[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Moore's of the Abbey


Arms: Azure, on a chief indented, OR, 3 mullets pierced, gu.

Crest: A Moor's head ppr, wreathed about the temples

Motto: fortis cadere non potest

These Moore's claim to be the same family as the Moore's of Ballyhale, in Ireland, Earls of Drogheda. It is said that a Colonel Sir Thomas Moore, who married a Miss Radcliffe of Derwentwater, received the grant of the Abbey of Rushen on its confiscation in 1540. The first record, however, of the family having held this property was in 1607, when John Moore was owner of 'the Abbey and parcels of ground and the Mill.' His son Charles married in 1626 Elizabeth daughter of William Lucas and had issue, John, Thomas, Catherine (obit 1673, buried in Malew) married Henry Corrin and had issue, and Alice (obit 1677, buried in Malew) married William Stephenson of Balladoole and had issue (see Stephenson's). Thomas, who was a Member of the House of Keys from 1661 to 1669, married Alice Quirk, the heiress of Belowne, now Billowne (obit 1672, buried at Malew) and had issue Charles and Nicholas. Nicholas obit unmarried (buried at Malew 1672). Charles, who was Captain of the Parish of Malew, married Catherine, daughter of Deemster Thomas Norris and had issue Thomas, Mary, Ellin, Catherine, and Charles, who all died either young or unmarried except Charles. Charles (obit 1738), who was Deemster from 1726 to 1738, married Margaret Cæsar 1 of Ballahick and had issue (1) Elizabeth (born 1691, obit sans progeny). (2) Thomas (see below). (3) Charles, who married and had issue 3 sons, Charles, Thomas, and John. (From one of them Deemster Norris Moore was probably descended). (4) John (born 1700, obit sans progeny). (5) Esther (born 1703,2 obit sans progeny). Thomas [sic Charles n1](see above) married Jane Christian of Milntown (see Christians) and had issue Thomas (see below) and John (born 1724, obit 1791), who was Vicar of Arbory and Vicar General from 1748-1791. He married Ann Radcliffe 3 and had issue John,4 Vicar of Braddan from 1786 to 92. John married Margaret Quayle (buried at Conchan 1792) and had issue three daughters, Margaret, Catherine, and Ann. Thomas (see above), a Deemster, married in 1752 n2 Margaret Moore of the Hills (see Moore's of the Hills) and had issue (1) Philip (born 1753, buried 1766 at Conchan), (2) Charles (see below), (3) Margaret married the Rev. Julius Cosnahan, Vicar of Braddan (see Cosnahan's), (4) Philip (born 1769, obit sans progeny)5, (5) James Christian (born 1770), who inherited 'The Abbey' and sold it. He married Ann Stowell of Ballacregga (see Stowells) and had issue (1) Claud (born 1796, obit 1809), (2) Margaret (born 1798, obit 1863) married John Kelly, High Bailiff of Castletown and had issue (see Kelly's), (3) Catherine Mary (born 1800) married the Rev. J. Decker of Victoria, (4) John George, an advocate in Peel, who married Eunice Hanson n3 and had issue two daughters, Eunice Eliza married J.M. Corlett n4 of Glentrammon and had issue, and Mary (obit sans progeny), (5) James (obit sans progeny) an advocate in Castletown. Charles (see above) who inherited Billown, married Jane Clucas 6 of Mary Voar in Santon, and had issue, amongst others a son Thomas, who was a Member of the House of Keys in 1830. He married in 1808 Catherine, daughter of Philip Moore and niece of Sir George Moore of Ballamoore (see Moore's of the Hills) and had issue Thomas (born 1811) the (present) proprietor of Billown and Great Meadow, and Jane Isabella (born 1814) married Thomas B. Jefferson of Ballahot.7 Thomas, who was formerly a Member of the House of Keys, and a Justice of the Peace and Captain of the Parish of Malew, married in 1848 Emma, daughter of Major Thomas Hamilton of the 27th Regiment, and had issue, Thomas Hamilton (born 1849), George (born 1853), Captain of the Militia, married Mamie Douglas, Emma married Thomas Usher and Robert Creer Cretner, and Charles (died sans progeny) (born 1857, died 1885).

George and Mary Guitton Douglas, daughter of Robert Douglas (JP & DT of Lanarkshire) have issue Mary Douglas born 1891, Eunice Hamilton Douglas born 1895. Thomas Hamilton married Ealete[?, or Estell] Mary Leslie, daughter of Thomas Cunningham, of Belfast, in 1905, and has issue Thomas Morris George Henry (born 1906).

1 Sister of Julius Casear

2 JMO: Malew Parish Register: Esther bapt 12 Apr 1708, to Charles Moore. Children listed: 1) Ann b24 Nov 1689; Elizabeth b29 Dec 1691, Margaret b28 Dec 1693, Thomas b30 Apr 1698, Charles b19 Nov 1699, son b15 Jul 1703, son b4 Feb 1705, Esther b12 Apr 1708. [John & James may be the 2 sons b 1703 & 1705.]

n1 JMO correction: in a pedigree chart by AW Moore (found in Miscellaneous Genealogical Notes donated to the Manx Museum by Rita Brown als Christian), Moore indicates Jane married Captn Charles Moore of Rushen Abbey, descended from Thomas Moore of the Abbey who was buried at Malew 3 Dec 1669, & their son was Thomas of the Abbey, Deemster 1776-1793, if not longer & who married Margaret, dau of Philip Moore of the Hills (brother of Sir George Moore, said to descend from the Moores of Tara Hall, Ireland. "The relict of Deemster Moore died suddenly at the Abbey, March 19th 1808" -Manx paper) ALSO, Jane Christian the wife of Captn Charles Moore: Goodwin states her father is John Christian of Milntown (Goodwin Genealogical Scraps, 'Caesar') Charles Moore md Jane Christian 3 Apr 1722, Lezayre

3 JMO: Rev. John Moore, Vicar of Arbory and VG, married Catharine Taubman, per parish records, and had several children in Arbory Parish; I find no record of him marrying an Ann Radcliffe

4 JMO: mother of John, Vicar of Braddan, is Catharine Taubman, per Arbory Parish Records

n2 JMO Deemster Thomas Moore of the Abbey md 7 Feb 1749 St Matthews Douglas to Margaret Moore

n3 JMO Note:: he had a daughter Caroline, & her parents were John George Moore & Mary Ann Hanson. John George Moore md Mary Ann Hanson 2 Feb 1844 Maughold

n4 JMO Note: Eunice Eliza Moore md 12 Dec 1831 Malew to John James Murray Corlett; Eunice must be the sister of John George. Is Mary also the sister (& not the daughter) of John George? AW Moore pedigree chart, in Miscellaneous Genealogical Notes, per Rita Browne als Christian collection show that Moore was confused over this family.

5 Also Thomas. His youngest daughter Margaret married F. B. Byne in 1828. He was a Captain in 19th[?] Regiment.

6 JMO: Charles Moore married Elizabeth Clucas of Mary Voar 25 Oct 1785, Santan. I can find no Charles Moore who married a Jane Clucas, nor can I find a Jane Clucas daughter of John Clucas of Mary Voar and his wife Elizabeth Stevenson, nor can I find any Charles Moore and Jane anyone having children at this time. See ‘The Clucases of Mary Voar.’

7Also Catherine obit 1828, aged 19; George Henry born 1812 married Anne, daughter of Robert Quayle, of Mona Vale, Tasmania and had issue William, and Annie Quayle (married Townend)

                                            John Moore
                                            Charles = Elizabeth Lucas
                   |                    |                |                        |
                   |                    |                |                        |
                 John                 Thomas            Cath                    Alice
                                        |                |                        |
                                        |                |                        |
                        Alice Quirk  = -+                +- = Henry Corrin        +- = Wm Stevenson
                                     |                      |                        |
                                     |                      v                        v
                     |                                |
                   Charles                        Nicholas
Margaret Caesar   = -+
 d 1705           |
     |                                                         |                      |                                                      |
     | 1688                                                    |                      |                                                 1690 |
 Charles = Margt Harrison                     Henry Norris  = Cath     Wm Cooper =  Isabel                              Rev John Cosnahan = Margt
   1667  |                                                  | d 1703     d 1722  |  d 1701                                                |  b 1673
         |                                                  | Arb                |                                                        |
       +-+---+------+------+-----+----+------+------+       +                    +--------+----------------------+                   +----+---+----+-----+------+-----+---+----+-----+----+----+
       |     |      |      |     |    |      |      |       |                    |        |                      |                   |        |    |     |      |     |   |    |     |    |    |
    Thomas Margt Charles James  Ann  Cath  John Elizth     elizth               Elizth   Margt = John Crellin   Charles             margt  john alice charles james paul cath hugh eliza ann margt
       |   1672     |                                                                                                                                     
             |    d 1731
             |      |  1722
George - = --+      +-- = Jane Christian
Wilks    |              |
         v              |
     |       |          |              |          |
  Margt    Charles    Thomas         James       John	 

Moore was obviously somewhat confused about the Moore family - Chrles Moore + Margt Harrison had several children who predeceased them including the heir Charles jnr (usually referred to as Capt Charles Moore) and dau Cath

Marriage Contract Charles jnr + Jane Christian
dated 3 apr 1722;Mr Charles Moor(Ballasalley, Deemster) + wife Margt obo son(+ heir) Charles Moore;Capt James Chistian (Milntown, Lezayre) obo dau Jane;to marry by 8 Apr;Moore to settle half estate(inc milns etc) + give furnished feather + bedstead + half cattle etc - young couple to pay 80; Christian to give 140 + furnished feather bed;all sign + seal;witt Wm Gell, Hen Allen, Thos Harley, John Curghey, Nich Christian, Will Christian
Marriage Contract Elizth Moore and John Moore (Old Santan deeds #44)
dated 22 may 1719;Charles Moore deemster + wife margt als harrison obo dau elizth (malew);robt moore + wife margt als quay (knockloughan santan) obo son john;charles moore to give 30;robt moore half of heriditary lands, half beasts already sold for 25;robt also gives small prcell of land nr grewick harbour rent 12d;witt jo cosnahan, christopher cowle,jon bridson, hen clugas x, jon moore x;court may 1720

Charles Moore, son of Deemster Moore, was supposed perished by sea coming in a boat from Liverpool abt 8 Nov 1731; his four children Margaret, Thomas, James + John Moore are all under age thus uncle James Moore and aunts Ann, Margt, Elizth(w/o Tho Bridson) + Cath Moore(w/o Patr Christian) appointed supvisors - the widow is supposed to produce an inventory + settle debts and gives for pledge her brother Capt John Christian milntown + Mr Jo Garrett of Ballabroy. The will has a record of a long running disputeabout this inventory etc with a final resolution at a Court May 1735 which notes that Capt Chas Moore about to depart Oct 1731 impowered wife to go on with finishing of house + other out buildings;debts exceed estate (90% payout - estate £29 debts £32); However in 1733: Capt John Christian accuses sister of having wasted and embezzled estate + misapplied the same, Bishop Wilson requires her to submit goods to John Christian within 24hrs or risk imprisonment. Earlier in 1732: Chas Moore deemster agrees that as there is a £50 mortgage on part of Castletown miln (belonging to his gchild[Thomas]) + a £15 alienation fine that land comprising 2days plowing at Red-gap in Mrs Jane Moore's hands should be set at best advantage to discharge debts - Deemster Charles will maintain heir.

There was scandal soon afterwards when Mrs Jane Moore, widow, and Mr Richard Wattleworth were presented for misconduct - they cleared themselves but were required not to dwell under same roof again.

Deemster Charles died a few years later - 1739 will: dated 2 jan 1738;ballasally;wishes to be buried in fa's grave in chancel of Kk Malew;gch Thomas Moore, James Wilks(£5);son-i-law pat Christian (h/o Cath);ch James, ann, Elizth + Margt;gch Margt, James + John Moore (c/o son Charles) jt execs - Thomas Harley + Robert Caesar to be guardians and overseers gson Thomas Moore sent to school for five yrs to come and no way impeded in his education;codicil jan 1738 Thomas to have house in Billown;Henry Clucas h/o gdau Ann Bridson;June 1739: Margt Moore chooses uncle Major John Christian as guardian.



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