Various Documents related to Manx Emigrants


The following list of documents (some Manuscript) is based on that published by W. Cubbon in 1939 in the last section of his monumental Bibliography though I have been able to add a little more material. I have rearranged the material under the various country/states and, where possible, included links to an on-line copy (all copies are from the Microfilm in the Manx Museum Library to whom acknowledgments for making the material available are due).

Other articles have appeared in the Isle of Man Family History Society Journal - see index.

I have not yet had chance to review all these reference so I may have mis-indexed some of the biographical articles.

Shelf marks e.g. L.6 indicate the Manx Museum reference; for those from NAMA and/or relating to Cleveland copies can usually be found in both Cleveland Public Library and Western Reserve Library.


1827 Leading article in Manx Advertiser Feb 15th 1827

1848-49. Paragraphs on emigration in Manx Sun, March 1st, 1848, Feb. 7th, 1849; April 4th, 1849; April 11th, 1849; April 25th, 1849; and May 2nd, 1849.

1901, Moore, A. W. Manx Worthies, Contains a section entitled 'Emigrants,' pp. 205-213, and the following are mentioned: Rose and Barbara Standish, William and Jonathan Christian, the emigration to Cleveland, Thomas Quayle, John Quayle Cannon, William Kermode, Robert Quayle Kermode, Benjamin Michael Freer. .

1932. Norris, S. Manx Emigration (Recollections and Reviews). Douglas Weekly Diary, April 30th, 1932. L 8.


1881. Caine, Philip Manxmen Abroad Mona's Herald, 28 Sept 1881

1921. Moore, Ramsey B. Manxmen in America. In Manx Quarterly, no. 24, Jan., 1921, pp. 43-44. L 6.


1827. Letter from Manx emigrant in Geauga County, Leroy Township, Ohio, dated Nov. 18th, 1826, in Manks Advertiser, Jan. 18th, 1827. Also Manks Advertiser, Jan. 25th, 1827.

1827. Letter from a Jurby emigrant, William Kelly, in Manks Advertiser, Feb. 8th, 1827.

1827. Letters from Manx emigrants in U.S.A., signed John Tear, William Tear, Patrick Tear, and William Kelly. In Manks Advertiser, Feb.15th, 1827. Also leading article in same issue.

1828. Letter from Thomas Kelly. In Manx Sun Mar 18th 1828

1831. Letter from William Corlett May 12 1831 first published in Journal Manx Museum no 76.

1878. Early Emigrations to America in the ship 'Nimrod.' Mona's Herald, Aug. 14th, Aug. 21st, and Aug. 28th.

1883. Kerruish, W. S. The Pioneer Manxmen. Typescript copy of article in 'The Annals of the Early Settlers' Association,' 1883. Pp. 5. L 20, 3797.

1885. Cannell, Thomas, of Kirk Michael. Note in Manx Notebook, vol. 1, p. 27.

1897. Manxmen in Chicago. The Manxman (Hartley), vol. viii, no. 103, p. 7. .

190-. Arman, Sarah Quirk. A Pioneer Family. Photostat copy, 155 x 100 mms, pp. 16. A brief account of the early settlement in America of the Caley family. L 20, 7617.

1912. Manx-American's Splendid Career (William S. Kerruish, Cleveland). In Manx Quarterly, no. 11, p. 1014.

1914. Manx American builds Church (Humphrey S. Taggart). Manx Quarterly, no. 14, vol. ii, p. 142. .

1915. Kerruish, W. S. Reminiscences of Manx Pioneers (in Cleveland, U.S.A.). Mannin, vol. iii, no. 5, pp. 275-278. Describes the earliest emigration to Northern Ohio, c. 1825-30.

1918. Corlett, William Thomas. The People of Orrisdale and Others. Family Sketches. Pp. 90, illus. The story and genealogy of the Corletts of Orrisdale and their settlement in America. G 88 C8/1..

1920. Corlett, William Thomas. Reminiscences, Cleveland, 1920. Pp. 420, illus. G 88.

1921. The Cleveland Savings and Loan Company. Organised 1896, twenty-fifth anniversary. 215 x 140 mms, pp. 32. Outline of the aims of the Company, and photographs of the Directors. L 20.

1926.-Callister, Rev. Joseph Quayle. Manx-Americans in Cleveland, and Manxmen I Have Met in Cleveland. I.M. Examiner. *

1926. Cannon, Joseph Gurney. Biographical Notice in a Cleveland Newspaper, November 13th, 1926.*

1929. Teare, W. H. (Pres., Mona's Relief Society), Obit. I.M. Times, January 5th, 1929.

1929. Corlett, Judge Alva R. Cleveland Press, July, 1929.

1929. Cannell, Thomas. Death of Veteran Manx-American. I.M. Examiner, Sept. 27th, 1929.

1930. Kelly, J. J., of Cleveland. Obit., I.M. Times, July 19th and Aug. 9th, 1930.

1930. Quiggin, Orrin. A Centenarian. Cleveland Press, October, 1930.

1931. Collister, Judge Clucas. Prominent Cleveland Manxman. Obit. I.M. Times, Feb. 7th, 1931.

1931. Cannell, W. S. Old Manxmen in the U.S.A. (John Cubbon and Dan Boyd of Santa Ana, Calif. ) I.M. Times, March 28th, 1931.

1931. Watterson, William W. Boat-builder on the Great Lakes. I.M. Times, August 22nd, 1931.

1934. Corlett, William Thomas. Medical Miscellany-Mainly Historical. Pp. 148. Published by the author. G 88, 7067.

1935. Corlett, William Thomas. The Medicine-Man of the American Indian and his Cultural Background. Pp. 369 illus. Charles C. Thomas, 1935. G 88.

1935. Thomas Kelly and Famaly's Journal. Being the Diary of one Thomas Kelly of Jurby, who settled in the States in 1827. Reprinted from the I.M. Examiner, 1935. 6d. 182 x 121 mms, pp. 19. L 20, 7399.

1935. Interesting Facts and Old Memories of the Isle of Man. A Fireside Cooish with the Manx Museum Committee, Eighth International Convention of the N.A.M.A., 1935. 280 x 215 mms, pp. 30. Sketches by Joseph Cannell, articles by various contributors. 'Ohio Cottage' (W. H. Collister) and 'Early Pioneer Days' (James Kewley) have reference to emigration. L 20.

1936. Teare, Cecil. Impressions of America. Ramsey Courier, April 24th, 1936.

1937. Corlett, William Thomas. Biographical Sketch. Town and Country Review, May, 1937, p. 46.

1937. The Manx at Rochester. Tenth Convention of N.A.M.A. I.M. Weekly Times, Sept. 25th, 1937. Bound-up copy in section L 20.

1937. Gale, Alderman F. Visit to America. I.M. Weekly Times, Nov. 27th, 1937. Bound-up copy in section L 20.

1938. Corlett, William Thomas. Blazing the Trail. Reprint from Ohio State Medical Journal, Vol. 34, No. 2, pp. 185-187. G 88, 7930.

1939. Manx Pioneers-Early Settlers Who Made Good. Ramsey Courier, June 30th, 1939. (Manxmen of Peoria and Brimfield, U.S.A.)

1939. Tyson, James Colquitt, Musician and Poet. I.M. Examiner, June 30th, 1939, p. 13.



1908. Stowell, M. T. Wattersons' Bank, California. In Manx Quarterly, no. 5, p. 465. L 6.

1930. Cubbon, John. Sixty Years in Santa Ana. I.M. Times, December 27th, 1930, and March 14th, 1931.


1908.- Cain, Captain W. S. Autobiography, and Sketches of Relatives. Reminiscences of 1861-65. Settlement of the Cain family in Atchison, Kansas. Pp. 126. G.88.


1833-1849 - Letters to William Fargher

Mormons and/or Utah

1841 John & Catherine Quayle Letter from Manx Emigrant Manx Liberal 21 August 1841

1938. Mr. Matthias M. Cowley - His Emigration with the Mormons. Ramsey Courier, August 26th, 1938, p. 3, and I.M. Times, August 27th, 1938, p. 17.


1924. Cowell, Robert. Obit. in Evening World Herald, Omaha, Nebraska, June 20th, 1924. In G 88, 3351.

1935. Nebraska Manxman, vol. 1, June 12th, 1935. 380 x 280 mms, pp. 4. Official paper of the Nebraska Manx Association. Contains a long article on the I.M. by Elizabeth Kelly, of Nebraska City. L 20, 7255

New York

1847 Letter from Mary Ann Quayle Williamsburg 1847


The Laxey Picnic [Wisconsin Manx] vol 03.3 pp43-44



1827. Letter from Manxman in Montreal, Canada, dated Aug. 28th, 1827. In Manks Advertiser, Oct. 11th, 1827.

1834. Letter from a settler in Upper Canada, Manx Sun Feb 14th 1834


1930. Partridge, Captain Otto. Manxman in the Yukon. I.M. Examiner, July 4th, 1930.

1930. Cannell, Hugh. The Great Manxman of Montreal. I.M. Times, July 12th, 1930.

South Africa

1899. A Manx Gathering at Johannesburg - Manx Association Formed. The Manxman (Hartley), vol. xvii, no. 219, p. 4. L 6.

1937. Lace, J. Dale. Pioneers in Johannesburg. Obit. Rand Daily Mail, June 7th and 8th, 1937

1938. Manxmen We are Proud of - Mr. Daniel Corlett, Mayor of Johannesburg. I.M. Times, April 23rd, 1938, p. 12.


1840. Cain, Thomas. Two letters dated Jan 10th 1840 from Adelaide; printed in Mona's Herald.

1846. Cain, Thomas. Excerpt in Mona's Herald [16 Jan 1847]. of letter dated 27 Mar 1846.

1851. Cashin, James (late of Ballasalla). Letter dated Melbourne, Sept. 20th, 1850, in Manx Sun, May 17th, 1851. Gives a list of the Manxmen in Melbourne, Australia.

1852 Mona's Herald Dec 1st 1852 - contains list of Manx at the Gold diggings who gave money to help a bereaved wife

1860 Manuscript Letters from Vixen emigrants

1904. Broadbent, S. K. Mona to Australasia: Letters to the I.M. Examiner. 1/-. 254 x 194 mms, pp. 26. (MM L 20, 1553).

1925. Ballarat's Industries - Kelly and Preston. Ballarat Courier, July 18th, 1925.*

1926. Crellin, James. Letter from Brisbane. I.M. Examiner, January 1st, 1926. *

1927. Leece, J. E. A Manx Pioneer in Australia (John Quirk, Tumbulgum, Tweed River, N.S.W.). In Ellan Vannin, no 7, Jan., 1927, pp. 288-291, with portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Quirk. L 6.

1929. Corlett, Thomas. A Manx-Australian Pioneer, Ramsey Courier, January 5th, 1929.

New Zealand

1931. Moore, Wm. John. Manx Pioneer in New Zealand. Obit. Peel Guardian, June 27th, 1931.

1939. New Manx Society formed-Auckland, New Zealand. I.M. Examiner, June 23, 1939, p. 14.


1899. A Manx Colony in Ireland. The Manxman (Hartley), vol. xvi, no. 202, p. 16. L 6


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