[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Christian’s of Pooildhooie and the Flat


John (born 1637, died 1723), the first member of this family who owned ‘the Flat’1 in the parish of Maughold, was probably a grandson of the Rev. John Christian, Vicar of Maughold from 1580 to 1625, and, therefore great-nephew of the well-known Edmond Christian, of Balnakilly in the same parish who was Governor of the Island and died in Peel Castle in 1660, and … of John Christian (born 1590, died 1663) who was a clergyman. John had issue Edmond (died 1725), and Edmond had issue John (born 1695, died 1719); Edmond (died 1764), who had issue an only daughter, Alice (died 1764); Matthew (born 1697, died 1782), Captain of the Parish of Maughold. He married Isabel Kelly and had issue (1) John (born 1728, died 1774), and (2) James (see below). John married Catherine Callow,2 Ballaglass, and had issue John (died 1831). John married Catherine Oates and had issue (1) Robert Oates, (2) Catherine Bell married James Tyre, but had no issue, (3) Philip Oates, an ensign in the Manx Fencibles, in which his father was captain, died at Omagh in 1801, (4) John James married Madelle Pierrot, who is still (1897) living at Lyons, aged 100. Robert Oates married Jane Sayle and had issue Thomas Philip, James married … Crellin and had issue a daughter; John Howard, Matthew, Catherine married … Roland. They are living in America and have no issue.

Thomas Philip married and had issue John Edward, who married Christian Kelly, granddaughter of the High Bailiff of Castletown. They are now living in America and have issue. Returning to Captain Matthew: he had a second [third—ed.] son, Edmond, who married Jane Curphey in 1758 and had issue, Edward and John who married Alicia Curphey. Edward (born 1763, died 1850) bought Pooildhooie. He had issue Edmond Quayle (born 1803, died 1862), who had Edward Henry (born 1850), who has bought Ballamoar and is now (1897)3 an M.H.K for Michael Sheading, Arthur (born 1853), Edward married …; by his first wife he had issue Clotilde, and by his second, Edward Charles, born 1895.

James, second son of Matthew and Isabel Kelly, had issue by his wife Alice Curphey (see Curghey’s / Curphey’s of Ballakillingan). Susan, who married George Greorie or Gregorie (born 1758, died 1822) of Dunkirk in 1789 and had issue. Charming miniatures of the Gregorie’s are in the possession of E H Christian. James John Christian lived for many years at Ayre in Scotland and then went to Dunkirk.

1 Probably descended from Daniel of Kirk Maughold, second son of John McChristen of Altadale (Milntown).

2 After his death, she married Thomas Howard, father of the Rev. Thomas Howard.

3 Soon after this, he came to grief financially and sold Ballamoar and left the Island.



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