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For details re Thomas Cain see letter of 1840. The excert is from Mona's Herald 16 Jan 1846.

AUSTRALIA.- The following extracts respecting persons who emigrated from the Island some time ago to Australia, are from a letter received by a gentleman in this town [Douglas] from Adelaide, dated the 27th of March last. The friends of the parties resident here will be gratified by the intelligence. The letter was written by Mr. Thos. Cain, formerly of the Strang, near this town, and he goes on to say-

"I and my family are all well, no alteration yet by marriage; Thomas is farming on my lands; John is my only help in the mill. Wm Kelly and family are well, and going a-head; his son William is to be married in a few days, and receives with his wife eighty acres of land, fifty cows, mix breed, heifers, and stears; he is a fine steady lad, so much so, he excels his father. John Looney, Rachael and son are alive; Rachael has fell very quiet; I have not seen them this long time; she seldom comes to town. Edward Lawson and family are well, and still going a-head; family, three sons living, one daughter dead. Thomas Harrison, from Castletown, is here in the pilot's crew. Jack Gill is still here. William Oates, Cronkaberry, son of William Oates and Mary Back, is with me in the mill, he is a fine lad, he is or has been a sailor. The Colony is still prospering, and royalties are sure to be levied on all lands sold hereafter".

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