[From IoM Examiner Annual 1919]

Died on Service[1918]

BROWN, Driver J., Mechanical Transport (A.S.C.); died on November 29th, 1917. — Son of the late Mr. Walter J. Brown, and grandson of Mr. J. A. Brown, of Douglas.
CALLISTER, Private Alfred Cecil, Army Service Corps; died at London from peritonitis on September 12th, 1918. — 9 Kingswood Grove, Douglas; brother of Sergt. — Major R. Joseph Callister, D.C.M., M.S.M., killed in action,
CANNAN, Private J.; died on November 4th, 1918. — Richmond Hill, Braddan.
CARBERY, Gunner James, Royal Garrison Artillery; died at Bombay, India, on May 26th, 1918. — 9 Grafton Street, Douglas.
CHRISTIAN, Nurse Emily, Royal Southern Hospital, Liverpool; died on October 11th, 1918. — 3 Christian Rd., Douglas.
CLAGUE, Private William J., South Wales Borderers; died in France on April 8th, 1918. — Vine Villa, Derby Square, Douglas.
CLEATOR, Private Charles H., Loyal North Lancashire Regiment; died in August, 1917. — Formerly of Ballaugh.
CLUCAS, Petty-Officer Joseph, H.M.S. Destroyer; died at Londonderry on 9th October, 1918. — Nephew of Mr and Mrs. Edward Clucas, 64 Finch Road, Douglas.
CORRIN, Corporal T. J. Royal Engineers .(Postal Section); died on January 15th, 1918 — Formerly of Castletown; Brother of Mrs. W. J. Quirk, Ridgeway street, Douglas.
CORTEEN, Private Edward M., Liverpool Scottish; died at Oswestry of pneumonia on November 18th, 1918. — 9, Duke Street, Douglas.
COTTIER, Lieut. Walter Kaneen; died at Boulogne on August 24th, 1918. — Formerly of Auckland House, Ramsey.
COWLEY, L. — Corporal Fred, First Manx Service Company; died at Salonica on October 8th, 1918. — Golden Meadow Mills, Castletown.
CREGEEN, :Seaman-Gunner Samuel E., R.N.R.; accidentally drowned at Port Chalmers, New Zealand, on November 7th, 1917. — Four Roads, Port St Mary.
CUBBON, Corporal Fred, Army Service Corps; died of pneumonia on the Murmansk Coast, Russia, on October 22nd, 1918. — Balladoole, Arbory.
DAUGHERTY, Private Ernest S., Labour Corps; died in France on January 22nd, 1918. — 16 Melbourne Street, Douglas.
FARAGHER, Lance-Corporal Arthur H.; died of pneumonia at Alexandria on October 26th, 1918. — Mount Pleasant, Ramsey.
FICK, Bandsman Walter, Canadian Forces; died in April 1918 — Formerly of Clarke Street, Douglas.
GELLING, Private W. S., Mechanical Transport (A.S.C.); died at Edinburgh on March 21st, 1918. — Derby Road, Douglas.
GILL, Private John Edward; died on 28th December, 1917. — Michael village.
HANNAH, Stoker John William, H.M.S Talbot; died at sea on September 8th 1918. — 11 Lord Street, Douglas:
HARVEY, Capt. Tom, M.C.; died in East Africa on October 17th, 1918. — Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Harvey, of " Inglewood," Norton Street, Liverpool (formerly of " Inglewood," Promenade Douglas).
HINDS, Corporal Thomas P., Army Service Corps; died at Alexandria on July 11th, 1918. — Sartfell Road, Douglas.
HUGHES-GAMES, Capt. J. B., M.C.; died at Shrewsbury on October 17th 1918. — Nephew of Mr. C. T. W Hughes-Games (Vicar-General of the Isle of Man).
INGLIS, Private John Downie, First Manx Service Corps; died at Salonica on 2nd October, 1918. — Peel Road Nursery, Douglas.
KELLY, Private T., Canadian Forces; died at Calgary, Alberta, on October 30th, 1918. — Son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kelly, of Peel.
KELLY Private F. G., King's Liverpool Regiment; died at Kemmel Park or November 7th, 1918. — Isle of Man Bank Chambers, Douglas.
KELLY, Thomas; died on December 21st 1918, as result of exposure consequent upon his ship being sunk by enemy submarine. — 18 Richmond Grove, Douglas.
KENNAUGH, Gunner Lawrence M., Royal Garrison Artillery; ; died of peritonitis at Birmingham of April 25th, 1918. — Son of Mrs. T. Kennaugh, of Knock Rushen; grandson of Mrs. Mylchreest, Mona Street, Douglas.
KENNISH, Private Maurice R., Royal Welsh Fusiliers; died on December 14th, 1917. — Chester Street, Douglas.
KERRUISH, Gunner R. W., Royal Field Artillery; died in France on February 11th, 1918. — The Cooil, Braddan.
KINRADE, Sapper James L., Royal Engineers; died in France from bronchial pneumonia on September 23rd, 1918. — "Sunnycroft," Laxey.
KINRADE; Petty Officer Alfred; died at sea of pneumonia on September 8th, 1918. — Grest Lodge, Ramsey.
KNEALET Private R. H., First Manx Service Company; died at Salonica on 2nd Oct., 1918. — 20 Head Road, Douglas.
MOORE, L. — Corporal James Allen, Lancashire Fusiliers; died in France on April 21st, 1918. — 7 Senna Road, Douglas.
MOORE, Private W., South Lancashire Regiment; died, January, 1918. — Son-in-law of Mr. James Kinley, Ballafesson, Rushen.
MURPHY, Capt. Reginald Graham, Royal Air Force; died on October 4th, 1918. — St. Elmo, Loch Promenade, Douglas.
MYLCHREEST, A. Mona, Quartermaster of Basford House Red Cross Hospital, Manchester, Commandant 82nd Detachment (B. Division) East Lancashire Red Cross; died at Peel on September 1st, 1918. — Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Mylchreest, 1 Daisy Bank, Old Trafford, Manchester.
MYLREA, Sapper Edwin, Inland Water Transport; accidentally drowned on 4th March, 1918. — Circular Road, Peel.
NORTHEY, Private Richard, Australian Forces; died at Wellington, N.S.W., on February 18th, 1917. — Youngest son of the late Mr. W. Northey, of The Howe Port St. Mary.
QUAYLE, Jack; died at sea, November, 1918. — Arbory Street, Castletown.
QUIRK, Seaman-Gunner W., Royal Naval Reserve; died at Cardiff on June 21st, 1918. — Queen Street, Peel.
SAYLE, Sergt. W. H., Royal Engineers; died of pneumonia in France on November 3rd, 1918. — 9 Hope Street; Douglas.
SIMPSON, Private John Nelson, Army Ordnance Corps; died on July 28th, 1917. — Peel Road, Douglas.
THOMAS, Sister Lilian, Queen Alexandra nurse, attached University War Hospital, Southampton; died on August 12th, 1918, from septicemia contracted on war service. — Formerly of " The Avonmore," Port St. Mary.
WALKER, Nurse Sara, V.A.D., Hammersmith Military Hospital; died on 9th October, 1918. — Eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Callow, " Greenlands," Red Gap, Castletown.


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