[From 1920 Examiner Annual]



17.— Lord Raglan, Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Man for sixteen years, announced his resignation in Tynwald.
11.— Committee of Tynwald appointed ,to inquire as to the establishing and maintaining of Manx Industries.
20.— Legislative Council passes Income Tax Amendment Bill. The Bill makes provision for the Isle of Man :tax to be payable in respect of all incomes derived from the Island. .
— Douglas Choral Union stages King of Cadonia."
27.— Death of Mr James Gelling, retired builder, of Douglas.
28.— Death of Mr .I. Stanley Cowen, proprietor of Union Mills Dyeworks and Laundry.


3:-Isle of Man Banking Co. declare dividend on year's working of 15 per cent. with 5 per cent bonus.
4.— Douglas Town. Council present memorial to the Lieut.-Governor desiring his Excellency to take action to assist the Steam Packet Company obtaining release of steamers from British Government in time for season tourist traffic.
4.— Lay members of Diocesan Conference elect Mr Horace Mellor, J.P., to represent diocese in the House of Laymen, in place of Mr G. A. Ring (Attorney-General).
4.— Death of Mr Alexander Gill, builder, of Douglas.
4.— Douglas Town Council discuss electrical lighting for borough. Proposal for appointment of committee failed to carry.
4.— Death of Rev. T. R. Boltby, Superintendent of Peel P.M. Circuit.
11.— Mr T. L. Jefferson, junr., of Ballahott. flies from Chester to the Isle of Man in a two-seater Bristol monoplane in 40 minutes. Lieut.-Governor congratulates Mr Jefferson on being the first Manx airman to fly from the mainland to the Isle of Man.
11.— Owing to number of deaths from influenza, Lieut.-Governor issues proclamation closing day and Sunday-schools and regulating hours of cinemas throughout the island.
14.— House of Keys receive reply to memorial to the Imperial Government on the subject of the Governorship, consenting to make the appointment to the Governorship for a limited number of years.
14.— House of Keys pass resolution. affirming the principle of National Insurance, and calling upon the Governor to prepare a Bill.
16.— I.O.M. Volunteers (2nd Co.) demobilised, and congratulated by Lord Raglan on their four years'-service.
20.— Deemster Moore delivers judgment in dispute between Castletown and Malew Poor Relief Authorities concerning the disposition of a legacy of 5,000 bequeathed by the late Mrs Townend, of New Zealand,. for the poor of Malew. Judgment that the money should be equally proportioned between the Castletown Board and the Board for the rural part of Malew.
22.— Threatened dispute in building trade settled by arbitration. the arbitrator (Councillor W. G. T. Hargrave) conceding men's demands, i.e., plumbers, reasons, and joiners receive 1/- per hour for week of 55 hours, and labourers 10d. for a similar working week in Douglas.
28.— House of Keys consider clauses of Local Option Bill, and insert clause providing that the operations of the Bill, when passed, should not come into force for seven years.
28.— Lord Raglan gives Committee of House of Keys an undertaking to provide money for the carrying out of an Insurance scheme.
29.— Death of Mr W. F. Price, chartered accountant, of Douglas.
30.— Death of Mr J. Young, chemist, of Douglas, a. former member of the Douglas Town Council.


1.— Anuouncement of resignation from sea service of Capt. Edward Corkill, senior shipmaster in the employ of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.
9.— Death of Mr Frank Cottle, Douglas Borough Surveyor.
12-Douglas Town Council accept resignation of Mr A. Barron, acting Borough Surveyor.
22.— Legislative Council pass Adult Suffrage Bill (from Keys).
23.— Death of Mr E. C. Kneen, advocate, of Douglas.
24.— Telegraphic communication with mainland interrupted through broken cable, much inconvenience resulting. Wireless telegraphy used while cable being repaired.
25.— At annual meeting of the H.B. Noble Nursing Fund, Rev. W. J. Karran offered Kepple Gate Hotel, which he owned, for the purpose of a sanatorium.
25.— Death it Brighton of Col. Wm. Freeth, a former Chief Constable of the Isle of Man.
25 and 26.— Historic annual meeting of I.O.M. Steam Packet Co., extending over two days. Sharp cleavage of opinion as to the future of the company. Three out of the seven directors, in addition to many shareholders, were in favour of winding up, or nationalisation, to bring about a division of the Company's large assets-about 1,000,000. But this policy was eventually defeated, largely owing to the voting power of Mr Thin, an English holder of about 40,000 shares, and it was decided to carry on. Dividend of 10 per cent., with 10 per cent. bonus.— Committee appointed to consider advisability of increasing the capital from 200,000 to 600,000 by utilising part of the reserve fund, and to issue to share-holders two additional shares for each share held.— Motion for re-election as a. director of the vice-chairnian, Mr W. A. Waid (a pro-liquidator), defeated, on poll, Mr J. D. Clucas being subsequently appointed in his stead.— Chairman ,announced purchase of the s.s. Hazel, a vessel similar to the Snaefell, from the Laird Line.
28.— I.O.M. Bank for Savings annual meeting; including 1 per cent. bonus, the interest credited to depositors was 4 per cent.


1.— Enlargmnent of " Examiner" from wartime size of four pages to eight pages.
1.— New cattle mart opened in Tynwald-street, Douglas.
2.— Enemy aliens at the Douglas Detention Camp present illuminated address to the Bishop in recognition of the part he had taklen ministering to them.
2.— Open-air united religious service in Peel; places of worship closed owing to influenza outbreak in the town.
3.— Presentation of wallet containing 21 to Rev. W. A. Rushworth Vicar of Braddan, in appreciation of his work.
5.— Dedication of the " Ballaradcliffe Bed" at the Cottage Hospital Ramsey, to the memory of the Mr Thomas Radcliffe Sayle, a descendant of the Ballaradcliffe family, Andreas.
3.— Mrs Annie Twist, of Ballasalla awarded 12 compensation from F. Quine, farmer, Malew, whose son, riding a bicycle, collided with her, causing injuries.
4.— Bishop of Sodor and Man announces that he is about to proceed to Germany, at the invitation the War Office, to preach and lecture to the British Army of occupation.
4.— I.O.M. Railway Co. annual meeting; dividend of 5 per cent., a' 1 per cent. bonus.
4.— Rushen Parish Commissioners find it unnecessary to levy a rate.
7.— Government proclamation permitting re-opening of places of worship etc., in Peel, which had been closed from 22nd February on account of influenza.
11.— Government Order prohibits the slaughter of lambs before May; but if weighing 80 pounds over, may be slaughtered on after 1st April.
11.— House of Keys pass resolution sympathising with the Speaker Maitland in his illness, and thanking him for his patriotic stand connection with steamer service
11.— House of Keys pass third reading of Workmen's Compensation Bill only Mr R. S. Corlett voting again
11.— Eleventh annual report of Employees' Hospital Committee showing that the subscriptions during year had been doubled.
11.— Mr H. M. Rogers, of the Isle Man Government Office, receives the Order of a Member of the British Empire.
12.— Annual meeting of Noble's I.O. M.. Hospital, at which Lord Raglan presides for the last time, and congratulates the committee on ending the year with income over the expenditure of 315 10 11d. .
12.— Douglas Town Council increases; borough rate by 2d. in the -from -3/2 to 3/4.
12:-Official announcement of the appointment of Major-General William Fry. C.B., C.V.O., as Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of -Man. General Fry, who is in his 61st. year, is brother-in-law to Mr Leigh Goldie-Taubman, of The Nunnery, Douglas.
17:-Appointments by Douglas Town Council : Mr Noah Moore (of Douglas) and Mr Philip Lewis (of London) as manager and musical director respectively of Villa Marina; Mr H. Layton Hough as borough electrician.
15.— To minimise inconvenience caused by telegraphic breakdown, Imperial authorities sanction the use of the wireless installation at Douglas for transmitting telegrams between the Island and the mainland.
11-Malew S.P.C. A. Committee appoint Mr Charles Faragher Insspector to the Society.
19.— Major-General Fry, Lieutenant-Governor-Designate of the Isle of Man, received by H.M. the King at Buckingham Palace.
19.— Ramsey Town Commissioners levy town rate of 2/6 in (the same as last year), and Mooragh rate of 2/1 (an increase of 6d.).
19.— Foxdale Co-Operative Society (in liquidation) pay creditors in full, and shareholders 15/- in the .
22.— Peel Licensing Court refuse Sunday cinema license.
22.— Steamer Tynwald tows to Douglas the s.s. Carron Park, a cargo vessel of about 2,000 tons, which had lost her propeller arid was anchored off the coast near Ramsey.
24.— Unveiling of a tablet in Thomas-street Wesleyan Sunday-school in memory of William James Kermode, John Daniel Kellett, and Thomas Philip Ellison.
25.— Mr Dalrymple Maitland, J.P., Speaker of the House of Keys and Captain of the Parish of Marown, :.died at Brook Moar, Union Mills, aged 71 years. He was elected to, the House of Keys in 1890, and chosen as Speaker in 1909, succeeding the late Mr A. W. Moore, C.V.O. Mr Maitland was chairman of the Isle of Man Asylums Board and the Assessment Board. He was also chairman of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., the I.O.M. Railway Co.,and the I.O.M. Banking Co.; and was it member of the board of directors of the "Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury."
25.— Legislative Council and House of Keys adjourn out of respect to the memory of tite late Speaker.
25.— Visit of "R.34," the largest air-ship, which passed over Douglas in connection with a trial trip round Ireland. Subsequently, in July, this airship crossed the Atlantic to America and back, passing over the South of the Island on her return.
26.— Mr H. A. Bridge, Deputy Borough Surveyor of Chesterfield, appointed Borough Surveyor of Douglas.
28.— Douglas Detention Camp evacuated.
26.— Castletown Commissioners levy rate of 2/9 in the — 6d. more than last year.
28.— Impressive funeral of the late Mr Dalrymple Maitland, all classes of the community in the Island being represented.
28.— Douglas Licensing Court grant boarding-house licenses lapsed during the war.
29.— Sudden death of Mr R. H. Faragher, grocer, of Douglas.
30.— Official " Summer Time" commenced as from 2 a.m., clocks being advanced by one hour. "Summer" ushered in with gales, snow-storms, and frost.


1.— Arrival of Major-General Fry to take over his official duties as Lieutenant-Governor of the Isle of Man. Hearty welcome accorded on the pier by Lord Raglan, the insular Legislature, the Douglas Town Council, representatives of municipal and public bodies throughout the island, and the general public.
1.— -House of Keys appoint Mr J. R. Kerruish as new Speaker.
3.— Installation at Castle Rushen of Major-General Fry as Lieutenant-Governor, by Lord Raglan.
3.— Agricultural Society spring show of horses and bulls. Illuminated address presented to Lord Raglan. The new Governor (General Fry) promises to foster agriculture.
4.— Douglas Town Council present address of welcome to the new Governor.
4.— Lord and Lady Raglan leave the Island, amid many. manifestations of regret, to take up their residence on the mainland.
3 - 5.— Two philanthropic Douglas ladies, the Misses Willson, died on the 3rd and 5th respectively; both were interred at the same time and place.
5.— Death of Mr Joseph Shimmin, ironmonger, a Guardian of the Poor of Douglas.
8-1 0.— Great success of Manx Music Festival. Prizes distributed by the new Governor (General Fry).
8.— New scales of teachers' remuneration adopted by Eastern District H.E. Board and Douglas School Board
8.— House, of Keys elect Mr W. F. Cowell to Local Government Board, vacant by the death of Mr Maitland.
9.— Douglas Guardians increase rate by 1d. in the .
9.— Laxey Village Commissioners advance the general district rate 6d. in the , and the water rate 3d. in the .
12.— Governor's official visit to Ramsey
12.— At meeting of farmers in Douglas, it was decided to form a Manx Agricultural Co-Operative Society.
14.— Unopposed return of Mr G. Fred Clucas to the house of Keys to fill the vacancy in Middle Sheading caused by the death of Mr Maitland.
14.— Peel welcomes the new Governor.
15.— Governor Fry presides for the first time in Tynwald.
15.— Bluntly-couched letter from Home Office (dated 31st Dec., 1918) to Tynwald, decisively refusing to extend out-of-work donations to the Isle of Man.
15.— Mr W. Christian, H.K., elected by Tynwald as a member of the Asylums Board, vice Mr D. Maitland, deceased.
16.— Rushen Water Works Co., Ltd., declare dividend of 6 per cent.
18.— Cable communication with the mainland, interrupted since February, re-established.
20.— (Easter Day).— Arr W. J. Coole, Car and Sanitary Inspector for the Douglas,Corporation, and a well-known and highly respected Wesleyan local preacher, died suddenly.
23-Reception at Villa Marina. to over one hundred Insular officers and men who have gained high military honours.
27.— Fierce blizzard, lasting seven or eight hours, accompanied by intense cold. swept over the Island.
28.— Isle of Man Constabulary inspected by Governor Fry, who impresses tact and discretion.
30.— Death of Mr Thomas Grindley, retired schoolmaster, journalist and litterateur, of Douglas; aged 88
30.— Mr P. O. Ralph, manager of the Castletown branch of the Isle of Man Bank, retired after completing over forty years' service.


3.— Annoucement of award of 510 by Sir Henry Kimber and Messie. Joseph Hoult &: Co. to the transport Mona's Queen (Capt. W. Cain), in respect of the sinking of an enemy submarine; captain receives 300, first officer 50, and the crew with an extra 10 to the " sighters of the enemy.
3.— Near Castletown, army aeroplane SE 7,001, piloted by Lieut. Clear R.A.F., crashes from height of about 2,000 feet. Aviator sustained shook and a few cuts and bruises, but his machine was smashed to pieces
5.— Castletown Golf Links and Hotel sold by auction to Mr R. D. Brailli; of Ravenscliffe, Douglas, for 5,000
16.— Tynwald increases the duty on British beer from 44/- to 64/- per barrel (36 gallons), and on Manx brewed leer from 36/-. to 56/3 per barrel; duty on spirits increased from 27/6 to 47/6 per gallon.
6.— Mr F. S. Dalgleish, H.K., appointed a Commissioner of Harbours in the stead of Mr T. H Cormode, resigned.
6.— 4,000 voted by Tynwald to furnish Government House.
7.— Peace terms presented by the Allies to Germany.
9.— Announcement of resignation o Mr M. M. Bridson, secretary to the Harbour Commissioners for over forty years.
13.— Mr-Robert Kerruish, J.P., C.P, an ex-member of the House of Keys for Garff Sheading, died Ballavelt, Maughold.
13.— Legislative Council adopt Constitution Amendment Bill, which provides for the reform of the Council by abolishing the ex-officio membership of the Vicar-General, the :Archdeacon, and the Receive General, and by introducing for members to be elected by the Keys and two members to be nominated by the Governor. The principle clause was proposed, seconded, and supported respectively by the three members to be eliminated.
13.— House of Keys reject Redistribution scheme by 14 to 7; and the principle of Redistribution by 11 to 10.
13.— Great Laxey, Limited, declare dividend of 15 per cent. on the Priority shares, these shares still 40 per cent leaving .in arrears, which must be paid before the ordinary shareholders can again participate.
14.— Mr Charles C. Quirk appointed Car Inspector by the Douglas Town Council (out of 27 applicants), in succession to the late Mr Coole.
19.— Capt. EIgie Jefferson, R. A. r. 'Only son of Air T. E. Jefferson, Ballahott, Malew, left Henley Aerodrome, Surrey, piloting an aeroplane carrying despatches for Paris. The machine and despatches were ':subsequently recovered from the English Channel by French fisher-men, but no trace of the gallant pilot was found. It is believed that he encountered fog, and in planing down to locate his position crashed into the sea. Capt. Jefferson was the first Manxman to fly from the mainland to the Isle of Man.
20.— Col. Moore having, resigned his membership of certain Boards of Tynwald, the following gentlemen were appointed to fill the vacancies Mr J. Qualtrough, Harbour Board; Mr G. F. Clucas, Council of Education; Mr A. Qualtrough, Fisheries Board.
20.— Tynwald vote 700 for re-decoration and repair of. the exterior of Government House.
20:-As a grant to certain Local Authorities in relief of rates, 20,000 voted by Tynwald.
20.— Douglas Town Council granted permission by Tynwald to increase tramway fares and market tolls. 20.— E13,000 voted by Tynwald to aid apprentices affected by Army Service. Apprentices to receive their pre-war rate of pay, plus 10/- a week for under one years Army ser-vice; 15/- a week for over three years' Army service-of this allow-and the employer and the Government each to pay one-half. Under certain circumstances the pay of an apprentice may be increased to the extent of 6/- a week over this scale.
20.— Tynwald grant permission to increase Braddan Cemetery fees by one-half.
21.— Wesleyan Synod (held in Peel) rendered memorable by visit of the Rev. Simpson Johnson, ex-President of the Conference, who began his ministry in Peel to 1873.
23.— Visit of H.M. Cruiser Carnarvon to Douglas. During her four days' stay many civilities were exchanged between ship and shore.
26.— Mr J. D. Looney, of Douglas , well-known musician and conductor, died suddenly.
27.— Local Option Bill lost in the Keys, the voting being 11 to 10 in favour, but a clear majority of 13 not being recorded.
28.— Capt. A. W. Tongue, Y Pay Department, formerly Army Secretary to the Board of Advertising, appointed Secretary to the Harbour Board, vice Mr M. M. Bridson, resigned.
30.— Announcement of resignation of Rev. Canon Kermode's vicarship of St. George's, Douglas, on account of deafness.


2.— After sinking a submarine, steaming 66,700 miles, and carrying about half-a-million troops between Eng latul and France, the I.O.M. Steam Packet Co.'s paddle steamer Mona's Queen resumed passenger service on the Liverpool-Douglas station.
3.— Keys pass Constitutional Reform Bill which introduces elective element into Legislative Council, and. decide that the election shall be by the Keys, and not by the people direct.
4.— The twin-screw steamer Hazel (to be re-named Mona), which was purchased from the Laird Line by the I.O.M. Steam Packet Co., arrived at Douglas from Glasgow.
5.— Death of the Rev. Bamford Burrows, a former Superintendent and Chairman of the Wesleyan Methodist District in the Isle of Man, at Poulton-le-Fylde, Blackpool.
6.— The I.O.M. Steam Packet Co.'s turbine-geared steamer King Orry, which had been on war service since 1914, during which service she steamed over 52,000 nautical miles, resumed passenger-carrying between Liverpool and Douglas. The King Orry was the only representative of the Mercantile Marine present at the famous surrender of the German High Seas Fleet.
7 (Whitsun Eve).— This being the first Peace Whitsun since 1914, there were large arrivals of visitors, seven steamers disembarking full complements at Douglas.


9.— Successful Eisteddfod at Kirk Michael; large audiences over 64 realised for Wesleyan Church.
9-13 (Whit-week).— Independent Order of Oddfellows (M.U.) hold their Annual Moveable Conference at Villa Marina, Douglas.
10.— Death of Mr Richard Radcliffe, a Government valuer, of Douglas (formerly of Ballachrink, Malew).
11.— Douglas Town Council decide to obtain expert advice on the question of electric light and power for the borough.
17--House of Keys, in considering the Income Tax Amendment Bill, pass by 12 votes to 5 a clause providing that farmers shall be assessed on a rental basis.
20.— Manx Budget statement shows the Island's financial condition to be very prosperous. Ordinary revenue received was 177,671, expenditure 89,399, and the surplus 88,272, or 38,762 more than estimated. The estimated revenue for the current year is 188,522, and the estimated surplus 76,426; while the estimated expenditure is 112,096, or 22,696 more than the total expenditure of the previous year. The Public Debt at the close of the financial year 1918 - 19 stood at 136,727; but after talting into account certain securities and credit balances, the net debt amounted to 76,705. During 1918-19, Income Tax was levied in the Isle of Man for the first time, the rates of levy varying from 1/6 to 2/7 in the , incomes under 130 being exempt, and an abatement of 120 being allowed. The total assessment for the year ended 5th April, 1919, amounted to 66,010 16s 10d.
24.— Annual meeting of the World Manx Association. From the Manx Soldiers and Sailors' Widows' and Orphans' Fund the Association had distributed during the year 67 0s 5d. They had a credit balance in the fund of 422 16s 5d, and would assist deserving widows & orphans. 24.— Discussing the Income Tax Amendment Bill, the House of Keys, by 10 votes to 8s reject a motion by Mr Cunningham that boarding-house keepers be assessed upon the basis of rent, thus placing them on an equality with farmers-this notwithstanding thait a committee of the House had some time
previously recommended that the rental basis should be applied to both farm lands and boarding-houses, and the House had unanimously accepted the recommendation
26.— Arbory Parochial Festival (" Lal Columb Killey"), consisting of flower and vegetable show, sports, etc., proved very successful, about 1,200 persons being present.
26.— Mrs Annie Hamilton, of Ballacomish, Arbory, awarded 16 damages (and costs) against Mr John Kinvig, sexton of Malew, on account of personal injuries caused by the latter while riding a bicycle.
26.— Laxey miners having received; notice of reduction of wages by discontinuance of a war bonus of 15/- per week, a meeting of miners unanimously resolved not to work for the pre-war rate of wages owing to the impossibility of living decently on the money.
27.— Tynwald reduces Income Tax to 10d. in the on incomes not exceeding 500; 1/0 over 500 and not exceeding 1,000; 1/3 over 1,000 and not exceeding 1,500 and 1/5 on incomes over 1,500.
— -On the following day (28th) the Court abolished the, Sugar Tax of 1d. per lb. Duties on tea, coffee, cocoa, tobacco, and motor spirit re- imposed.
28.— Peace between the Allied Powers and Germany signed. Religious services held all over the Island. General rejoicings. Douglas front electrically illuminated and flares lighted.— (See special article.)
28.— The Liverpool and North Wales Co.'s paddle steamer La Marguerite, chartered by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.,. makes her first trip to Douglas with full complement of passengers.


1.— The Legislative Council negative Keys' amendment to Income Tax Bill assessing_ farmers on rental basis.— Tynwald Court express appreciation of Mr L. Goldie-Taubman's good work for sailors and soldiers; Imperial recognition suggested.— Governor asked to intervene in Laxey Mines difficulty.
1.— Presentation of silver rose bowl and two silver vases to Mr H. F. Taylor, Postmaster of the Isle of Man, on his retirement from the Post Office service.
1.— Okell Cup Bowling Championship Final: Mr George Craine, 21; Mr James Gawne, 9.
5.— (Tynwald Day).— Nineteen Acts promulgated ; congratulations on the glorious peace wired to H.M. the King.— Labour demonstration on the Fair Ground, at which the promulgation ceremony was described as a "Punch and Judy show."
5.— Annual gathering of the W.M.A. at The Nunnery, Douglas ; attended by the Governor (Major-General Fry), Lord Ashbourne (who addressed the assembly in Gaelic), Prof. Henri Leon, and other notabilities.
6.— Peace Thanksgiving Services in all places of worship.— Promoted by '. Yn Cheshaght Gailckagh" (Manx Language Society), an Anglican Evening Service was held at Kirk Braddan (in the afternoon), the whole service being in Manx, and the sermon being preached by the Ven. Archdeacon . of Man (Ean y Kewley).
7.— Presentations to Police-Sergeants John Cornish and William Ronan on their retirement from the force. D.— Complaint being made in Tynwald as to the high price of potatoes (5d. per lb.), Governor Fry declines to intervene, holding that "they should avoid interference with the law of supply and demand as far as possible."
15.— Sudden death of Mr F. C. Poulter, well-known musician, of Douglas; aged 61 years. He was was Chairman of the Douglas Board of Guardians, and a member of the Douglas School Board and the Eastern District Higher Education Board.
15.— By 11 votes to 7, the House of Keys adhere to clause (proposed by Mr W. Christian, Middle) in the Income Tax Amendment Bill assessing farmers on rental basis, which clause had been rejected by the Legislative Council. The Bill thus falls, and the revenue of the Island loses 5,000.— Keys send deputation to Governor on the flour subsidy and the prices of bakers' and confectioners' goods other than the 9d.— ; loaf, and also the price of coal.
16.— Special Committee of Ramsey Town Commissioners report that the I.O.M. Steam Packet Co. find it impossible to give Ramsey a steamer service, either direct or indirect, but hold out good hopes for 1920.
17.— Presentation of a gold watch to Police-Inspector. Edward Corkish, of the Castletown Division, on his retirement from the force after 37 years' service.
18.— Death of Lieut. Claude Cain, D.F.C., eldest son of Mr Richard Cain, Staward, Sulby, as the result of an accident while flying over Hendon aerodrome. The body was conveyed to the Island and interred in Malew Churchyard.
19.— Peace Celebrations, and bonfires on mountain tops.— Deputation from Workers' Union interview Government Secretary with reference to the excessive prices of food and clothing.
22.— Death of Capt. Robert Moughtin, senior representative for South Douglas in the House of Keys; aged 72 years.
25.— Laxey miners, on strike owing to withdrawal of war bonus of 15/- per week (their wages being thus re-duced to between 15/- and 35/- per week), appeal to all Trade Unionists for assistance.
28.— First " Speech Day" at King William's College since the outbreak of hostilities.
29.— Official inauguration of civilian aviation at Douglas the Mayor (Alderman John Kelly, J.P.) and Town Clerk (Mr Alex. Robertson) being the first passengers taken up in an "Avro" biplane.
30.— Highway Board's report for year ended 12th November, 1918, shows that receipts amounted to 7,707, only 2,261 coming from highway rates.


1.— The Workmen's Compensation Act, 1919, becomes operative.
1.— Death of Lieut.— Col. Moore, J.P., member of the House of Keys for Castletown.
4.— An "Avro" seaplane, piloted by Capt. Piston, commenced a daily newspaper service between Lake Windermere and Douglas, bringing the " Daily News." The service was continued for about a fortnight.
S.— Death of Mr Joseph Kaye, J.P., an ex-Mayor of Douglas, and for many years Chairman of the Douglas Gas Co. ; aged 82.
4.— Two fatal accidents : Edward Cringle (21) crushed while lowering a cask of whisky into the cellar of the Bowling Green Hotel Douglas; Thomas Harold Moore (29), while feeding a bone-crushing mill at his father's manure factory, Baldwin, was trapped in the machine, his arm being mangled.
5.— Promoted by the Douglas Electric Light and Power Co., Ltd., and opposed by the Douglas Corporation, a Bill to authorise such Company to supply electricity for lighting purposes in Douglas and district was allowed by the Legislative Council to proceed.
7.— Successful Agricultural Show at Belle Vue, Douglas.
12.— Sudden death of Canon J. M. Spicer, Vicar of Malew; aged 69. He was a member of the Malew Board of Guardians, of the School Board of Malew, and of the Southern District Higher Education Board, and was one of the founders of the W.M.A.
13.— Death of Mr Thomas Qualtrough, the harbourmaster of Port St. Mary; aged 90.
14.— W.M.A. decide to hold a conference annually in the. month of August.
16.— Presentation by " a few Manx Masonic brethren" of a silver rose bowl to Mr John Costain, of Liverpool, and a silver flower vase to Mr and Mrs John Frowde, of London, " as a token of esteem and regard."
18.— Mr J. Cunningham, H.K., announces that " in order to defeat. the profiteering in potatoes now existing ill the Island," he is pre-pared to sell at one penny per lb.— this being about 50 per cent. below the prices charged in Douglas.
19.— Bye-election in South Douglas-Result : Mr L. Goldie-Taubman, 452; Mr Alfred Teare (Labour), 282.
20.— Parishioners of Braddan celebrate Peace in Kirby grounds.
22-24.— 101st Anniversary of the opening of Victoria-street Church. Sermons by the Rev. F. L. Wiseman, B.A., Home Missions Secretary.
28.— Bye-election in Castletown.— Result : Lieut. J. D. Qualtrough, 201; Mr L R. Corrin (Labour), 85; Mr J. Qualtrough, 2.


2.— Douglas Bay Hotel put up for public auction. Bidding started at 5,000 and rose to 10,300, at which it ceased. As reserve was not reached the property was withdrawn.
7.— Visit of H.M.S. Ithuriel and submarines K14 and K16. '
10.— Acute crisis reached in the labour dispute in connection with Laxey mines. At a meeting of the men it was decided to hold out for the rates of pay demanded, despite the fact that they recognised that such a decision may entail the closing of the mines altogether.
12.— National Reception of Manx sailors and soldiers at The Nunnery. Estimated attendance 10,000.
12.— Mr Wm. Ernest Orchard, borough engineer and surveyor of Pembroke Dock, appointed assistant borough surveyor of Douglas at a salary of 180 per annum.
18.— Peace celebrated in Douglas.
23.— Death of Mr J. S. Gell, High Bailiff of Douglas and Castletown: 26.— Funeral of the late High-Bailiff Gell, which was largely attended by all classes of the community. Internment in Malew Churchyard.
29.— " Summer" time ended officially at 2 a.m., when all clocks were put back one hour.


7.— Meeting of Tynwald Court. Governor compliments the Manx people on the spirit shewn by them during the railway crisis.— Expressions of appreciation of the efforts during, the war by the Rev. Copeland Smith to alleviate much pecuniary distress in the Island.
9.— Autumn Show of garden and field produce promoted by the Douglas Allotments Association, held at Villa Marina. Over 500 exhibits, which constituted a record.
10.— Councillor Crookall intimates his inability to accept the office of Mayor of Douglas.
13.— Alderman J. Kelly unanimously , re-appointed Mayor of Douglas.
15.— The Lieut.-Governor issues his Proclamation dissolving the House of Keys, and writs for the election of a new House.
20.— Mr R. D. Farrant appointed High-Bailiff of Douglas and Castletown in succession to the late Mr J. S. Gell.
As a result of coaling difficulties, midnight sailings resorted to on alternate nights by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., Ltd.
30 to Nov. 5.— General Election of the House of Keys. Contests occurred in all the Divisions and Sheadings excepting Castletown, where Mr J. D. Qualtrough was returned unopposed. Votes cast for candidates :-

GLENFABA (Three Seats).


Edward Callister


F. S. Dalgleish


*G. B. Kermode


Wm. Clucas (Labour)


MICHAEL (Two Seats).


E. J. Curphey .


R. Sayle Corlett


Charles Gill .


AYRE (Three Seats).


W. C. Southward .


*J. D. Clucas


*Daniel J. Teare


Richard Cain


Walker Anderson


GARFF (Two Seats).


J. R. Kerruish


*T. S. Corlett


Wm. Dickinson .


Thos. Crossley


MIDDLE (Three Seats).


G. F. Clucas


*C. Gill ..


*G. Bridson


W. F. Cowell


....W. Christian ......


RUSHEN (Three Seats).


J. R. Corrin ......


Joseph Qualtrough.


Ambrose Qualtrough


William Moore .


John J. Qualtrough


Thos. F. Quine .


John Cowley


PEEL (One Seat).


*Christopher R. Shimmin


Walter O. Quayle




*A. J. Teare .......


J. L. Goldie-Taubtnan ...............


G. J. Burtonwood .....................


T. M. L. Quayle


J. Corkill ..........


RAMSEY (One Seat)


A.H. Teare




NORTH DOUGLAS (Three Seats).


*S. Norris


*R. C. Cain


J. Cunningham


R.B. Moore


C.T. W. Hughes-Games


W.T. Pickett


M. Canine




W.G. G. Hargrave



*New Members.


11.— Newly elected House of Keys meet. for the first time. Mr. G. H. Clucas appointed Speaker.
11.— Armistice Day commemorated at the request of his Majesty, all business being suspended for two minutes from 11 o'clock forenoon.
15.— Death of Mr. A. H. Fayle, of Douglas (ex-Town Councillor).
17.— Mr S. Norris, the "senior" member of the House of Keys for North Douglas, entertained 90 members of his committee to a dinner in the Masonic Hall.
25.— House of Keys elect four members for the Legislative Council -Messrs. J. Qualtrough, .J. Cunningham, J. R. Kerruish, and W. O. Southward.


3.— Death of Mr. J. T. Cowell, H.M. Receiver-General, aged 68 years.
4 - Lieut.-Governor appoints two members of Legislative Council-Messrs. Geo. Drinkwater & Richard Barton Quirk.
9.— First meeting of the Legislative Council under reformed Constitution.

Manx National Thanksgiving Fete. At a meeting of the general committee held in May, 1919, it was stated that the net proceeds of the big Insular effort on behalf of war charities approximated 5,400. Immediate grants amounting to 1,400 were approved; the balance being retained in hand for allocation to existing Insular war funds and for assisting suitable cases which might be brought forward. Mr. A. Robertson is the hon. Sec.


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