Bregazzi Family

From Goodwin's notes:

The Bregazzi (pronounced Bregadzi, but now by everyone as spelt) were an Italian family who settled in England early last century [1800's] In the 'thirties they — two brothers Dominico and Sebastian — had a shop in Ashbourne, Derbyshire where the present writer's father then lived. He was frequently in their shop and afterwards called sometimes on them a few years later when the Bregazzi's were in Douglas and he in Peel. When first he knew them they could speak only broken English, Dominico scarely that itself.

In June 1846 Sebastian advertises as follows: "S Bregazzi picture framer, looking glass maker, carver, gilder, &c., thanks the public for their patronage during the 9 years he has been here, 46 Duke St".

I have been informed of a stamp on reverse of a water colour "S Bregazzi, Carver, Gilder and Picture Framer, 10 Merrion Row, Dublin" which is possibly the same family - however no date is known. Sebastian Bregazzi states that he was born in Lombardy - buried age 80 at Braddan New on 14 Oct 1886 - his wife Elizabeth was Irish born - she was buried age 68 26 Dec 1880.

   .... Bregazzi
     |                  |   26 Apl 1840
 Dominico            Sebastian = Elizabeth Norris
  d. unm             b. 1804   |
       |              |                                     |
       |              |     22 Dec 1870                     |
   Susan Mary    John Dominic = Martha Robinson       Margaret Rachel = Augustin Bucknell, Douglas
bp 22 Aug 1841  bp 19 Feb 1843|                     bp. 8 Sep 1847     |
                d. 16 May 1913|                                        +-------------+
                              |                                                      |
      +----------+------+-----+----+-----------------+----------+                several children
      |                 |          |                 |          |
   Henry Sebastian     Ada    John Robinson       Percy       Charles
        b. 1872       bp 1873    b. 1875          b. 1878     b. 1880
     d. 5 dec 1912

Sebastian was Roman Catholic, his marriage and children's baptisms are in the Register of St Francis Xavier (later St Mary's RC Church Douglas), by 1881 Sebastian was living with daughter Margaret Bucknell at 17 Prospect Hill.

In 1881 John and family were living at 8 Athol Street - son John Robinson became a reporter (his son Douglas Borough Engineer); son Percy was Quartermaster-Sergeant of the Isle of Man Volunteers in WW1.


There is also Felix Bregazzi, b. 1827 (in England) , who bought the Queen's Hotel, Douglas c.1860 and ran it for a few years (in 1884 still owned by Mrs Bregazzi) - not sure of link.

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