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This letter is found in the wills for John Radcliffe 1856 (LDS: 0106457) transcribed by Carol Gosselin who has kindly allowed it to be published here. Written in reply to a request for a certificate needed to handle the estate back on the Island


Oct 7, 1847
Dear Friends,
I have endeavored to fulfill your request by sending you your brothers certificate
signed by his master that he worked with, signed by the Dr of the Hospital of New York
which I suppose will be sufficient. We arrived here the 18th of September after a very
tedious passage off 5 weeks. We had contrary winds for 3 weeks and very stormy for
some days. We were all off us very sea sick and after we got a little better off _____
____ we were attacked with Bowel complaints which continued for near 3 weeks. We are
all pretty well now and all of us very glad before we arrived in New York I believe if we
had been sick longer that I should have died. I was the worse off the lot but with Thanks
be to Almighty God we all arrived safe. I don’t know how we shall like America. It is
very different to the Isle of Man the houses here are not convenient as they are at home.
Many things appear to ______ in what we have been _______ to. There are no grates
here to make their fire in summer time in its furnace it is not unlike a _______ _______
in appearance. It is made of Brick and they burn wood and charcoal in _____ and where
their cooking is done they put the fire out. I don’t like it at all. Grates are far nicer.
All our friends here are well and they all send their love to you Aunt Elen and
Uncle. The Maccreadies are well and they wish to be remembered to you. Mrs
Maccreadie was very sorry that you had to wait so long for the certificate but they are so
busy that it was neglected. I hope that you will have no trouble now about it as I think
this will be sufficient. Williamsburg is a very nice airy place. Tradesmen here earns a
great deal off money and they spend it just as ______. House ____ is very dear here we
have only 3 small rooms and we pay 6 dollars a month about 6 shillings, a weak English
money. Fire is very high too many things is pretty high here work is pretty brisk, Robert
is well in health and sends his kind love to you all, please to remember us to all inquiring
friends and tell Mrs. _______ that we shall write to her next week if all is well. Please to
excuse my bad writing as my pen is so bad that I am quite ashamed please to remember
us to your brother and all inquiring Friends, I should be obliged to you if you would send
us a mank paper, you should direct it to Robert Quayle care of Mr. Maccradie Collector
of Lots Long Island near Williamsburg States off New York N. America. Aso I must
conclude with our kind love to you all and blessing me.
Yours affectionately
Mary Ann Quayle

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