Manx Mariners who died ‘on the Guinea coast’


The following list, which is not claimed to be definitive, is taken from Appendix 5 of Manx Slave Traders. The trade was declared illegal in 1806.


EW,GW = Episcopal Wills (reference is Manx Museum microfilm number -the films are also available via Mormon FHC's but under different reference numbers),
RB = Archdeaconal wills
HC = Hugh Crow’s Memoirs,
JNR = James Newton Journal
MR = Liverpool Muster Roll

Name Vessel Captain Date Parish Source
ALLAN, John King of Prussia Samuel Richardson 31 December 1769 Maughold GL716
BLACK, James c. 1770 Rushen GL717
BRIDSON, John Duke of Argy1e John Newton 20 January 1751 JNJ
BRIDSON, Thomas Duke of Argyle John Newton 29 March 1751 . JNJ
BRIDESON Thomas between 1783 & 1790 Castletown GL725
CALEY Patrick Mars Captain Wade before August 1789 German GL724
CALLISTER John Sarah Brig Joseph Ward January 1766 Braddan & Douglas GL714
CALLOW Christopher Tamar Captain May August 1803 Maughold GL730
CANNELL Thomas Neptune James Williams before September 1799 Arbory GL728
CANNON Thomas Bleak (Admiral Blake) Alex Talbot June 1750/51 Michael GL709
CHRISTIAN David c. 1750 Braddan & Douglas GL711
CHRISTIAN David Parr himself 1798 HC
CHRISTIAN John 20 March 1706 Onchan EW30
CHRISTIAN Ross Will himself 24 February 1791 MR
CLUCAS William 1785/1786 Arbory GL723
COOPER Philip Hope Captain Fletcher 1 9 August 1776 Peel GL719
CORKAN Thomas Ryder Michael Rush c. 1752 German GL709
CORLETT Robert October 1751 Ballaugh GL709
CONAN John Triton himself 24 July 1798 MR
COTTEMAN Daniel Salisbury Thomas Mastone c. February 1753 Ballaugh GL709
COTTIER James New Grace . September 1750 German GL709
COTTIMAN John Recovery John Barrell some time before 1761 Onchan GL712
COWLEY Thomas Lion of London ‘some time ago’ in 1793 Ramsey GL726
COWLLE, Hugh 1803 GL732
CRAINE Mathias Lilly James Saicraig November 1769 Lonan GL716
CRAINE Patrick Renown Captain Pickering February 1760 GL715
CREER Henry c. 1759 Braddan & Douglas GL713
CROW William Charlotte himself 3 February 1800 Ramsey GL729/ MR
CUBBON, Daniel 6 May 1792 Marown GL725
CURGHEY, John c. 1746 Lezayre GL709
FARGHER, Clive Antigallican William Parke 12 July 1784 GL721
GARRETT, John c. October 1792 Ramsey GL726
GENESTE, John 1770 Malew GL719
GILL, James 1802 Lezayre GL730
HARPER Thomas Patsey Captain Peterson March 1772 Malew GL716
HARRISON Richard Royal African c. October 1750 Marown GL709
HOARE Walker between 1739 & 1743 Castletown & Malew GL706
HOLMES Archibald c. May 1723 Malew EW32
HUTCHIN John c. 1718 Castletown EW32
JOYNER Robert Little Foster Captain Cropper 1752? Braddan & Douglas GL709
JOYNER Robert jnr 14 April 1715 Braddan EW29
KELLY John Hope of London John Teare c. October 1763 Braddan & Douglas GL713?
KEWLEY James between 1737 & 1739 EW37
KEWLEY John Standish galley 1719?
KINREAD Philip King Edgar Henry Madden Christmas 1769 GL716
KINVEGG Robert c. 1746 Arbory GL712
KNEEN William Mercury William Bacon c. 1745 Lezayre GL707
LAWSON Edward Duke of Argyle John Newton 18 December 1750 Andreas GL715/JNJ
MILLER Peter Dart Edward Crosby March 1 802 MR
MOORE John c. 1745 Maughold GL709
MOORE William Bolton J Boardman between November1798 & November1799 Patrick GL728
MURREY Robert c. 1704? Ramsey GL699
QUAY John May 1760   Onchan GL71 3
QUIRK Richard Prince Eugene Thomas Kewley before December 1755 Patrick GL711
QUIRK Thomas  c. November 1750 Patrick GL708
QUIRK William jnr c. 1745 Patrick GL708
RADCLIFFE Thomas Charlotte William Crow 13 January 1800 Lezayre GL729/MR
REDFERN Robert Prescot Gardener February 1804 Malew GL732
SAYLE Robert Aurora ? Douglas GL730
SHIMIN William African before November 1803 Malew GL730
SHIMMIN Charles Merton of Glasgow John Coppell 8 April 1752 Malew GL709
STEPHAN William c. 12 months before July 1743 Jurby GL706
TAUBMAN Thomas c. 1758 Malew/ Arbory GL719
TEAR John Rose James Welch Jurby GL716
WATERSON James jnr 1747 Rushen RB580
WATTLEWORTH Quayle September 1768 Malew GL716
WHITE Charles Mars Captain Wade before July 1789 German GL724
WOODS Robert November 1750 Malew GL709


F Wilkins Manx Slave Traders Kidderminster: Wyre Forest Press (ISBN 1-897725-13-2) 1999

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