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Alderman John T. Faragher, J.P.

Alderman John T. Faragher, J.P.

In November, 1916, the Douglas Town Council honoured Alderman John T. Faragher, J.P., by electing him as Mayor of the Borough for a second term, he having filled the post with great acceptance in the year 1905-6. Though not a native of Douglas, Alderman Faragher bas been resident in the town for so long that he may be regarded as a Douglas man. He was born in Foxdale, and after engaging in agriculture and mining he came to Douglas about 40 years ago, and in course of time became a dealer in agricultural produce and an agricultural. auctioneer, his business ability and probity soon bringing him to the front. He was elected as a Town Commissioner in 1890, and has ever since been a member of the Municipal Board, and is now- the " father of the Council." A prominent Wesleyan Methodist, he has been a local preacher for over 50 years. He is in great sympathy with the Friendly Society movement, he being both a, Rechabite and an Oddfellow.



Rev. W. Dinning

The Rev. W. Dinning is a North: Countryman, born in the county of Durham. He went to, the Primitive Methodist Theological College when 19 years of age. His first circuit appointment was Swindon, then under the Superintendency of the late Rev. T. M. Pinnock. Mr Dinning's subsequent ministry has been chiefly in large centres such as Manchester, Leeds, and London. His special studies, outside of Theology, have been along the lines of literature, especially English poetry and literary history. He is the author of a little book on the Poetry of Tennyson, which was well received by the critics; also of a Life of John Bainbridge, a well-known Evangelist, of Manchester. Mr Dinning is in his second Year in the Laxey Primitive Methodist Circuit. His discourses evince that he is well abreast of modern research and thought. One of his daughters is married to a Manxman, the Rev. John Kinnish, of Stoke-on-Trent.



ev. John T. Salisbury

The Rev. John T. Salisbury began his ministry in Douglas Wesleyan Circuit in September, 1916. His previous circuits have been: Northampton, Dumbarton, North Cornwall Mission (with Rev. W. Hodson Smith, now Principal of the National Children's Home), Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Barton-on-Humber, and Durham City (where he was Chaplain, to H.M. Prison). His story of the Durham miners, " Me and Jake," is full of humour and pathos, and is of considerable value as a psychological study. Mr Salisbury is secretary of the District Synod, also editor of the " Manx Methodist Church Record." His only son-Private John Riley Salisbury-gave his life for his country in July, 1916. Mrs and Miss Salisbury show a practical interest in various branches of Christian service.



Mrs John Frowde

Mrs Frowde, wife of Mr John Frowde, the Bermondsey Borough Librarian, has the distinction of being the first lady to be elected as president of the London Manx Society. A native of Ballaugh, she is an ardent lover of the land of her birth, and she and her husband never fail to spend their annual holiday in the Island. She is one of the most enthusiastic members of the London Manx Society, and the year of her president-ship-1915-16-was, mainly owing to her splendid efforts, one of the most successful in the Society's history. It. was signalised at her instigation by the provision of a .very hand-some silk banner, emblematic of the Society's patriotic and philanthropic objects, which she' unveiled at the annual meeting on November 11th, 1916. Mrs Frowde has always taken a deep personal interest in Manx people permanently or temporarily resident in London, and has spared neither time nor expense in alleviating suffering among them. She brought her year of office as president to a close by presenting the Society with a sum of 20 to form the nucleus of a benevolent fund. Mrs Frowde, too, has been indefatigable in visiting wounded and invalid' Manx soldiers in hospital in the London district.


MR. H. C. F. LACE.

Mr H. C. F. Lace

Secretary of the Barrow Manx Society. Born at Ramsey, Mr H. C. F. Lace is a son of the late Mr Henry Lace, master mariner, and grandson of the late Capt. Charles Lace, of Ballaugh. After completing his school education, Mr H. C. F. Lace was apprenticed as a blacksmith, but did not continue for long in that craft. While still a young man, he obtained a, position as mechanician in the gun-mounting department of the famous firm of Vickers-Maxim, Barrow-in-Furness, and during his seventeen years' service with the firm he has been in charge of important work connected with naval and field ordnance. A patriotic son of the Isle of Man, he has ever taken a keen interest in the welfare of the Island, and of Manx people-more particularly in the welfare of Manxmen and Manx women, who reside out of the Island. He is an enthusiastic member of the Barrow Manx Society, and has filled the post of hon. secretary to the Society for nine years with great acceptance.



Rev. Disney Charles Woodhouse

Among the many Anglican clergymen who have met their death as the result of heroic devotion to their country in connection with the great war, is the Rev. Disney Charles Woodhouse, who succumbed to an attack of dysentery contracted while discharging his duties as an Army chaplain on the Western front. Mr Woodhouse was formerly chaplain to the Bishop of Sodor and Man, and Principal of Bishop Wilson Theological College. He resigned these positions on being appointed as first Vicar of St. Ninian's, Douglas, which living he subsequently relinquished in order to engage in work in London under the auspices of the Church Missionary Society. Soon after the outbreak of war, he volunteered as an Army chaplain, and in this capacity rendered splendid service.




Territorial Nursing Staff (formerly District Nurse for the Parish of Rushen) .--Decorated by the King at Buckingham Palace on October 7th, 1916, with the Royal Red Cross (Second Class) for services in nursing the sick and wounded at Stobhill and Cambuslang War Hospitals. Glasgow.-Daughter of Mr and Mrs J. Bell, Blair Atholl, Port St. Mary.

Police-Sergt. WM. FARAGHER

Police-Sergt. WM. FARAGHER

of Port St Mary. was elected an honorary Serving Brother of the Grand Priory of the Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England, on 31st March, 1916. He is also the possessor of a Medallion and eight Labels. His practical interest, in First Aid work extends over a period of 20 years. He is a son of Mr and Mrs W. Faragher, of Port St. Mary Farm.



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