[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Wilson’s of Farm Hill


Senhouse Wilson, 1 born circa 1750,2 married Margaret Fleming and had Senhouse, died 1813, a lieutenant in the Royal Navy, William (died without progeny) in the army, Mary* married M.H. Quayle (see the Quayle’s), Margaret,* Eleanor* and Elizabeth* (died unmarried), and Daniel Fleming (born 1778, died 1846) married Ann, daughter of Thomas Harrison of Spring Valley. They had Senhouse (born 1812, died 1863), a High Bailiff of Douglas, who married Eliza Thomson and had issue Senhouse Heywood, born 1855. He married Jeanie Brown and had Winifred [?married … Christie 1905]. Daniel Fleming Wilson and Ann had also Thomas, a sailor lost at sea in 1854; Daniel Fleming (born 1820, died 1875[?]) married Martha Midwood and had 5 sons and 1 daughter; Mary married Mr. Bluett; Margaret married Dr. Thomson; and Ann Elizabeth married Mr. Bishop.

1 He was Receiver General. He lived in Hanover Street, Douglas. All marked * were buried in Braddan Churchyard opposite the west door of the church. The family is said to have come from Cumberland and, like the Taubman’s, is connected with the Senhouses.

2 JMO: MI, Kirk Braddan, Old Yard, South, as published by Isle of Man Family History Society, 1990: 'Sacred to the memory of Senhouse Wilson of Farm Hill, Esquire, who departed this life on the 27th August 1825 in the 83rd year of his age. And of Margaret wife of the above who departed this life on the 18th of October following in the 80th year of her age. And of Margaret daughter of the above who departed this life on the 28th May 1833 aged 50 years. And of Mary, eldest daughter of the above Senhouse and Margaret Wilson, relict of Mark Hildesley Quayle, Clerk of the Rolls, who departed this life 19th Decr 1833 aged 38 [?58] years. And of Daniel Fleming Wilson of Farm Hill, Esq, son of the above Senhouse and Margaret Wilson and Member of the House of Keys, and one of Her Majesties Justices of the Peace for this Island, who departed this life 15th October 1846 in the 69 year of his age. Sacred to the memory of Eleanor second daughter of Senhouse Wilson, Farm Hill, Esq, and Margaret his wife, who departed this life on the 9th Feb 1852, aged 72 years. Also of Elizabeth, fourth daughter of the above named Senhouse and Margaret Wilson, who departed this life on the 14th day of December 1852, aged 65 years. Also to the memory of Ann, relict of the late Daniel Fleming Wilson, Esq, Farm Hill and Spring Valley, who departed this life on the 17th October 1868 in the 84th year of her age.'



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