[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

The Clucases of Mary Voar

This family came originally from Corraller in Marown. One of them, a cooper in Peel, married the heiress of Mary Voar, a Miss Quay.1 The eldest of their sons, Captain Clucas, married a Miss Stephenson of Lhergy-dhoo. Their son, William, was Rector of Bride from 1783 to 1798, and Vicar General. Gilbert (of Corraller) circa 1620; Henry born 1641 married Alice (born 1650) daughter of Thomas Kermode (of BallaNicholas) and had John (born 1670). John had 2 daughters and William 2 (born 1700) who married Ann Quay (of Ballacreggey), and John, C.P., MHK (1740-63) (born 1703, died 1770) married Catherine Quay, heiress of BallaCreggey and Mary Voar. We will follow William’s issue: John born 1728 3 married Margaret Fargher (heiress of Shen Valley, Malew) and had John 4 (born 1772, died 1830) married Cath. Clucas (of Kionslieau, [died 1852 age 79]) and had William (born 1800), a doctor at Ramsey. His son Walter married Eliza, eldest daughter of Deemster Stephen, was also a doctor at Ramsey (died 1893) and had issue Walter (died 1896 in South Africa) who married Mona Roose and had issue a daughter (died 1895).

John [Clucas] and Catherine [Quay] had John (C.P., born 1729) married Elizabeth Stevenson (of Lhergydhoo) and William (born 1742, died 1798) married Elizabeth Christian (of BallaKilley, Marown). He was Rector of Bride and Vicar General. John and E.S. had issue John married Margaret Brew of the Gullcagh, and Elizabeth married Charles Moore (of the Abbey). John and M.B. had issue, among others Elizabeth who married the Rev. J. T. Clark (see Clarke’s of Nappin); Margaret Ann (born 1797, died 1876), who left Mary Veg to the Rev. B.P. Clark; Esther Jane (born 1798, died 1892 unmarried) left Ballavale to Martins; William Stevenson John 5 (born 1800, died 1845 unmarried) bought Mary Veg and Ballavale; Frederick Brew C.P., MHK married Isabella, daughter of J. Bridson (of Ballavarvane). He was born 1807, died 1865 without progeny. William and E.C. had, among others, Elizabeth married Dan Corlett (advocate), Anne married Rev A. Gelling (Vicar of Arbory), Jane married Christian (of Ballayouagne) and had issue William married Margaret Christian (of BallaJocker).

There appears to be no male representative of this family. The Rev. George Pettman Clarke (see Clarke’s of the Nappin) took the name Clucas together with the properties of Mary Voar and Ballacreggey.

1 JMO: Catharine Quay was heiress of Mary Voar. She married John Clucas 15 Jul 1726, Santan Parish.

2 JMO: William apparently married twice, with wife Ann Quay apparently dying soon after birth of last child, Henry (born 1735). His 2nd wife is Joney Corlett (died 1777, see will below), and her son John (born 1740) was the father of Esther (b 16 Mar 1770) whose mother was Margaret Fargher; Ann Quay’s son John (b 1728), it therefore seems, is not the mother in law of Margaret Fargher. (John Clucas married Margaret Fargher 4 Feb 1765/6 Santan Parish) See Archdeacon Will 1777 Book 2 #10, Marown, of Joney Clucas als Corlett of Ballanicholas, wife to William Clucas, died 5 January 1777; & Archdeacon Will 1738 #17, Marown, of Ann Clucas als Quay, wife of William Clucas of Ballanicholas, died 1 April 1738, in Addenda. MI, Old St Runius Marown [stones 12-14]: Sacred to the memory of John Clucas of Ballanicholas in this Parish who departed this life on the 28th day of December 1830 aged 58 years. Also in memory of Chatherine Clucas wife of the above who died on the 17th day of October 1852, in the 80th year of her age. [stone 13] Sacred to the memory of John Clucas of Ballanicholas who departed this life on the 25th Janr 1801, aged 61 years. Also in memory of Margaret clucas wife of the above named John Clucas and daughter of the late Thomas Fargher Esq of Shenvalley who departed this life on the 24th day of May 1833 aged 90 years. Also Quayle Fargher Clucas son of the above who departed this life Dec 3, 1816, aged 31 years. [stone 14] Sacred to the memory of Margaret Jane Clucas otherwise Bell wife of Hugh Clucas of Peel who departed this life on the 7th of September 1837, aged 27 years. Also in memory of Sage Ellen Clucas daughter of the above named who died on the 27th day of December 1830, aged 15 years. Also in memory of Hugh Clucas at Ballamenagh in Kirk Patrick the sixth son of John Clucas of Ballanicholas in this Parish who died on the 12th day of May 1854, in the 42nd year of his age.

3 JMO: see previous footnote: John born 1728 did not marry Margaret Fargher; his half-brother John, born 1740, did.

4 He sold B’Nicholas and Shen Valley to the Campbell’s.

5 JMO: or John William Stevenson Clucas. MI, Santon Parish: "In memory of John Quay, of Mary Voar, and his ancestors, the proprietors of the estate of Mary Voar and Ballanecregga, in this parish, and of Catherine Clucas otherwise Quay, his eldest daughter and heiress, who departed this life 12 November 1784, aged 80 years. And her husband, Captain John Clucas, who departed this life on the 7 November 1770, aged 76 years, whose remains are interred in this, the Church of this parish, and of Captain John William Stevenson Clucas of Mary Voar, who departed this life the 23 December 1858, aged 53 [58] years." Captain John William Stevenson Clucas was mentioned in the 1803 will of his grandfather William Crebbin (Archdeacon Wills 1803 #69)


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