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1907 - Portraits



BY permission of the architects (Messrs James Cowle & Son) there is reproduced above a drawing of this building now in course of erection in Castle-street, Peel. The whole coat of the site and building. amounting to over 1,000, is being defrayed by the Hon. J. K. Ward, of Montreal, Canada The building is of Peel brick, with the front ornamented in cement work. The foundation stone was laid on September 6th, 1906. by the Clerk of the Rolls (Mr Thos. Kneen), and it is expected that the Library will be opened to the public in the summer of 1907. It is interesting to note that the site is the birthplace of Mr Ward, who is now in his 88th year, On the ground floor there will be a large newsroom 24ft. by 15ft., a lending library 17ft. by 13ft.. and on the first floor a ladies' reading room and caretaker's rooms. The negotiations between the Peel Town Commissioners, who will be the owners of the Library, and the generous donor have been ably carried through by Mr J. Taggart, of Douglas. the building contract is being carried out by Mr A. H. Kelly, builder, of Peel.


Councillor Joseph Sharp

MR. Councillor Joseph Sharp, J.P., Mayor of Douglas, is an Englishman by birth and a Manxman by adoption. He first saw the light in Stockport [b. 1854] ; but thirty-one years ago, while quite a young man, he came to Douglas and decided to settle in the principal Manx town. He went into business as a coal merchant, and subsequently became an owner of steamships. Both businesses prospered with him, and some five years ago he retired upon a competency. He was returned to the Town Council as one of the members for St. George's Ward in 1902, and has since sat continuously for the Ward. As a member of the Town Council he has displayed marked ability, and he has no superior in his grasp of municipal affairs. He has rendered good service on the Stores, Water, and Sanitary Committees, the Tramways Committee, and the Finance Committee, and generally he has engaged in broad-minded and intelligent fashion in the business of the borough. Last October Mr Sharp accepted an unanimous invitation from his fellow- members of the Town Council to become Mayor, and on the 1st November last he was unanimously elected to the highest position which it is in the power of the citizens of Douglas to place a man. The Mayor is one of the largest owners of real estate in Douglas. He is a prominent and zealous Primitive Methodist, and is one of the most liberal supporters of that church in the Island.

The Motor Tourist Trophy Race 1906.

TOURIST Trophy Race, September 27th, 1906.

Lord Raglan

The Lieut.-Governor (Lord Raglan) views the race from the Judges' Box. The Tourist Trophy is offered for annual competition by the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland. Only touring cars may compete in the race, and in addition to speed, economy in consumption of petrol is a factor in determining the result. The race was first held in 1905, when, as last year, it was decided over the Isle of Man course.

Tourist Trophy Race, 1906. Disappointed entrants.

Tourist Trophy Race, 1906. Disappointed entrants.

Some of the cars which were disqualified owing to late arrival for weighing-in purposes.

Mr Percy W. Northey and the Hon. C. S. Rolls

Tourist Trophy Race, September 27th, 1906. Mr Percy W. Northey and the Hon. C. S. Rolls (winner), the drivers of the Rolls-Royce cars, resting.

The climb out of Peel, towards Kirk Michael

The climb out of Peel, towards Kirk Michael.


St German's Crossing

The only railway crossing on the course and its custodian This crossing is situate on the northern section of the Isle of Man Railway Company's lines, and is close to Peel.

Lord Raglan and Earl Russell

THE Lieut.-Governor (Lord Raglan) and Earl Russell have a chat and a smoke during the progress of the Tourist Trophy Race (Motor), Sept. 27th, 1900.

C. S. Rolls at Bray Hill

The Hon. C. S. Rolls (winner) on the last lap. The point is the foot of Bray Hill, about 200 yards from the finish.

C. S, Rolls .(winner) finishing on his Rolls Royce car

Tourist Trophy Car Race, September 27th, 1908. The Hon. C. S, Rolls .(winner) finishing on his Rolls Royce car.

MR. J. D. CLUCAS, B.A., C.P., H.K.

John Donald Clucas

MR. John Donald Clucas, who is the junior representative of Ayre Sheading in the House of Keys, is the eldest son of the late Mr John Thomas Clucas and of Mrs Margaret Clucas, of Thornhill. The first part of Mr Clucas's education was received in London, and subsequently he went to the Uppingham School-one of the most famous public schools in the country. Upon leaving Uppingham he entered Pembroke College, Cambridge, and graduated B.A. in 1891. In 189 he was called to the English Bar, and two years later he was admitted to the Manx Bar. In 1894, too, he received his commission as Captain of the Parish of Rushen-the parish in which his father's family had resided for centuries. In 1897 he was returned to the House of Keys as one of the members for Rushen Sheading, and he was returned for Ayre Sheading last autumn in succession to the late Mr R. Cowley. Mr Clucas is chairman of the Rushen School Boaul, a trustee of the Commons Lands, and Provincial Grand Master of the Isle of Man District of Oddfellows (M.U.). Up to the sale to the Isle of Man Railway Company of the system of the Manx Northern Railway Company, he was a director of the latter company, and he is now chairman of the Manx Salt and Alkali Company, Limited.


Inscription on Front Panel:

To commemorate
the personal worth and
public virtues
William Poulsom,
and of
Mary, his wife,
this Memorial is erected
by their fellow-citizens.

On Rear Panel

William Poulsom,
Councillor, Alderman,
Magistrate, Mayor,
Chnirman of
Bootle Borough Hospital.
"Write me as one who
loves his fellow men."

About £300 was raised in Bootle, by public subscription, for the erection of a statue in memory of the late Mr Wm. Poulsom and Mrs Poulsom. The unveiling by the Mayor of Bootle on October 25th,

1908, was largely attended. In the Isle of Man, also, the memory of Mr and Mrs Poulsom is remembered with kindly feelings, particularly on account of their generous gift of a park to Mrs. Poulsom's native town of Castletown. Our illustration of the statue first appeared in the Liverpool Echo

[The following account is from B. Guinness Orchard, Liverpool's Legion of Honour (Birkenhead, 1893),

William Poulsom
Mrs Poulsom


POULSOM (WILLIAM) hails from Wiltshire. He received his commercial training in London, but came to Liverpool about 1854, and after serving several years in a merchant's office commenced business as a stevedore and master porter. He is now the largest employer of labour in this way in Liverpool, besides conducting a large business of the same kind in London, under the name of Poulsom & Son. Mr. Poulsom is the patentee, founder, and principal promoter of the Grain Elevator Co., whose method is advantageously used to discharge bulk grain from ships in Liverpool, Glasgow, and other places, giving greater despatch at less cost compared with the old system of hand labour. He also is a director of several companies, including the British Workman Public House Company, known as the Cocoa Rooms, of which he has been several times chairman. He is a total abstainer and temperance advocate, and a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Some years ago, when Bootle was a suburban district of Liverpool, Mr. Poulsom took up his residence there. He was one of the promoters of the charter of incorporation, took great interest in all schemes for the welfare of the people, became very popular, served about ten years in the Corporation as councillor and alderman, and was made mayor in 1880 and re-elected in 1881, during which time the tramways and several public institutions, including the Town Hall and the Park, were opened. He was made a magistrate in 1887. In the Bootle Borough Hospital he has taken much interest from the first, and for the last five years has been chairman of its committee. On retiring from the mayoralty in 1882, he was presented (by public subscription) with his portrait, now hanging in the Council Chamber, and a service of plate for himself and Mrs. Poulsom. Mr. Poulsom is a Liberal in politics, a member of the Liverpool Reform Club, also of the National Liberal Club, London.

POULSOM (Mrs.) is the esteemed wife of Mr. William Poulsom, J.P., twice mayor of Bootle. She has gained a strong hold on the popular regard by systematic good deeds ever since she came to that neighbourhood, a period reaching back to the days, thirty years ago, when all north of Huskisson Dock was open to the sea, with a background of fields, and a few cottages which formed the nucleus of what is now a .,town containing 50,000 inhabitants. She has shown neighbourly and benevolent interest in the poor and needy, striving, while the town rapidly developed, not to lose sight of anything in which she could be useful, and welcoming and organising the efforts of new comers. For the last sixteen years she has been responsible for, and actively managed People's Penny Concerts, held on each Saturday evening during the winter months. These have filled the Town Hall to its utmost capacity, providing much-needed harmless recreation for the masses; and Mrs. Poulsom's judicious arrangements have moreover enabled her, during a long period, to hand over each season an average of 50 to the Borough Hospital.


Manxmen Abroad.-MR. JOHN CORLETT


Is the patriarch of the Manx community in Cleveland, Ohio; also is he the richest Manxman in Cleveland. On January 5th,1815- almost 92 years ago-Mr Corlett was born in the parish of Ballaugh, in a house not very far distant from Bishop's Court, and in 1836 he left the Island and settled in Cleveland. A shoemaker by trade, he as journeyman or master worked at that business for quarter of. a century in the city of his adoption. Subsequently he engaged in buildii,g operations. and being a firm believer in the future of Cleveland, he invested largely in real estate, some of which has since increased in value an hundred fold; hence his great wealth. He joined the Wesleyan Methodist Church in the Isle of Man when fourteen years old, and is now a prominent office-bearer in the

Methodist Episcopal Church, Cleveland. Mr Corlett in 1850 married Miss Margaret Cubbon, a native of Jurby. The photograph repro- duced here was taken upon Mr Corlett's 91st hirthday, and it shows him as he still is, in the full possession of his mental vigour and with vitality but little impaired by his great age.



OF 6 Kenyon-road, Wigan, is a native of Foadale, and 30 years ago, when in his 16th year, left school for Wigan, where he was apprenticed to the ironmongery business. He is now the proprietor of the firm of Lace and Co., ironmongers and tool merchants, Market Place Wigan. Mr Lace is a deacon and trustee of King-street Baptist Church in that town, and was recently appointed to the Commission of the Peace for the County Borough of Wigan. He is in politics a Liberal, and is prominently identified with temperance work.

The President of the Liverpool Manx Society, 1906-7

Theodore Lowey

MR. Theodore Lowey, c.c., is a son of Mr John Lowey, Walton House, Ballasalla. He was born in Birkenhead about 47 years ago, and at an early age entered into the meat trade, in which his family were interested. He in the course of time commenced operations on his own account, and built up a very large connection, having at various times contracted and secured orders for all the principal institutions, in Liverpool and district, and also for the Army, Navy, and Volunteer forces. He is a member of the Liverpool and District Meat Traders' Association, and, being a man of broad minded ideas, and extremely popular, he soon made his mark in the Council of the Associa-tion, and for two years in succession he was president of this influential trade association. Under his auspices the benevolent fund of the association has been greatly augmented, and now amounts to 5,000. He is also a member of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (Animal and Meat Trade Section), and is a vice-president of the National Federation of Meat Traders-a federation which controls the meat supply of the United Kingdom. He is a member of several charitable associations, and for the second time has been elected president of the Liverpool Manx Society. A strong Churchman, he is a sidesman of St. Athanasius' Church. He was selected as the Conservative candidate for the Birkdale Division in the Liverpool City Council, being returned at the last election, by a very large majority, at the head of the poll. His work on the Council will be of a diverse nature, he having been elected on the Education and Markets committees

Manxmen abroad.-Mr,. FREDERICK KELLY.

Frederick Kelly

MR. Frederick Kelly, author of those interesting contributions signed " F.K." which have from time to time appeared in the columns of the Isle of Man Examiner, is a Manxman resident in Africa, and is a native of Laxey. He was educated at the Laxey Glen National Schools; and worked for some time in the Laxey mine. About fifteen years ago Mr Kelly, finding but little scope for his energies in this Island, emigrated to the "sunny south"; and, persuing his career as a miner in the land of his adoption, soon rose, by dint of ability and skill, to be a mining expert. Mr Kelly, who is in the prime of life, spends much of his time in inspecting and reporting upon mining properties. He is also a contributor to several journals. Mr Kelly has recently spent some months in Madagascar.

Manxmen Abroad-MR. Wm. RADCLIFFE, J.P.,

William Radcliffe

LEFT the Island about 30 years ago for New Zealand, having first served his time to the painting and decorating business under the late Mr. Evan Quirk, of Peel. He has now at Littelton one of the largest businesses, and has been Mayor twice. Mr Radcliffe was a candidate for the House of Representatives at the last General Election, and was only defeated by a few votes. He is a prominent Methodist.




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