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A fund set on foot for the relief of the families dependent on those who lost their lives in the s.s. Ellan Vannin, which went, down with all hands-32 in all-at the Mersey bar, in a great storm, on December 3rd, 1909, reached over 12,000. Contributions came from all parts of the world.

15th.—Much local interest was taken in the results of the pollings in connexion with the General Election in England, which was brought about by the action of the House of Lords in rejecting the 1909 Finance Bill. The Liberal Government was returned to power with a majority of 120 over the Conservatives.

16th.—Death of Mr. James Walker, C.E., formerly Harbour Engineer of the Isle of Man.

30.—A special meeting of the Douglas Town Council approved the terms agreed on by the Noble's Trustees and the Finance Committee of the Town Council for the purchase of the estate of Villa Marina.

29th.—Death of Mr Robert Farrant, J.P., Knotttfield, Douglas.


1st.—The House of Keys passed the Third Reading of the Agricultural Holdings Bill.

12th.—Launch.of the steamer Sneafell at Birkenhead. The Snaefell was specially designed to suit the requirements of the winter service between Liverpool and Douglas.

18th.—Tynwald Court granted a petition of the Corporation for leave to borrow money for the erection of Artizans' Dwellings in Lord-street, Douglas.

22nd.—The eightieth annual meeting of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company was held. A dividend of 6 per cent. was declared. 22nd.—The Legislative Council, after hearing a lengthy speech from the Clerk of the Rolls, refused a Second Reading to the Agricultural Holdings Bill (from the Keys), and it was consequently lost.

22nd.—A conference of members of the Liverpool and Douglas Committees that had in hand the collecting of subscriptions for the Ellan Vannin Fund met in Liverpool, and approved a scheme of distribution.

23rd.—At the annual meeting of Noble's (Isle of Man) Hospital, it was stated that the New Hospital, on the Hills Estate, was in course of erection, and would be completed within two years. The accounts for the year showed a deficit of 356 13s 7d.



2nd.—A meeting called by the Mayor of Douglas in response to a petition, was held in the Town Hall, to agitate for additional advertising of the Island as a holiday resort.

3rd.—New Wesleyan Methodist Chapel opened at Cardle, Maughold. 8th.—Board of Trade Inquiry into the loss of the Ellan Vannin;, opened in Liverpool.

12th.—Consignment of 50 carcases of Chinese Pork arrived in Douglas, to be cured and. exported. Subsequently cargoes arrived almost weekly, and about 50 people were engaged in the business of preparing the meat for the English market. Considerable opposition to the importation of the pork into Douglas, when it was refused admission into England (on technical grounds), took place locally and in the House of Commons.

18th.—At the close of a two-days' debate on the scheme put forward for the improvement of Douglas Harbour, the Governor indicated that, on financial grounds, he could not recommend the adoption of the report in favour of such a scheme. The work is, therefore, indefinitely postponed.

22nd.—Mr. W. M. Kerruish's Estate Duties Bill passed Third reading in the Keys. On the same day, Mr. Kerruish's Old Age Pensions Bill passed a Third Reading without a division.


5th.—.The Old Age pensions Bill was " hung up ' by the Legislative Council, on First Reading.

7th.—The Legislative Council passed Second Reading of the Estate Duties Bill.

8th..—Death of Mr. George Preston, builder. He held Progressive views, and was :fearless advocate of public rights of way when these were threatened.

15th.—Retirement of Mr. Thomas Qualtrough, Harbour-Master. of Port St. Mary, after sixty year' service under the Isle of Man Harbour Board.

20th.—Douglas Town Council finally agreed to the amendments introduced into the Villa Marina Purchase Bill by tile Legislature.

27th.—It transpired that a. Petition to have the Royal signature withheld from the Villa Marina Purchase Bill had been sent to the Home Secretary.


5th.—The renovated Church of St. George, in Douglas, was opened by the Archbishop of York.

6th.—Death of King Edward VIIl.

11th..—George V. proclaimed King from the summit of Tynwald Hill.

12th.—Glenfaba Bye-Election to fill vacancy caused by the retirement of Mr. R. B. Quirk, C.P. Result: William Quayle, 394; Thomas Henry Leece, 334.

17tds.—-Sudden death. at Port Erin of Mr F. Browne, advocate. '

20th.—Funeral of King Edward VII. Official memorial service was held in St. George's. Similar services were held throughout the Island in the various churches.

26th.—Motor Cycle Race over Manx course (158 miles) won by C. R. Collier on 5 h..p. Matchless, in 3 hours 7 minutes 24 seconds.


The difference between Manx Farmers and Butchers over the question of insurance of cattle against being condemned by the Inspector became acute, and Manx Butchers declined to purchase cattle that were not insured or guaranteed.

10th.—Appointment of Mr. Bertram Edward Sargeaunt to be Treasurer of the Isle of Man, Clerk to the Council, Secretary to the Governor, Registrar-General, and Superintendent of Public Buildings.

15th.—Hearing of the appeal of A. N. Laughton v. the Commissioners of Port Erin, before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London.

18th.—At a meeting of the Farmers' Club, it was decided to form a Company to carry on the retail meat business, as a reply to the action of the Manx Butchers in refusing to purchase cattle that were not guaranteed.

30th.—The Mayor of Douglas received a bundle of bank notes to the value of 650 sent by "A Well-wisher," to be spent for the benefit of the unemployed.

28th.—-Public Meeting held in the Town Hall to support a proposal for a. Carnival Week in the Summer of 1911.


9th.—Prospectus of the Isle of Man Meat and Produce Co., Limited, was issued.

5th.—Mr J. A. Gelling won "The Morris Forrester" (Golf) Cup

9th.—Death of Mr. C. W. Coole, advocate..

12th.—Mr. W. M. Kerruish delivered a striking criticism of the Governor's methods of Finance, at a meeting of the Tynwald Court.

15th.—Judgment was given in " The Port Erin Brows" Appeal Case. The appeal of Mr. Laughton was allowed by the Privy Council and the action was remitted to the High Court of the Isle of Man, to enforce, the contract for the sale of the Brows at Port Erin.

24th.— Big contingents of the Territorial Army went under canvas at Peel and Ramsey. In all there were over 12,000 men in camp.

25th.— The Snaefell taken over by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, after successful trials.


3rd.—A meeting of the Committee appointed for the purpose was held in Town Hall, and decided on commemorating the services of the late Mr. A. W. Moore, S.H.K., by a memorial bust, and the commission was placed in the hands of Mr. J . F. Swynnerton.

6th.—Rev. D. C. Woodhouse won the Tennis Championship of the Island.

8th.—Death of Mr. J. W. Swynnerton, sculptor.

14th.—Eightieth Anniversary of Isle of Man Steam Packet Co.

14th.—Double tragedy occurred in Ramsey. John Pearson, publican, the Crown Hotel, shot his barmaid, Ellen Jane Loughgran, and then committed suicide by turning tike weapon on himself.

28th.—A week of severe weather terminated in a, great storm, which interfered with shipping, and resulted in the total wreck of the Peel nickey Fear Not, in Port Erin Bay, with the loss of two lives, viz., William Radcliffe. and John Crellin. The Peel lifeboat effected a fine rescue of a. boating party off Michael on the same day, and the Castletown, Douglas, Port St. Mary, and Port Erin life-boats were called out to render assistance to vessels in distress.

31st.—Death of Mr A. Rigby, M.H.K. for North Douglas,


27th.—Speuial Tynwald Ceremony at St. John's.— -27th.—First Children Court under the Children Act, 1910.

30th.—Polling in connection with the election of a successor to Mr Rigby in North Douglas took place. Result: Robert Marshall, 1,202; Joseph Garside, 1,064.


2nd.—Death of the Hon. J. H. Ward, of Montreal, Camilla. During his lifetime, Mr. Ward, who was a native of Peel, was a great benefactor to the Island, and under his will arrangements are made for the payment of subscriptions to Manx Charities in perpetuity, to the amount of 22 per year. Mr. Ward also provides .for a perpetual subscription of 10 it year to the poor of Peel and Patrick.

12th.—Selection of Alderman Joughin to be Mayor of Douglas in succession to Councillor A. .H. Marsden, J.P.

16th.—Mr. G. F. Clucas, one of the representatives of Middle Sheading in the House of Keys, resigned his seat.

18th.—The Official Receiver took possession of the Charing Cross Bank. The Douglas Branch of the Bank was opened in 1908, and it is understood that the amount deposited in this Branch exceeded 7,000.


1st.—In connection with the annual Municipal Elections in Douglas, five candidates were returned unopposed, the only contest being in Hills Ward. The result of that poll was: William Ashburner, 322; Henry Hough, 185.

4th.—To fill the vacancy in the House of Keys for Middle, a contested election took place, the result being: William Christian. 474; Andrew Speedie, 414.

8th.—The House of Keys passed by unanimous vote a resolution in the following terms, submitted by Mr. W. T. Crennell:-"That this House, believing the question of Constitutional Reform to be of pressing importance, instruct the Committee appointed on April 27th, 1909, to consider and report as to what further steps should be taken to secure its becoming effective at au early date."

22nd.—The elevation of three Douglas Town Councillors to the Aldermanic Bench resulted in only one contested election, viz., for the representation of St. George's Ward. The result of the polling was: Thomas G. Kelly, 447; S. K. Broadbent, 265.

23rd.—Douglas Town Council rejected a proposal for the Sunday delivery of letters during the winter months.

24th.—Enthusiastic meeting of protest against the working of the Higher Education Act in the Southern District was held, at Castletown.

29th.—-Christmas Fair held at The Palace to raise funds for New Church Room :at Kirk Braddan.


3rd.—General Election opened in England, on the question of the Veto of the House of Lords.

11th.—Issue of EXAMINER ANNUAL for 1911.


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