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For most of the information on this page I am very grateful to Alison Glenie who has allowed me to reproduce an introductory guide written for New Zealand researchers - as this is about as far from the Island as you are likely to get then it truely demonstrates that much research can be done before having to call on the resources of the Manx Museum. Additional information was supplied by Donna Douglas.


A brief mention of the background to the Mormon filming of Manx documents is given elsewhere; the IGI (International Genealogical Index) covering the Isle of Man is available on 15 microfiches and can be bought - for details see final section.

The microfilms covered here are available for hire at the various Mormon Family History Centres - they can also be hired by other Family History or Genealogical Societies. Academic researchers can also buy copies of the films - as the material is in the care of the Manx Museum it is necessary for the Mormons to seek permission from the museum before releasing copies. It is possible to speed up this process by first approaching the Archivist at the Manx Museum to check that permission would be granted and sending a copy of this release with the order to Salt Lake City.

The following section is a copy of Alison Glenie's report (reproduced by permission)


The Isle of Man is not part of the UK and has always kept its own records. In general, these records are held in either the Manx Museum or the General Registry in Douglas. Many of them can be accessed from New Zealand through LDS Family History Centres, using the Family History Library Catalog, Locality Section (FHLC). Look under Isle of Man and you will find there is one fiche with general subjects listed alphabetically at the beginning, followed by an alphabetical list of Manx parish topics. In the March 1997 edition it is Fiche number 0563. If, however, you are using the CD Rom version of the FHLC, simply enter Isle of Man as the location and you will find the topics listed in the same way.

Civil Registration became compulsory for births and deaths much later in the Isle of Man than in England - from 1878, and for marriages from 1884, and although there are some records available before then, generally you have to depend on parish registers prior to these dates. The certificates have the same format as their English counterparts and are kept at the General Registry in Douglas. Civil Registration Indexes can be researched at your local LDS Centre, using the following film numbers.



Northern and Eastern division

(1884 - 1964)

Film No 0454951

Southern and Western division

(1884 - 1964)

Film No 0454952


(1849 - 1964)

Film No 0454953



Douglas District

(1821 - 1942)

Film No 0454954

Douglas District

(1934 - 1964)

Film No 0454955

Ramsey, Peel and Castletown District

(1849 - 1964)

Film No 0454956



Douglas District

(1877 - 1964)

Film No 0454957

Ramsey, Peel and Castletown District

(1877 - 1964)

Film No 0454958

Should you wish to do so, you may also order in the microfilms of the original certificates which are available for births, marriages and deaths registered up to 1911. Check your FHLC for these film numbers. Otherwise you can write to the General Registry in Douglas for a certified copy of any of the original certificates including those later than 1911.


Parish Registers survive with some gaps from the 17 ancient parishes of the established church and also non-conformist churches - some registers dating from as early as 1607. Bishops Transcripts are also available and can help bridge a few of the gaps, where sections of a parish register may have been lost. The majority of these records (strictly the 1911 official transcriptions thereof) have been filmed by the LDS and are listed under the heading of your parish in the FHLC. Some of the non-conformist records, however, are available only at the Museum Library in Douglas and you will need to employ a researcher to look at these. The Museum Library will be able to recommend a researcher for you.


Census records are available at LDS as for the UK from 1841 to 1891. These can also be found in the FHLC under the title of your parish. LDS film numbers 00992093-00992101 give 1851-1871 with parishes in alphabetical order eg 0992093 starts with Andreas 1851, 1861, 1871 and then Arbory etc. See comment under census records re two copies of 1851-1871 CEB's


Monumental Inscriptions which have been completed for churches all over the Island by the Isle of Man Family History Society, are also listed in the FHLC under the name of your parish. The film for each parish contains both an index and a full description of each inscription.


Land deeds and Marriage Contracts can be found in the FHLC under Land and Property Records.

Early Records The two most useful indexes are

(i) South Side Sales
(Rushen,Arbory, Malew, Santan, Marown,
Braddan, Onchan, Lonan, Maughold)

(1595 - 1847)

Film No 0106684

(ii) North Side Sales
(other parishes)

(1608 - 1847)

Film No 0106685

It is, however, also worth investigating

Castletown Deeds (all parishes)

(1780 - 1847)

Film No 0106686

Northside Mortgages

(1723 - 1847)

Film No 0106697

Southside Mortgages

(1723 - 1847)

Film No 0106698

For details of 'Southside'; Northside' etc see under Parishes and Land divisions.

Later Records (From 1847 - 1954, deeds are indexed by parish)

{Maughold, Lonan, Marown, Malew, Arbory, Rushen, Andreas, Bride, Lezayre, Patrick, German, Michael, Ballaugh, Jurby}

(1847 - 1887)

Film No 0106687

Onchan, Braddan, Santon

(1847 - 1884)

Film No 0106688


(1885 - 1920)

Film No 0106689


(1921 - 1954)

Film No 0106690


(1885 - 1954)

Film No 0106691


(1885 - 1921)

Film No 0106691

Michael, Ballaugh

(1887 - 1954)

Film No 0106692

Patrick, German, Bride, Lezayre, Jurby, Andreas, Marown, Malew

(1888 - 1920)

Film No 0106693

Maughold, Lonan, Arbory, Rushen

(1888 - 1920)

Film No 0106694

Santon, Marown, Rushen, Malew, Arbory, Maughold, Lezayre

(1921 - 1954)

Film No 0106695

Jurby, Bride, Andreas, German, Patrick, Lonan

(1921 - 1954)

Film No 0106696

Once you have checked the appropriate index, and located an entry that interests you, you should write to the Manx Museum Library, for a photocopy of your required deed. There is a charge for photocopying plus postage.


6. Wills

can be easily researched at your local LDS Centre. The probate system is a somewhat complicated as wills were proven in either the Archidiaconal or Episcopal Courts just depending on the time of year, and which court was in session.

[Here I have updated the information as the online index to all wills produced by Brian Lawson at- <>(follow research link) makes its easy to order the correct film and gain access to this valuable genealogical treasure chest - see also the 12,000+ transcribed(inc summaries) wills on my site. - the film numbers of the indices are left for convenience]

LDS film numbers for the joint card index are as follows.


A - Cowl

Film No 1037043

Cowle - Karrand

Film No 1037044

Karrat - McCormick

Film No 1037045

McCoy - Sayle

Film No 1037046

Saynt - Younghusband
Episcopal Wills only: A - Z 1681 - 1688
Episcopal Wills only: A - Z 1600 - 1602

Film No 1037084

7. Manorial Records

Manorial Records can be a huge help when tracing your Manx ancestry, if your families were involved with the land. These records are not easy to find in the FHLC, as the LDS Church has not labelled them by the names that we associate with them. Below are listed the various different manorial records that are available through the Family History Centres.


Liber Assedationis (Liber Assed)

The system of recording ownership of land is a complicated one. Liber Assed lists landowners and the Lord's Rent they paid on their property. Accounts were kept reasonably regularly from 1511, but there are missing years, especially from the beginning of the 18th century [actually there are not but post 1704 books covering a number of years were used which may give the appearance of missing records but see those I have transcribed for Peel] . This record can be found in the FHLC under Land & Property & also under Manors. (It is not labelled as Liber Assed).

Years 1507 - 1600

Film No 0106590

Years 1600 - 1617

Film No 0106591

Years 1617 - 1630

Film No 0106592

Years 1631 - 1650

Film No 0106593

Years 1651 - 1674

Film No 0106594

Years 1651 - 1674

Film No 0106595

Years 1675 - 1696

Film No 0106596

Years 1697 - 1720

Film No 0106597

Years 1720 - 1761

Film No 0106598

Years 1783 1790, 1797, 1858, 1870

Film No 0106599

Years 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911

Film No 0106600

Liber Vastarum (Liber Vast)

This book records change of ownership of property, by inheritance, marriage contract, sale etc. It was also compiled regularly, but there are many frustrating gaps. It is listed in the FHLC under Court Records, Kirk Christ Rushen. (It is not labelled as Liber Vast).

Years 1511 - 1600 Film No 0106604
Years 1600 - 1622 Film No 0106605
Years 1623 - 1655 Film No 0106606
Years 1656 - 1700 Film No 0106607
Years 1656 - 1700 Film No 0106608
Years 1700 - 1724 Film No 0106609
Years 1725 - 1740 Film No 0106610
Years 1740 - 1751 Film No 0106611
Years 1752 - 1769 Film No 0106612
Years 1770 - 1788 Film No 0106613
Years 1789 - 1800 Film No 0106614
Years 1800 - 1810 Film No 0106615
Years 1811 - 1818 Film No 0106616
Years 1819 - 1825 Film No 0106617
Years 1826 - 1831 Film No 0106618
Years 1832 - 1834 Film No 0106619
Years 1835 - 1839 Film No 0106620
Years 1840 - 1845 Film No 0106621
Years 1846 - 1852 Film No 0106622
Years 1853 - 1860 Film No 0106623
Years 1860 - 1865 Film No 0106624
Years 1865 - 1876 Film No 0106625
Years 1876 - 1880 Film No 0106626
Years 1880 - 1889 Film No 0106627
Years 1890 - 1896 Film No 0106628
Years 1896 - 1906 Film No 0106629
Years 1907 - 1916 Film No 0106630

Liber Monasteriorum

This records the rent paid on land owned not by the Lord, but by the Abbey It is listed in the FHLC under Court Records, Land & Property & also Manors.

Years 1579 - 1600

Film No 0992104

Years 1600 - 1687

Film No 0992105

Years 1687 - 1880

Film No 0992106

Years 1880 - 1890

Film No 0992107

[I am not sure that the years are complete, as those for 1740-1880 I thought had not been filmed as the Manx Museum will produce the actual record for these years - again see under Peel for examples]

Composition Book

Here "fines" which were imposed from time to time by the Lord of Man on property owners are listed. The book can be found in the FHLC under Land & Property.

Years 1506 - 1697

Film No 0106701

Years 1626 - 1713

Film No 0106702

Years 1610 - 1724

Film No 0106703

Manorial Roll Edited by William Cubbon.

This is a modern and easy to read transcription of the earliest list of landowners. It can be found in the FHLC under Manors. It is also online on these pages.

Years 1511 - 1515 Film No 0105982


8. Directories

This section is based onthe LDS catalogue and has not been checked out - the Holden's directory is of the British Isles and has only a short two page section on the IoM.

Another page gives a discussion and reference to on-line versions of various directories.

Holdens Directory Years 1814/1815  Film No 1612389 Item 2
Isle of Man Examiner Annual & Official Directory Year 1935  Film No 0990162 Item 4
The Manx Yearbook Year 1930, 1936,1939  Film No 0990161 Item 4-6
Pigot's Directory Year 1824  Film No 1612397 Item 2
Pigot & Slater's Directory Year 1843   Film No 1655642 item 6
Thwaites Directory (Years 1808,1809, 1811,1813, 1816, 1818, 1819, 1824, 1837, 1843, 1846, 1852, 1854, 1879, 1881,1882)   Film No 0105988


9 Other Civil Records

Disputes concerning land (boundaries etc.) were generally resolved by Enquests - records of these would give details of the case and also the depostions of various witnesses - they can add considerably to fleshing out a family history.

Chronological Abstracts 1687-1825

Film No 0106097

Enquest Files 1688-1916

Film No 0106172

Enquest Entry Book 1830-1941

Film No 0106173

The following section is based on information from Donna Douglas and others.

Other LDS Films

Parish Registers (note these are transcribed copies of Baptismal and Marriage entries made by civil authorities in 1911)
(# = item number on a multi-item film)

Andreas 0106704,0106705, 0106179 #2
Arbory 0106725, 0106726,0106179 #1
Braddan 0106708, 0106709,106710,0106711,0106188,0106189,0106190
Bride 0106713,0106180
Lezayre 0106722,0106181,0106182 #1
Rushen 0106742,0106743,0223733,0196194
German 0106722,0106723,0106724,0106177,0223734
Lonan 0106728,0106184 #2
Jurby 0106725,0106726,0106179 #1
Malew 0106729,0106730,0106731,0106732
Marown 0106733,0106191 #2
Maughold 0106735,0106736, 0223735
Onchan 0106185 #2-3, 0106715
Patrick 0106738,0106739,0106176#1
Santan 0932920 #3,4(note parish referred to as St Ann until late 19th Century)
Laxey 0106185 #1
Ramsey 0990228 #8
St Jude's 0106746
St Marks 0106747
St Mary's Castletown 038191
St Stephens 0106744
Baldwin 0106712
Dalby 0106184 #1
Dhoon 0932912 #3-6
St Barnabas 0106716, 0106186 #3
St Mathews 0106718,0223729 #2,0106186 #1
St George 0106719,0223729 #1, 0106717, 0106186 #2

Other Films

The Mormons have filmed many other documents, a few that may be of interest:

Civil Records:

Poll Books 1866-1905


Register of Electors 1867-1878



Entry Book 1848-1955 Criminal Court



Tithe Composition Book 1848


Valuation of Land 1868 (Asylum)



Index 1800-1935 Chancery Court


Petitions 1808-1851 Chancery Court



King William's College Register


Catholic Records

Bapts & Marriages 1817-49


Many books relating to Manx History are also available on microfilm/fiche

Ordering Fiches and Films

 Apparently most of the FHC tell people that you can't do it - but you can!

The IGI is #1620 for 15 fiche and costs $2.25
The Library Catalog for IOM is also very useful, it is FO29 for 1 fiche and is $.15

You need to obtain order forms - in the UK the address is 185 Penns Lane, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B76 1JU; elsewhere try either Salt Lake City or your local Mormon centre.

The cost of the 15 fiches which make up the complete IoM IGI (ref no. 1620) is US$2.25 plus $2.00 for p&p etc. (In the US you have to add sales tax for your state)
Send the order to
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
The Family History Department,
50 E North Temple Street,
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-3400
(tel 801-240-1290 - non-USA)

Ask also for the free copies of the "Reference Guide" (= instructions) and the "Parish & Vital Records List".

The 5 CD-ROM set of British Vital Records would appear to contain no Manx records.

Although prices are quoted in US$, they apparently accept personal cheques drawn in your own currency converted at a current rate. One UK researcher did this and found it worked perfectly, his order being fulfilled within 3 weeks.

(Thanks to Donna Douglas and Gilbert Upton for the information)


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