Crew of the Peveril


The Vixen was followed out to Australia in the following year by another Peel boat - the Peveril - this boat was a 59 ton fishing smack built by Henry Graves at Peel in 1848; she departed Peel 24 March 1854 and arrived Melbourne 5 August 1854;

The Crew were all very young -

CAIN William James 22 settled in Australia
COTTIER John 22 ticketed seaman
GORRY Philip 16 cook noted in letter from Australia but little known of subsequently - thought to have died c.1914
MYLECHREEST John 22 brother of Thomas - settled in Queensland died 1888
MYLECHREEST Thomas 24 Master Though young was an experienced Master - brother of John - returned to Peel in 1870 and d 1892
WATTERSON James 19 ticketed seaman


Barbara Greenwood Melbourne Bound From the Neb to the Yarra Peel Heritage Trust 2016 ISBN 978-1-5272-0021-0

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