[From IoM Examiner Annual 1931]

Principal Events for the Year, 1930-31.


2.,.-Douglas Churches bid farewell to Rev. J. Fleming Shearer, Pastor of Broadway Baptist Church.

31-.-William Stirling, Onchan charged at General Gaol with stabbing his brother, Thomas D. Stirling, the proprietor of the Switzerland Sports Grounds, Douglas. The jury found the accused guilty of common assault and he was sentenced to six months imprisonment.

JANUARY, 1930.

The year 1930, opened with a series of tragedies. On the second day of the year, three persons died suddenly from heart disease, and a fourth shot himself during a fit of temporary insanity, while in the second week inquests were held on three persons by the Douglas Coroner.

1.- Death of Capt. George Maddrell, J.P. (69), member of the House of Keys for South Douglas 1921-24.

3 -Death of Mrs. Susan Corkill, wife of Councillor W. J. Corkill, Douglas.

4.-James Cain (57), a carter employed by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. run over and killed by loaded horse drawn lorry on Gas Works Hill, Douglas.-After a searching inquiry by the Coroner and jury on January 6th, a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned.

6.-Douglas Boarding and Apartment Association decide to alter rules so as to give the Association power to adopt of support municipal or political candidates who are prepared to give assurances of political sympathy with those engaged in the visiting industry.

7.-Edward Killey (68), and Lucy Agnes (65), his wife, found dead in a bedroom in their home 12, Hill Street, Douglas. At the double inquest held on the following day, it was revealed that Mrs. Killey had been suffering from heart disease in an advanced form, and a post mortem examination showed that Mr Killey's heart was also affected. From the position of the bodies it was surmised that Mrs Killey dropped dead, and that the husband, after lifting her body on to the bed, also collapsed and died,, his end being hastened by shock and grief. A verdict of "Death from Natural Causes" was returned in each case.

8.-Douglas Town Council, by a majority, decide to appoint a municipal landscape gardener. A public meeting held on January 31st passed a resolution protesting against the appointment, and at the meeting of the Council on February 12th, the Council by 13 votes to 10, reversed its former decision.

8.--Death of the Rev. John Davidson, J.P., pastor of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Douglas, from 1895 to 1920. He was in his 78th year.

8-Lieut.-Governor appoints a Commission to consider methods of (1) reviving industries which are either defunct or in a state of decay; (2), creating new industries. (3) stimulating and expanding industries.-The members appointed were : Messrs J. R. Corrin, M.L.C. (Chairman), W. C. Christian, J. B. Kee, J, Kelly, M.H.K., W. Moore, M.H.K., W. O. Quayle, T. R. Radcliffe, M.H.K., and P. G. Ralfe.

10.--Sensation caused in motor-cycling world by decision of the Auto, Cycle Union to refuse a permit to the Manx Motor Cycle Club to hold the Amateur T.T. races in the following September. 12.-Death of Mr John Corteen, first assistant harbour master of Douglas.

14.-Mr. T. R. Radcliffe's Bill to Amend the Shop Hours Act read a first time in the House of Keys. The second reading was carried by 12 votes to 10 on January 21st. The following week it passed the Committee stage with little alteration, but on February 11th the Bill failed to secure the 13 votes necessary to carry the third reading. Twelve members voted for the Bill and ten against

17.-Death of Canon Leece, Vicar of Rushen from 1897 to 1927.

27-At the annual meeting of the Isle of Man Bank Ltd., 8,000 was voted to Noble's Hospital Extension Fund, and 2,000 to the funds of the Ramsey Cottage Hospital. A dividend of 20 per cent. was declared. It was agreed that 50,000, part of the Contingencies Fund, should be capitalised and that the nominal capital of the Bank should be increased from 150,000 to 300,000 by the creation of 15,000 new shares of 10 each (3 6s 8d paid). The new shares were issued to the existing shareholders, in the proportion of one new share, partly paid for each shale held.


5 -Isle of Man Education Authority budget for an expenditure of 97,915, an increase of 2,157 on the previous year.

6.-Nine years old schoolboy, named William Edgar Bell, of Pulrose Park, knocked down and killed by motor van belonging to James E. Clague, baker, Victoria Street, Douglas. At the inquest on February 11th, the jury exonerated the driver, but severely censured the owner of the van for not having proper lights on it. They also recommended the Highway Board to amend the regulations concerning the lighting of motor vehicles.

11.-House of Keys rejected on the third reading, Mr W. K. Cowin's Bill to extend the summer opening hours of licensed premises in Laxey to 11 p.m.

13.-240 of Manxland's bonniest babies compete at Villa Marina in record baby show organised by the Douglas Police Charities Committee.

14.-Major J. K. Swales, Water Engineer to the Bolton Corporation appointed Consulting Water Engineer to the Local Government Board.

14.-Douglas Town Council let contract for Villa Marina Colonnade and shops to Messrs Matthews and Mumby, of Ardwick, Manchester, at 21,520.

14-Beginning of celebrated lawsuit in which Mrs. Agnes Gregson, the, owner of Glen Helen, and Mr W. R. B. Mylchreest and wife, the tenants sued the Highway Board for damages alleged to have been sustained through the diversion of the Lambfell stream in carrying out road improvements. Thirty-six witnesses were called during the eight days hearing, and another day was spent in legal argument on the jury's verdict which, in the end, was held by Deemster LaMothe to be in favour of the Highway Board. An appeal against the judgment was entered.

16.-The Government Fishery patrol-boat "Liffey" arrests three trawlers operating off Bulgham Head, north of Laxey, within the three mile limit. As a consequence the skippers of two of the trawlers was fined 30 each and costs for illegal trawling and the skipper of the third trawler, which tried to escape, was ordered to pay 50 and costs by the High Bailiff of Douglas on March 14th. .

2.-Mr E. H. Faragher, Chief Inspector of the Local Government Board announced his decision to retire after nearly 20 years' service. He relinquished the office on July 11th, and was succeeded by Mr. W. E. Quayle, assistant inspector.

22.-Inquest on John Harford Corrin, (25), of Creggan Moar Farm, Dalby, who died from blood poisoning after accidently stabbing himself in the stomach with a pocket knife when cutting a bar of soap.

22.- Visit of Rev. F. W. Lofthouse, M.A., D.D., President of the Wesleyan Conference.

24 -Annual meeting of the Douglas Gas Light Co. Dividend of 14 per cent. Scheme for increasing capital from 73,950 to 142,800, approved.

25.-Thomas Henry Quilliam (58), of Peel, killed by fall of earth in Poortown quarry, German, while working for the Highway Board.

26 -One hundredth annual meeting of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. Dividend of 6 per cent. It was announced that the Ramsey-Workington service would be abandoned.

27.-Mr James Caine retires from the secretaryship of the Manx Temperance Federation, a position which lie had held from the foundation of the society in 1913.

28.-Tynwald votes 26,500 for the building of a new Secondary School at Ramsey.


3.-Mr C. J. P. Dodson, of Manchester, the winner of the Senior T.T. race in 1928 and 1929, married at Kirk Braddan to Miss Kathleen Sorenson, of Douglas.

3.-Miss Jane Elizabeth Crowe, aged 51, a teacher at Laxey school, died in hospital from erysipelas following a slight wound on the little finger accidentally caused by a rusty key ring.

4.-The Isle of Man Steam Packet Co's centenary steamer "Lady of Mann" launched from the yard of Messrs. Vickers Armstrong Ltd., at Barrow, the ceremony being performed by Her Grace the Duchess of Atholl. The "Lady of Mann" is the largest and most luxurious vessel ever built for the Manx service.

6.-Great success of the third Trades Exhibition and Fair in the Palais de Danse organised by the "Isle of Man Examiner,"

10.-Mr William Lewin, who was superintendent engineer of the I.o.M. Steam Packet Co. from 1868 to 1895, died at his home in Douglas aged 91. Six days before his death he had witnessed the launch of the company's new steamer at Barrow.

11.-I.o.M. Railway Co , Ltd., passes dividend on ordinary shares. Lively discussion at annual meeting, the directors' policy being severely criticised by the Receiver General (Mr J. Qualtrough), and Mr T. H. Cowin. Proposal to appoint a Committee of shareholders heavily defeated.

12.-Douglas Town Council levies rates of 6/y in the £, an increase of fivepence. The total expenditure budgetted for was 90,000.

13.-At first sitting of the Industrial Commission, Mr G. Wyllie Howie, the Agricultural Organiser for the Isle of Man discussed the possibility of establishing a central creamery, bacon factory and central abattoir, as a means towards assisting Manx agriculture.

18.-Death of Mr W. G. Wilson, Vice-Principal of King William's College, in his 65th year.

20.--Deemster LaMothe appointed Deputy Governor owing to the illness of Sir Claude Hill. He discharged the duties of the office until July 4th.

22.-Application to open the Pavilion, Peel, for cinematograph performances on Sunday evenings during the summer gave rise to lively discussion at Peel District Licensing Court. Mr S. J. Kneale, the advocate for the applicants objected to the Chairman (Mr A. J. Ridge), and Mr W. P. Clucas, H.K. sitting to hear the application, alleging that they were disqualified on the grounds of bias. Neither of them retired and Counsel threatened to appeal to the Chancery Court. The Bench by a majority refused to allow Sunday opening. The threatened appeal did not materialise, but the Cinema Company later offered to sell the cinema to the Peel Town Commissioners at much less than cost. The offer was not accepted.

26.-Death of Capt. W. H. Kitto, J.P., Vice Chairman of the I.o.M. Steam Packet Co., director of the I.o.M. Railway Co., and for 17 years a member of the House of Keys for Glenfaba. He was, for many years, manager of the Foxdale lead mines.

28.--Tynwald Court sensation. When the Gaming and Betting Bill, making it an offence to bet by telephone, telegraph or letter was presented for signature, after the measure had been passed by both branches, only twelve members of the House of Keys signed. As 13 signatures are essential the Bill was declared dead.


1.-Mr R. C. W. Brown, youngest son of the late Mr J. A. Brown and Mrs Brown, of Douglas, appointed Surveyor-General of the Isle of Man, in succession to Mr F. G. Cornish.

1.-Sydney Mercer, a Liverpool-Manxman, reached Ramsey Harbour after a voyage from Liverpool in an open boat. The journey occupied 40 hours.

3 and 5.-Ramsey Cushag Choir (conductress, Mrs M. Black, A.R.A.M.) won the "Lester Jones" Cup and the "Dawnay Shield" at the London Music Festival.

4. 5 and 6.-Third annual trip of "Green Final" readers The party, numbering over 450, left Douglas at 10 p.m, on the 4th and proceeded to London to see the International "Soccer" match between England and Scotland. They returned to Douglas on the morning of Sunday, the 6th

8 -House of Keys devoted a whole day to the Railway Regulation Amendment Bill-a measure empowering the Isle of Man Railway Co. to raise the maximum third class rail fares from 1d to1/d per mile. On the same day, the Legislative Council passed the Isle of Man Electric Light and Power Bill, which embodied a 90,000 scheme for supplying electric light, heat and power throughout the Island

17-18.-The claim of George Herbert Evans, photographer, against John Marshall, boarding house keeper (both of Douglas), for 1,000 damages, occupied the attention of Deemster LaMothe and a jury. Of six questions put to the jury, they found for plaintiff on one only, and awarded him 5 damages.

18-21.-Easter holidays. A Vacation School, organised by the English Folk Dance Society was held in Villa Marina during the whole of the week

24.-Rev. Henry Maddrell, M.A., inducted Vicar of Castletown.

28.-The 39th Manx Music Festival commenced in the Palace, and continued until May 1st Mr Allan Quirk won the Cleveland Gold Medal, and thus repeated his success of 1923.

29.-Railway Regulation Amendment Bill passed by the House of Keys.


2.-Manx Labour Party's Annual Conference, held at Laxey, adopted sweeping. proposals, including a demand for death duties and a pension of 1 per week at 65 years of age. Fraternal greetings from the British Labour Party were conveyed for the first time by a woman-Mrs J Adamson, a member of the Labour Party Executive and of the London County Council.

2.-The Manx Ladies' Choir (conductor, Mr Noah Moore, L.R.A.M.), secured fourth place at the Morecambe Music Festival.

3.-The 100th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Edward Brown, the Manx poet, was celebrated by a huge national demonstration in Villa Marina. The occasion was also marked by the unveiling of a tablet on the wall of the old St. Matthew's School, the site of the Grammar School and the schoolmaster's house in which Brown was born, by special broadcasts from the Manchester and Daventry stations of the B.B.C., and by speech-making in the schools.

6.-House of Keys gave a second reading, by 18 votes to 4, to a Bill to increase their own salaries from 50 to 100 per year.

8.-Lady Cunlilfe, President of the Girls' Friendly Society, visited the Island, and attended a rally of the insular branches in Villa Marina.

13.-House of Keys changed their mind with regard to increasing their salaries, and the third reading of the Bill designed to bring this about was refused by 11 votes to 10.

14.-Notice of his retirement from the position of Town Clerk of Douglas was laid before the Town Council by Mr Alexander Robertson, O.B.E. Eloquent tributes to Mr Robertson's 40 years of service to the town were paid by members of the Council, and a committee was appointed to consider the most appropriate manner of recognising his services to the town.

14.-When the Electric Light and Power Bill came before the House of keys far the second day in succession, a communication was read from the Electricity Commissioners of Great Britain recommending an alteration in the whole financial structure of the Bill. After a sharp debate, the House decided to adhere to the financial provisions already in the Bill.

15.-Thomas Nelson Curphey, a Ramsey joiner, killed while working in the "Ramsey Courier" office through being caught.and whirled round by a revolving pulley shaft.

17.-In an endeavour to secure unanimity of voting, the Manx Labour Party agreed to the formation of a Parliamentary Sub-committee, consisting of all the Labour M.H.K.'s with a chairman and secretary to be elected by them and from among themselves.

19 -Miss Elizabeth La Trobe Morrison, a devoted supporter of many good causes in Douglas, passed away in Noble's Hospital. 20.-By a substantial majority, the House of Keys decided to postpone the Electric Light and Power Bill until the next session of the House, in consequence of a letter from the Attorney-General. proposal to invite the Insular Government to set up an electricity scheme for the Island was defeated by 15 votes to 4, and of the seven Labour members in the House, four voted in favour and three against.

24.-The death occurred in Noble's Hospital of Mr Robert Edward Cowell (20), of West Baldwin, who was badly burned in a motor cycle accident on May 14th.

29.-Rev. A. Nightingale, successor to the Rev. Fleming Shearer in the pastorate of the Baptist Church, Douglas, welcomed at a "recognition" meeting held in the church.

31.-Mr J. C. Quine, a member of the "Examiner" printing staff completes 50 years' service with the firm.


1.-Start of Manx Treasure Hunt, organised by the June Effort Committee. A mystery story entitled "Manx Gold," written by Mrs Agatha Christie, appeared in the "Daily Dispatch" and clues were published from time to time indicating the location of four small snuff boxes each: containing a token valued 100, which had been hidden in different parts of the Island. Three of true snuff boxes were discovered at Fort Island, on Peel Hill and near the Druid's Circle above Port Erin.

2.-Manx National Budget laid before Tynwald by the Deputy Governor. General revenue amounting to 327,086, showed a surplus of 26,941 or 20,906 more than estimated. The surplus on the Income Tax account was 12,476. The estimated expenditure charged against General Revenue for the year 1930-31 was 335,.569 or 35,424 over the realised expenditure in the previous year, and the estimated revenue was placed at 341,040. The only changes in taxation were additional duty of 5/- per gallon on spirits, and another 3/- per barrel On beer, bringing the Manx duties on these liquors up to the English level.

3.-Douglas Town Council decided to recognise Mr Alex Robertson's 40 years' service as Deputy Town Clerk and Town Clerk of Douglas, by granting him a pension of 450 a year, and a retiring gratuity of 2,000.

4.-Rev. Robert John Cannell, Vicar of Hardraw-with-Lunds, in the diocese of Ripon, appointed Vicar of Maughold in succession to the Rev. Henry Maddrell, now Vicar of Castletown.

6.-William Benjamin Kinvig (25), of Castletown, died in Noble's Hospital from injuries sustained the previous evening when his Motor cycle collided with a cow which was being driven across the roadway at Ballawhetstone, Malew.

10.-Miss Mercedes Gleitze. the English Channel swimmer, completed 37 hours' continuous swimming at Noble's Baths, Douglas, and thus set up a new British record for endurance swimming. On June 13th, she started from Douglas to swim round the Island. She completed this amazing feat on the evening of Sunday, June 22nd, having covered close on 100 miles in the net swimming time of 56 hours.

13.-New steamer "Lady of Mann" called at Douglas on the conclusion of her speed trials in Scottish waters.

15.-Herren Hirth and Weller landed on Douglas beach after flying from Germany, with a call at Croydon, to see the T.T. Races.

16.-H. G. Tyrell-Smith, riding a Rudge machine won the junior T.T. at an average speed of 71.08 miles per hour.

18.--The Lightweight T.T. was won by A. J. Guthrie (A.J.S.), at a speed of 64.71 m.p.h.

20.-Wal Handley, On a Rudge, won the Senior T.T. at 74.24 m.p.h.

21.-The 18th annual midnight yacht race from Rock Ferry to Douglas, won by the "Mimosa," owned by Mr N. Worsley.

21.-Eight Scottish League football Teams played five-aside tournament at Belle Vue under auspices of June Effort Committee

22.-Homecomers from America and Canada arrived at Douglas, and were given tumultuous welcome by large crowds on the Victoria Pier. Speeches were made by the Attorney General, the Mayor of Douglas (Councillor W. Quirk, J.P.), Alderman Crookall, M.H.K., Mr Richard Cain, M.H.K., and on behalf of the Homecomers, Mr Dan Teare (Los Angeles), President of the North American Manx Association, replied.

23--27.-Third annual Convention of the North American Manx Association held at Villa Marina. The Homecomers also visited out-towns during the week, and were given a hearty reception everywhere.

23-26.-Dancing competitions held in Douglas under auspices of the June Effort Committee.

24.-William Crookall, third son of Alderman Crookall, married to Miss Inez I. Palsson, a Canadian-born girl of Icelandic parentage. On the following day, Mr Ramsey Crookall, an elder brother of the previous day's bridegroom, was married to Miss Ena Fogg, eldest daughter of Mr and 'Mrs T. Fogg, of Douglas.

24.-Inspector P. Worth and Sergt. Scott, of Scotland Yard, crossed to the Island in the course of their investigations into the murder of Agnes Kesson, whose body was found in a ditch at Epsom some days earlier.

26, 27 and 28.-His Honor Deemster Farrant and Mr G. F. Clucas, C.B.E., Speaker of the House of Keys, attended the millenary celebrations of the Icelandic Alihing as the official representatives of the Manx Tynwald.

27.-Announcement made that The Isle of Man Road Services Ltd had been registered as a private company to make effective the amalgamation of the Road Services, Manxland and Manx Motors bus companies.

27.-Modern drainage system in village of Kirk Michael was opened by Mr R. C. Cain, M.L.C., then chairman of the Local Government Board, and Mr J. D. Clucas, J.P., ex chairman of the Board, ho each turned a wheel setting the machinery- in operation.

28.-"Lady of Mann" made her maiden voyage from Fleetwood.

29.-Broadcast of Manx service from St. George's Church, Douglas Sermon (in English), preached by the Lord Bishop. Following the service, Lady Hill broadcast an appeal from Government Office on behalf of Noble's (I.o.M.) Hospital.

30.-"Castle Rushen," a Manx historical play written by the Attorney-General and Professor Hanby Hay, broadcast.


1.-The Governor and the Attorney General broadcast "talks" on the Isle of -Man from a temporary studio erected in Government Office.

1.-An investigation into the financial affairs of the late firm of Messrs Dalgleish and Clinton, agricultural dealers, of Peel, begun in the Chancery .Court. After repeated hearings, the evidence was finally disposed of on July 25th.

2.-Steam Packet Co's vessel "'Mona," in command of Capt. G. Woods, stranded on Conister Rock in Douglas Bay at 4-40 a.m., while trying to enter Douglas Harbour m dense fog. The vessel was refloated 25 hours later.

3.-Representatives of fourteen insular Boards of Guardians met at Villa Marina, and after discussion, rejected a proposal to form an "Insular Guardians Association."

4.-Rev. G. H. Harris, M.A., appointed Principal of King William's College in succession to Canon E C. Owen, resigned.

4.-Isle of Man "Examiner" completed 10th year of publication. Douglas Festival Choir (conductor, Mr Noah Moore, L.R.A.M.), broadcast concert from Groudle Glen.

4.-H.M. Battle Cruiser "Tiger" visited Douglas, and remained here for three days.

5.-Time-Honoured Tynwald Ceremony held at St. John's and a running comnentary broadcast throughout Britain by Mr H. V. Morton a very well-known descriptive writer,

6.-Mr J. J. Kneen, M.A., and Miss Bridson, of Douglas, married at Kirk Braddan, the service being conducted in the Manx language by the Ven. the Archdeacon (Rev. John Kewley, M.A.)

8.-Tynwald voted 5,000 towards the 1931 T.T. races to provide cash. prizes and to pay a portion of the expenses of overseas competitors.

10.-Manx Treasure Hunt ended. Three of the four "treasure boxes" were discovered, the fourth which was hidden in the Mooragh Park, Ramsey, defying detection.

10.-Mr. R. H. Blackburn nominated as Provincial Grand Master of the I.o.M.. District of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.

14.-Mr James Joseph; Kelly, of Cleveland, Acting-secretary of the N.A.M.A.'s Convention died in Douglas.

15.-William Shimmin (70), a retired joiner, living at 5, Teare's Terrace Ramsey. drowned through falling off the North Pier, at Ramsey.

15,16,17 -M.C.C. team played matches in island. They beat Ramsey, drew; with King William's College, and drew with an Island Eleven.

18.-Death of Mr Daniel Vondy, formerly one of Ramsey's best-known tradesmen

21.-Third annual Highland Gathering held at Nunnery, Douglas.

21.-Miss Emma Ross, of 19, Eaton Place, Brighton, commenced an action agaist Mrs. Mary Douglas Riggal and Mrs. Eunice Hamilton Edwards, the executrices of the will of their late mother, Mrs. Mary Guitton Moore, wife of the the late Col. George Moore, who was a member of the House of Keys for Castletown from 1903 until 1919. Miss Ross, who, admitted she had been Col. Moore's mistress, claimed 57, the amount due by an agreement alleged to have been made between her and Mrs Moore, whereby Mrs Moore undertook to pay her 1 per week on condition that she did not come to the Isle of Man or write to any member of the family or the household. After a long hearing, Deemster LaMothe deferred judgment. On July 29th, His Honour dismissed the claim, and accordingly upheld the defendants' contention that any payments which were made were quite voluntary on the. part of their mother.

23.-Marriage of Mrs Beatrice Hamilton Utterson, widow of Lieut-Col, H. K. Utterson and elder daughter of His Excellency the Lieut.-Governor and Lady Hill, to Wing Commander Dermott Lang Allen, A.F.C.

24.-"Lady of Mann" travelled from the Lune Buoy to Douglas in 2 hours, 6 minutes, at an average speed of 23.33 knots. This was her fastest trip of the season, and was only 3 minutes outside the record.

27.-Canon Owen preached his farewell sermon at the College chapel. At the prize distribution the following day, the Governor paid an eloquent. tribute to the Canon's service to the College.

28..-Local Government Board held public inquiry at Crosby into proposed scheme for public water supply in the district.

29.-Airship R100 passed over Douglas in the early stages of her flight from, Cardington to Montreal.

29.-Deemster LaMothe dismissed the action of William Henry Radcliffe, painter and builder, of Finch Road, Douglas, who sued Councillor William Robert Drennan, coal merchant, for 1,248 4s 10d alleged to be due in respect of a house built by plaintiff for defendant. The hearing of the case, which arose out of a claim for "extras" outside the original contract, had occupied several days.


2.--Messrs. M. Carine and J. D. Fell, magistrates, dismissed the claim of George William Waite, of Barrow-in-Furness, who sought for a reduction in the amount of alimony due to his wife under a deed of separation. The case was subsequently taken to the Appeal Court and on October 7th, Deemsters Singleton and Farrant reduced the amount payable from 2 to 25/-.

8,-Joseph Louis Baker, holder of a short-tern: boarding house licence in respect of the Rothesay Boarding House, Loch Promenade, Douglas. fined 5 for supplying whisky contrary to the terms of the licence. At the same Court, Wm. Randles, skipper of the Fleetwood trawler "Portia," was fined 40 for trawling within the three-mile limit off the Isle of Man.

11.-In the course of their investigations into the possibilities of staging the International Car Race in the Isle of Man, a Manx deputation. appointed by the Governor, visited the Ards Circuit in Ulster.

12.-Tragedy marred the Port St. Mary Regatta, William Halsall (2) of Lime Street, Port St. Mary, losing his life through the foundering of the yacht "Puffin," which he was sailing. His body was recovered on September 4th.

13. Douglas Town Council revived the ancient office of Town Bellman.

13.-Resolutiou empowering the conferment of the Freedom of the Borough of Douglas on Mr Alexander Robertson, O.B.E. the retiring Town Clerk, carried unanimously by the Town Council.

13.-Reginald Romain (43), of the School for the Blind, Hardman Street, Liverpool, drowned through falling into Ramsey Harbour.

15.-Rev. R. T. Cannell, M.A., instituted and inducted Vicar of Maughold.

15.-I.o.M. Steam Packet celebrates its centenary. A special commemorative booklet was issued by the company.

16.-Roger Cyril Fogg, licensee of the Railway Hotel, Douglas, sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment with hard labour for assaulting Kathleen Campbell, a servant girl in his employ. Notice of appeal was given but was subsequently withdrawn. Fogg later petitioned Deemster Farrant, alleging that the summons was irregular, but the petition was dismissed.

18.-Miss Margaret Jones (62), a visitor, living at 119, Grosvenor Street, All Saints, Manchester, and staving in Derby Square, Douglas, was knocked down by a motor car on Douglas Promenade, and sustained injuries from which she subsequently died. A verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned.

21.-Severe storm swept the Island causing considerable damage. A whirlwind and a waterspout were reported at Port St. Mary.

21.-Commander A. P. Belsey, founder of Belsey's Sea Wolves, whose headquarters used to be at Northcliffe, Laxey, found dead in his home at Birkenhead with a gas pipe in his hand..

22.-Reminiscences of ex-Supt. W. J, Pickett, who for 42 years was associated with the Douglas Fire Brigade, published in the "Examiner."

27.-Death of Mr. J. E. Kelly, commission agent, and a prominent figure in the musical life of the Island.

29..-Announcement made that Mr Alan Bootham, Water Engineer to the Douglas Corporation, had resigned to take up a similar position under the Corporation of Nelson, his native town.

27.-I.O.M. Education Authority received report of sub-committee on re-organisation of insular schools consequent upon the raising of the school-leaving age.

29.-Funeral of Mrs. Jemina Kneen, formerly Town Missioner.

30.-London steamer "Colon" ran ashore near the Point of Ayre in thick fog during the early morning. The vessel was refloated twelve hours later. On the same day, three R.A.F. seaplanes came down in Ramsey Bay through fog while on a voyage from Calshot to Stranraer. They proceeded the following day.

31.-Isabel McLean (9), of Quilliam's Court, Douglas, knocked down by a motor-car in Victoria Street, and sustained injuries which subsequently proved fatal.


2.-Two baboons escaped from their show cages on Onchan Head. One was shot on the pleasure ground, and the other in a bedroom in the Douglas Bray Hotel.

3.-Mr George Whittaker, retired schoolmaster, of Selbourne Drive, Douglas, died suddenly.

5.-Retirement announced of Mr George Gray, Collector of Customs for the Isle of Man. On the same day, it was learned that his successor was Mr A. J. London, who came from the Customs service in Newcastle.

8.-"Mrs Doreen Mildred Groves," a woman whose real name is Doris Baker, was sentenced to two terms of six months imprisonment, to run concurrently for obtaining money by false pretences from Mr W. H. Cowley and Miss M. Kirton.

9.-Junior Manx Grand Prix won by D. J. Pirie (Velocette), a architect, residing in London, at an average speed of 61.63 miles per hour. Wilfred Harding (Velocette), a local insurance agent, was second at an average speed of 61.50 miles per hour.

11.-Ralph Merrill (Rudge), a wine and spirit merchant, living at Didsbury, Manchester, won the Senior Manx Grand Prix at an average speed of 69.49 m.p.h.

14.-Death of Mr George Drinkwater, J.P., C.P., of Kirby Park, Braddan.

15.-William Henry Radcliffe, who failed in his action against Councillor W. R. Drennan, adjudicated bankrupt.

15-Deemster Farrant awarded 25 damages to Kathleen Campbell who sued Roger Cyril Fogg for 50 damages for assault.

16.-Council of Education held public inquiry at Castle Rushen into Castletown Grammar School endowments.

17.-Sir Arthur Yapp, brother-in-law of the Lord Bishop, addressed the Douglas Rotary Club.

18.-Mr J. S. Kermode, M.H.K., re-elected President of the I.o.M. Football Association.

18.-The worst floods for a century occurred in the early hours of the morning. Abnormal damage was done at Laxey, Glen Auldyn, Sulby and Rushen Abbey. Houses flooded, bridges and roads washed away, two vessels were carried from their moorings in Castletown by the force of the fresh water coming down the Silverburn River, and a fishing boat was washed ashore at Peel. The Port Farm and Peel lifeboats were launched to search for another fishing boat, which failed to make port when the storm arose, but which was later discovered sheltering off the Calf of Man. At the instigation of the Mayor of Douglas (Councillor W. Quirk, J.P.), a Relief Fund for the flood victims was opened, and subsequently the Governor promised to recommend Tynwald to vote 1 for every 1 publicly subscribed, on condition that the administration of the fund was placed in the hands of the Red Cross Society.

23.-Douglas Town Council accepted the tender of Messrs Matthews & Mumby, Ltd., of Manchester, for the second portion of the Villa Marina extension scheme for the sum of 25,258.


2.-Marriage of Mr. A. D. Kenna, private secretary to Major E. H. Goldie-Taubman, J.P., and Miss Doris Rushworth, in the chapel of St. Bridget, at the Nunnery. This was only the third marriage in the chapel since the Nunnery came into the possession of the Taubman family.

2.-Death of Mr James Cowell, of 23, Bridge Street, Peel, who held the position of Admiral of the Manx Herring Fleet.

3.-Councillor W. J, Corkill chosen Mayor of Douglas for the ensuing year at a private meeting of the Town Council. He was installed at the Statutory meeting of the Council on November 10th.

7-Announcement made of pending retirement of Mr Thomas Kermeen, Mayor's beadle since the incorporation of the borough in 1896 and a servant of the town for 46 years.

7.-Deemster Singleton, sitting as judge of Appeal, heard the appeal of Mrs Alice Gregson and William Bernard Russell Mylchreest and Gladys Mylehreest against the decision of Deemster LaMothe in the Glen Helen lawsuit, in which the Highway Board the constructors of a culvert near the Glen Helen Hotel, were cited as defendants. Deemster Farrant withdrew from the Appeal Bench after the Attorney General had drawn his attention to the fact that he had acted for Mrs Gregson's late husband in the transfer of the property some years previously. After a three days hearing, Deemster Singleton reserved his judgment. On October 27th, he ordered a new trial.

8.-By this casting vote of the Mayor (Councillor Quirk), Douglas Town Council agreed to appoint a Water Engineer in succession to Mr Alan Boothman, A.M.I.C.E.

10.-Actions filed by the Highway Board and by householders against the Manx Electric Railway Co. arising out of the damage caused to the roadway and properties on the Glen Road, Laxey during the September floods, it being alleged that the company's sluice weir spanning the river was a contributory cause of the damage.

13.-Percy William Brooke (62), of Churchtown, Lezayre, shot dead as he was about to mount the stairs in a cottage which he, owned at Lhergyrhenny, at the foot of Snaefell mountain. Suspicion fell upon Thomas Edward Kissack, who had escaped from the Mental Hospital two days previously. After a 27 hours search by armed police and civilians, Kissack was arrested by Sergt. Philip Henry Watterson in a tumble-down building known as The Close, Phen-y-pot mountain. He was later charged with murder and committed for trial.

15.-Deemster LaMothe gave judgment in the partnership action of James Clinton v. Frank Samuel Dalgleish, which occupied His Honour's attention before the Long Vacation. The Deemster's findings were substantially in favour of Mr Dalgleish.

15,-After an amazing story of how a young couple parted after their secret wedding at Kirk Braddan in July 1924, Deemster LaMothe granted a judicial separation between Ada Wilson Teare. of London, and Thomas Gerard Mallandain Teare, of Douglas.

24.-Robert Henry Kinrade (6), of 10, Hope Street, died in hospital following a fall into the basement of Liverpool House, Peel Road, six days previously.

16.-Oscar Garden, nephew of Mr Harry Ward, of Quarter Bridge Road, Douglas, and a former pupil of the Douglas Secondary School took off from Croydon in an attempt to fly to Australia, He reached Wyndham, Western Australia, on November 4th, 19 days after leaving England. Governor, House of Keys and Douglas Corporation sent messages of congratulation.

18.-William Edward Teare, of Colby, acquitted at General Gaol of the charge of committing an offence against a young girl.

20-25.-Manx choirs, quartettists and soloists competed at Blackpool Music Festival. Victoria Quartette Party (Messrs H. Kelly, F. Kelly, C. Cowell and G. Peters), secured first prize. Castletown Ladies' choir gained a second prize and Peel Castle Ladies' choir third in the same class, and the Peel Wesleyan Church choir were third in their class. In the open contralto class, Mrs Gostelow, of Douglas, was second out of 82 competitors.

20.-Douglas Town Council appointed Mr James Parsons Garner, an English solicitor and Chief Assistant to the Town Clerk of St. Marylebone, to be Town Clerk of Douglas, in succession to Mr Alexander Robertson, O.B.E. Subsequently, Mr Garner declined the position owing to the absence of reciprocity between England and the Island in regard to superannuation benefits for local government officers.

20.-Death in Manchester of Mr Percy Moore, formerly a clerk in the Douglas Post Office and afterwards manager of the Onchan Head Amusement Park.

22.-Resignation of Mr J. D. Clucas, J,P., C,P,, from the chairmanship and directorate of the Isle of Man Bank, His place on the Board of Directors was filled by the election of Mr Thomas Cubbon, J.P., the company's general manager. Mr Cubbon was subsequently elected chairman.

22.-Constable Thomas Douglas Lewis, of Douglas, sacrificed a pint of blood in a vain attempt to save the life of a patient in Noble's Hospital.

22.-Sudden death of Mr John Pallister, of Glen Auldyn, who formerly carried on business as a chemist to Ramsey.

24.-Announcement made that the Rev. N. J. Poole, M.A., Vicar of St. Thomas', Douglas since 1920, had been offered and accepted the living of St. Chad's, Derby.

24.-Outspoken criticism of the Douglas Electricity undertaking offered by Mr T. H. Cowin, a former member of the Douglas Town Council at Local Government - Board enquiry when the Corporation sought leave to borrow 25,600, of which 16,350 was money spent in excess of estimates on the electricity stations, mains and services. Enquiry was adjourned to November 7th, when Mr Cowin again cross-questioned the Corporation witnesses.

20.-As a sequel to floods at Laxey on September 17th-28th, the Highway Board commence action in Chancery Court against the Manx Electric Railway Co. for an injunction to compel the company to remove debris from Laxey Glen river, and to keep the river bed clear in future. The Board also claimed dameges. The hearing proved to be of a record length.

29.-Mr Alex Robertson, O.B.E., presented with the Freedom of the Borough of Douglas in recognition of his conspicuous services to the Borough for a period of over 40 years.

31.-Lively debate in Tynwald. Keys complain that the Governor had snubbed and scolded them for sending a deputation to the mainland to examine electricity schemes before consulting with Mr J. M. Kennedy, the expert member of the Manx Electricity Commission. At the same Court the decision to begin work on unemployment schemes on November 17th was rescinded and the original date of November 1st, was substituted.


1.-Unemployment relief schemes begin, 300 men found work. 2.-Mr J. H. Skillicorn re-elected a member of the Town Council for Murray's Ward in three cornered contest by margin of 8 votes. The figures were : J. H. Skillicorn, 363 ; E. H. Faragher (late Chief Inspector Local Govern ment Board), 355 ; Thomas A. Corlett, roz. The other retiring Councillors were re-elected without opposition as follows : St. George's ward, Mr J. W. Corkill, Victoria, Mr J. Holmes ; Hills, Mr R. Cowell ; Derby, Mr D. C. Shimmin ; Athol, Mr. J. J. Quine.

4.-House of Keys pass second reading of Cinematograph Amendment Bill which gives appplicants for, or opponents of, a cinematograph licence, the right to appeal from the decision of the district Licensing Court to the Licensing Appeal Court. The measure was strongly opposed by two members of the Peel District Court, Messrs W. P. Clucas and F- S. Dalgleish, on the ground that it was an attempt to over-ride a decision of that Court in refusing a licence for cinema performances or. Sundays in Peel during the season. On November 18th the -Bill failed to secure the 13 votes required to carry the third reading and the measure fell.

5.-Marriage of Miss Elin Hall Caine, daughter of Sir Hall Caine and Lady Caine to Mr Charles H. Gill, son of Mr C. Gill, M.H.K. and Mrs Gill, of Douglas, in the Pro-Cathedral Bishopscourt, the Lord Bishop officiating.

6.-I.o.M. Butchers Association give notice to I.o.M. Farmers' Club terminating agreement with farmers to refrain from importing fat cattle while sufficient supplies of suitable quality stock were being offered in public markets in the Island. Subsequently a conference was held as a result of which the notice was withdrawn and the agreement continued in force,

8.-The Lieut.-Governor presents the Honorary Parchment of the Royal Humane Society to Mr W. H. Moore, assistant harbour master at Douglas, in recognition of his bravery in jumping into Douglas harbour and saving the life of a five years old boy. Since 1892, Mr Moore has saved eleven lives.

8.-Col. Madoc presented with the badge of an Officer of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, for his long and valuable service in promoting first aid work

10.-Councilor W. J. Corkill installed Mayor of Douglas.

11.-Armistice Day.-The Silent Tribute to the Gallant Dead rendered in all parts of the Island with fitting solemnity.

14.-Douglas Corporation Water Committee appointed Mr Thos. Challen Greenfield, B.Sc., M.I.C.E., A.M.Inst.W.E., deputy Water Engineer to Barnsley Corporation, to be Water Engineer for Douglas, in succession to Mr Alan Boothman, A.M.I.C.E.

19-20.-Commissioners elections at Ramsey, Port Erin and Port St. Mary. Messrs A. O. Caine and J. J. Faragher re-elected at Ramsey, and Messrs W. A. Kelly, J.P., F. Maddrell and J. J. Qualtrough, J.P., re-elected at Port St. Mary. At Port Erin, Mr J. E. Cowley unseated Mr James Crebbin, who had been a member for 25 years. Messrs W. H. Moore and J. T. Quine were re-elected.

20.-Conference at Government Office relative to the possible construction of a Manx aerodrome.

27-28.-Contested election in five sheadings for I.o.M. Education Authority resulted as follows :

MIDDLE (2 seats) : Councillor R. H. Collister, J.P., 286; *Rev. W. A. Rushworth, M.A., 261 (elected) ; *Mr G. M. Jones, C.P., 187.
RUSHEN (2 seats) : Mr W. Cubbon, 458; *Mr A. Costain, 306 (elected) ; *Mr T. F. Quine, 223.
AYRE (2 seats) : Rev. J. H. Cain, M.A., 504; *Mr E. B. C. Farrant, 465 (elected) ; Mr H. S, Quayle, 294.
MICHAEL (2 seats) : *Rev. T. R. Kneale, M.A., 273; Lieut.-Commander J. A. Parkes, O.B.E., 271 (elected) ; *Mr T. H. Kneen, M.H.K., 248; Rev. C. A. Cannan, M.A, 138.
GARFF (2 seats) : *Mrs Laura I. P. Williamson, 369; *Mr W. Brearley, 332 (elected) ; Mr Philip D. Corkill, 297.
*Denotes retiring member seeking re-election.

The other members were returned unopposed, the only change in the town and urban district membership being in Douglas, where the Rev. C. V. Stockwood, M.A., Vicar of St. George's was returned in place of the Rev. N. J. Poole, M.A., Vicar of St. Thomas' who was about to leave to take a living in England.

28 and 29.-Thomas Edward Kissack (44), tried at a Court of General Gaol Delivery at Douglas, presided over by Deemster Farrant; on a charge of murdering Mr Percy William Brooke, of Churchtown, Lezayre, by shooting him as he was mounting the stairs of a LRergyrhermy house, an isolated farmhouse on the lower slopes of Snaefell, on October 1301. Kissack head escaped two days before the tragedy from the Lo.M. Mental Hospital, where he had been an inmate for several years. The Attorney General (Mr R. B. Moore), and his son, Mr George E. Moore, appeared for the Crown, and Mr J. H. L. Crwin and Mr Howard D. Lay, for the prisoner. The defence put forward a theory that the gun went off accidentally. Four doctors testified that Kissack was of unsound mind. After an absence of two hours the jury returned, andannounced that they had disagreed. They retired again, and after 45 minutes came back to ask a question, Again they retired and five minutes later came back for the third time, with a unanimous verdict of that Kissack was guilty of murder, but was insane at the time he committed the crime. The prisoner was ordered to be detained during his Majesty's pleasure and was sent to a criminal lunatic asylum on the mainland.


1-3.-Sir Alfred Pickford, Development Commissioner for the Boy Scouts Association, visited the Island, and participated in the 21st birthday celebrations of 1st Douglas. Group.

3.-Commission on financial relations between local authorities and Insular Government held public sitting in Douglas. 4.-Douglas High Schools speech day. Prizes distributed bv Sir Arthur Yapp.

19.-Publication of "Examiner" Annual.

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