[From IoM Examiner Annual 1919]

Officially Reported Missing [1918].

BAIRD, Private G., Sherwood Foresters; reported missing, May 9th, 1918. — 8 Hildesley Road, Douglas.
CALLISTER, Private J. E., King's Liverpool Regiment; reported missing, 22nd-30th March, 1918 - 2 Orry Street, Douglas. ,
CALLISTER, Pte. Robert, Cheshire Regiment; reported missing, March 21st-30th, 1918. — Baldrine, Lonan.
CAREN, Private R. H., King's Own Loyal Lancaster Regiment; reported missing, March 21st, 1918. — 3 Lewthwaite's Court, Douglas.
CLARKE, Private Wilfred, Cheshire Regiment; missing on 21st March, 1918. 21 Wellington Street, Douglas.
CLEATOR, Private W. H., First Manx Service Company; missing in Macedonia on September 19th, 1918. — Athol Place, Peel.
CORTEEN, Private Nelson, Duke of Wellington's Regiment; reported missing, Nov. 27th, 1917. — Formerly of Ramsey.
COSTAIN Private W., Royal West Surrey Regiment; reported missing, 21st March, 1918. — College Street, Ramsey.
COSTAIN, Private W. R. South Africans; missing since March 24th, 1918. — 86 Malew Street, Castletown.
CREER, Private Thomas E., Black Watch; missing in France on 19th July, 1918. — Son of Mr. J. Creer, Colby, Rushen.
CRELLIN, Private J., Hussars; reported missing, March 23rd, 1918. — Auckland Lane, Ramsey.
CROWE, Private Albert; reported missing March, 1918. — West Quay, Ramsey.
CURPHEY, Private John, King's Liverpool Regiment; reported missing, March 28. — Formerly of Clough Vane, Colby.
DONNELLY, Private J. H., Liverpool Scottish; missing on October 4th, 1918. — 28 Princes Street, Douglas.
FALLOM, Private Percy, King's Liverpool Regiment; reported missing, March 27, 1918. — Strand Street, Douglas.
GILL, Private Walter, London Scottish; reported missing, November 19th, 1918.— Formerly of Loch Promenade, Douglas.
GOODMAN, Private E. E., Gordon Highlanders; reported missing, March 21st, 1915. — Port Cranstal, Bride.
GRAY, Private Henry, King's Liverpool Regiment; missing on September 27th, 1918. — 7 Hope Street, Castletown.
HARRISON, Private Stephen, East Lancashire Regiment; reported missing, 27th March, 1918. — 33 Palatine Road, Douglas; brother of Private John E. Harrison, killed in action.
KELLY, Sergt. E. M., Mechanical Transport (A.S.C.); missing, March 25th, 1918. — Castle Mona Avenue, Douglas.
LEDGER, Private Henry; reported missing, March, 1918. — Tosaby, St Marks.
MERRIFIELD, Private Ernest, West Yorkshire Regiment; reported missing, April 25th, 1918. — Formerly of Douglas.
MOORE, Private J. F., Cheshire Regiment; missing on September 18th, 1918. — Begoade, Onchan.
MURRAY, Private W. F., Machine Gun Corps; missing on October 16th, 1918.— Crowereen, Maughold.
REDPATH, Private T. L., King's Liverpool Regiment; reported missing, 28th March, 1915. — Jallow, Maughold.
TEARE, Private Herbert Douglas, Lancashire Fusiliers; reported missing, 21st March, 1918. — Formerly of Douglas.
WARBURTON, Private Eric, Machine Gun Corps; reported missing, March 21st, 1918. — Son of Mr W. H. Warburton, Harris Promenade, Douglas. WILLIAMSON, Private George H., Lancashire Fusiliers; missing 22nd April, 1918; brother of Sapper Herbert E. Williamson, died of wounds. — Son of Mrs. Williamson, Athol Park, Port Erin.


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