[From Manx Families, A.W.Moore, MS 1889]

Bankes of Balnahow, or Howstrake


This was probably a branch of one of the numerous Lancashire families who followed the Stanleys to the Isle of Man, it was possibly connected with the Bankes of Winstanley in that county. Its first member we hear of in Man is James, who bought the property of Balnahow from John Lucas in 1601. His son, Thomas (died 1669), was an M.H.K. from 1637 to 1656. By his wife, Isabel, he had a son, James (born 1630), who was a lieutenant in the Conchan Militia. He went to Ronaldsway to arrange about the rising of 1651 and, being ordered by ‘Illiam Dhone’ to ‘send forth the cross and raise the parish,’ he did so and brought the company to Ronaldsway without the consent of his captain. His son, James (born 1660, died 1732), was an M.H.K.. In 1697, he got into trouble ‘for not appearing in person with his fellow brethren at ye delivering in … their verdict to le staff,’ and ‘for contengiously replying … was ye answer they gave in, and if they did not like it they may let it alone.’1 By his wife, Isabel Cottiman (born 1685, died 1774), he had Robert (born 1714, died 1776). He married Isabel Moore (born 1713, died 1780), and had James (born 1738, died 1826), and Jane who married George Callow in 1799.

1 Lib Scacc


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