Kirk Arbory

[These are Monuments inside the Church]

In memory of Elizabeth, the beloved wife of W. B. Stevenson, of Balladoole, Arbory, died 12 March 1881.

To the memory of Richard Ambrose Stevenson of Balladoole, who died in the 30th year of his age, February 27, 1773. His wife Margery Stevenson caused this monument to be erected

Drigald Campbell, Eilenrich, Argyllshire, died at Maria Terrace, Douglas, Isle of Man, 28 March 1830, aged 50 years, and is buried in this churchyard in the vault of William John Cunningham Esq. of Ballanorris.


Sacred to the memory of George Augustus Woods of Balladoole, Esquire, Justice of the Peace and acting Speaker of the House of Keys, formerly Lieutenant of the Royal Marines. He served through the siege of Copenhagen, and also at Walcherin and Flushing. Died 4 April 1853, aged 65 years. Also of his wife, Anna Maria, eldest daughter of the Revd William Coney of Cookham Elius, Berks. Fellow of Oriel College Oxon. Died 8 September 1838, aged 45 years. This monument is erected by Frederick Stevenson Woods, Charlotte Isabel Collin, Anna Maria Hunt, Caroline Margaret Woods, and Rosa Octavia Woods, son and daughters of the above.

In memory of Patrick Taubman Cuningham Esq of Lorn House, Castletown, and Ballanorris in this parish, a Justice of the Peace and for fourteen years a member of the House of Keys, who died April 30, 1892, aged 44 years.

In memory of William Cuninghame of Ballanorris Esq, many years a member of the Legislature of this Isle, formerly Lieut. Colonel of the 58th Regiment, died 30 August 1825, aged 71 years. Christian Taubman, his beloved wife, died Aug 21, 1852, aged 79 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Quilliam Esq, Captn of the Royal Navy. In his early service he was appointed by Adm Lord Duncan to act as Lieutenant at the battle of Camperdown after the Victory was achieved, this appointment was confirmed. His gallantry and professional skill at the Battle of Copenhagen attracted notice of Lord Nelson, who subsequently sought for his services on board his own ship and as his Lordship’s first Lieut, he steered the Victory into action at the Battle of Trafalgar. By the example of Duncan and Nelson, he learned to conquer, by his own merit he rose to command. Above all this he was an honest man, the noblest work of God. After many years of honorable and distinguished professional service, he retires to this, the land of his affectionate solicitude and birth. Where in his public station as a member of the House of Keys, and in private life he was in arduous times the uncompromising defender of the rights and privileges of his country men and the zealous and able supporter of every measure tending to promote the welfare and the best interests of his country. He departed this life on the 10 October 1829, in the 59th years of his age. His monument is erected by Margaret C. Quilliam, to the memory of her beloved husband.


Sacred to the memory of Robert Cuninghame of Ballanorris, Esq. Member of the House of Keys, died 13 June 1832, aged 39 years. And to the memory of Margaret Cuninghame, his widow, who died the 10 July 1834, aged 36 years.

Domus Onitiones. Aedeficata Anno Domina 1758. To the memory of our well desposed and pious Benefactors, who out of a zeal for the Worship and Glory of God gave and bequeathed the following Luius towards the rebuilding of this Church, this stone is erected. Benefactors names: Mrs Elizabeth Martinal Corrin, late of Castle town, Deceased xxx and xxx, more for the poor of this Parish and Kirk Malew. Captn John Stevenson xxx.


To the memory of Richard Ambrose Woods, Genville, Onchan, who died 25 January 1802. This window was erected by his widow.

In memory of Catherine Christina beloved wife of William Kelly, who died April 1, 1902, and of their infant daughter, Winifred Violet, who died April 3, 1899 [or 1897].


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