[From 1913 Examiner Annual]

1913- Portraits


Alderman Robert Corlett

Mr. Alderman Corlett, J.P., who on November 9th, 1912, was installed Mayor of Douglas in succession to Mr. Alderman Joughin, JP, is by birth a Sulby man, but he has resided in Douglas for well-nigh thirty years. By calling he has been a builder, and has erected a considerable quantity of house property in the town. He has been a member of the Town Council for about seventeen years, and has served as chairman of all the important committees. Mr. Corlett is a prominent Wesleyan Methodist, and has appointed the Chairman of the Isle of Man District (Rev J. R. Ellis) Mayor's chaplain.



Rev. Disney Charles Woodhouse

The Rev. Disney Charles Woodhouse, M.A., B.D. (Clare College, Cambridge), was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Birmingham in 1906, and took priest's orders in the following year. From 1906 to 1909 he was curate of Aston-juxta Birmingham, and in the latter year was appointed Vice-Principal of the Bishops Wilson Theological College, Isle of Man, and Chaplain to the Bishop of Sodor and Man. In the Autumn 1912 he was preferred to the Vicarage of St. Ninian's, Douglas, and will have charge of the handsome new Church which has been built at the cost of the Trustees under the will of the late Mr. H. B. Noble. It is expected that the Church will be opened for public worship during 1913. Mr Woodhouse is an excellent preacher, and has a well-deserved reputation of being a hard worker. He is a very capable athlete, and is the present holder of the Isle of Man Lawn Tennis championship. [Died 1916]




Mr. Cook, who is a native of Ulverston,- is the junior Wesleyan Methodist minister of the Castletown circuit-residing at Port St. Mary. Opening his ministry in the Attleborough circuit, Norfolk, in 1906, he laboured there as a non-collegiate for one, year. Afterwards he took the recognised theological course at Didsbury College, and subsequently travelled two years in the Reeth circuit, being stationed at Gunnerside. Mr Cook has received an invitation from the Stockport (Tiviot Dale) circuit for 1913. His work in the Southern Manx circuit began last September, and his ministrations-as also those of- his colleague and superintendent, the Rev. Henry G. W. Weston — have already won the esteem of the congregations of the sixteen places of worship comprised in the circuit.

Photo by V. L. Swales.



Francis Mackenzie Greene

Mr. Francis Mackenzie Greene, who was recently commissioned by the Lieutenant-Governor as Captain of the Parish of Santon, is a Manx-man, his father being the late Dr. Greene, of Ramsey, while his mother, prior to her marriage to Dr. Greene, was a Miss Quaye, of Stockfield, German. Mr F. M. Greene upon completing his education entered the service of the Isle of Man Banking Company, Ltd., but while still a youth proceeded to South Africa and successfully engaged in a commercial career, retiring a few years ago. He has acquired the estate of Oatlands, Santon, and has effected considerable improvements there. An ardent agriculturist, Mr. Greene is chairman of the Southern Branch of the Isle of Man Agricultural Society, and in the ordinary course will next year become president of the society.

Photo by Warburton.

[John Thomas Quilliam]

John Thomas Quilliam

Mr. John Thomas Quilliam was promoted to the rank of Superintendent of the Isle of Man Constabulary in June 1912. Born on the Kirk Patrick sea coast, he in early manhood followed the herring fishing. On joining the police his worth quickly established itself, and in due course he was appointed Inspector in charge of the Ramsey division, from whence he was advanced to the rank of Superintendent in charge of the Douglas division. He is a P.P.G.M. of the Oddfellows. [later MHK]

[John Cain]

John Cain (Police Superindent)

Mr. John Cain recently retired from the Isle of Man Constabulary after 48 years' service, the later portion in the capacity of Superintendent. At Tynwald, on July 5th, the Lieut.-Governor decorated Mr. Cain with one of His Majesty's Police Coronation medals; and presented him with a cheque for 50, publicly subscribed, in recognition of his " long, faithful, and devoted service."

Photo by F. Woodcock, senr.


Mr. H. J. MOORE.

Herbert J. Moore

Mr. Herbert J. Moore belongs to Surby, Rushen, and is the second son of the late Mr. Robert Moore. By calling he is a joiner and contractor, and he has acquired a large business. He takes an active interest in local affairs, and is a member and Treasurer of Rushen Board of Guardians. He has been identified with the adult and juvenile sections of the Harbour of Peace Lodge of Oddfellows (Port St. Mary) for many years, and has filled the various offices of the lodge, of which he is a trustee. Recently he was appointed Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man District-a position which he still retains.

Photo by Warburton.




Is District Chief. Ruler of the Rechabite Order. He is a resident of Foxdale, where his assiduous attention to duty as Secretary of the Star of Foxdale Tent for many years fairly entitles him to the position of honour in Rechabitism recently assigned him. Mr. Callister is an enthusiastic musician, and has successfully trained Foxdale choirs for the Manx Music Festival.

Photo by Stafford Johns.



Rev. H. Ward Matthews

The Rev. H. Ward Matthews, Primitive Methodist minister, and the son of a Primitive Methodist minister, is of Cornish origin, and he is in charge of the Castletown circuit, comprising places of worship at Castletown, Port Erin, Ballasalla. and some half-dozen other places in the South of the Island. His ministry began in the year 1904, and he has laboured in Sheffield, Richmond, and Southampton. Mr. Matthews was educated at Liverpool Colleges as the result of gaining the Tate Science Scholarship in 1895. Later he became a teacher under the West Riding School Board. Subsequently he took evangelistic work as a layman, and in 1902 was accepted for the ministry, entering the Training College, Alexandra Park, Manchester, which meant coming under the fine scholarly and spiritual influence of Dr. A. S. Peake and Professors A. L. Humphries, MA, and W. L. Wardle, MA, B.D. Photo by Warburton.



Mr. W. Lewis Clague

Mr. W. Lewis Clague is a Douglas man by birth and education. After leaving school he became a junior clerk in the Record Office, but some four years ago severed his connection with the Manx munimental department on being appointed Coroner of Middle Sheading, a position he continues to occupy in alternate years. Mr Clague has for years been a prominent figure in Douglas musical circles. He has often taken a leading part in the annual productions at Christmastide by the Douglas Choral Union of light opera, and he is an orchestral performer of much merit, his instrument being the double-bass. Having also been active in the affairs of the Manx Music Festival, Mr. Clague recently succeeded Mr. W. J. Corlett, H.K., as chairman of the committee of that important institution.

Photo by Warburton.



Thomas Clague

Mr. Thomas Clague is a native of Rushen. For many years he was the proprietor of the Belle Vue Hotel, Port Erin, where he established a large, business, which was afterwards purchased by Messrs Boddington, Ltd. Recently he has laid out a portion of Perwick as a Holiday Camp, which grows in popularity each year. He is also a farmer and butcher, and with the co-operation of his son (Mr. Thomas Clague, junr.), carries on extensive businesses at Port St. Mary and Port Erin. He has served on the Commission at both Port St. Mary and Port Erin, and he has just been re-elected to the Port St. Mary board. Until November, 1911, he was for 20 successive years a member of Rushen School Board. He is a trustee of the Harbour of Peace Lodge of Oddfellows. [Died 1915]

Photo by Roberts, Port Erin.


MR. EDWARD ALLEN, M. Inst. C.E., etc.


President of the Liverpool Manx Society during 1912-13 - though not a native of the Isle of Man, is the son of Manx parents. His father was a Kirk Bride man, who, after serving his apprenticeship as a tailor in Ramsey, went to Liverpool and eventually became a partner in the well-known firm of Richardson, Dunlop and Co. His mother (née Anne Kneale) resided in Douglas until her marriage, when Liverpool became her home. The subject of this sketch was educated at the Liverpool Institute and then entered the services of the Liverpool United Gas Light Company under the late Mr. Alfred King, M. Inst. C.E. In 1934 he was appointed Chief Engineer. In 1910 he was made President of the Liverpool Engineering Society, and at present he is senior Vice-President of the Institute of Gas Engineers. He is a member of the Institute of Civil Engineers and other learned and scientific societies. Mr. Allen is a Wesleyan Methodist leader and local preacher. He is Circuit Steward of St. John's Circuit, Liverpool, and was representative at the last Conference. He takes a warm interest in young men -- in their religious welfare, football and other recreational and social pleasures. Mr. Allen has for many years been a member of the Liverpool Manx Society.



Rev. J. Vivian Davies

The Rev. J. Vivian Davies is the pastor of Finch Hill Congregational Church, Douglas, in which office he recently succeeded the Rev. D. Inglis, B.A. He came to Douglas from Nantwich, where he was pastor of the Congregational Church for seven years. A man of much initiative and organising ability, as well as a sound preacher, Mr. Davies accomplished good work at Nantwich, and he has already made his influence felt in Douglas. Finch Hill Church is in course of renovation, the choir and organ being removed to the west end of the building.

N.M.P. block, Warburton photo.



Rev. Frederick W. Stubbs

The Rev. Frederick W. Stubbs has been appointed Vicar of Arbory, in succession to Canon Kewley, who has been promoted to the Arch-deaconry. For three years past Mr. Stubbs had been Vicar of St. Barnabas, Douglas, succeeding the Rev. G. E. Craven, A.K.C. Mr. Stubbs was appointed to the curacy of Rushen in 1885. Four years later he removed to Doncaster, then to York ; and in 1895 he became Vicar of Jurby, where he remained eight years. His next move was to Foxdale, from whence he came to Douglas. Mr. Stubbs is a man of genial disposition and broad outlook and sympathies. The population of the pariah of Arbory at the last Census was 783. Photo by Keig.

World Manx Party Ballasalla

[Rushen Abbey]

World Manx Party, 1912


[Villa Marina]

Arthur Page

Mr. Arthur Page, who has been appointed by the Douglas Corporation to the position of manager of the musical performances at Villa Marina, is singularly well-qualified for the position. His acquaintance with concert entertainments is wide and large, and for several years past he has travelled extensively on the mainland as representative of Messrs Keith, Prowse and Co., who are amongst the largest and most influential musical agents in the country. Mr. Page was in charge of the entertainments during the past season (1912).

Below is an illustration of Villa Marina Park and Concert Hall as they will appear when completed. The estate was purchased by the Corporation for 60,000 from Noble's Trustees, who make a refund of 20,000 for the purpose of defraying the cost of the erection of the Hall and of providing an organ. The Hall will be elaborately furnished for high-class musical performances. There will be a ceremonial opening early next summer (1913).

Projected desin for Villa Marina



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