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This page attempts to list the ships the early Manx emigrants to Ohio travelled on - at present only those for 1826 and 1827 are included. I suspect, though currently have no proof, that after these years the route had become well enough known and with sufficient communication from friends or relatives already settled, for individual families to travel alone. The actual voyage, route to Ohio, costs etc are discussed elsewhere.

There were certainly other emigrants and destinations - Thomas Tear refers to a couple of families who travelled to New Brunswick and to Philadelphia in 1826

An index of imigrants arriving at New York from 1820-1840 exists, however it does not appear to be complete [having examined several such manifests I suspect that many names are present but mis-indexed]. Microfilms of the ship's manifests are available and it is from these, mostly via the help of Tim Davis, that I have been able to put togther this page. The act by which these manifests were required and availability of archival copies is discussed elsewhere. Several of these emigrants can be found in 1850 Ohio census, and various early immigrant documents (eg Pioneer Manx Women)

Liverpool Departures

Although no record was kept of emigrants at the ports of exit, it is possible by examining newspapers of the time to construct a list of sailings - the following list (not claimed to be complete) is based on sailing notices in the Liverpool Mercury (courtesy of Liverpool Central Library) for the four month period from April to July 1827.


7: Clematis
8: Shaw; Pacific (P)
9: Great Britain, John Wells(P)
16: Home , Manhattan , Dalhousie, Nile
17: Florida (P) , Jane , Penelope
20: Peru
21 Milton
22 Elizabeth
23 Aurora
27 Ganges, Thomas Dickason (P), Leeds, Wm Dawson


1: Canada (P)
9: Criterion , Minerva , Birmingham (P)
12: Henrietta
16: Britannia (P)
20: Ocean
23: Sylvannia May
26: Eliza R Seurfield, G. Clinton, Aurora ,Mexico, Silas Richards (P), Meridian, Export (?), Robert Fulton,
30:Chili ,Philletus, Java, Hercules, Isaaac Hicks,
31: Euphrates


2: Danube
8: New York (P) , General Pike
10 :Vulcan , Mary Howland, Gen Ferrier , Robin Hood
11: Trident , Martha
12: Liverpool
13: America
16: Georgia
17: John Adams
24: York (P) ,Margaret South (?)
26: Indus,Thomson
30: Euphrates


1: Hercules
2: Manchester (P)
5: Sophia
12: Melanthe
13 Gen Clinton
16: Hercules
17: Washington
23: India, Anacreon, Sarah Thornton, Thomas Dickason (P)

Note not all of these may have carried passengers - many were regular packets- indicated (P) - that may not have offered cheap passages - e.g. the 'Old Line' sailed 1st and 16th of each month. The irregularity of the sailings may reflect weather (favourable winds) or gaps in the reporting.

Many of these ships were also advertised in the same paper.





Note cited as Amelia in transcription of Teare's rememberances - the handwritten manifest could be interpreted either way.
Arrived New York c. 14 June 1826 (ref #338), 216 tons burthen,William McTaggart Master

See account in chap 14/17 of Manx, Isle of Man History of Manx People who came to America Lake County Genealogical Society (ed L McNaughton) 1991

Thomas Tear quoted William Tear, jnr, as 15 but did say that at that time the Manx did not pay great attention to birthdates, and that Joaney Gawne came from Jurby; the IGI lists a marriage William Tear and Joney Gawne at Andreas 24 Mar 1808; their eldest son William was christened on 28 March 1813 at Andreas.

This William Tear is the author of two letters that helped spark the migration - see letter of Nov 18th 1826 and that of 25th December 1826.

The Gawnes are possibly John Gawne and Ann Cleator - married Andreas 8 Feb 1817 with children John 186, Eliz 1818 and James 1824 (? the 4th child), I did not find the baptism for Daniel


Thomas Tear refers to a second party arriving "a month later".
Arrived New York18 July 1826 (ref #412) 356 tons Burthen, Edmund Pike, Master.

(This manifest identifies them as from 'Isle of Man' - the rest of the 146 passengers were almost equally split Ireland or England )

This Patrick Tear, I believe was the son of John Tear and Ann Quirk, ch. 1 Jan 1799 at Kirk Andreas. Patrick Tear and Ann Kneen married 18 Feb 1817 Andreas; their daughter was christened 20 May 1822.

See brief biography of the Kneen/Tear family. William Kelly wrote a letter home on the 13 Dec in which he mentions not knowing the whereabouts of William Kneen or Phillip Kelly; and that he was working with Patrick Teare. William Kelly and Patrick Tear were cosignatures with William and John Tear to the letter of Dec 25 1826

Brig Helicon


Arrived New York Aug 3, 1826 (ref #447)


Sir Howard Douglas,

arrived New York from Liverpool 11 May 1827

This family is William Kelly/Margaret Gelling, married Patrick August 1, 1812. Thomas bp Patrick July 11, 1813; Ellen bp Marown, d/o Wm Kelly/Margt (no last name for Margaret) Jan 31, 1814; Catherine bp Patrick Nov 9, 1816 (d/o Wm Kelly/Phoebe Gelling?!!); William bp Patrick Aug 8, 1819; James bp Patrick Oct 27, 1821; Elizabeth bp Patrick March 13, 1825.


Thomas Dickason

Left Liverpool 27 April, arrived New York June 5, 1827 (ref #319)

Brig Penelope

Reported leaving Liverpool 17 April, Arrived New York 11 June 1827 (ref #340) 315 tons burthen, Thos Luecock(?), Master.

This I believe is a three generation extended family: Robert Brew m. Jane Looney 9 Jul 1814 at Kk Maughold, their children, all baptised at Kk Maughold were Robert (14 May 1815), Margaret (8 Feb 1818), John (18 Mar 1821) and Catherine (26 Sept 1824) - though the sequence of names is correct all ages seem to be deflated by 1 or 2 years.
Jane Looney was most likely daughter of Daniel Looney + Isabel Cashen - this is the 80 year old Isabel, Daniel ('Jack',of the Crow Creen) died in March 1826 having left a joint will, their daughter Jane baptised Maughold 17890809. Mary Looney would appear to be Mary Crow wife of Thomas Looney (m Maughold 18160106 - the ages of children Jane (slightly deflated age), Mary (Mary_Anne) + Esther fit - known by family to have emigrated to New York in 1827 from where they eventually finished in Michigan.
Robert Quayle is almost certainly the first child of Robert Quayle and Esther Looney, married 5 Dec 1818 with Robert baptised 21 Nov 1819, all at Kk Maughold - Esther was another daughter of Daniel + Isabel Cashin but died 1821 leaving 2 children Robert + John (not sure what happen to him or his father).

Note that any child under 7 probably travelled at a third of the adult fare - good excuse to deflate ages!

William Dawson

Liverpool Arrived New York June 18, 1827 (ref #355)


Arrived New York 29th June 1827 (ref #389) J.B.Ingersoll, Master.

See story of Garrett family in IoM Family History Society Journal Vol 5 No 1

Frances Henrietta

Left Liverpool 12 May Arrived New York June 30, 1827 (ref #399)


Liverpool 26 May arrived New York July 2, 1827 Manifest 404


(sometimes referred to as the Chile). Reported leaving Liverpool 30 May; arrived New York 7 July 1827; (ref #420) Reubin Jenkins master; burthen 290 tons.

According to the article by W.K. Serjeant in the Journal of the Manx Museum this was the ship 'chartered' by the Corlett and Cannell families. An account of the voyage is available. Examing the manifest indicates that some 25, mainly weavers, with non-manx names were on board. I have listed only the Manx families (indicated as farmers) - all were from Kirk Michael:


Was advertised on 24th April as ready for early despatch but I did not find a departure date. Arrived New York 7 July 1827 (ref no. 424); Burthen 372 tons - had on board 148 passengers of which the following were stated to be from the Isle of Man and bound for Ohio. Judging from the transcriptions of the names the master must have had difficulty with the Manx accent!

The Thomas Tear and James Quine are presumeably the intended recepients of the Letter of Dec 25 1826 by William Tear.


Liverpool arrived New York July 9, 1827 (ref #425)


Left Liverpool 26 may - arrived New York July 9, 1827 (ref #427)


Barque Ocean

Reported leaving Liverpool 20 May; arrived New York 13 Jul 1827 (ref #447); burthen 367 tons, John Gibbs, Master; used a handwritten (rather than printed) manifest (indicated as British Barque from Liverpool); where no occupation is indicated the manifest had 'none'

Had 130 Manx on board (indicated as from Isle of Man); following list is in order as found in Manifest, though I believe several family groups were split up; remainer of passengers (28) were either from Yorkshire or Ireland. I have numbered the groups for easier reference

  1. John Sayle, 67, preacher; John Sayle, 16, farmer; Thomas Sayle, 21, farmer
  2. Paul Gelling, 30, farmer; Paul Gelling, 3; John (?) 1;
  3. Wm Waterson, 24, labourer; Amy Waterson, 23;
  4. Cath Sayle, 58; Eliz Sayle, 14;
  5. Cath Gelling, 28; Cath Gelling 9; Ellen Gelling, 7; Mary Gelling , 5;
  6. Wm Kneale, 42, joiner; Wm Kneale, 17, joiner; John Kneale 13; Thos Kneale 11; Margt Kneale, 45; Margt (?) Kneale, 15; Christian (male ?) 8;
  7. John Corlett, 17;
  8. Wm Kewley, 21, tailor;
  9. John Lace, 30, smith; John Lace, 4; Chas Lace, 3; Nelly Lace, 31; Cath Lace, 12; Nancy Lace, 1;
  10. Patk Lace, 28, farmer; Thos Lace, 5; Jane Lace, 25; Margt Lace, 3; Betty Lace, 1;
  11. Luke Kaighen, 30, shoemaker; Ellen Kaighen, 26; Ann Kaighen, 1;
  12. John Cowan, 30, labourer; James Cowan, 3; Rosanna Cowan, 27; Jane Cowan , 8;
  13. John Cowle, 35, farmer; Eliz Cowle, 30;
  14. Wm Cowle, 40, labourer; Wm John Cowle, 9; Ann Cowle, 50; Jane Cowle, 6;
  15. Thos Radcliffe, 54, joiner; John Radcliffe, 18, joiner; Thos Radcliffe, 15, joiner; Wm Radcliffe, 24, tailor;
  16. Thos Dockerty (Daugherty ?) , 44, labourer
  17. Jane Radcliffe, 44;
  18. Margt Kewin, 17;
  19. Wm Radcliffe, 32, labourer; Wm Radcliffe, 1; Ann Radcliffe, 23;
  20. John Hasall, 26, labourer;
  21. Thos Callow, 32, joiner; John Callow, 6; Thos Callow, 3; Isabella Callow, 34; Ann Callow, 5; Ellen Callow, 1;
  22. Philip Quick (Quirk ?), 39, farmer; James Quirk,9; William Quirk, 6; Thos Quirk, 3; John Quirk, 1; Margt Quirk, 43; Margt Quirk, 16; Eliz Quirk, 13; Jane Quirk, 11;
  23. Wm Kewley, 20, smith
  24. Thos Tear, 26, shoemaker;
  25. Wm Kneale, 50, brickmaker;
  26. James Kain (Cain), 65, labourer; Jane Cain, 65;
  27. John Tear, 37, farmer; John Tear, 10; Lace Tear, 2; Jas Tear, 1; Cath Tear, 37; Esther Tear, 6; Cath Tear, 4;
  28. Danl Skinner, 38, labourer; Danl Skinner, 5; Wm Skinner, 3; Elizh Skinner, 36; Ann Skinner, 13; Ellen Skinner, 9; Jane Skinner, 1;
  29. Thos Harrison, 36, labourer; Thos Harrison, 8; Cathn Harrison, 29; Cathn Harrison, 6; Ann Harrison, 4; Jane Harrison, 1;
  30. Wm Crowe, 40, labourer;
  31. Thos Martin, 49, cooper;
  32. Robt Harrison, 29, smith; Esther (?), Harrison, 24;
  33. Rich Cowley, 20, labourer;
  34. James Quine, 32, smith;
  35. Robt Garret, 23, shoemaker;
  36. Wm Tear 29, taylor;
  37. Paul (?) Quick (Quirk ?), 38, labourer
  38. Wm Michael, 12;
  39. Margt Quick (Quirk ?) 60;
  40. Margt Kermode, 20;
  41. Radcliffe Crayling [Crellin], 20, labourer (shown as 'do' [ditto] Isle of Man)
  42. Wm Kermode, 29, labourer
  43. Wm Crayling [Crellin], 38, taylor; Wm Crayling, 2; Thos Crayling, 2mos; Roseanna Crayling, 24; Cath Crayling, 12;
  44. Thos Crieyling (?) [Crellin], 26, labourer
  45. Wm Crosby (? not sure of this name) 30, farmer; Wm ?, 2; Mary ?, 29; Ann, 4; John 2;
  46. Wm Clewcus (Clucas), 27, weaver; Wm Clucas, 2; Margt Clucas, 24;
  47. John Cowle (?), 20, labourer;
  48. Robt Kieg, 22, labourer;
  49. Thos Martin, 26, labourer

Groups 1 and 4 form one family. A brief biography of John Sayle is available.

Groups 2 and 5 are one family

Group 6 are William Kneale= Margaret Craine (m. 25 Aug 1808 Ballaugh). William bp 30 Jan 1785, German (born in Peel ?) son of Daniel Kneale. (Bp 19 Mar 1755.) = Christian Shimmin (m. 11 Nov 1778). Margaret Craine daughter of John Crane & Anne Cowley, Bp28 May 1791 Ballaugh. Children William(1810-), Margaret (1812- ),John (1814-1859), Thomas (1816-1901),Christian/Christina (1819- ). Family settled in Utica - Information from Tom Kniel who is descended from Thomas who, with his brother William settled in Westfield, Hampden Co., MA. in the cigar business, Thomas later becoming State Senator.

Group 11: Luke Kaighen = Elinor Cannon m. 20 Dec 1823 Kirk German;

Group 14: William Cowle = Anne Garrett m. 22 Oct 1810 Lezayre, W.J. Cowle bp. 4 Apr 1813 Lezayre, Jane Cowle bp. 20 Oct 1816 Lezayre.

Group 22: Phillip Quirk = Margaret Kermode 5 Nov 1808, Kk Patrick; children: Margaret bp. 3 Mar 1809 Kk Lonan; Eliza bp. 3 Jan 1813, Jane 19 Feb 1815, James 27 Apr 1817 all at Kk Patrick.

Group 27: John Tear + Catherine ( Clarke) Tear family are given in Chapter 4 of Manx, Isle of Man History of Manx People who came to America .

Group 28: Daniel Skinner + 2nd wife Elizabeth Cain (Wm + Jane from that marr) other children by 1st wife Ann Gelling (bur Andreas 5 Sep 1820); Daniel is likely to be son of Wm Skinner + Elinor Cowin (m. Lonan 27 Nov 1787)

Group 29 is likely to be likely to be Thos son of Ewan KINRY & Mary KNEEN bapt 27 April 1791 Andreas.

Group 32: Robert Harrison = Esther Garrett 26 Oct 1826; Robert Harrison bp 11 Nov 1797 (parents John Harrison = Ann Radcliffe, Andreas) - Ewan Kinry (father of Thomas gourp 29) and Robert Harrison's father were cousins and more distantly cousins of the Radcliffes, group 15.

Group 41, 43: (for Cayling read Crellin) is almost certainly William Crellin = Rose Anne Rogers married 10 March 1826 at Kk Braddan; the age of William should be 30 (not 38 though the manifest age is clear) bp. 25 Jun 1797 at KkGerman; Cath Crellin bp. 28 Aug 1814 at Kk Arbory is younger sister of William; Radcliffe Crellin, bp 11 Oct 1807 at Kk German is a brother; their parents were William Crellin and Elinor Radcliffe married 1794 at Kk Patrick.

New Orleans

Liverpool Arrived New York August 24, 1827 Manifest 548

Wm Kneen 54 farmer Isle of Man might be age 34
Ann 54 (?)
Maria 12
Cathrn 8
Sophia 6
James (?) 3
Wm 1

John Cowley 21 cooper Isle of Man
Hugh Kennish (Kerrish ?) 27 farmer Isle of Man
Thomas 18 farmer Isle of Man

George Clinton

Liverpool Arrived New York Aug 27, 1827 Manifest 562

John Quayle 18 joiner Great Britain
Hugh Knale 30 wheelwright
Mary 25
Margaret 2
Thomas Cannell (Cannen ?) 17
William Kinrade 17


Liverpool Arrived New York September 5, 1827 Manifest 586

T. Cowley 24 Isle of Man (crossed out)
Mary 22
Thos 1
Joseph Kenoll (?) 18


Liverpool Arrived New York September 5, 1827 Manifest 593

Jas Radcliffe 44 cabinet maker Great Britain
Jas C. 13
Ann 9
Wm Garratt 29 tanner
Mary 25
Ann I. (or J.) 5
Wm Hy 4
Betsey Ann 2
Sophia 4
Catharine Kelly 22

John Crane 26 painter Isle of Man
Cath 22
John 1
Jane 12

Hannah Creer 36 spinster - ?widow as James + Charlotte match children of James Creer and Hannah Sayle baptised in Ramsey
Wm 8
Margt 6
James 4
Charlotte 1
Eliza 60
Wm Sail 57 (37 ?) - Sayle ? -?if age 37 then Hannah + Wm would match children of Wm Sayle + Ann Wilson

A family member gave additional info: re the Creer family group on the Cassandra 1827 Hannah Creer nee Sayle - her husband was James Creer (m Braddan Jan 19 1817)
Their children were William, Mary Ann (not Margaret!), James and Charlotte. Presumably William Sail (sic) was her father and Eliza her mother(?). There is no trace of James Creer dying around 1826 but he must have disappeared from the scene someway or had already gone ahead to the USA.




Arrived New York 5 Sep 1827 (ref no. 594); Master Jonas Bones, burthen 366 tons on board 65 passengers; this may be the vessel referred to as 'Indus' in Thomas Kelly's journal.

... we met Garret The Tanner from Ramsey and two other manks men passengers from on Board the Indus an Ameracan Ship at anchor at the Quarantine Ground with us. they Told us that they were 66 Days on there passage from Liverpool to this place She came here the Same Day as we came

The only possibly manx names are:


Reported as leaving Liverpool 23rd July; arrived New York 7 Sept 1827 (ref no. 597) (note according to Thomas Kelly's diary it arrived the 5th, in his letter he states it arrived at the Quarantine Station on Tuesday 4th and sailed on to New York on Saturday (8th) - thus the dates in the register may well be those on which the manifest is registered). Master William Clarke; burthen 427 tons.

This is the vessel on which Thomas Kelly and family travelled (see Thomas Kelly's Journal. and his letter)

Against Thomas Kelly under'Country to which they belong' is entered 'Isle of Man' crossed through and a line indicating 'England' entered! Against all the possible Manx names is entered England. No occupations are entered! Note Isabella Kelly, jnr, died on voyage but is not entered as dead on manifest - it is possible that the manifest was actually filled in at Liverpool and thus indicates the order of arrival at the ship -


Liverpool arrived New York Sept 25, 1827 Manifest 656

Barque Lord Wellington

Liverpool arrived New York Nov 14, 1827 Manifest 761



Reported as arriving at New York 30 July 1828 Master William Allen; burthen 280 tons a 34/95 indication given (think 34 cabin class/95 steerage) (Roll #12 ref no. ?). The following passengers are given as English, however the Corlett's are known to be Manx


Arrived New York 22 August 1828; Master Henry Colburn. All passengers stated to be Labourers and from England (a single heading at top of manifest was given with vertical line drawn through rest of column - so little real credence to this)

The Clague family are, I think, Charles Clague and Catherine Corlett m. 23 June 1802 at Lezayre - children all baptised at Ballaugh: Esther 3 Jul 1808, daniel 29 Sept 1811, Robert 16 Oct 1814 and Hugh 14 Sept 1818 - the sequence of names is the same though all sons seem to have their ages deflated.

Lois Ralph gave me the following family history for William Cain + Judith Corlett

William Cain was born on the Island, about 1788. He married, at Kk Patrick, November 23, 1811, Judith Corlett. She was born on the Island, about 1791.
William Cain was dead by 1850, and Judith was living in Royalton with her daughter Ann. ((1850 Royalton census: Orsons Sherwood 34 merchant New York; Ann 28 IOM; Sebastian 4: Adalaide 3; Harrison Waterson 17 clerk Ohio; Judith Caine 63 IOM.) Also enumerated with son Thomas in Cleveland. (1850 Cleveland first ward # 174 (children all born Ohio): Thomas Caine 35 grocer IOM; Lucinda 24 Ohio; Wm Henry 6; Elizabeth 4; Emma E. 1 8/12; John Waterson 22 car. & joiner Ohio; Elizabeth Waterson 20 New York; Juda Caine 62 IOM.)
Children of Judith Corlett and William Cain:
i. John Cain was born about 1814.
ii. Thomas Cain was baptized at Kk Patrick, November 27, 1814. He married, in Cuyahoga County, February 23, 1843, Lucinda Wright.
iii. William Cain was baptized at Kk Patrick, August 3, 1817.
iv. James Cain was baptized at Kk Patrick, March 12, 1820.
v. Ann Cain was baptized at Kk Patrick, November 24, 1822. She married, in Cuyahoga County, October 2, 1845, Orsamus Sherwood.
vi. Catherine Cain was baptized at Kk Patrick, February 25, 1827.

Next Generation

Thomas Caine (William - JudithCorlett) was baptized at Kk Patrick, November 27, 1814. He married, in Cuyahoga County, February 23, 1843, Lucinda Wright. She was born in Ohio, about 1826.
Thomas Caine was a grocer in Cleveland.
Thomas died by May 4, 1862, when Lucinda married, in Cuyahoga County, Thomas Goffey (Gaffey ?). Lucinda and Thomas Gaffey are listed in the 1870 Cleveland census. He is a store clerk. Thomas died in Cleveland, December 16, 1874, age 37 y, 6 mo, and is buried in Woodland Cemetery.
Lucinda and her family moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, by the 1880 census.
Children of Lucinda Wright and Thomas Caine: born in Ohio
i. William Henry Caine was born about 1844.
ii. Elizabeth Caine was born about 1846.
iii. Emma E. Caine was born about 1848. She is probably the Emma Eliza Cain who married, in Cuyahoga County, November 12, 1866, Jacob F. Houk.

Thomas Dickason

This is a regular packet ship, arrived New York 29 Aug 1828; Caleb Anthony jnr Master.


Isaac Hicks

Liverpool to New York regular packet, 495 tons burthen; arrived New York 3 June 1831. The following are shown as from Isle of Man.


Liverpool to New York, 371 tons burthen, Richard Lambert master; arrived New York 21 June 1831. The following are shown as from Isle of Man.


Liverpool to New York, 387 tons burthen, John Wyle master; arrived New York 28 June 1831. The following are shown as from Great Britain - destination Ohio - possible non-manx are shown [..]


References and Acknowledgements

I must thank Tim Davis (and Lois Ralph for many additional transcribed manifests) for obtaining the various manifests and for pointing me at several of the Cleveland references quoted both here and on linked pages.

T. Colman Passage to America London: Hutchinson 1972 - gives an excellent description of the emigration route (ships, agents ports etc) for the mass migration period from 1846-1855.

C. Erickson Leaving England. Essays on British Emigration in the Nineteenth Century Ithaca/London Cornell University Press (ISBN 0-8014-2820-3) 1994 has used the same manifest archive to investigate English emigration.

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