Caines of Ballacurleod in Kirk Michael

Location map - taken from 1868 O/S 1in/mile - Ballacurleod indicated but not named on map

BallaCurleod (later Ballacorlett) which is in the Treen of Ballanymade (or Bargarrow) is split between two holdings (in 1864 Woods atlas these are some 27ac and 35ac in extent) - the farms lie a little to west a short distance north of the Bargarrow crossroads on the road from Ballacraine to Michael via Glen Helen (now part of the TT course).

There is also another Caine family in the same treen - occupying Ballalhei (Ballalheigh)

In the 1704 composition book

(20) Jo Caine Miller for halfe of a tenement called BallaCurleod cont halfe a quarter of land of 17s 4d double rent compounded for in 1643 by William Curlett. Fine then for this and another parcell in the treen of Cammall rent 5s 3d was 13s 4d. Lives expired so to pay in proportion for this halfe quarter

(21)Tho Curlett for the other half quarter of 17s 4d double rent compounded for in 1643 by Tho Curlett. Fine then 10s. Lives expired so now to pay

there was another Caine family in the same treen - see later under Ballagarrow

(23)Ellen the daughter of William Caine and John Caine her husband for the remaining part of the sd quarterland [Barregarrow] 7s 6d double rent compounded for 1643 by John Caine. Fine then 4s. Lives expired so now to pay
(this was compounded for lives of John himself, Will his son and Danild s/o Thomas Curlett)

William Corlett (I will use the modern spelling except in quotes from documents) compounded for two properties - 2 parts of a qtr (Ballacurleod) and a 4th part of a qtr rent rent 4s 8d - for both the 3 lives compounded were his sons William and Donald and Margery daughter of Ewan Kneal - all three are dead by 1704. Thomas Corlett compounded for half a qtr - the three lives were his own, Donald his son and Gilbert son of Phill Cannell - again all dead by 1704.

In November 1693 John Caine, miller, bought the Corlett's half of BallaCurleod [Old Deed Michael #19]

dated 3 Nov 1693;Alice Teare (now of Jurby) sell for £5 to John Caine(kk Michael) half Qtr land called BallaCurlett in Kk Michael rent 8s 6d single rent + another parcell 1/6th pt qtr BallaKilley rent 3s 4d;witt Hugh Cannell, Pattr Clarke x, Dollin Teare x, Jon Quaile x;court June 1694

and the sale can be found in Lib Vas in which Wm Corlett's name for 8s 8d of the 22s 4d rent in Ballnymade is drawn and the name of John Caine, miller, entered

Alice Tear grandchild to ye said Wm Corlett to have ye tennant right entered ? by ye custome of ye country hath passed over ye same unto ye said John Caine by bill of sayle confirmed by ye officers

In 1709 Lib Assed John Caine milnr was entered for 17s 4d in Ballacurleod - the 1716 book still shows John Caine milner but indicated that a change was to be made in the next book .

In Lib Vas May 1718 under 34s 8d rent in Ballanimade John Caine,miller, 17s 4d is altered to give Pat Caine, his son 8s 8d - the said Pat Caine is entered for half the above rent with his father by virtue of a contract bargain dated the 22 Nov 1717 lawfully confirmed Fine 20d - this is the marriage contract Old deed Michael #69

dated 2 nov 1717;John Caine + Ann als Corlett obo son Pat; Elinr Quayle obo dau Joney(her fa dead);to marry before St Thomas day at Kk Michl; Caines to give half land;Elinr to give over + above Joney's fa share 40s + bed etc;witt Tho Quayle x; Jo Caine x;court May 1718

The marriage of John Caine and Ann Corlett appears to be missing, probably c. 1685 - their putative children are

Ellinor Mic 16860903
Margaret Mic 16880903
Patrick Mic 16930806
with possibly an un named son bur Mic 16980405 s/o John + Ann Caine
and Kath bur Mic 16921109 d/o John Caine + Ann Corlet

The parish registers are defective for some of this period - however John might well be a widower - previous wife Joney Sittleton as there is a marriage contract for son John [old Mic deed #20] and a marriage mic 16750420 - Joney's decree 1683 + probable burial, as Jony Siddleton, Mic 16830912 - her decree

d 30 sep 1683;ch wm, John + jane jt admrs;husb alive;1712: Wm Cannell h/o Jane acks fa-i-law John Caine 1/3rd pt of inv.annexed agreement 1718: widow of Wm Cain(late kk michael) + supvs of sd wm's children ack that sum due to Wm by death of mother was satisfied + discharge father of sd Wm vizt John Cain - signed Bahy Cain als Corkan, Jon Cain, Wm Cannell, John Cain also acks

Thus the children by the first wife given in will are

William - married Bahy Corkan Michael 17031109 but died Apr 1716 - Bahy then married John Corlet Michael 17190105 (where noted as widow Bahee Cain als Corkan) - Wm's will

date 18 [rest too faint];ch Jo,Margt + Jony exors - ua - uncles Jon Caine + Wm Cannel;wife (to have his half of purchased houses etc during life); inv ;pledges Thos Caine + Wm Grimsey;1731:Margt Cain acks from Uncle Jon Cain ; noted that Wm bur 16 apr 1716 ;1732 John Cain acks stepfa Jon Corlet;

John married Mariod Corjeage about Sept 1700 (see m/c) - several children noted in Michael register from 1706 to 1717 including son John - Marriod appears to have been buried Michael 17400113 but no will found - however there is a marriage contract for son John to Margt Cain [NSS May 1734 18] by whom had several children (the first was noted as of ball ny killey;)

dated 9 Nov 1732; John Cain + wife Mariot als Corjeag obo son John;Margt Cain obo herself;all Kk Michael;to marry immediately;John Cain to settle half estate;witt John Woods, Thos Cain x;

Jane - married Wm Cannell - no marriage found but first known child John baptised Michael 17100813 [there is only one marriage noted in Kk Michael between Dec 1708 and February 1709/10 so possibly in this period when vicar Hen Norris appeared to have a midlife crisis and an affair]

The marriage contract for son John reads

dated 7 aug 1700;John Caine + wife Ann als Corlett obo son John; Maryod Corjeage obo herself;to marry at Kk Michael before Michalmas next;Caine gives estate in Ballekilley (1/6pt of qtr land rent 3s 4d) - son John to aquit father of all due to him from death of mother Joney als Sittleton;witt Tho Corlett x, Gil Kaighin;court Nov 1706;

This estate is the Jo Caine 6s 8d (rents doubled in 1704) part of the 31s 10d rent in Cammall noted in 1716 Lib Assed.

John d 17 jan 1750 - his will:

d 17 jan 1750;ballanea;son John(eldest),Danl, Philip (meadow purchased by wife + her former husb);dau Margt,Jane,Mary;un-named stepchildren;uncle Dollin's dau cath;Robt kelly h/o Mary

As mentioned John's first wife died 1740 and John possibly remarried - there is a baptismal entry for a Phillip Cain son of John Caine and Margery (no family name given and no marriage found) bapt Michael 17470503 and noted as Ballanoah. Margery would appear to have left will - d nov 1789;names Jane Cain;dau anne killey;son Philip Cain(exec);petn by Philip re his bro Danl (heir at law) - burial Michael 17891110 but no further information. I believe that this second wife is Margery Cannon als Taggart, widow of John Cannon of Ballnaa who d 1739, however it is complicated by a the entry in the Michael marriage register that a Margery Cannon married Henry Christian at Kk Michael 17410414 with their first child noted as Balla naah - then follows 10 year gap, 1744 to 1754 between their apparent 2nd and 3rd children -I suspect this Margery is the youngest daughter of John Cannon's father by Margret Cannell bapt Mic 17221228 - Henry's will of 1788 - son thos christian,wm christian;names isabel cannon widow + jane cannon(croft in ballanaa), john cannon;dau cath christian;mentions crop in fourtown;jane cannon exex;witt jane cain x, john crellin;petn jane cannon re step-fa henry christian that she entitled to crop ballanaa + norrisdale;

There is an entry in Michael burial register - John Cain, miller, buried 17 Dec 1717 but there does not appear to be a will (which is unusual - possibly misplaced and not indexed however the recent marriage contract and the fact that the lands were purchased with the widow still in possession might have sufficed - possibly lost as vicar Henry Norris died about this time) - however Lib Vas notes for 4½d intacks

the said John Caine miller is dead and his sd grandson (John Caine) entered as right heyre according to law, fine 4d

If the same John Caine, miller, this would appear to be inherited lands - as the grandson inherited this would appear to imply he was son of William who must have been the first born son but was dead by 1717. Looking at the 1704 Composition book this 4½d would appear to be

John Caine Milr for two parcells of intacks one of 3d rent formerly on the name of William Caine and anotr of 1½d formerly on the name of John Caine both these compounded for in 1643 by John Caine fine then for this and 3d quarterland was 2s 6d One life in being so to pay now in proportion for this

the 3d formerly on name of William Caine is probably " Wm Caine formerly James McBoy renewed in 1666 with one life Jon Caine aged 44 years in being" - which fits with birth of John Caine c. 1647 son of Wm (there are 2 such entries in the surviving sections of Kk Michael baptismal register

Identifying Ann Caine als Corlet is not that easy - there is a will for a John Corlet of 1683:

dated 4 dec 1683;sibs adam, ann curlett, patk exor;names john cain(owes 4d), patk cain(bro to john);sis-i-law cath quark;master Wm curlett;

which may be of relevance

The Thomas Corlet of the other other half of Ballacurleod died without issue and the land passed to his nephew Gilbert Corlet - from Lib Vas May 1726

The said Thomas Curlet being dead without issue. The above Gilbt Curlet his nephew is entered as right heir according to law. Fine 3s 4d

his will

d 16 feb 1724;ballacurleode;bro patk(2 ch);nephew wm corlet,gilbt corlet exor(+ wife + son gilbt (ua)+ 3 other ch);niece isabel quayle als corlet (her mother sick);names poor widow Quayle

His wife was I think Margaret Cain whom he married Michael 16730730 - her will of 1721:

d 9 feb 1721;names gilbt corlet(ch ellinr,margt,patk - his wife's cousin margt cain),elinor cain widow;husb tho exor

This Thomas Corlet is noted in 1691 composition book as Thomas Curlott formerly Thomas Curlott his grandfather with one life that of Gilbt Cannell supposed to be in Ireland - the 1643 composition book entry re lives is:

sd thomas, donald his son, gilbert cannell s/o phill cannell

Thus it would appear that the land passed from Thomas possibly via son Donald [often rendered Daniell] who must have died within lifetime of father to Thomas,jnr who died 1724 without issue - Ann was possibly a sibling of Thomas jnr which might also account for the shared sheep with Gilbert Corlett in her will.

It appears that Donald/Daniel perished in the herring fishery in 1672 - Daniel Corlet's decree:

perished by sea 4 sep 1672;ch thos, wm, jane + patk jt admrs - next of kin to be supvs;wife alive

and possibly a relation William - the posthume might be Gilbert Corlet nephew to Thomas

perished by sea 4 sep 1672;wife pregnant - if posthume lives then admr otherwise wm's bro Dan + Tho jt admrs;legacy to wife;?displaced inv etc - 1676: Margt quay acks stepfa John Kelly re goods etc due by contract bargain to husb wm corlet from fa Wm Quay + mo Ann Curlett;1673: dan Curlett 'rather than to be troubled with the burden and tuition of the childe' surrenders any interest in estate to bro Wm;24 feb 1676: John Corlett who had half goods of Wm Corlett deliver same unto hands of Wm Corlett now of Marown; same day Tho Corlet to whom goods of gilbt corlet now fallen hath rcvd from exors John Corlett

The children of miller John Cain's second marriage to Ann Corlet can now be considered - as Ballacurleod was purchased land postdating the death of his first wife, his children from that marriage had no claim on it - it could also be devised at will.

Daughter Margaret would appear to have married John Quiggin at Michael 31 Aug 1708 - they had some 8 children though 2 died young - John Quiggin died in Kirk German but buried in Kk Michael Mic 17420209 (noted from Kk German) - his will in Kk German names daughters Ellinor, Joney,sons Thos, Wm, Philip;wife alive. Margt Quiggin als Caine also has her will in Kk German:

d 8 dec 1752;son wm (+ his son)Tthos,John (+ eldest dau);dau Ellinor, Jony (exex)

Patrick as confirmed by marriage contract married Joney Quayle 10 Dec 1717.

The children of Patk and Joney are

John Mic 17181116
Jony Mic 17210604
Patrick Mic 17230709

however Joney died less than 2 years after birth of Patrick - buried Michael 23 Jan 1724/5 - her will

d 23 jan 1724;sis-i-law Elinor;mo-i-law alive;bro-i-law Wm;husb Patk;unnamed ch ua uncles John + Hugh Quayle;witt Tho Corlet x + Wm Quayle x both sick + dangerously ill by probate in Feb;

and Patrick apparently married Ann Corlett (who was I think widow of John Garrett of Glanshoggil by whom she had a posthumous son Philip bapt Bal Bal 17291207)- this marriage was probably in Ballaugh c. 1733 for which period the registers are deficient - however 3 of the children are noted as of Ballacurleod

Willim Mic 17340512 Ballacurleod [mother's name Ann Corlet given]
Elizabeth Mic 17360523 [mother's name Ann Corlet given]
Anne Mic 17370319 B'curleod
Mary Mic 17400122 [mother's name Ann Corlet given but not mentioned in any will - nor in burial register]
Ellinor Mic 17430226 B'curleod

Ann Cain als Corlet the widow of John Cain, miller and grandmother to the above children, died 1738 (buried Mic 17380912) - her will

d 12 sep;dau Elinor Cain, Margt Quiggin als Cain (her son Wm); gch John Cain, Pat Cain(sheep between her + Gilbt Corlet), Joney Cain;dau-i-law Ann Cain;son Patk Cain exec

Patrick's second wife Ann Caine als Corlet died 1756 - buried Kk Michael 17560331 (noted as of Balla curleode) - her will

d end mar;dau Elizth, Ann(last 2 jt exexs),Ellinr (younger);son Philip (+ his ch);husb Pat

her son Philip was I think Phillip Garrett son of John - this couple had a marriage contract

dated 1 Feb 1728;Philip Garrett(Glanshoggil) obo son John;Wm Corlet (Ballatersin beg) + Robert Corlet (Ballakinney) obo their sister Anne;to marry before 19 Feb;half crop due to John by death of mo, Philip settles one third now + 1/6 more at Michaelmas - reserving only to his wife her widowright;due to Anne by death of parents £11 Wm to pay £10, Robt 20s witt Wm Crain x, Philip Garret junr x

but John died just after a year of marriage and before birth of son - his will

d 25 may 1729;glionshoggyl;wife Ann als Corlet (? if pregnant) exex;bro Wm; father Phil;1733: due by death mother Marriod als Kelly one bullock - Ann als Corlet acks £ 16s for use of child Phil Garrett exor of his fa John;

Patk Cain died 1765 his will

d 20 sep 1765;ballacurleod;dau Ann,Elinor,Elizth exex;son Patt

The Gilbert Corlett mentioned above first married Jony McBooy at Michael 17110821 by whom he had at least four children before Jony's death + burial Michael 17300711 - her will (indexed as Jony Corlet als ine Tere

d beg aug 1730;ch gilbt,ellin,margt;husb gilbt;1744: margt dead

There was another son Patrick who died of smallpox in 1725: Gilbert remarried to Cath Kelly Michael 17310807 and shortly afterwards drew up a deed of agreement with sonfrom his first marriage + heir to the farm Gilbert junr- NSS May 1734 23

dated 22 Oct 1731;Gilbt Corlet (Kk Michael)+ wife Cath als Kelly(settle on son Gilbert Corlet junr half of their lands as will be possessed in harvest 1741 (or sooner if either die);Gilbert junr gives up to father all title to crop, horses etc now belonging to him(computed £6 10s) + obliges himself that his stepmother Cath als Kelly enjoy half the land if Gilbt senr predecease (she is to have 1 qtr if she remarries); Gilbt senr to pay debts of son due by admin of uncle [this is Thomas] + mother's effects. If Gilbt junr die in the sd 10 years then Gilbt senr to give between his Gilbt junr's sisters Ellinr + Margt Corlet half the £6 10s;witt Pat Cain x, Wm Cain, Jon Cannell.

Cath Corlett als Kelly is buried Michael 17430404 and her will

d 4 apr 1743;ch john,wm,thos - all ua - uncles + aunt John Kinread, Nicholas Craine + Margt kelly;husb alive;pledges John Cain B:Nahe + John Cain Bahee;

Gilbert was yet again left with a young family - he would appear to have married a third time to Coony Karran at Michael 17430730 - Gilbert died 10 years later - his will

d beg may 1753;wife cooney;son gilbt[?from 1st m],john, wm + thos(ua) [from 2nd ]are execs;

Coony died 1766 and her will

d fornight after easter 1766;step-son wm corlett;dau elizth quirk execx

The various families should be traceable from this point using wills.


In 1639 Lib Assed this quarterland of 24 8d total rent is shown as

Jo: Quartaige 12s 4d, Jony Boy[12s 4d]

The 1643 composition book entries for Michael appear to have been collated c. 1655/7 - the entry for Jo Crellin for 3 pts of a quarterland rent 24s 8d of which Richard Makavoy holds 12s 4d with 3 lives of the said John (noted as deceased by 1655/7) and his sons Thomas and William appears to be the basis of the 1704 identification

in 1656 Jon Caine puchases half of Quartaige's holding

Jo Quartroige? 12s 4d drawn - Jo Caine 6s 2d - Jo Caine is entered for 6s 2d of the 12s 4d rent by bill of sayle

in 1658 Jo Quartaige sells another small parcel

Jo Quartaige 6s 2d drawn - Wm Cayne 2d - The sd Wm Cayne is entered by vrtue of a bill of sayle from ye sd Quartaige wch is confirmed by ye officers therefore is now entered for ye same

By 1687 Lib Assed

Jo: Quartaige 6s, Wm Cayne 2d, Jo Cayne 6s 2d Rich Cayne Thomas Crellin

Around 1692 - 1693 two futher changes were noted to the 24s 8d rent in Ballnymade

Thomas Crellin 6s 2d - Thomas Quayle 4d - Thomas Crellin hath sold the above 4d with the comfort of his wife Christian Mcylvorrey ^a Boy? ^ being for his pt? a daymath of hayland by vertue of a bill of sayle confirmed by the officers

Richard Boiy 6s 2d - James Boiy 6s 2d - The father is dead and the son is entered right heyre according to the custome of the Isle

and thus in 1696 Lib Assed

Jo: Quartaige 6s, Wm Cayne 2d, Jon Caine 6s 2d, Ja: Boy 6s 2d Tho Crellin 5s 10d, Tho: Quaile 4d

The 1704 entry is however somewhat confusing -

(18) William Curlett of Ballagawne for part of a tenement called Ballaley of 6s double rent and Jo Caine for 6s more double rent lately belonging to Wm Corjeage. Margrett the daughter of Wm Caine late of Ballagawne and Wm Curlett her husband for 12s 8d double rent of the said tenement compounded for in 1648 by Jo Corjeage fine then for the whole was 17s. Lives expired so to pay

(19)James McBoy for a 4th parte of the said tenement of Ballaley of 12s 4d double rent. Tho Crellin for another parte of the said tenement of 11s 8d double rent and Tho Quaile for remainder of the said quarter of 8s double rent all compounded for in 1643 by Jo Crellin Fine then 17s. Lives expired so now pay

Margt Caine married Wm Corlet in Michael 16960421 - Wm noted of Ballaugh - the first noted child in Kk Michael is Philip bapt Mic 17051108 and noted as Ballagawn - he is Capt Wm Corlet - their deed of gift served as both his & Margt's will

dated 15 jan 1738;Wm Corlet (kk michael) + wife Margt als Caine oblige ourselves to give to dau Joney + intended hus Wm Clucas (marown) a furnished feather bed, incalfe cow + executorship after decease longest liver;witt capt wm corlet, John kaighen + thos cannell; - originally accepted as last will capt wm corlet now accepted as will of widow margt

Changes are noted in Lib Vast for May 1705 + 1706 - it appears that the setting quest revalued the unarable land

Tho Crellin 11s 8d - Sill Clark 4s 3d - The sd Sill Clark is entered for this 4s 3d rent called Lagvolly by virtue of a bill of sail from the above Tho Crellin bearing date 19th July 1704 confirmed by ye officers - note the setting quest vouch that the rent put on this parcell is more than what is proportionable + therefore this is to be rectifyed the next court & the [lost on film]
[the sale is in Old Mic deed #31 - dated 19 jul 1704;Thomas Crellin(Kk Michael) + wife Yhooney [?Joney ? Cooney] sell for £2 to Silvr Clark a parcel of Oaten lands adj to highway that leads to the mountain from Kk Michael Gill known as Lagvollough + another adj parcel unarable known as Courraugh Keale (rent 4s 3d);witt Jon Kelly x, Jon Shittletown x;court 1705 and notes wife as Coony

Tho Crellin 11s 8d - Sill Clark 4s 3d - The said Sill Clark was entrd at May court last for 4s 3d rent, but it was then ordered that ye setting quest should first view ye same and put a proportionable rent of this parcell, the rent of 4s 3d being complained of as much too much & now ye setting quest having viewed and considered ye same do find that 16d is a full rent out of ye same wch is to come out so for ye future instead of ye 4s 3d before menconed and is to pay for a fine 10¾d

In May 1708

James Boy 12s 4d - Rich Boy 12s 4d -The father is dead and the son entered as right heir and to pay for a fine 2s 10d

Thomas Caine, son of John Caine, acquired his holding by purchase - Old Deed Michael #57 -

dated 12 jul 1714;John Caine (kk Michael) + wife Jony als Croughan sell for £3 10s to son Thos Caine prcell of quarterland (Ballaley rent 6s 0d - abt 1/8th part qtrland);witt Wm Corlett, Will Caine;court Oct 1714

The 1716 Lib Assed (note all rents doubled by 1704 Act of Settlement) has

Wm Curlett Ballagawn 6s, Tho Caine 6s, Margt Caine & Wm Curlett Ballagawn her husband 12s 8d, Rich Boy 12s 4d,Tho Crellin 10s 4d, Sill Clark Gilbt Clark & wife 16d Tho Quaile 8d

The next deed involving Ballalheigh is NSS Oct 1759 #18

dated 12 mar 1754;Thomas Cain + wife Jane als Caine, Ballalheii to gson Philip Quiggin + his heirs;qtrland 6s Lds rent + also Barre-garroo qtr+intack abt 8s Lds rent,qtr Clyeen 4s Lds rent, qtr Scarisdale + intks rent 5s;if no issue then fall to gson wm quiggin and so on except that the child who possesses the inheritance of their father John Quiggan shall not inherit but it shall pass to next child (all c/o dau Margt quiggin als caine)- if no such issue then to fall to dau Joney and her heirs;witt Ja: Wilks, Wm Mylrea

Thomas Caine had married Jane Cain mic 17140713 with some 8 children - but no sons appeared to have survived childhood

Wm bapt Mic 17151009 - bur sp Mic 17250731 s/o Thos ballaliey
Margt Mic 17180921 - married John Quiggin Ger 17371006 (Margt noted as of Kk Micahel)
John Mic 17210820 - ?no burial
Jony Mic 17240623 - bur sp Mic 17250818 d/o tho ballaliey
Jony Mic 17261218 - married John Cannell Ger 17470719
Thomas Mic 17291107 - ?bur Mic 17380130 s/o Thomas
Jane Mic 17330823 - married Philip Radcliffe Mic 17590712
John Mic 17370710 - ?bur Mic 17370724 inf s/o Thos

Jane d 1757 - her joint will with Thomas

dated 1754;Thomas + Jane als Caine ballalheii;son-i-law John Cannell ballachrink[ h/o Joney ];gson Thos Cannell;gch john,margt,wm,phil,thos + danl quiggen;dau jane,margt quiggen als cain;1763 philip radcliffe h/o dau jane caine

and Thomas's

made 6 oct 1758;ballaleij;dau joney (w/o John cannell ballachroink);gson thos cannell;gch John, Margaret, William, Philip, Thomas, Daniel, & Isabel Quiggen;dau margt quiggin (w/o john), jane;wife jane als caine;

The identification of Margaret Cain as wife of John Quiggin is confirmed by the deed of Settlement [NSS May 1778 18] by John Quiggin & wife to son and heir John Quiggin -

dated 2 feb 1771;John Quiggin senr(Shelghage) + wife Margrett als Caine settle on eldest son + heir John Quiggin half estate except parcel of mortgaged land known as clashard? + the dwelling house;'and forasmuch Wm Quiggin another son of John + wife being heir of gfa Thos Caine's lands by sd Thos Caine's will sd John obliges himself not to disturb bro Wm';witt John Kaighin, Jon Kaighin;

Thomas Cain had no surviving sons (or issue by them) and as the land was purchased he could devise by will - in this case to gson William Quiggin.


In 1639 Lib Assed the 15s quarterland rent of Barregarrow was split as:

Jo: Quaile 5s 7½d, Jo: Quaile 5s 7½d, Jo: Cayne 13d, Jo Quaile 2s 5d, Jo: Caine 1½d - however the allocated rents do not appear to sum to 15s (a missing 1½d)

The 1643 composition gives a John Cayne compounding for 4s 5d rent for lives of sd John, Will his son, Danild Curlott s/o Thomas Curlett (all these lives in being in c.1655) - in 1691 this was probably Wm Caine formerly Jon Caine [#39 in the list] with only the life of Wm Caine in being and noted as aged 60 years. The 1697 Lib Assed has for this 15s rent

Hugh Cannell 6s 3d, Sam Quaile 5s, Jo: Cane 3s 9d

though I suspect John Cain had been dead for some years. His wife was possibly Cath Corlet - her 1672 will notes:

d 25 Mar 1672;husb John Caine;ch Wm Caine, Cath + Margt Caine jt exexs;gch Jony Caine;dau-i-law Margt Stephen;witt daniel corlett, margt caine;inventory 16s

Only son William had I think married Margret Stean (or Stephan) - Margt's will

d 2 Apr 1680;ch jony + ellin caine admrs - next of kindred(mo's side) John + Averick Stean supv;husb alive;inv 8s

Daughter Jony, who would appear to have been elder daughter (and dead post 1680) with Ellinor probably born between 1672 and 1680 - William would appear to have married again (to a widow) as his will notes:

d 11 dec 1695;dau Ellinr;stepson John Cannon;wife alive exex;inv £1 10s

Ellinor married John Caine 1699 Kk Michael 16991029 but John died after only a few years of marriage and Ellinor married a second time to John Cannell at Kk Michael 17071217 - John's will is I think

d 30 mar last;ch Wm + Cath admrs - next of kin Hugh Cain supv;wife alive

The 1740 Lib Assed has for this quarter (rent now 30s as doubled by 1704 Act)

Tho Caine and Jo Caine 6s, James Corkill 3d {Jo Gellin and Mary his wife}m1745 4s 8d, Gilbt Clark and Christian his wife 19d , Wm Quaile junr10s, Wm Caine 7s 6d

This family should be easily traceable in wills from this point

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