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This letter is from James Cashin (late of Ballasalla) and appeared in Manx Sun, May 17th, 1851.

Letter from South Austalia

[The following letter with a few conclusions of a private nature, has been received by the friends of the writer, who reside in this Island; and it is now published for general information and in particular for the benefit of such parties as have friends in that colony, and who may chance to be named therein]

Melbourne, Port Philip District, Austalia, Sept 23, 1850

...We left the river Mersey on the 23rd of December, 1849, and for the first three days had contrary winds and rather cold weather; but after the wind becme fair; the weather was getting warmer every day. I began jobbing with the carpenter to occupy my mind as it was rather unsettled and found myself much better by doing a little. Nearly all hands were sick were sick for a few days at first ...


I am now in the town of Geelong, employed by another master, that is putting a new mill up of four pair of stones.....There are a great many Manx people here, and all are doing well. I have been in Costain's house several times. He is married to a Miss Kelly, from Ballagarey, in Rushen. He is making bricks, and earns about £9 a week, one of his shipmates is in partnership with him. They give £30 a year for an acre of land. I hear that John Faragher from Malew church, is doing well at his trade. I hear also that John Quayle, sailor, from Castletown, is in the police force. The Manx people here and those at Milburn are all doing well. I dont think you know any more f those here; but I will name a few of them, in case you send this letter to the press. Their friends will be happy to hear of them. In Geelong there is one Sherlock, a stone cutter, from Douglas; James Keig, sailor and wife, from Lezayre; Bridson, joiner, wife and child, from Castletown; Gawne and family from Greeba; one Christian, son of Mr E. Christian, ramsey. Now for thoose in Milburn. D. Corteen, joiner from ramsey; Corkhill, from Maughold; John, William and Thomas Sayle from Andreas; D.Cleator, joiner, from the same place; J.Crellin. from Ballasalla; Kermode, saddler, from Rushen; Jas Gale, wife and family. Gale bought 100 acres of good fenced land for £200. J.Kinrade, wife and family, who came out with Gale. The woman I am lodged with is manx, she has the best board and lodging house in the town. She can accomodate about forty, and is doing well; the place is her own.

The district will go a better now. It used to be under the control of Sydney but now it is separated, and has a Governor of its own. It is no penal settlement. It is called "Victoria District" or Port Phillip


James Cashin

(late of Ballasalla, Isle of Man)

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