1939-1945 War Dead


This page gives references to list of war-dead etc for WW2: Note it does not claim to be complete (though I would appreciate any ommissions) but is a transcript of those names passed to the Manx Newspapers - in several cases these add extra local information to official listings.

The Examiner Annuals for 1941 through 1947 included a Roll of Honour sections which are extracted here - the headings are the year of issue (published in December of previous year) - there was no such listing for the 1940 issue (those who died in period September to Dec 1939 are found in the 1941 issue


FOLLOWING is a list of 66 Manx men and one Manx woman who have paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of the country. Six Manx men have also died whilst on service, and two were killed in accidents not connected with the war.

[Mona's Queen and King Orry were lost by enemy action 29/30th May 1940 with the loss of many crew on Mona's Queen which hit a mine outside Dunkirk Harbour on 29 May 1940 and sank within 2 minutes - the crew lost on King Orry, most of whom were saved, were not Manx thus are not are not included in the list below- the following are from Handscombe "King Orry 1913-1940"

CLARKE, Frank Charles, Engineer
FOX, Willioam, fireman
HUNT, Edmund George, assistant cook
KEMP, Charles Frederick RFA, quartermaster]

BARWELL, H., Queen's Promenade, Douglas.-Lost on " Mona's Queen." May 29th, 1940.
BEAN, J. H., 16, Primrose Avenue, Douglas.-Drowned when " Lancastria" was sunk, June 17th, 1940.
BRIDSON, H., White Hoe Cottage, Braddan. R.A.F.-Presumed killed in flying operations with enemy, May 10th, 1940.
CALLISTER, R. C., 11, Queen's Road, Onchan.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
CALLOW, J. E., 82, Hazel Crescent, Pulrose. R.A.O.C.-Died of wounds received in action against enemy aircraft in England, September 7th, 1940.
CANNELL, R. C., Western Avenue, Douglas.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
CANNELL, H., Mount Vernon, Peel Road, Douglas. Sapper R.E.Drowned when "Lancastria" was sunk, June 17th, 1940.
CORKILL, W. J., Holly Cottage.-Fireman in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940.
COLQUITT, J. R., Corporal, R.E.-Drowned when "Lancastria" was sunk, June 17th, 1940.
CORKISH, A. E., 53, Bray Hill, Douglas. Paymaster in Manx steamer. -May 30th, 1940.
COWIN, P., 5, Hill Street Lane, Douglas. Sapper, R.E.-Drowned when "Lancastria" was sunk, June 17th, 1940.
CORNELIUS, K., of Peel.-Lost in "Royal Oak," October 14th, 1939.
COWLEY, H., 23, Wellington Street, Douglas. Seaman Gunner.-Lost in destroyer " Esk," September, 1940.
CORRAN, F., Kentraugh, Colby. Steward in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940.
CORRAN, J., 16, Hereford Road, Liverpool. Chief Steward in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940.
CRAINE, D., Market Street, Peel. Wireless operator. - Ship torpedoed, December 13th, 1939.
CRAINE, D. H., 55, Lord Street, Douglas. Cook in H.M.S. " Skipjack." -Lost, June 1st, 1940.
CRELLIN, GEORGE, 2, Alexander Drive, Douglas. Stoker in H.M.S. "Courageous."-Lost, September 17th, 1939.
CRELLIN, W. E., Gorden Cot. Port Erin. Fireman.-Lost in "Mona's Queen."
CROMWELL, W., Spring Valley, Braddan. Seaman.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
COWLE, Miss V., " Cranstal," Port-e-Vullen, Maughold. W.R.N.S.Killed in air raid while on service.
CUBBON, W. A., 30, The Crofts, Castletown. Greaser in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940.
DELANEY, M. H., 3, Mona Street, Douglas. Engineer.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
DICK, G., " Ellerslie," Loch Promenade, Douglas. Seaman. - Lost in " Rawalpindi," November 23rd, 1939.
DUGGAN, F., Senr., 4, James Street. Douglas. Lamp-trimmer.-Last in " Mona's Queen."
FAYLE, W. H., South Cape, Laxey. Fireman in Manx steamer. 'May 30th, 1940.
GALLAGHER, J. ROY, Duke's Road, Douglas. Paymaster. Lost in " Mona's Queen."
GARRETT, J. F., 5, Circular Road, Peel. Lamp-trimmer in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940,
HALL, L., Grosvenor House, Prospect Hill, Douglas. Donkeyman-greaser.-Killed when ship was torpedoed, September 1940.
HINDLE, C., 6, Wellington Square, Douglas. Greaser.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
HODGSON, A., 1, Hill Street Lane, Douglas. Steward in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940.
HUNTER, W., Norwood, Baldrine, Seaman.-Ship mined and sunk. November 19th, 1939.
HURLEY, J., Cosy Cot, Foxdale. Petty Officer.-Lost in destroyer " Exmouth," January 23rd, 1940.
KELLY, P., Junr., Bay View Road, Port St. Mary. Seaman. - Lost in " Mona's Queen."
KENNAUGH, G., 60, Woodburn Square, Douglas. Engineer.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
KILLEY, J., 9 Falcon Cliff Terrace, Douglas. Greaser in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940.
KILLEY, P., of Douglas. Engineer.-Trawler sunk by submarine, November 15th, 1939.
KILLEY, W. E., 13, Birch Grove, Pulrose, Braddan. Seaman.-Lost in trawler " Ocean Sunlight," June 1940.
KNEALE, R. C., 34, Valley Drive, Barrow. Engineer-Lost in "Mona's, Queen."
KNEALE, TONY, 49, Malew Street, Castletown. Sapper, R.E.-Killed in Belgium, Mav 1940.
KNEALE, W., Ballaquaggin, Malew. South Lanes. Regiment. - Died of wounds, May 20th, 1940.
KNEEN, LIEUT. J. G., of Pretoria, formerly Ballacorkish, Rushen. R.A.F. - Killed in flying accident in South Africa, November 10th, 1940.
LAWTON, A. L., 112, Castle Mona Avenue, Douglas Fireman. Lost in " Mona's Queen."
LAWTON, T. H., Glen Auldyn, Ramsey. Chief engineer.-Drowned at sea.
LENEGHAN, J., 414, Park Road, Liverpool (formerly Douglas). Private in King's Liverpool Regiment.-Killed in France, June 1940.
LENNON, J., Clarendon Hotel, Douglas. Gunner, R.A.F.-Killed in flying accident, June 13th, 1940.
LOONEY, D. J., Glen Road, Laxey. Fireman, - Lost in " Mona's Queen."
LYONS, J. S., Spring Valley, Braddan. Seaman.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
MALLON, J., 97, Lord Street, Douglas. Cook on Manx steamer, - May 30th, 1940.
McCONVEY, A. J., 21, Tynwald Street, Douglas. Driver, R.A.S.C. Killed by enemy air action in England, November 29th, 1940,
McCARTIN, C. C., Theatre Royal Hotel, Wellington Street, Douglas. Steward in Manx steamer.-May 30th, 1940.
MARTIN, J. F., late of Ballavale, Santon. - Lost by enemy action from a steamship, November 1940.
MOORE, H., 33, Circular Road, Douglas. Driver R.A.S.C. - Died during Dunkirk evacuation, May 1940.,
MOUGHTIN,. P., Ballasalla Farm, Jurby. Driver, R.A.M.C. Killed in action, May 27th, 1940.
MURRAY, A., 64, Strand Street, Douglas. Steward.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
NEILSON, T. E., 73, Undergreens Road, Hawcoat, Barrow (of Douglas). Engineer.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
OAKLEY, D., Edinburgh House, Loch Promenade, Douglas. Gunner in minesweeper.-Reported killed, August 1940.
QUIRK, E., of Peel. Chief Petty Officer.-Killed in Dunkirk evacuation.
RADCLIFFE, O., Cregneish, Port St. Mary. Seaman.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
RADCLIFFE, R., Agneash, Laxey. Greaser.-Lost in " Mona's Queen."
REED, A., Shaws Brow, Douglas. Greaser.-Lost at Dunkirk, May 30th, 1940.
ROBERTSON, W., 113, Malew Street, Castletown. Telegraphist, R.N. -Lost in destroyer " Hunter" at Narvik, April 9th, 1940.
STOWELL, W. C., 112, Lord Street, Douglas. Seaman in minesweeper. -Lost in North Sea, December 1939.
TAGGART, H., Derby Road, Douglas. Seaman. - Drowned when his ship was torpedoed, November 23rd, 1940.
TAYLOR, W. F., 11, Heather Crescent, Pulrose, Braddan. Seaman. Lost in minesweeper, June 7th, 1940.
TAYLOR, CAPTAIN W. R., Four Roads, Port St. Mary.-Killed by German plane's machine-gun fire, February 3rd, 1940.
THOMPSON, T. L., 42, Tower Road, Ramsey. Seaman.-Lost in minesweeper " Marsona," August 4th, 1940.
UNDERHILL, R., 46, Maughold Street, Ramsey. Seaman. - Lost in " Mona's Queen."


COMISH, R. J., Market Street, Douglas. King's Liverpool Regiment. March 22nd, 1940.
CORRIN, F., Fistard, Port St. Mary. R.A.F. - Died in France, October 1939.
GARRETT, C. H., " Ellesmere," Woodbourne Road, Douglas. Captain Royal Engineers.-Killed in motor accident, November 10th, 1940.
KARRAN, D. P., Park Avenue, Douglas. R.A.F.-December 29th, 1939
KENNISH, L., of Douglas. K.O.Y.L.I-Accidentally killed at Wakefield, February 13th, 1940.
KNEALE, W. H., 18, Strand Street, Ramsey. R.A.F.-April, 1940.
McLINDEN, D., of Douglas. King's Liverpool Regiment.-January 11th, 1940.
MERTON, H., of Douglas. King's Liverpool Regiment.-March 9th. 1940.


ONCE again the war has taken heavy toll from the Island, and it is our sad task to record the names of over sixty who gave their lives for their country.
(Omitted From 1941 Annual
CRELLIN, E. H., Sergt. R.A.F., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ewart Crellin, Ramsey. - Killed in flight over Germany October 30th, 1939

ALLEN. Pilot Officer Roy Dawson Cronk Aash, Port Erin.-May, 1941.
ARBUCKLE, Gunner James Donald, Groudle Road, Onchan. - Died in hospital, Greece, June Stil, 1941.
BERRY, Kenneth Peter, Victoria Road, Douglas.-Killed at sea by enerny action, December, 1940.
BLACK, Private Charles, Westbourne Drive, Douglas. - Killed by enemy action, May, 1941.
CAIN, Gunner George E., Shaw's Brow, Douglas.-Died in German Prison Camp, October 6th, 1941.
CANNAN, Driver Alfred James McConvey, R.A.S.C., Tynwald Street, Douglas.-Killed in South of England. December, 1940.
CHRISTIAN. Pilot Officer Philip Arthur, Selbourne Road, Douglas - Killed in flying accident, July 30 1941.
CHRISTIAN, Seaman R. C., Lower Foxdale. -- Presumed killed in loss of HMS, Glorious.
COLEMAN, Flight-Sergeant Cyril, Albert Terrace, Ramsey. - Killed in road accident, September, 1941. , '
COLLISTER, Wm. Kinley, steamer's quartermaster, The Howe, Port. St. Mary.--Killed in an attack January, 1941.
CORKISH, Private Arthur, R.A S.C., Waverley Terrace, Waterloo Road Ramsey.- Killed while on service, December 21st, 1940.
CORLETT, Sergt. Fred, R.A.F., Loch Promenade, Douglas.-Killed on service, July 22d, 1941.
COWIN Sergt. Norman, R.A.F.V.R, Lezayre.--Presumed killed in action August, 1941.
CREBBIN Lieut. Frank, R.N.,- Primrose. Terrace, Port St. Mary.-. Killed in Gosport street accident, December 24th 1940
DAVIE, L/Bdr. of the Manx Battery.-Killed at Crete.
DOGGET, Pilot Officer C. R'., Windsor Terrace, Ramsey.- Killed in flying accident, January 17th, 1941.
FORD, L/Bdr. Charles, of Colby: --Killed by enemy action, Decembe:r, 1940.
GALE, Seaman Thomas Gilmour, WillowTerrace, Douglas.--Presumed killed, June 1941
GAWNE' Aircraftman Jack Josph., Ridgeway street, Douglas - Killed in flying accident March, 1941.
GORRY, R. R., Leading Torpedo Operator, Rosemount, Douglas. - Presumed lost in the '' Glorious."
HALHAN, Pilot Officer Michael, Maughold. - Killed on service, March 18th 1941
HALSALL, L/Bdr, Robert Henry, Lord Street Douglas - Killed at Crete.
HIGGINSON Private John, King's Regiment, Hazel Crescent, Pulrose Killed by enemy action, May 1941'
HINSTRIDGE, Albert Edward:-Lost on " Jervis Bay" (announced December, 1940).
JACKSON, Leslie Flood, Ballakaneen, Andreas. - Died in hospital following enemy action at sea, March, 1941,
JONES, Seaman Herbert Ronald, St. Catherine's Terrace, Port Erin. Presumed lost in "Glorious."
KEIG, Lieut. Geo., late R.N.V.R., formerly of Isle of Man.-Drowned on Merchant Navy service, September, 1941.
KELLY, Private Frederick Cyril, A.A. Regt., Ridgeway Terrace, Onchan. - Killed on service in Egypt, September, 1941,
KELLY, Wm., The Lhargan, Port St. Mary.--Killed on war service, August 25th, 1941.
KELSO, Seaman John Sydney, Crosby Terrace, Douglas,-Presumed killed on war service, May, 1941.
KISSACK, 2nd Lieut. Edward Leslie, Braddan. - Killed at Crete.
KISSACK, Sergt.-Pilot Laurie, Derbyhaven---Killed in flying accident. September 21st, 1941.
LONGSON, Frank Richard, Peel - Killed in flying accident at Blackpool. August, 1941.
MACDONALD. Gunner John A., of Manx Battery.-Died in hospital following Crete.
MARSH, D. B., second radio officer, Riversdale. Union Mills: -Lost in torpedoed ship, January, 1941.
McKINLEY, A/C. James, of Ramsey.--Killed in flying accident, July, 1941.
MERCER, Private Jim, Australian Imperial Force, formerly of Onchan, - Killed at Tobruk, August, 1941.
MORRISON, Chief Engineer Charles, Peel, - Lost at sea by enemy action, August, 1941.
MORRISON, Gunner Fred, Ballaugh.-Died in hospital following Crete.
MURPHY, Trooper Richard, Royal Tank Regiment, Cedar Grove, Pulrose-Killed February, 1941.
MYALL, Gunner B. J. A., of Manx Battery.--Killed at Crete,
ODDY, Frederic Vincent, formerly of Castletown.-Killed at sea by enemy action, June, 19.1.
ORAM, Seaman Alfred, Market Place, Ramsey.---Presumed killed. September, 1941.
POPE, Seaman Richard, Douglas. -Killed in Portsmouth raid, March, 1941
QUAYLE, John Cecil, R.N.; Ballabeg, Arbory---Killed by enemy action, March, 1941.
QUAYLE, Sergt., W J., Canadian Expeditionary Force, formerly of Milntown, Ramsey;.-Died following accident, November, 1941.
QUILLIAM, Pilot Officer Harold (K.W.C. old boy).--Believed killed August, 1941.
QUINE, Seaman Albert, Glen Duff Cottage, Lezayre. - Died from wounds, June, 1941.
QUIRK, Charles M, ship's chief baker, High Street, Port St. Mary.Drovmrd following enemy action, February, 1941
ROBERTSON, Seaman J. M. ("Jonnie Robbo" the boxer).- Presume killed in Mediterranean action, January, 1941
RYAN, Gunner "Teddy," Hillside Avenue, Douglas - Died on service in the Middle East, May, 1941.
SAYLE, Seaman: John Leslie, Orry Street, Douglas - Presumed killed on war service, May, 1941.
SCOTT-KERR, Lieut. J. H. A., R.N., Mount Auldyn, Ramsey- Lost at sea, May 1941
SHIMMIN, James C Leading Torpedo Operator, Mona Street, Ramsey - Lost in H.M. submarine "Triton" January 1941
SIMPKIN, Lieut. Edmund Smethurst, R.N.R., Glen Mona, Maughold.- Killed on service, May, 1941.
SIMPSON, Seaman Albert, Glen Duff, Lezayre. , Died frorn wounds, June 24th, 1941.
SKINNER., Trooper Harold, Mill Croft Cottage, Ballasalla. - Killed on service in road accident, March 4th, 1941.
SMITH, Flying Officer M.V. Redfearn, Arbory Road, Castletown. - killed in action, September', 1941. -
TAGGART, Lieut.-Commander Hugh, R.N., formerly of Douglas.Killed in action. July, 1941.
THOMAS, Trooper J., Royal Hussars, 24, Westminster Terrace. Douglas. Presumed killed at Dunkirk.
WATTERSON, Pioneer Walter Stanley, Hawthorn Avenue, Onchan. Presumed killed, August, 1941.
WOOD, Eric. formerly of Ramsey. -- Killed in the Western Desert, October, 1941.


Many Manx people were among the civilian casualties in Hitler's "total war," as the following list shows :

ADOLPH, Charlie, Allen and Ronnie, formerly of Onchan.-Killed hy enemy causes, May 1941.
ANDERSON, Mrs. William, formerly of Douglas, and son John,--Killed in Liverpool raid, May 3rd, 1941.
APPLETON, Mrs. Maud. formerly of Douglas, daughterMaudie, sister. Mrs. Frances Riley and son-in-law, Joe Eaton. killed in Liverpool raid, May, 1941.
BLACK, David, Port St. Mary. - Killed in Belfast raid, April, 1941.
CANNING, Miss Ruth, granddaughter of Mr. Harry Kelly, Douglas.Killed in South Cost raid, December, 1940.
CASHIN, Joseph Henry, Peel, and daughter, Annie Margaret-Killed in Birkenhead raid, May, 1941.
CLUCAS, formerly of Castletown, vife and two children.--Killed in Liverpool raid, May, 1941.
HOLMES, George, Ramsey. - Killed in Liverpool raid, May, 1941.
HUGHES, Joyce, Buck's Road, Douglas. - Killed in Merseyside raid, April, 1941.
KELLY, Mrs. Mabel Lilian, formerly of Peel, and daughter Louisa Lilian, killed in Merseyside raid, 1941.
KEWLEY, W. T., formerly of Finch Road, Douglas,. wife and sister:-Killed in Merseysidc raid, March, 1941.
MAGERISON , Dr. Frances Mary, formerly of Port Soderick.-Killed in London raid, March, 1941
MATHERS, John, Gansey, Port St Mary - Killed with his wife and five children in Liverpool raid, December, 1940
QUAYLE, Wm Henry, Douglas. - Died following enemy action, Liverpool, May. 1941.


AINSLIE, Alan Stewart, D.F.C., Flt.-Lieut. R.A.F., nephew of Mr H. H. Barron, Duke Street, Douglas.-June 29th, 1940,
BIRKETT, Donald Craig (17), Gunner R.N., grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brown, Ramsey.-" Prince of Wales:" December, 1941.
BRIDGE, Second-Lieut. Peter, The Winnats, Duke's Road, Douglas.- Killed in Libyan offensive, October 24th, 1942.
BRYAN, Sergt.-Pilot, Douglas G., Waterloo Road, Ramsey.-Died on active service, January, 1942.
BUCKLEY, Flying Officer Cyril, 4, Empress Drive, Douglas.-Believed killed in Middle East, July, 1940.
CALLISTER, Chief Engineer Walter Q., Tennis Road, Douglas.-Killed by enemy action, June, 1942.
CALLISTER, Leading Aircraftman W. Ross, Castle Street, Peel.-Died in hospital, Southport, March 23rd, 1942.
CAINE, Corpl. Ernest Frank, 3, Hanley Villas, Ramsey. - Died in hospital in South Africa following head injuries, Sept. 30th, 1942.
CHRISTIAN, Corporal Charles, of Montreal (formerly of Onchan). - Died in Dieppe raid, August, 1942.
CHRISTIAN, Leading Aircraftman Percival Clarke, Virginia Farm, Braddan.-Killed in flying accident, May, 1942.
CLAGUE, Second-Lieut. James Leslie, The Rowany, Port Erin.-Died from Malaria in Middle East, November 11th, 1942.
CLAGUE, Robt. Walter (24), Corpl. R.A.F., 31, Hope Street, Douglas.- Accident in Middle East, December 25th, 1941.
CLELLAND, Leading Aircraftwoman Barbara, Victoria Avenue, Douglas.-Died in military hospital, August 6th, 1942.
COLE, John Teare (23), Air Fitter Eng'r, Fleet Air Arm, 45, Alexander Terrace, Douglas. - Lost at sea, March 25th, 1941.
CALLISTER, Gunner John Walter, of Maughold, - Drowned while bathing in Libya, July, 1942.
COLLIN, Marine Harold R. E., Kirk Michael.-Died in Devonshire depot, October, 1942.
CONDON, Gunner Percy H. (Jock), 1, Chapel Lane, Castletown.- Killed in action, Middle East, July 27th, 1942.
CORLETT, Aircraftman John W., "Granville," Brookhill, Ramsey.- Killed in action, December 24th, 1941.
CORRIN, Gunner S.M., Kenhart, College Green, Castletown.-Presumed killed in Crete with Manx Regiment, May, 1941.
CORMODE, Pte. Thos. Alfred, 7, Alberta Drive, Onchan. - Died following accident, November 4th, 1942.
COSTAIN, Acting Chief Petty Officer Eric, of Croit-e-Caley, Rushen.- Died in hospital following injuries at sea, July 25th, 1942.
COTTIER, Pilot Officer Thomas George, Antigua Cottage, Dog Mills, Bride.-Died on operations, January 16th, 1942.
COWIN, Mary Miss (28), A.T.S. Manx Coy ; 5, Clarke Street, Peel.- Died, January 19th, 1942.
COWLEY, Engineer Eric Ernest, son of Mr. and Mrs, P. E. Cowley, Cranstal, Devonshire Road, Douglas.-Killed in Malta convoy, August, 1942.
CREER, Driver Bert, R.A.S.C., 4, College Street, Ramsey. - Presumed drowned in sinking of Prisoners of War Ship in Mediterranean, June, 1942.
CRUMMEY, Terence (24), D.S.M Leading Telegraphist R.N., Ramsev. -Submarine " Triumph," January, 1942.
CUBBON, W. H., Sergt. Gunner R.A.F., Victoria Road, Douglas - Operations, October 20th, 1941.
DOBIE, James C. (23). Stoker R.N., Ballavarine Cottage, Baldrine.- -April, 1942,
DOUGHERTY, William, Wireless Operator, Berk, Michael.-Torpedoed, December, 1941.
DUGGAN, Jack (41), Chief Engineer, M.N., Sea Bank, Laxey. - Lost at sea, Far East, April, 1942,
EDWARDS, Roy, Chief Engineer M.N., " Engadine," Little Switzerland.-Aden, August 11th, 1942.
FLOOD, Jackson Leslie, Chief Engineer, M.N., Ballakaneen, Andreas- -Died of wounds, February, 1941.
GALE, Gunner Ethel Gertrude, A.T.S., Grest Cottage, Lezayre.-Died in Scarborough Hospital on active service, September, 1942.
GALE, Gunner Wm. Matthew, 8, Marathon Drive, Douglas.-Killed in Libyan offensive, October 25th, 1942.
GARRETT, Stoker John Edward, 40, Cedar Grove, Pulrose.-Presumed killed in H.M.S. Dorsetshire, April, 1942.
GELL, Captain Paul Brian, Frontier Force, Indian Army ; grandson of late Canon W. Gell, Castletown.-Presumed killed in Malaya, December 16th, 1941.
GELLING, Gunner Oliver Kenneth, 16, Victoria Avenue, Douglas. - Killed in action with Manx Regiment, November 11th, 1942.
GODFREY, Flight-Sergt. Donald Joseph, Baldrine Villa, Garwick.- Lost on air operations, July 19th, 1942.
GRAHAM, Joseph, Merchant Service.-Presumed lost in sinking of his ship, October 29th, 1942.
GREEN, Albert E. (44), Gunner, Australian I, Forces, late of Castle- town. - Killed in action, 1941.
HANSON, Sergt. Pilot Leslie, Field House, Peel. - Killed in operations in Mediterranean, 1942.
HARDING, Gunner Philip A., 151, Malew Street, Castletown.-Killed in action, Middle East, July '27th, 1942.
HARGREAVES, Seaman Eric, of Douglas.-Killed in St. Nazaire raid, April, 1942.
HARRISON, Bombardier Robert, Manx Regiment, Mount Pleasant, Douglas.-Died as Prisoner of War in Germany, April 3rd, 1942.
HEMINGWAY, Pilot Officer John, of Arbory Vicarage.-Killed in flying accident, May, 1942.
HOTCHKIISS, A. E. D. (24), Leading Stoker, R.N., " Melita," Royal Avenue, Onchan.-Lost in " Devonshire," April, 1942.
JENNINGS, Sergt.-Pilot Cyril, " Greystones," High View Road, Douglas.-Died on active service, February, 1942.
JONES, Sergt.-Pilot Douglas, of Malew Street, Castletown. - Died following air accident, August 12th, 1942.
JONES, Driver Louis, R.A.S.C., 26, Murray's Road, Douglas.-Killed on active service in Middle East.
JOUGHIN, Stanley, late of Peel.-Died in Middle East, December, 1941.
KEDDY, Squadron Leader Walter B., D.F.C., " Gien Mie," Westmore land Road, Douglas, and Cornwall (Ont.).-Lost on operations, January 17th, 1942.
KELLY, Douglas H., Lieut.-Eng; R.N.V.R., 5, Leigh Terrace, Douglas. -March, 1942.
KELLY, J. T. W. (26), R.A.F., Scarlett Farm, Castletown.-Norway, January, 1942.
KELLY, Bombardier John H., Castle Street, Castletown.-Died while on service in Middle East, April 13th, 1942.
KERMODE, W. E. (20), Sapper R.E. ; South Cape, Laxey. - Military hospital, July 24th, 1941.
KENNISH, Gunner Eric Alfred, Nursery Avenue, Onchan.-Killed in action, Middle East, July 3rd, 1942.
KITCHEN, Capt. John Henry, formerly of Ramsey.-Killed with Royal Tank Corps, M.E.F., Sept. 1942.
KNEEN, Major Paul, B.A., Royal Australian Forces, son of late Edwyn C. Kneen, Glencrutchery, Douglas.-Killed in Far East,. Julv 1st. 1942.
LOWNEY, Sergt.-Pilot Joseph Denis, Park Avenue, Douglas.-Killed on active service, June, 1942,
McGILLIVRAY, James (25), Sergt. South Lancs., Talbot Chambers, Douglas.-Middle East, May, 1942.
McLINDEN, Jack, Flight-Sergt., R.A.F.V.R.., 30, Windsor Road, Douglas. -Air operations, April 22nd, 1942.
MOORE, Sergt. R. A., R.E., Camrose, Circular Road, Douglas. - Died at Ipswich from pneumonia, November, 1942.
ORTON, Sergt.-Pilot John Edward, Woodland Terrace, Douglas~Killed in flying accident, December 21st, 1941.
PEGG, William Seaman, R.N., Queen Street, Peel. - May, 1942.
PITTS, James Allan (21), Seaman, R.N., Maughold Street, Ramsey. Killed in air raid, East Coast, May, 1941 (corrected 1945 ed -PITTS seaman James Allen Maughold: Street, Ramsey erroneously reported killed in air raid).
PHILLIPS, Gunner John, Regaby, Andreas.-Killed with Manx Regt. in Middle East, November 11th, 1942.
QUAYLE, Robt, (30), Seaman, R.N., Jib Lane, Peel.-Mediterranean, May, 1941.
QUAYLE, Gunner Tom, Circular Road, Peel.-Killed in East Coast air raid, October, 1942,
QUAYLE, T. E, Cook. R.N., Ballagawne, Arbory. - H.M.S. "Repulse," December 10th, 1941.
QUIRK, D. A., Seaman, R.N., Churchtown, Lezayre.-H.M.S. " Glouces- ter," May, 1941.
QUIRK, Sapper Jack, Athol Street, Douglas.-Died whilst coming on leave, May 21st, 1942.
QUIRK, Wm., Stoker, R.N., St. Germain's Place, Peel.-H.M.S. " Dorsetshire," April, 1942.
REDMAYNE, D. (21), Pilot Officer, R.A.F., The Rowans, Douglas Road, Castletown.-July 27th, 1940.
ROBERTSON, J. B., Quartermaster M.N., Viking House, Ramsey. - December, 1940.
ROBERTSON, Flight-Sergt. Robert, 68, Buck's Road, Douglas.-Killed on Bremen raid on September -3th, 1942.
ROFE, Flight-Lieutenant B. J., Cronk Ruagh, Ramsey.-Killed in flying accident in Canada, January 12th, 1942.
SAVAGE, J. D. (26), Stoker, R.N., Circular Road, Douglas.-H.M.S. Trawler " Tilburyness," November, 1940.
SAYLE, Seaman Denis, The Rheast, Andreas.-Died through enemy action, November, 1942.
SAYLE, Wm., M.N., 136, Jubilee Drive, Liverpool (late of Douglas).-- Lost at sea, August, 1941.
SHIMMIN, Rd. (24), Stoker, R.N., Parliament Square, Castletown. - " Prince of Wales," December 10th, 1941.
SHIMMIN, Seaman Robert, Castle Street, Peel.-Died at sea, January, 1942.
SLEE, G., F/O. R.A.F., Harbour Road, Santon.-May 13th, 1940.
SOMERS, Private William T., King's Regiment, of Kirk Braddan.- Died on active service, June, 1942.
STEAVENSON. A. F. T. (56), F/O. R.A.F., Seafield, Ramsey. - Died in Noble's Hospital, August 31st, 1941.
STOTHARD, Stoker Harry, St. Vaast, Andreas.-Presumed killed on war service..
SUTHERLAND, Private David, 15, Back Strand Street, Douglas.- Died in Durban from wounds received in Madagascar, May 22nd, 1942.
TEARE, A.C.l., Douglas Nelson, 25, Burnside Terrace, Douglas.-Died on service in Shetland Isles, November 15th, 1942.
WALTON, Mrs. Florence E., Sergt. N.A.A.F.I., Lyme House, Esplanade, Douglas, November, 1941.
WILSON, Capt. Vernon Gorry, son of Mrs. Wilson, Orry's Mount, Victoria Road, Port St. Mary.-Killed on test flight, November, 1942.


Dec. 1942 to Nov. 1943.

ASHCROFT, Richard V., Flying Officer, of St. John's.--Killed in bombing raid early 1943.
ASNE, J Sergt. R.A.S-C., 5, Hazel Crescent, Pulrose. - Died of Malaria in North Africa.
BRIDSON, A., Seaman, Nursery Avenue, Onchan.-Died in hospital in Nova Scotia, April, 1943.
BUTLER, T. P., Pilot Officer (son of Sir Montagu Butler), " Great Meadow," Castletown.-Killed in flying accident, January, 1943.
CAIN, R. H., Gunner, 19, Shaw's Brow, Douglas.-Died of wounds, February, 1943.
CALEY, S., Private, Pioneer Corps, Lhergy Cottage, Port Soderick.- Dicd in Middle East.
CALLOW, G., Gunner, 5, Quilliam's Court, Douglas.-Killed in action at sea, September 22nd, 1942.
CHRISTIAN, J, R., Gunner, 10, Hillside Avenue, Douglas.-Died December 28tt, 1942.
CHRISTIAN, Thomas E., Sergt. Royal Marines, 4, College Street, Ramsey.--Killed in action, September, 1943.
CHRISTIAN, W. L., Driver, R.A.S.C., 60, Hazel Crescent, Pulrose. - Died whilst prisoner of war in Japan. October 14th, 1942.
CLAGUE, W, Gordon, Sub-Lieut. Fleet Air Arm, 3, Queen's Terrace, Douglas.-Killed in flying accident, June, 13th, 1!)-13.
CLARK, John Hope, Flight Lieut., Balmoral Hotel, Port Erin.-Killed in flying accident, January 26th, 1942.
CLARKE, E. H., Seaman, 9, King Street, Ramsey --Believed drowned off Crete, May, 1941.
CLUCAS, Edward H., First Officer, Merchant Navy, of Douglas.- Lost at sea, August, 1943.
COLE, Chief Engineer, 45, Alexander Terrace, Douglas.- Lost at sea, March, 1943,
COLEGATE, Donald, Sergt. Navigator R.A.F., formerly Castle Street, Douglas.-Killed in accident returning from raid, October, 1943.
CONDE, L. S., Able Seaman R.N 7, Taubman Terrace, Douglas Head, Douglas.--Lost on war service, August, 1943.
CORLETT, J, A., (Albert), Corporal, R.A.S.C.,, 25, Hazel Crescent, Pulrose:-Drowned in accident, June, 1943
CUBBON, J. W Chief Officer, Castletotwn.--Lost at sea, March, 1943.
CURPHEY, G, W., Sapper, R.E., 11, Drinkwater Street. Douglas.- Lost at sea, June. 1943.
CURPHEY, J. W., Sapper, R.E., 23, Athol Street, Douglas.-Killed in accident, October 22nd, 1943.
FARAGHER, A., Private, 5, The, Groves, Pulrose: - Died of wounds, May 16th 1943.
GALE, Dennis K., Private, Border Regt., 29, Church Street, Ramsey.- Kitted in action July, 1943.
GARRETT, R. H., Seaman, 6, Maughold Street, Ramsey.--Killed by enemy action. December, 1942
GARRETT, Walter, 6, Maughold Street. Ramsey-Killed in South coast raid, June, 1943.
GARFIELD, George Gunner, of Castletown.--Killed in action. January 15lh., 1943.
GAWNE, A, E., Gunner, Oatland, Cottages, Santon-Killed in action. January, 1943,
GILL, Norman, Gunner, James Street, Douglas.-Killed in action January 19th, 1943.
GOOD, Charles A., Sergt. Pilot, 19, York Road, Douglas, - Killed in flying accident, April, 1943.
GRAHAM, W., Corporal, R.A.F., " Fernvilla," Colby.-Died in Middle East following accident, February 27th, 1943.
GRANT, D. J., Corporal, M.M., " Fyzabad," Malew Road, Castletown. -Killed in action in Italy, October 25th, 1943.
HARPER, H., Able Searnan, 5, Demesne Road, Douglas, - Died of wounds, April 3rd, 1943.
HEADINGS, Alfred, Sapper, 98, Lord Street, Douglas.-Lost at sea, June 17th, 1943.
HEANEY, James, Gunner, Victoria Chambers, Parliament Street, Ramsey.-Died whilst serving overseas, October, 1943.
HINSELWOOD, W. A., Pilot Officer R.A.F., Onchan. - Lost on bombing raid, December, 1942.
HOLMES, Robert, Seaman, 3, Spring Gardens, Douglas - Killed on war service, November 1943.
HUGHES, N. D., Lance-Corporal, Black Watch. 21, Cedar Grove, Pulrose, - Killed in action. March 19th, 1943.
JEWELL, H., Driver, 30, Hillside Avenue, Douglas. - Killed in action, March, 1943.
JOUGHIN, J., Scrgt. R.A.F., 4, Lyndale Road, Peel.-Killed on operations, October, 1943. ,
KELLY, G. L., Gunner, " Sunnyside," Christian Road, Douglas--Killed in action, January, 1943.
KELLY, Pilot Officer J. W., R.A.F., Ballavayre, Bride.-Presumed killed, February, 1941.
KERMEEN, Edward. Private, Albert Road, Ramsey. - Died in hospital. ,
LACE, Herbert, Gunner, St. Jude's, Andreas.--Killed in action, February, 1943.
LACE, Williarn D., Gunner, Manx Regiment, " Cintra," Kensington Road, Douglas.--Killed in action, October 29th, 1943.
LEE, Joseph, A.C.1, R.A.F., "Brooklyn," Buck's Road, Douglas. - Fatally injured in motor accident, June 10th, 1943.
MOORE, A. E., A.C.l, R.A.F., Head Road, Douglas. -- Killed in accident, October, 1943.
NORRIS. R. G., Lieut., 10, Dalton Street. Douglas.-Killed in action, September IBth, 1943 -
PEASE, Dennis, Gunner, Royal Avenue, Onchan-Killed in action, January. 1943,
POLLARD, Eric, Sapper, R.E., 35, Castle Street, Douglas. - Killed in action, November 23rd, 1942.
QUAYLE, Bernard Paul, Seaman, R.N., Unity Cottage, Hillberry, Onchan--Presumed drowned when ship was lost, October, 1943:
QUINE, R:owden S., Sapper, Ballakeil, Andreas.-Died of pneumonia in North Africa, July, 1943.
QUINE, Robert C., Major, Flight Surgeon, " Croiteville," Ballasalla.-- Killed in air crash in California, U.S.A.
RADCLIFFE, Thomas M, Sub-Lieut. R.N.V.R., The Towers, Head Road, Douglas.-Killed in action at sea, September 23rd, 1943.
REYNOLDS, Richard, A/C. 2, R.A.F., 6, Cambridge Terrace, Douglas;.- Killed in air accident, Novernber 20th, 1943.
SAYLE. Eric, Sergt. R.A.F., 15, Market Street, Peel.--Killed on Operations. August, 1942. -
SKILLEN, J., Private, Pioneer Corps, 36, Tynwald Street, Douglas - Died following accident in: Faroe Island::, July, 1943.
TURNER, F. C., Signalman, 46, Athol Street, Douglas.-Died whilst prisoner of war in Japanese hands.
WATTERSON, Allan. Second Officer, D.S.C. 4, Westmount, Douglas. Presumed lost as result of enemy action. December, 1942.
WORSLEY, J., First Officer, Merchant Navy, Glen Moar, Kirk Michael. - Lost at sea, July, 1943.


ANDERSON, Edward P., Seaman, Wembley Cottage, St. Jude's. - Lost overboard, January 25th, 1944.
ARCHIBALD, James, Seaman, 45, Queen Street, Castletown.-Killed December 12th, 1943.
BENNETT, Brian, Trooper, Selborne Drive, Douglas. - Killed in Normandy, August 1st, 1944.
BELL, George A., Seaman, 27, Laburnum Road, Pulrose. - Presumed lost at sea, January 1944.
CLUCAS, W. R., Corporal, 58, Cedar Park, Pulrose. - Killed in action, September 19th, 1944.
CREBBIN, Alan F., Flying Officer, Primrose Terrace, Port St. Mary- Died of injuries sustained on operations, May 8th, 1944.
CAIN, J. Stanley, Private, 23, Hope Street, Douglas. - Killed in Burma, May 11th, 1944.
COLLISTER, Joseph E., Private, Bridge House, Foxdale. - Killed in action, February 7th, 1944.
CHISHOLM, John A., Lieutenant, 15, Brunswick Road, Douglas. - Killed in air operations in Italy, June 1944.
CLAGUE, Norman, Sergeant Cameraman, 21, Derby Road, Douglas.- Killed in Normandy, June 11th, 1944.
CUBBON, William, Driver, Laburnum Road, Pulrose. - Killed in Normandy, July 21st, 1944.
CANNELL, Walter W., Sergeant, R.A.F., Bank House, Port St. Mary. -Accidentally killed, August 23rd, 1944.
CREBBIN, William E., Trooper, 50, Princes Street, Douglas. - Killed in Italy, August 19th, 1944.
CORKILL, John E., Private, Crosby Village. - Died of wounds in India, August 21st, 1944.
COWIN, Richard, Seaman, 11, Athol Terrace, Castletown. - Presumed killed about April 1943.
CALEY, John R., Corporal, 32, Ballabrooie Way, Douglas. - Killed in air accident in India, April 1944.
CLAGUE, Thomas A., Wireman, 86, Malew Street, Castletown. -- Presumed lost at sea. October 1943.
CLAGUE, W. H., Pilot Officer R.A.F.,. Kirk Michael - Killed on operations, August 1943.
CURPHEY, George W., Sapper, 11, Drinkwater Street, Douglas. Presumed killed in action, June 17th, 1943.
CORLETT, John C., Flying Officer, Waterloo Lane, Ramsey.-Presumed killed on operations, March 8th, 1944.
CRELLIN, Edwards, Private, Church Cottage, St. Mark's. - Died of wounds, March 2nd, 1944.
CRAINE, Henry, Seaman, Shore Road, Peel. - Presumed lost at sea, December 1943.
COTTIER, Arthur, Sapper, Andreas. - Killed in accident in England, January 12th, 1944.
CORRIS, John, Guardsman, Ballacallin, Patrick. - Killed, January 21st, 1944.
CRELLIN, John P., Flight Lieutenant, Promenade, Port St. Mary. - Presumed lost on operations, November 1943.
CRAIG, Harry, Seaman, Douglas Street, Peel. - Presumed killed, December 12th. 1943.
CORKISH, Harold, Private, Ivy Cottage, Ballasalla. - Killed in Italy, September 24th, 1944.
CHRISTIAN, C. H., Gunner, 6, James Street, Douglas. - Presumed killed at sea, 1942.
DAVIS, Henry J., Warrant Officer, R.A.F., Port-e-Chee, Braddan - Killed in air accident, October 28th, 1944.
FLETCHER, C. G. C., Flight Sergeant, " Roslyn," Fistard, Port St. Mary. - Died as result of enemy action, January 7th, 1944.
FIELDING, James A., Sergeant, 8, Prospect Terrace. Douglas. - Lost at sea, February 12th, 1944.
FARAGHER, Charles Robert, Signalman, 14, St. George's Street, Douglas, died in hospital from injuries accidentally received.
FARAGHER, Laurence H., Commander R.N.R., Falcon Cliff Terrace, Douglas. - Died in hospital at Gibraltar, October 15th, 1944.
FARGHER, Robert G., Lieut., Wilmslow (nephew of Mr. E. W. Fargher, M.H.K.).-Died of wounds, July 11th, 1944
GILLESPIE, Alex, Sergeant, 8, Victoria Terrace, Douglas. - Killed in action in Italy, September 12th, 1944.
GAWNE, Charles N.. Lance-Corporal, 1, Barrack Street, Douglas. - Killed, November 14th, 1942,
GAWNE, John, Private, 1, Barrack Street, Douglas. - Killed in action in Italy, March 19th, 1944.
GILMOUR, Robert M., Lance-Corporal, Dutch Cafe, Port Erin. - Died of wounds, July/August 1944.
GAWNE, Walter, Private, Ballafodda, Malew. - Killed in Burma, July 25th, 1944.
GILL, T. H., Gunner, Esplanade, Douglas. - Died in Prisoner-of-War Camp, Japan, October 26th, 1943.
GALE, James A., Guardsman, 38, Victoria Avenue, Douglas.-Killed in action. October 1944
HEADINGS, Alfred, Sapper, 98, Lord Street, Douglas. - Presumed killed in action at sea, June 17th, 1943.
HOGG, T. Leslie, Flight Lieutenant, 3, Alpine Terrace, Onchan, - Killed in action, May 7th, 1944.
HOLT, Thomas A., Wireless Operator Air Gunner, Brighton Terrace, Douglas.-Died in hospital of empyema, July 3rd, 1944.
HUGHES, John A., Private, 12, Arbory Street, Castletown. - Killed in Normandy, June 28th, 1944.
JEFFERY, Sydney R., L/AC., R.A.F., 12, Kingswood Grove, Douglas Died of thrombosis, December 13th, 1943.
JOUGHIN, Jack, Sergeant, Lyndale Avenue. Peel. - Killed on Leros Island, October 5th, 1943.
JAMIESON, Francis P., Sapper, 23, Birch Grove, Pulrose. - Presumed killed in action at sea, June 17th, 1943.
KEWLEY, Henry C., Private, Demesne Road, Douglas. - Accidentally killed in Italy, July 16th, 1944.
KEWLEY, Charles Henry, Sergeant R.A.F., Demesne Road, Douglas.- Presumed killed on operations.
KILLEY, Wm. E., Seaman, New Road, Laxey. - Presumed killed at sea, March 1944.
KENNEDY, Leslie, Private, 9, Clarke Street, Douglas. -- Killed in Burma, April 18th, 1944.
KERRUISH, George A., Flight-Sergeant, 28, Circular Road, Douglas. -Killed returning from operations, June 28th. 1944.
KINVIG, Clifford, Sergeant Air-Gunner, Ballakermeen Cottage, Douglas. - Killed on operations, July 2nd, 1944.
KELLY, J. T., Guardsman, 3, Poplar Terrace, Douglas. - Killed in Italy, July 1944.
KELSO, Charles A., Able-Seaman, 9, Derby Road. Douglas. - Lost at sea, September 1944.
KAY, Alex. S., Flight-Sergeant, Hilary Park, Douglas. - Killed on operations, October 1st, 1944.
LITTLE, R. H., C.S. Major, D.S.M., " Barry Kelly," Dreemlang, Marown. -Killed in action, November 12th, 1943.
LENEGRAN, D., Bombardier, 45, Heather Crescent, Pulrose.-Presumed killed, November 1942.
MADDRELL, George A., Private, Glen Chass, Port St. Mary.-Died of wounds, September 1944.
MADDRELL, Robert L., Gunner, 43, Westbourne Drive, Douglas. - Repatriated prisoner of war, died in Crank Ruagh Sanatorium, February 6th, 1944.
MIZEN, Alex., Sergeant, 23, Falcon Street, Douglas. - Died in Japanese prisoner of war camp, November 27th, 1942. [a correspondent wrote that his father was a close friend and that his father's notebook has "27.11.42 Sgt. Mizen 69/21 RA DY AT SEA" - the 69/21 probably meaning 69th battery of the 21st Light Anti Aircraft regiment of the Royal Artillery - his father noted however they arrived at Moji (on Japan) on 27/11/42]
MOORE, J. A., Fusilier, 28, Tynwald Street, Douglas. - Died in India, August 22nd, 1944.
MOORE, George, Private, 4, Brisbane Street, Douglas. - Killed in action, September 23rd, 1944.
MOORE, John A., Sergt. R.A.F., Bradda East, Port Erin. - Killed at sea by enemy action, November 1944.
NORRIS, Alex., Bombardier, Ballanard Road, Douglas. - Killed in Normandy, August 8th, 1944.
QUAYLE, Tom, Flying Officer, 19, Highcroft Avenue, Douglas.-Killed on operations, June 1944.
QUAYLE, Tom, brother of Mrs. McMullan, 9, Circular Road, Douglas. -Died following accident on active service, August 16th, 1944.
QUINE, Fred, Sergeant, Kerrowgarrow, Andreas. - Killed, February 25th, 1944.
RADCLIFFE, Brydon, Sergeant, Ballacain, Ballaugh. - Presumed killed, August 1943.
READ, William R., Flying Officer, 3, Chapel Lane, Ramsey. - Lost on operations, December 29th, 1943.
SHIMMIN, Wm. David, Gunner, Mritime R.A., 17, Derby Square, Douglas.-Killed in action, February 12th, 1944.
SKILLICORN, Charles E. Stoker, 5, Bay View Terrace, Laxey.-Killed at sea, September 1944.
SKILLICORN, William K., Trooper, of Douglas. - Killed in action, April 20th, 1944.
SLACK, George, Trooper, 8, Victoria Place, Douglas. - Killed in Normandy, July 18th, 1944.
THOMPSON, Godfrey, L/Bdr., Approach Road, Ramsey. - Died in hospital in England, January 6th, 1944.
TOMLINSON, Henry, Private, 16. Marathon Drive, Douglas.-Killed in Normandy, June/July 1944.
TAYLOR, Bernard, Private, 2, James Street, Douglas. - Killed ir. action. August 11th, 1944.
TAYLOR, Wm. R.. Stoker, 11, Heather Crescent, Pulrose. - Lost al sea. September 1944.
WALKER, Robert A., Flight Sergeant, Brookfield, Ramsey.-Presumed dead following raid. July 1943.
WINDSOR. William, Able-Seaman, D.S.M., 6, Taubman Terrace. Douglas.-Presumed killed at sea, June 1944.
WOOD, Edward, Private, 17, Alexander Drive, Douglas.-Killed in action, July 16th, 1944.
YOUNG, Norman Lewis. Sergt. R.A.F., " Grasmead," Tromode Road Douglas.-Believed lost on operations, September 11th, 1944.


BOGIE, J. Stanley, Chief Petty Officer, 1, Strathallan Park, Onchan.- Died of wounds in air attack whilst prisoner of war. April 11th, 1945.
BRYAN, Sydney, Telegraphist, 59, Waterloo Road, Ramsey. - Died in. Jap. Prisoner of War Camp
BUTTELL, Harry, Trooper, R.A.C., Ballafurt Road, Port Erin.-Killed in action, June 13th, 1944.
CASSON, J. H., Corpl., Cambridge Terrace, Douglas.-Drowned whilst bathing at Basra, February, 1945.
CAVENDISH, John R., Private, 2, Thornton Avenue, Douglas.-Killed in action on Western Front. February, 1945.
CORKISH, Harley D., Private, 33, Laburnum Road, Pulrose. - Killed on Western Front, March 25th, 1945.
CORLETT, Kenneth C., Private, 63, Waterloo Road, Ramsey.-Died of wounds in Burma, January 21st, 1945.
CORLETT, Percy, Gunner, Claughbane Road, Ramsey. - Died in Jap. Prisoner of War Camp, August 4th, 1943.
CORLETT, Wm. Stanley, Trooper, of Bride. - Killed in lorry accident, October 28th, 1945.
CLARKE, Enos. Seaman, 9, King Street. Ramsey. - Presumed lost in sinking of H.M.S. " Gloucester " off Crete, May 22nd, 1941.
CLARKE, Willie, Sergt. R.A.F., 30, Victoria Street, Douglas. - Killed on operations, April 7th. 1945.
COOIL, Jack, L.A.C., of Castletown. -- Killed in flying accident in England, May 4th, 1945.
CREBBIN, W. D. (Peter), Pilot Officer, R.A.F., Primrose Terrace, Port St. Mary. - Killed on training flight, November 26th, 1944.
CROMWELL, Harry, Petty Officer, 15, Queen Street, Douglas. - Died following operation.
DEVEREAU, G. S., Flight Lieut., 3, Western Avenue, Douglas.-Lost on operations, December 12th, 1944.
GALE, John J., Rifleman, Sea View, Mount Murray.-Killed in action, November 30th, 1944.
GILL, E. L. (" Len"), Sergt., Esplanade, Douglas. - Killed in action in Italy, April, 1945.
GROVES, Louis G., Sergt. Observer, Port Lewaigue, Maughold. -Killed in flying accident, Sept. 10th, 1945.
HALL, Stanley K., Private, of Gordon, Patrick. - Died of malnutrition, May 25th, 1945,- following release from Prisoner of War Camp in Germany.
HEMINGWAY, Michael, Second Lieut., Arbory Vicarage. - Died of wounds on Western Front, March 9th, 1945.
HOTCHKISS, Wm. Henry, Trooper, Royal Avenue, Onchan. - Killed in action in Italy, April 14th, 1945.
HUGHES, Roy, Driver, Ramsey.-Died in action, October 29th, 1944.
JACKSON, Joe, Lance-Corpl., D.C.M., 38, Hillside Avenue, Douglas.- Killed in Italy, February 27th, 1945.
JAPPY, James, Lance-Corpl., 27, Christian Road, Douglas. - Killed in action, February 12th, 1945.
JARAND, Squadron Leader, Lower Ballahowin, St. Mark's.-Presumed killed on operations, January 16th, 1945.
JOYCE, Walter Victor, Private, 5, Peveril Street, Douglas. - Killed in action in Holland, February 13th, 1945.
KEIG, Pte. W. E. Keig, formerly of Glenchass, Port St. Mary.-Died as prisoner of war in Japan, July 12th, 1943.
KELLY, Flight Lieut., D.F.C. and Bar, Shellag, Bride. - Presumed killed November 21st, 1944.
KELLY, Eric, Corporal, 12, Victoria Crescent, Douglas.-Killed in accident in France, January 14th, 1945.
KELLY, Louis, Pte., 73, Buck's Road, Douglas. - Died in Jap. prison camp in 1943.
KEWLEY, Lawrence E., Paratrooper, 34, Buck's Road, Douglas. - Kitled in action, April 7th, 1945.
KINLEY, Douglas A., Private, 13, Birch Grove. Pulrose Park. - Killed in action, March 25th, 1945.
KINLEY, Jack, Sapper, 38, Laburnum Road, Pulrose. - Killed on Western Front, March 6th, 1945.
KNEALE, Frederick Ernest, Seaman, 15, Maughold Street, Ramsey.- Died of injuries sustained at sea, February 26th, 1945.
MINSHULL, Alan, Corpl., 2, Royal Avenue, Onchan. - Died while Prisoner of War in Jap. hands, October, 1944.
MOORE, John Lawson, Lieutenant, The Schoolhouse. Maughold.-Died in Japanese Prisoner of War Camp, April 23rd, 1944.
MOORE, Douglas Allan, R.A.C., 19, Birch Grove, Pulrose Park.-Died in hospital following accident, January 20th, 1945.
PLANT, Arthur, Lieut., " Conister," Glencrutchery Road, Douglas. - Died in Middle East hospital, March, 1945.
PORRITT, Frederick L., Petty Officer, 51, Hazel Crescent, Pulrose Park.-Lost life, January 21st, 1945.
PLACE, Ian A., Sergt., R.A.F., late of Port St. Mary. - Killed on operations over Germany, June, 1944.
QUAGGIN, William A., Sergt., 18, Lord Street, Douglas. - Died in hospital, November 12th, 1945.
QUAYLE, Douglas, Merchant Navy. - Died of peritonitis at Gibraltar, March, 1945.
QUIRK, Arthur, Seaman, Churclitown, Lezayre. - Presumed lost on H.M.S. " Gloucester" at Crete, May 22nd, 1941.
SAYLE, John E., Chief Steward (M.N.), Rencell, Laxey. - Drowned at sea, March, 1945.,
SHEARD, R. E. A. (Bob), Staff Sergt., Ballanard Road, Douglas. - Accidentally killed in Western Europe, May 29th, 1945.
SHIMMIN, Gunner J. J., 34, Tynwald Street, Douglas. - Presumed lost at sea while prisoner of war, June 20th, 1944.
SKILLICORN, William, Private, Main Road, Onchan. - Killed in action on Western Front, February 8th, 1945.
TATE, Francis J., Sergt. R.A.F., of Castletown. - Presumed killed on operations, January 16th, 1945.
TAUBMAN, John H., Sergt., Sherwood Foresters, 141, Malew Street, Castletown. - Killed in action, January 21st, 1945.
TURNER, F. C., Signalman, 46, Athol Street, Douglas. - Died while Prisoner of War in Japan
WALKER, James, Private, 90, Lord Street, Douglas. - Died in hospital, October 27th, 1945.
WATTERSON, Richard C.. Private, Ballacorey Cottage. Andreas. - Died of wounds in Burma, February 4th, 1945.
WILTON, Arthur C., Capt., R.A., Ballakinnish House, Braddan. - Lost at sea whilst in Jap. hands, October, 1942.
WORRALL, Geoffrey, Mr., Maycroft, Ramsey, died in Jap. Prisoner of War Camp Dec. 1943 to Nov. 1944.


The following names have to be added to complete our list of men from the Island who fell during the war. In some cases definite news of their loss had been belated, owing to the difficulty of getting information from the Far East theatre of war, and in others - mainly airmen - their deaths have had to be presumed after a considerable lapse of time.

The present list brings the total Manx casualties, according to our records, to 446 men and five women of H.M. Forces who were either killed, missing, or died on service. In addition, 32 Manx people lost their lives in air- raids on Britain, making a total war toll of 483 people.

ALLEN, Robert, Private, 27, Heather Crescent, Pulrose. - Killed in action in Burma, 1944.
CLUCAS, Jack, Seaman R.N. Peel. Missing when destroyer sunk at Dunkirk, May 1940.
CORKILL. Flight-Sergt./Meth. Blair, 12, Mill Street, Castletown.- Presumed lost in operations, April 23rd, 1944.
CORKILL, Harry. Second Engineer Officer, Merchant Navy, "Harnel", Royal Avenue, Onchan. Missing December, 1943.
CORLETT, John, Gunner, 1, Alberta Drive, Onchan.-Died of wounds in Malaya, December 17th, 1941.
CORLETT, Arthur S.. Sergt. Observer, R.A.F., 33, Allan Street, Douglas. Killed on operations, September 1943.
CORLETT, Ian, Flight-Sergt. Navigator. - Missing (presumed killed) on operations, March 1944.
COTTIER, William S. Trooper, Fairview, Bride. - Accidentally killed near Newmarket, October 27th, 1945.
CONDON, Gunner D. A., 8, Mill Street, Castletown. - Killed in action at sea. September 12th, 1944.
DICK, Edward Douglas, steward on "Lancastria", formerly of Station Hotel, Castletown. Missing in evacuation from France, June 17th 1940.
ENNETT, Frederick, Private, 16, Brisbane Street, Douglas.-Died while prisoner of war in Siam.
GREGGOR. George, Seaman R.N. Market Street, Peel. Missing from minesweeper, October 1940.
JONES, Harry, Seaman, 6, Albert Street, Douglas.-Presumed lost in H.M. S. " Jupiter," February 27th, 1942.
KEEGAN, J. B, Sergt. R.A.F. Wybourn House, Wybourn Drive, Onchan. Missing in operations, May 16th, 1940.
KNEALE, George E., Gunner, 8, Hillside Avenue, Douglas~Died while prisoner of war in Japanese hands.
LAIDLAW, George, motor mechanic R.N. Ramsey. Missing when corvette sunk in Middle East, December 1941.
LAWSON, Robert Frederick, Leading Seaman Torpedoman, South Cape, Laxey. Presumed lost when destroyer "Imogen" sunk in July 1940.
MYLCHREEST, John A. D Sergt., 3, Railway Terrace, Douglas.-Died while prisoner of war in Japanese hands, about June 1943.
NEWBIGGIN, Jack P., Flight-Sergt., 7, Thorny Road, Douglas. - Pre- sumed lost in operations over Hamburg, April 9th, 1945.
PEERS, William. A.B. Royal Navy, 3 Second Avenue, Onchan. Missing on patrol duty, April 1941.
RADCLIFFE. Tom, Seaman, 1, Mines Road, Laxey. --- Presumed lost . in H.M.S. "Jupiter," February 27th, 1942.
ROGERS, James, Sapper, Fairfield Terrace, Douglas. - Died while prisoner of war in Japan, February 7th, 1945.
SHIMMIN, John Harold, Sergt.-Navigator R.A.F:, Albany Street, Douglas.-Killed on operations, May 1944.
SHIMMIN, George, second engineer M.N. Douglas Road, Ballasalla- Missing November 1940.
SPENCE, Robert Lillie, Private, Nelson Street, Douglas. - Missing, presumed killed in Middle East, September 1943.
STIRLING, R. J., Flying Officer, 11, Thornton Avenue, Douglas - Missing in operations in the West, 1943.
WALKER, Robert Alfred. Sergt. R.A.F., Langeghyn, Brookfield, Ramsey. -Lost on Bomber Command Operations, July 13th, 1943.



Many memorials to the war dead were erected on the Island (as also in the UK) for those who died in WW1 - those who died in WW2 were generally added to these, though in a few cases special memorials were erected.

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