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Old Ballaugh


In memory of George Moore, who was born 14 April 1780, and died 18 July 1800. He was the son of James Moore and Catherine Moore alias Welles [Wilks was her 2nd husband] and grandson of Sir George Moore and Hugh Cosnahan Esquire.



St Stephen's Sulby


In memory of Rowley Hill D.D., Bishop of Sodor and Man, born Feb 22, 1836, ------ August 24, 1877, entered into rest May 27, 1877 [or 1879].

Sydney Ernest Swan born St Jonn Baptist’s Day, 1890.

Erected in loving memory of Andrew Mc-ast-- born Jan 1809, died May 1885.

In memory of Mary Ann J. Teare of Sulby Glen Hotel and for many years a member of St Stephens church choir, who died December 15, 1888, aged 22 years.


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