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This page is a companion page to those covering the Mormon mission and the reaction of the Manx Press to it - it also links to biographries of several of these emigrants.

The list is organised by date of emigration.

Pre 1840

Elizabeth Kaighin


Rochester 21-April-1841

Built 1839 Packet belonging to New Line, sailed Liverpool to New York on 21 April 1841 (arrived 20 May) - Stated to have about 130 emigrants on board. Had on board leading members (inc John Taylor) returning to America.

John Mills + Family

John Quayle + Family

Mathias & Ann Quayle Cowley + family

John Cowell + family

Tyrian 26-Sept-1841

Elder Boscoe & family (noted from Isle of Man)


Thomas McKay


Tremont 12 January 1842

Callister, Thomas

Sydney 17 Oct 1842

Cannon Family - George snr, Ann Quayle, Children George (George Quayle Cannon), Mary Alice, Ann, Angus Munn, David Henry, Leonora


Swanton 17 January 1843

[one ref states 16 Jan 1843 arriving New Orleans 16 March 1843]

Charles & Ann Cowley (+ children)

Kelly John, Esther + John (no nationality given for passengers)

Thomas & Ellinor Tarbet (+ Children [Turbot in manifest]

Juventa 31 March- 1843

Joseph Lawson

City of Boston

James & Isabella Cowley


John Kelly







Ann + Elizabeth Quirk
Robert + Hannah Shimmin

 James Pennell

Titus Barlow & family (fisherman b.1813)
James (b.1823) + Elizabeth Clucas + child Elizabeth

Emblem 12 Mar 1843

William & Catharine McCarrey + children


Josiah Bradlee

William + dau Hannah Comish
Margaret Corlett
Catharine Curphey



Kennebec 10 Jan 1852

Elizabeth + Edward (son ?) Duff
Thomas + Mary Ann Quirk + dau Margaret
William Cottier (indicated as Stonemason from Liverpool but prob from Peel)

Ellen Maria

John Joseph Kelly + sisters Elizabeth & Margaret
Joseph Cowley, joiner b 1811
John + Margaret Archibald with two young children (parents born in Peel)
John + Jane Boyd, two children + mother Ann Boyd (stated by Martin Holden to be Manx but not in 1851 census)


Elvira Owen

James Quayle (however his account does not mention any other Manx on board)
Thomas Rimmer (age 39 - stated from Douglas but not found in 1851 census)
Eleanor Lawson (age 30, ? wife of Edward Lawson returned from mission)
James Fell (age 42)


Ellen Gelling, born 1796
Ellen Gelling, born 1824
John 'Bookbinder' Kelly, Elder of IoM Conference, born 1823
Helena Kelly, born 1828,
Albert H Kelly, born 1851
Hugh Quirk, born 1771
Margaret Quirk, born 1793
Jane Scurf (Scarfe ?), born 1847 (not clear who she is travelling with)



Jane and Helena Robinson



Thomas Cannell, born 1818
Margaret Cannell (dau), born 1846
Mary Ann Cannell (dau), born 1848



Esther Jane Cannell Skillicorn, born 1850 (widowed married dau of Thomas Cannell - later married George Winn )



Sarah J Cannell, born 1850 (noted as 'New York only')
John James Kelly, born 1855, Peel


A CD-ROM LDS Emigrant Roster & Voyage History 1840-1869 is available for $20 from Yship@aol.com. It includes the text from Sonne's Saints on the seas (which gives a brief description of each vessel). Data extracted from various manifests and various Mormon reference texts are entered into a database searchable by emigrant name and by ship. However examination of those vessels on which Manx emigrants are known to have sailed indicates that many, of the admittedly early, manifests would appear to be incomplete.

A later and in many respects better CD-ROM is the 'Mormon Immigration Index '- transcribed manifests plus some extracts from Journals

Once SLC had become established (1870’s onwards) the older members were asked to write up their lives - these were usually published in the multi-volume Our Pioneer Heritage

Information in these sources is often contradictory - family members confuse places and dates.

C.B. Sonne Saints on the seas A maritime History of Mormon Migration 1830-1890 ,1983, Salt Lake City: Univ. of Utah Press


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