieutenant of Her Majesty, 79th Cameron Highlanders. He served his country in the Crimea and India. He was born 7 June 1836, and died 29 July 1869. Also to the memory of Emily Maria born 16 april 1862, died 5 October 1863. And Ashley, & Douglas born 11 July 1864, died 13 April 1866, children of the above Edward Gawne. Their remains are interred at Almorah, India. Mary Anne Isabella Hamilton, his wife born November 16, 1832, died May 1, 1885. Ethel Kate McLeoce, their daughter, born February 21, 1867, died June 17, 1885.

Erected by the inhabitants of Kirk Christ, Rushen. In memory of John Thomas Clucas of Ballakelley, Esquire, Captain of this parish and member of the House of Keys for the heading of Rushen, who departed this life June 14, 1884, aged 60 years, this tablet is erected in grateful recognition of his loyal and constant attention to the affairs of this parish, and the people and of his public services to this Island.


In memory of Edward Moore Gawne of Kentraugh, Esquire, many years speaker of the House of Keys and Captain of this parish. He departed this life February 8, 1872, in the [70th] year of his age. Erected by his nine children, who lived to add the name of their beloved mother, Emily Maria, daughter of L’Col. Murray of Mount Murray, born April 19, 1814, married April 28, 1835, died May 11, 1889.

Erected by the parishers of Rushen and other friends to the Glory of God and in grateful remembrance of Emily Maria Gawne, born 19 April 1814, died 11 May 1889.

In memory of the Revd William Corrin, upwards of 34 years vicar of this parish. He died 5 February 1859, aged 64 years.


Catherine Gawne born Nov 10, 1776, died August 4, 1816.

Erected by the parishers of Rushen in grateful memory of the late Edward Moore Gawne Esquire, of Kentraugh, 1872.

Edward Gawne born June 7, 1836, died July 29, 1869.

To the glory of God and the loved memory of her husband, Edward Moore Gawne, this chancel was added by Emily Maria Gawne, September 1872.

To the memory of Isalen Jane Ogden born at Kentraugh, 23 May 1848, died at Toronto in the night of the Epiphany 1898. Erected by her husband and three children.

Sacred to the memory of Edward Gawne, Esquire, of Kentraugh, who departed this life the 4 October 1834, in the 65th year of his age. He filled the office of Captain of this parish for the space of 40 years, and during the greater part of that period was a member of the House of Keys. In discharging the duty of these and other public stations, he was actuated by a regard to the welfare of his country and enabled by a sigularly vigorous and active mind, to be … useful in advancing it’s interests. He was an affectionate husband, a kind father, and a faithful friend. He was a liberal benefactor to the poor, a zealous promotor of their temporal comfort and for many years a principal supporter of the Sunday School connected with this church.

To the glory of God and the memory of Emily Maria Gawne born April 19, 1814, died May 11, 1889.

Erected by a friend in memory of William Milner, a lover of fisherman, 1877.


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