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Jan. 2 — Public meeting in opposition to the Permit Bill, in continuation of agitation commenced on December 27th, 1896.
Jan. 5 — Publication of Mr A. W. Moore's collection of Manx songs and Music.
Jan. 7 — Permit Bill sent from Council to Keys and rejected by Keys. Voting, 13-7.
Will of Joseph Mylchreest, Diamond King, who died in December, 1896, leaving 60,000 personalty, proved.
Jan: 11 — House of Keys dissolved.
   Fair Wage Clause carried by Douglas Town Council.
   Preparations for General Election of House of Keys. Numerous meetings, 38 candidates-18 in favour of and 20 against Permit Bill.

Feb: 12 — General Election completed. 12 members returned as in favour of Permit Bill and 12 against.
Feb. 18 — Sir John Goldie-Taubman re-elected, Speaker by the House of Keys.
   Resignation of Canon Kissack, Rector of Ballaugh.
Feb. 27 — Permit Bill passed at ten minutes sitting of Council.

Mar — Steam Packet, Company buy off threatened opposition.
Mar. 8 — Permit Bill read first time by Keys.
Mar 16 — Second reading of Permit Bill. Further consideration adjourned after 7 hours' sitting. Major Stephen talked out time.
Mar. 20 — Commencement of coercion of Mr. Jas. Mylchreest, H.K., by his fellow directors of the Castletown Brewery Company, Ltd., in consequence of his promised vote:against, the Permit Bill. Mr Mylchreest stands firm.
   Rev W. T Radcliffe died.
Mar. 23 — Rejection of Permit Bill by House of Keys. All members present.

April 20 — Celebration of defeat of Permit Bill at Peel.
   Douglas boarding-house and merchants fail in an attempt to secure. re-introduction of Permit; Bill.

May 5 — Douglas Licensing Court flout the House of Keys by issuing 78 new public house licences in respect of boarding houses.
   Visit of General Booth
   The issue of permits persisted in despite the defeat of Permit Bill.
May 11 — Terrible calamity at Snaefell Mine. The miners overcome by carbon monoxide gas. 20 lives sacrificed.. Bravery of Captain Kewley, Inspector Williams, and the rescue parties. Opening of public subscription, which eventually realised about 4,800.
   High handed action of the Douglas Licensing Court passes un-noticed in consequence of the terrible calamity at Snaefell.
   Statement of Temperance Confederation with regard to difficulty in appealing against, decision of the Douglas Licensing Court.
May 11 — First installation of electric light for public lighting purposes, in the Island, at Onchan Village.
   Monday Opening of Oddfellows' A.M.C. at Douglas.

June 20 — Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria celebrations,.

July 1 — Jubilee State function at Douglas
July 22 — Arrival at Douglas of Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's new steamer Empress Queen. Largest and fastest paddle steamer in the world. (see page 75)
   Messrs R. Cowley and W. Quine H.K.'s ask in the Tynwald Court for information with regard to the issue of public house licences in respect of Douglas boarding houses. Information not yet forthcoming..

Aug. 10. — Opening of St. Matthew's New Church, Douglas, by the Lord Bishop . The church when finished will cost about 10,000.
Aug. — Publication of Hall Caine's "The Christian. " Criticism and controversy in consequence.
Aug — Work started and proceeding in connection with Electric Tramway from Laxey to Ramsey

Sept. — Report of Committee of Douglas Town Council recommending trolley system of electric traction with centre posts and overhead wires, for Douglas Promenade.
   Discovery of remains of Irish Elk ( Megaceros Hibernicus )at Poortown.
   Right-of-way disputes at Port Erin and Peel.
   Parish Commissioners elections. Muddle and indifference.
   Presentation of medals for gallant conduct to Captain Kewley and Inspector Williams (Snaefell heroes).

Oct. — Arrest of E. Llewellyn Hartley, at Hamburg, on the charge of obtaining 512 10s by false pretences, from Mr .B Lees, Douglas. Hartley extradited.
   Withdrawal of Tramways Company's offer re electric lighting of Douglas promenade, &c.
   Manx lead mining: Indifferent reports.
   Announcement that record season (1887) for visitors at Douglas had been beaten by 3,751 visitors during season 1897.
Oct. 29. — Death of Rev. T. E. Brown, Manx National Poet.
Oct. 30 — Resignation of Deemster Sir W. L. Drinkwater.

Nov. 1 — Douglas Municipal Elections. Three contests. Victory for the car - gas interest.
Nov. 1 — Lecture by Tom Mann, secretary I.L.P. At Douglas.
Nov. 10 — Deemster Drinkwater's resignation accepted.
   Voluntary schools relief bill issued. Opposition by Nonconformists foreshadowed.
Nov. 23 — Announcement that, Sir James Gell had been appointed to succeed Sir W. L. Drinkwater as Deemster, and that Mr G.A. Ring had been appointed Attorney-General.


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