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These Memorial Inscriptions were transcribed by Joyce M. Oates, who added a few notes [shown thus] from a manuscript copy of various M.I.s noted around 1914 (and held on Mormon Microfilm). I am very grateful for permission to include them on my site - however I have taken the liberty of reformatting and re-ordering them to better fit HTML pages.

Various typographic errors have been silently corrected. Handwriting, and the vagaries of microfilm copies , render some entries very difficult to read and thus many errors remain.

However they are extremely useful as many of these M.I.'s are no longer readable - the IoM Family History Society have now published books of all M.I.'s for Island graveyards and cemeteries and these should be consulted.

Earlier M.I.s were noted by Feltham in 1797/8 (see God's Acre printed as vol XIV of Manx Soc volumes) - though he failed due to vagaries of weather to record Kirk Braddan.


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