Caines of Knockan in Ballaugh

No Marriage register exists for Ballaugh pre 1695 - the baptismal register pre this period is a later copy and has several missing periods and incomplete records (the missing records between late 1730 and early 1734 are significant in both baptismal and marriage registers) thus the key documents are wills and land records. Like many other parishes the names of the woman was not given in the baptismal register except for illegimate births or baptisms to high status couples.

The Knockan (now Ravensdale) is in one of the glens running south of Ballaugh - some of the lands are indicated in Woods Atlas.

The first Adam Caine in Ballaugh I have researched left a will in 1680 - d Feb 1680;dau-in-law Jony Cain als Cluage;son James, John, Philip + Dollin joint executors - his son Philip, husband of Jony, inherited the land but died shortly afterwards in 1685/6 leaving three children christened in Ballaugh:
Katherine christened 6th June 1681, Ballaugh
Margaret Caine 13th June 1682 Ballaugh
Adam Caine christened 1683 Ballaugh (The baptism occurred between the 23rd September and the 26th December and possibly in October) - Joney Clague and a John Cain were presented in 1682 for fornication, thus it is possible that Adam Cain's father was not Phillip Cain but John Cain. (his brother?). The presentment took place the 29th of May 1682 and reads as follow: "Joney Cloage and John Caine presented by us for there is cause of there fornicationi soe her husband Phillip is jealous of them ad purgan". However Adam as eldest and only male child inherited the land.

Philip Caine's will ( Arch 1684/1685 Ballaugh) dated 14 March 1685, mentions a wife who was alive; brothers John and Dollin and an unnamed son and heir.

The land holdings in 1686:

  Fin: Carrett 7s 10½d, Kath Quayle 7s 10½d, Tho: Cryne 2d
15s 11d
  Don: Quayle 10s 7½d, Phill Cayne 6d, Phill Carret & Adam Mcylvony 9d, Mr Cha: Xtin & Phillip Cayne 4s ¾d, Phill Cayne 5s 4¾d [?1d too much]
21s 3d
  Geo: Stephan
  Wm Kewish 11s, Wm Killip 5s 6d, Phill Carrett & Adam Mclvony 6d, Phill Cayne 5s
£4 2d

This is confirmed by the 1691 Composition book which contains the entry (#79 in my list) Adam Caine formerly Adam his grandfather with surviving 'life' Thomas Carrett aged 56 yeares - in 1686 Lib Assed Philip Cain is entered for a several rents in Scondall Treen together with a few intacks. In 1706 (after quarterland rents were doubled we find in Scrondall

  Phill Carrett 15s 9d, Jo Cowley 15s 9d, Tho Craine 4d
31s 10d
  {John Quaile mason }21s 3d, Jo Mcylvory & Phill Killip 2s 6d, Gilbt Caine Shoemaker & Adam Caine 8s 1½d, Ad Caine 10s 7½d
42s 6d
  Gilbt Moore
  {Ann Kewish} 22s, Wm Killip 11s, John Mcylvorry & Phill Killip 12d, Adam Caine 10s
£8 4d

The 1704 composition book gives a little more information naming the farms

48 Philip Cannell for near half quarter of land called Glenshagll of 15s 9d double rent John Cowley for near the other half of the sd Quartr of 15s 9d double rent and Thomas Craine for 4d double rent the remainder of the said quarter all compounded for in the year 1643 by Phillip Garret and Katherine Quaile Fine then for this and for 6d a piece of Intack in the fells was 30s Lives expired in both so now to pay in proportion
01 10 00
ffo 18  
49 John Quaile Mason for half a quarter of land called Cronkan of 21s 3d double rent compounded for in the year 1643 by Dan Quaile Fine then was 13s 4d Lives expired so to pay now
00 13 4
50 John Mcylvory and Patt Killip for 2s 6d being part of the other half rent called Cronkan Gilbt Caine Shoemaker and Adam Caine for 5s 1d of the sd half quarter and Adam Caine for 10s 7d being the remainder of the sd half quarter. three parts of which half quarter was compounded for in the year 1643 by Thos Cowley Fine then for the same was 9s Lives expired so now to pay in proportion
00 9 00
51 and the other fourth part was compounded for by Adam Caine in behalf of Katherine Gawn with the fourth part of another half quarter Fine in proportion for this was then 4s 4d one life in being so the above mentioned persons are to pay in proportion for this fourth part
00 2 10¼
52 Gilbt Moore for one quarter of land called Balla curlet of 49s double rent compounded for in 1643 by Geo Stephan Fine then was 30s renewed in 1666 and two lives in being so to pay now
01 00 00
53 Ann the daughter of Jo: Kewish and Jo: Quaile her husband for half a quartr of land called Glandow of 22s double rent compounded for in 1643 by Jon Kewish Fine then was 13s 4d lives expired so to pay now
00 13 4

ffo 19

54 William Killip of the Miln for a fourth part of the abovesaid quarter of Glandow of 11s double rent for which no composition apprs to be made in the year 1643 but the same compd for in the year 1666 by William Killip Fine then was 13s 4d one life remaining so to pay now
00 8 10¾
55 Adam Caine for 10s - Jo: Mcylvorey and Patt Killip for 12d being the other fourth part of the sd quarter compound'd for in 1643 by Adam Caine in behalf of Kath: Gawne joint with the 8th part of another quarter Fine then in proportion for this was 4s 8d one life in being so to pay now
00 3 1½

By 1710 Book

  Phill Carrett 15s 9d, Jo Cowley 15s 9d, John Oates Kk St Ann & Cath his wife 4d
31s 10d
  Tho Quaile 21s 3d, {Jo Mcylvory & Phill Killip}o1714 2s 6d, Gilbt Caine Shoemaker & Adam Caine 8s 1½d, Ad Caine 10s 7½d
42s 6d
  Gilb Moore
  Ann Kewish and Jo Quayle her husb 14s 11d, Ew Cowley 4s 6d, Wm Killip 7d, {Ja Caine} 2s, Wm Killip 11s, {John Mcylvorry & Phill Killip} 12d, Adam Caine 10s
£8 4d

By 1716 Book

  Phill Carrett 15s 9d, John Cowley & Wm his son 15s 9d, Wm Corkill and Ellinr his wife 4d
31s 10d
  Tho Quaile and John Curlett 21s 3d, John Mcylvorrey & Phill Killip 15d, Jo Killip & Ellin Killip 7½d, Ellin Killip 7½d, John Caine & Adam Caine 8s 1½d, Adam Caine 10s 7½d
42s 6d
  Gilbt Moore
  Ann Kewish and John Quayle her husb 14s 11d, Ewan Cowley 4s 6d, Wm Killip 7d, James Caine 22d, Adam Caine 2d, Wm Killip 11s, John Mcylvorry 6d, John Killip& Ellinr Killip 3d, Ellin Killip 3d, Adam Caine 10s
£8 4d


To return to Jony, widow of Philip Cain, she married John Cowin thus the marriage of Joney Clague and John Cown as well as the birth of their first son John Cown jr, occurred between 1685 and 1691, she died 29th March, 1738 Ballaugh and left a will in which she is described as a "poor woman." She mentions her sons Adam Cain whom she claimed owed her 1 pound and 17 shillings and appointed her son John Cown executor. Adam Cain is also mentioned in the 1741 will of his half brother John Cowin who claimed Adam Caine owed him forty shillings. There is no mention of a third son William Cowin christened 1693, KK Michael, parents Jo. Cowin and Joney Clague. He apparently was cut off with 6 pence. A further clue that John and William Cowin were brothers is the reference to a William Cown who is mentioned as an uncle to the children of John Cown and wife Margaret in both of their wills probated in 1741.

Joney Clague Cowin bequeathed a silk scarf jointly to her son John Cowin and his eldest daughter, Joney Cowin. She also bequeathed a sheet and blanket to Adam Cain's daughter Katherine Cain who was christened the 5th Nov. 1706, Ballaugh. - details of the Cowin family can be found later (thanks to George callow for the research).

Thus in 1685 Adam well underage, was heir to the land in Scrondall. These lands would rely on the use of the nearby commons to feed sheep and cattle during the summer after which some would be overwintered (and also fertilise) on the lower lands in the glen which were used to grow corn (wheat, barley etc). Thus when there was an attempt to inclose a large section of these common lands in 1724 an agrarian riot ensued, of which some graphic particulars may be found in Lib Scacc, how that the Governor and officers being in the mountains with the Great Enquest who were determing if McGwire & Poole could inclose a significant section of the mountains when some provisions intended for them were stopped on the way, the rope harness cut, and a wish uttered, " That those whom the provision were. intended for might be choked at the eating thereof;" how Philip Quayle expressed himself in these words—" If Mr. Macguire will come to take our mountains we will fight him." A mob with long sticks and staves, which they would not lay down at his bidding; and that Adam Caine cried out, "Maugher," which in English, said the witness, "I take to be battle"—and that, advancing before the rest, he said to the Governor and soldiers, " Come on, where are you now ? You would talk enough what you would do before ;" that Caine, being arrested, the mob took hold of him to rescue him; that Robert Cullet said he could beat any two of the soldiers with whom he had been struggling, for he did not feel them in his hands." Many were fined - Adam had to sit in stocks in the 4 market towns as well pay a considerable fine.

Adam had married Ann Callister by 1711 (no marriage found but possibly c. 1705); it would appear they had four children though as the Ballaugh register does not give the mother's name these have to be conjectural but there would appear to be no other Adam Cain in Ballaugh;

Bal 17061105 Kath
Bal 17091114 Margt
Bal 17120717 - twins Patrick & Philip - "twins Adam cain ye gill Patk ye younger bapt in the house + Philip ye elder in ye church [Philip was buried after dying from smallpox Ballaugh 17131213]

[Old Ballaugh Deed #42] dated 13 Jan 1712/3;Adam Caine (Ballaugh) + wife Ann sell for 2s to friend James Caine (Ballaugh) a small parcell of quarterland in Ballaugh called Booley Adda and Booley Dow annual rent 1d.Adam + wife to leave a way for James Cain to pass frrom his own house to the Knockan highway;Witt Robt Lowey, Tho Corlett;court May 1713.

This deed confirms that Adam's wife was an Ann at this period - the later deed of 1736/7 gives his wife as Ann Callister.

A year or so later James sells some land to Adam which reflects the change in Lib Assed in 1716

[Old Ballaugh Deed #50]dated 24 May 1714;James Caine(Ballaugh) + wife Jony sell for 14s to Adam Caine (Ballaugh) small parcell Qtrland in Ballaugh called Bolley Keal (rent 2d);witt Ewan Moore, Cha Lace, Tho Cowley x, Jon Craine x;court May 1714

In February 1736/7 Adam and wife settled their estate on eldest son Pat

[NSS May 1738 Ballaugh #26]dated 21 Feb 1736/7;Adam Caine + wife Ann als Callister settle & estate on our son Patrick half of all our houses & lands (quarterland, intack & cottage) in Ballaugh inc quarterland of the Knockan & of Gliondoo; Patk paying us £4 10s as we shall have need for towards paying our debts and incumbrances;witt Tho Cowley x, John Tear

This is noted in Lib Vas

Oct 1740 Scrondall 42s 6d Jo Caine & Adam Caine 8s 1d Jo Caine pred 4s ¾d, Adam Caine pred and Pat his son 4s ¾d Jo Caine stands for his own half and Pat Caine is entered for half with his father by virtue of a deed of settlement bearing date 21st Feb 1736 confirmed by the Officers. Fine 4¾d

Ann Cain als Callister died in 1739 leaving a will: d 20 may 1739;2 ch Patk,Cath Cannel als Cain w/o John;husb Adam;

Daughter Cath had married John Cannel of Kk Michael at Ballaugh 17380109 - however only one daughter Cath before her death (though baptism not found), the marriage it seems was not successful and the couple separated - Cath's will - d 5 Dec;only dau Cath under age uncle Patk Cain;Ballacooley;husb John states d 5 Nov;note that by agreement date 24 Nov 1740 there are 7 yrs of arrears from him to dau,a minor, and is to be committed until he resolves same;costs;inv;1764: Wm Kelly h/o Cath acks from uncle Patk Caine.

Adam is buried Ballaugh 17680128 - described as 'of the Knockane' but no will found (it may repay looking to see if noted as pauper in defuncts).

Patrick would appear to have first married Eleanor Clarke m Bal 17370211 - the children of this marriage include:

Joney Bal 17400917 - she married Wm Kelly Bal 17650216 and
Alice Bal 17460902 - noted as in scondle gill; she would appear to have married Wm Bridson

Patrick and Eleanor took out a mortgage with Phillip Craine [NSM May 1745 #82] - [cancelled]Dated 5 Feb 1744; Pat Cain with consent of wife Ellinor Cain for consideration of £8 mortgage to friend Phillip Crain, taylor. Ballaugh a certain part of the qtrland of Knockan vizt the flatt called Cain's Flatt ;9 Jan 1764 - Philip Crain acks paid by Pat Cain.

Eleanor died 1752, buried Ballaugh 17521217 when noted as w/o Patrick, leaving a will d 18 dec;dau Joney, Alice both ua uncle Danl Caine(Jurby) supv;husb Pat;inv;many claims inc Philip Craine for £1 10s but proves 18s 7d being interest on mortgage dated 5 Feb 1744;

Patrick would appear to have married a second time to Isabel Kelly in Kk Michael 17530227 (tho she is not noted as a widow but she is I think Ann Cannel wdw John Kelly,junr ) - a child Adam is baptised in Ballaugh Bal 17550921 in the register Patrick is noted as 'vulgo aspick ny gliomieg' (?=bishop of the glen ?) - however no other baptism of his children is found - this family appears to be unfortuneate - two children die from smallpox - Adam & Christian son & dau of Pat Cain Cronkaa bur Ballaugh 17641225 before his death in 1776 (buried Ballaugh 17760225 described ' of the Knockan'); Isabel Cain noted as 'als Kelly als Cannell (Aspie)' in the IoMFHSoc transcription (?is Aspie = Aspic as per husband) bur Ballaugh 17970326 - there is a decree in Ballaugh for an Isabel Cain - "d 26 mar 1797;child(male) by former marr Wm Kelly admr [bur reg Isabel Cain als Kelly als Cannell - 1st m to John Kelly m mic 17400617, 2nd m Patk Caine Mic 17530227]"; (Isabel appears to be widow of John Kelly m Michael 17400617 and buried Michael 17430808 (noted as 'B'choan) with a will - "ye glan;only ch Wm (ua) ;wife Isable;john mcylrea uncle on fa's side overseer;fa John Kelly also sworn" - Isable would appear to have remained unmarried for quite some time - possibly loss of widowright may have played a part.

Patrick's 'will' [Arch 1776 bk 2 #86] is an article of agreement between Wm Kelly Ballaugh, Wm Bridson Castletown h/o Alice als Cain which mentions after decease of Patrick Cain, fa-in-law of Wm Bridson + Wm's mo-in-law Elinor;- - "art agr dated 10 Apr 1776 between wm kelly balaugh, wm bridson c'town wife alice als cain re goods due after decease of patrick cain (fa-in-law wm bridson + mo-in-law elinor) who d 24 Feb last past;annexed agr dated 13 Aug 1785 Wm Bridson acquits Wm Kelly of any sum etc due by death of mother-i-law Elinor Caine"

Joney as eldest surviving daughter inherited the land and brought an end to this branch of the Cain family in Knockan - she had married Wm Kelly in 1765 and had a family

Christian - Bal 17660501 'knockan'
John - Bal 17680731 'knockan'
William - Bal 17710317 'of the gill'
Isabel - Bal 17721213 'knockan'
Ellinor - Bal 17750530
Ellinor - Bal 17771012
Anne - Bal 17800317

It was their child William Kelly who became Capt Wm Kelly who built a substantial house later extended - his MI in Old Ballaugh reads "To the memory of Capt. WILLIAM KELLY R.N. who departed this life Nov. the 17th 1823 aged 52. Also to the memory of MARIA KELLY, late LACE his widow / who died the 28th of April 1844 aged 62. Also to the memory of JOHN KELLY brother of the above named Capt. W. KELLY who departed this life on the 23rd of Nov. 1800 Aged 32 "

See 1780 Lib Assed for these holdings

Gilbert Caine & Family

In 1686 Philip Cain had shared ownership of some land with Mr Charles Christian - this was Major Charles Christian of the Nunnery from whose widow Gilbert Caine bought the land

[Old Deed Ballaugh #94 - fragile + damaged]dated 14 Mar 1701;Margt Christian als Calcot (Nunnery Braddan) sell for 22s to Gilbert Caine (Kk Michael) [missing] Crot-valley rent 1s 3d [missing] ;witt Willm Cottier, Patt Cane x;court June 1702

- in 1706 the land was noted as shared between Gilbt Caine & Adam Caine though so far no family link between the two Cains has been established - in a deed dated 12 Apr 1706:

[Old Ballaugh Deed #12] dated 12 apr 1706;Gilbt Caine (Ballaugh) + wife Margt als Shimin sell for 5s to John Quaile (Ballaugh) a parcell of intack (rent 9d) called Cloassee Geile adj to lands of sd Jo Quaile; Jo Quaile to give 'an in calfe cowe for the running of one calfe to me betwixt this and the first month in summer';witt Willm Curlett x, Thos Clarke; note 'it is out of great poverty and nessity I have sold the same land as my neghbour knows';court Oct 1706

in another deed

[Old Michael deed #59] dated 9 nov 1715;Gilbt Cain (Ballaugh) + wife Margt als Shimin sell for 10s to James Oates (Onchan) a parcell of intack land (rent 6d) in Kk Michael called Glenneholain;witt Robt Lewen x, William Kelly x;court May 1718

Gilbt Cain was noted in Episcopal Wills Ballaugh 1730-2 - pauper in defuncts - inv inc shoemakers tools, no decree - widow states whole goods expanded in funeral costs

It is possible that Margaret was dead by 1719 as there is a will/decree in episcopal wills 1719 bk 3 for a Margt Cain + there is a marriage of a Gilbt Cain of Ballaugh to Cath Tear in Andreas in 1724;

By 1740 Book (the noted alterations for future books are omitted)

  Phill Carrett & Phill his grandson 15s 9d, Wm Cowley 15s 9d, Wm Corkill and Ellinr his wife 4d
31s 10d
  Tho Quaile and Jo Curlett 21s 3d, Jo Mcylvorrey 15d, Jo Killip 15d, Jo Caine & Adam Caine 8s 1½d, Adam Caine 10s 5½d, James Caine 2d
42s 6d
  Wm Kewley & John his son
  Wm Quayle 14s 11d, Ewan Cowley 2s 3d, Thos Killip 2s 3d, Ann Killip 7d, James Caine 22d, Adam Caine 2d, Wm Killip 11s, John Mcylvorry 6d, John Killip 6d, Adam Caine 10s
£8 4d


By 1760 Book (the many added indications such as m1770 showing a future change through the court in May 1770 are omitted for clarity) - note also that the ordering of holdings is not quite the same

  Phill Garrett 15s 6d, Phill Garrett 3d, Wm Cowley 15s 4d, Wm Cowley 5d, Wm Corkill and Ellinr his wife 4d
31s 10d
  John Curlett junr 19s 9d, Wm Curlett 18d, John Mcylvorrey 15d, Mich Caine 15d, Michell Caine 4s ¾d, Adam Caine and Pat his son 4s ¾d, Pat Caine 3s 2¾d, Phill Caine 2s, Adam Caine & Pat Caine 2d
42s 6d
  John Kewley
  Wm Quayle 14s 11d, Andrew Cowley 2s 3d, Tho Killip 13½d, Thos Killip 13½d, John Quayle carpenter 12d, Tho Boddaugh and Cath his wife 22½d + 3rd pt½d, Wm Caine 2d + 2pt ½d, Adam Caine & Pat Cain 9s 10d, Tho Killip 11s, John Mcylvorrey 6d, Mich Caine 6d
£8 4d

Note that Gilbt Caine's name has been drawn and replaced by John Caine by 1740, who in turn is replaced by Michael Cain by 1760. Some of the entries are clarified by Lib Vast

May 1740 Scrondall 44s James Caine 22d Wm Caine his son 11d entered by vertue of a settlement of marriage dated the 26th Feb 1732/3 confirmed by the officers. Fine 2d
  Intacks 9d James Caine 9d Wm Caine 4d entered as before Fine 2d
Oct 1740 Scrondall 42s 6d Jo Caine & Adam Caine 8s 1d Jo Caine pred 4s ¾d, Adam Caine pred and Pat his son 4s ¾d Jo Caine stands for his own half and Pat Caine is entered for half with his father by virtue of a deed of settlement bearing date 21st Feb 1736 confirmed by the Officers. Fine 4¾d
May 1741 Scrondall 42s 6d Jo Killip 15d Jo Cain 15d  
    44s Jo Killip 6d Jo Caine 6d entered for both the above rents by verture of a deed of sale dated the 11th May 1739 confirmed by the officers Fine 4d
  Scrondall 42s 6d James Caine 2d Adam Cain & Pat Caine James was entered for this 2d rent in this place by mistake as the quest avouch therefore the proprietors & possessors thereof are so entered for the same & the right 2d placed upon James's purchase in the following entry - Nill
    44s Adam Caine and Pat Caine 10s, James Cain & Wm his son 22d Thomas Boddaugh & Cath Caine his wife 21d + 3rd pt d, Wm Caine pred 2d + 2pts of d, Adam Caine & Pat Caine pred 9s 10d Adam Cain and Pat Caine his son stand for the sd 9s 10d after deducting the 2d for James Caine's purchase out of their 10s rent above mentioned. And Thomas Boddaugh & Catherine his wife are entered for 21d + 3rd pt of d by vertue of a settlement of marriage from their sd father James Caine & his wife dated the 26th Feb 1722/3 confirmed by the officers and there remaining on Wm Caine but 2d and the 2 parts of d the same havingbeen so proportioned and the land accordingly divided amongst them by the setting quest as agreed between themselves wch so appears by the quests settlement bearing date this day relation being made thereunto had may appear - and in lieu of what Wm Caine looses on the division of the quarter land he gains by the following entry - reserving the right of James the father & his wife during their lives according to the sd settlement of marriage to their son & daughter Boddaugh. Fine by Boddaugh & wife 4d
  Intacks 9d James Cain & Wm his son 9d Wm Caine pred 6d The said Wm Caine was entered for half the said 9d rent before - and he is now entered for 1d more? having the whole 3d in Close-e-Gell under the right settled by the father and mother as aforesd and by the division agreemt & settlement of the setting quests return cited in the former entry and another division of the quest dated 25 Nov last. And Thomas Boddaugh & Catherine his wife are also entered for the remaining 3d of the sd 9d rent by vertue of their settlent of marriage as before, with the said reserve for their father and mothers lives
May 1743 Scondall 42s 6d Jo Caine 15d Michell Caine 15d Entered by vertue of the last will of Margt his mother produced in court (being purchased land) and by vertue of a settlement of marriage from his father dated the 22d Octr 1740 confirmed by the officers Fine 4d
    44s Jo Caine 6d Mich Caine his son 6d entered as before - fine included above
    42s 6d Jo Caine 4s ¾d Mich Caine his son 4s ¾d entered by vertue of the settle of marriage from his father cited in the above entry subject to the reserves therein mentioned Fine 9d
  Intacks 2d Jo Caine son of Gilbt Mich Caine

entered as before. Fine 1d

It is now possible to start to unravel some of the complications-

John Killip's sale to John Cain is-

[NSS May 1740 17] dated 11 May 1739;John Killip(ballaugh) + wife Isabel als Crain sell for £8 to neighbour John Cain a parcell of land part of both qtr of Glendoo & Knockan called the Caitnys or Comon (vizt one half of it other half belonging to John Mylvorry) rent 1s 9d;witt Tho Cain x, John Moughtyn x

The marriage contract of John, son of Gilbert, names his wife and trade, a shoemaker like his father, -

[Ballaugh Old Deed #66]dated 16 feb 1716/7;Gilbt Caine + wife Margt obo son John (shoemaker + to teach bro Patrick);Michael Cross + wife Jony obo dau Margt;witt Michael Cross x,Wm Corlett[probably the scribe];court May 1717

Margaret Cross will, Epicopal Will 1739 book 2 has d 8 Jan [1739/40?];dau Mary, Cath, Joney(youngest) jt exex;son Michael;pledges Adam Cain, Wm Cowley; she was buried Ballaugh 17400109 and noted as 'wife of John in the gill';

John also entered into a marriage contract for his eldest son and heir Michael

[NSS Oct 1741 15] dated 22 Oct 1740;John Cain (with comfort wife Elinor) obo son Michael;Mary Mylvorrey obo herself;all Ballaugh;Cains to settle estate (purchased lands + those of inheritance) with half crop besides that bequeathed by Michael's mother but with right of return if John Cain + wife turned out of Bishop's croft;Margt Crain gmo of Mary claims no right to goods + has settled household stuff on Mary;witt Math Cowle x,Tho Clarke x, John Tear

Thus it would appear that John had remarried and moved to occupy his new wife's farm (where they would be tenants of the Bishop - possibly this is part of the nearby Bishop's demesne) - note the 'with comfort of' as it was John's property but his wife might have some future widowright in it. The date of the contract and the burial of his first wife would point towards Elinor Crain married Ballaugh 17400701 when both parties noted as of Ballaugh.

Michael Caine m Mary Mcylvorry Ballaugh 17401025- their family would appear to be:

Ann - Bal 17410907
John - Bal 17440624
Catherine - Bal 17460219
Thomas - Bal 17491111
Margaret - Bal 17520806
Patrick - Bal 17551019 (father noted as Michael Cain of the gill) - probably buried Ballaugh 17700505 when noted as s/o Michael
Jane - Bal 17590404 ('of the gell')
Ellinor - Bal 17620221 - married Thomas Quayle Ballaugh 17860225


James Caine + family

James Caine, who had purchased land from friend Adam Caine, entered into two marriage contracts, both postdate the respective marriages - one for his son and heir William and the second for his daughter Catherine

[NSS May 1733 34] dated 26 feb 1732/3 [post marriage];James Caine + wife Joney als Kewish obo eldest son Wm who has assisted them in every way from youth;Ellen Kelly formerly Marown;married May last;Caines settle other half of estate (qtr + intack rent 1s 5d) reserving only half field Tollow ne Garnane + a little bit Garrary lies adjacent;witt John Killip x, Willm Myclvorrey x;

[NSS May 1733 33]dated 26 feb 1732/3 [post marriage];James Caine + wife Joney als Kewish obo dau Cath; Thomas Boddagh (Ballaugh) obo himself;married Nov 1731;settle half estate (rent 1s 5d) reserving only half field Tollow ne Garnane + a little bit Garrary lies adjacent;witt Wm Craine x, John Killip x;

Jony Cain als Kewish left a will [Epicopal 1745 book3]- d feast St Luke[18 Oct];dau Jane(w/o Thomas Cowin),Alice(w/o Patk Cain); she is buried Ballaugh 17451020. James would appear to be buried Ballaugh 17430707 - there is a will (to be checked).

The family of James Cain + Joney Kewish (no marriage found - possibly in Ballaugh pre 1695) would appear to be:

John - Mic 16891124
William - Mic 16921023
John Mic - 16950902
Jane Mic - 16990311 - married Thos Cowin Bal 17251130 when Thomas is noted as of Kk Patrick
Alice Bal - 17021103 - noted as 'bops land;'[Bishop's land or demesne?] - probably married Patrick Cain
Kath Mic - 17060616

No marriage to Patrick Caine can be found (probably in the period 1731-1733 missing from Ballaugh Register) - however there are two children born to a Patrick Cain & Alice, with a likely third-

Lucy - Mic 17340918 noted as 'oristal'
Patrick - Mic 17370623 + Ballaugh on same day - no mother's name but in Michael register 'four towns' (another name for area around Oristal) and in Ballaugh as Patrick Caine of Kk Michael
Esther - Mic 17410503

Jane Cowin als Cain left a will in Patrick (arch 1755 book2 # 45]- d 4 apr 1755;son James(houses etc but after death of husb);dau Anne,Jony,Isable,Alice;unnamed grandchild;husb Thomas exor;witt John Moore x, Thos Cowile x;1763: Wm Skealy,boatman Peel, h/o Ann acks from Thomas

William inherited half the purchased land - he had married Ellinor Killey in Michael 17320514 where the register notes William Cain Ballaugh, Ellinor Killey widow kk marown - she is buried Ballaugh 17471030 'wife of Wm' leaving a will - d 28 Oct 1747;son John, Edwd, Mark, Mathew & Patt - uncle Robt Kelly overseer;maid Anne Kinley;husb Wm exor;1755 John Cain at age

William would appear to have remarried shortly after the death of his first wife to another widow Isabel Mcylrea als Killip at Ballaugh 17471208 - register notes William Cain in Ballakeig;Isable Mcylrea als Killip of Ballacooilley - he is buried Ballaugh 17750818 noted as Tenant at Ballakeoge - his will d 17 aug 1775;6d to all ch;wife Isabel exex; Isabel is probably buried Ballaugh 17770517 noted as 'widow' leaving will - d 15 may 1777;widow;dau Isable;son John;Isabel d/o said John Mylrea;son Wm Caine exor. The first mentioned children appear to be from her first marriage to Thomas Mylrea (buried Ballaugh 17450110 his will (Arch 1744-2 Ballaugh #54) - d 9 jan 1744;son john;dau mary;bro nicholas;wife isabel exex;ch uncle nicholas mylrea supv - Mary 'd/o Thomas' is buried 17490225) - I cannot find a baptism of a suitable Wm Caine however.

It would appear that William and probably his father James before him) were also tenants of a farm in the Bishop's Demesne - unfortuneately no tenancy records exist for this period, and as the land was owned by the Bishop, no land transfers would be noted.

The family of Thomas Boddaugh/Boyde and Cath Cain who married Michael 17311123, which suggests their first child's baptism will fall in the period lost from the Ballaugh register, includes

John - Bal 17340626 - probably buried Ballaugh 17380602 's/o Thomas'
Thomas - Bal 17370910 - probably buried 17480109 'son of Thomas in the gill'
Elin - Bal 17390407 - probably bur 17410905 'daughter of Thomas'
John - Bal 17391226
Philip - Bal 17420113

Thomas buried Ballaugh 17581211 (indexed as Buddagh) and noted 'Gliondoo' - his decree - d 11 Dec 1758;3 ch Wm, John, Philip all la;wife alive; Cath was buried Ballaugh 17630524 'widow of Thomas' - her will - d 20 May 1763;son Wm(her pt of house - his dau cath);dau-i-law Ann Boddaugh;son Philip exor.

William Boddaugh married Ann Corlet Ballaugh 17600216 (unusually by banns - both noted as of Ballaugh - witnesses were the Parish Clerk and John Bell miller who signed x) - their family include

Elizabeth - Bal 17600401
Catharine - Bal 17610101 (married John Clark)
Thomas - Bal 17620921 - from this date the register gives the mother's name)
William - Bal 17650120
John - Bal 17670906
Daniel - Bal 17700325
James - Bal 17730204 - noted as 'glandoo'

William is probably buried Ballaugh 17900514 and left a will - dated 12 feb 1790;dau Cath,Ann;son Thos (estate, loom etc),James,Wm;wife Ann exex;1805: Robt Clark h/o Cath

By 1780 Book-

  Phill Garrett 15s 6d, Phill Garrett 3d, Chas? Cowley 15s 4d + 5d, Michael Caine 4d
31s 10d
  John Curlett 19s 9d, Wm Curlett 18d, Wm Mcylvorrey 15d, Michael Caine 15d, Michell Caine 4s ¾d, Joney Caine with William Kelly her husb 12s 8¼d, Joney Caine with Wm Kelly her husband 2s
42s 6d
  Mrs Ann Moore 21s, William Kewley? 21s
  William Quayle junr 14s 11d, Andrew Cowley 2s 3d, William Killip 10s 10d + 13½d + 13½d, Wm Caine 1d, Wm Boddaugh 1d, Andrew Cowley 7d, Wm Boddaugh 22½d + 1/3 ½d, Wm Caine 2d + 2/3 ½d, Patrick Cain 9s 10d, Tho Killip 11s, Wm Mcylvorrey 6d, Mich Caine 6d
NB a penny short of the margin in this quarter
£8 4d


Cowin Connection - 2nd marriage of Jony Clague

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